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Is there a handbook section, or other good thread that helps with this? If not, can you provide me with some suggestions?

I'm looking for generic feats/prc's/class abilities that reduce the slot costs of general arcane or divine metamagic use.

Magic items are another possibility (not preferred, but definitely considered).

Generally, I'm looking at wizard, cleric, or wizard/cleric (possibly even druid) where a small prc dip, path, or feat can lessen the cost of using metamagic.
There's Practical Metamagic from Races of the Dragon, which requires the Dragonblood subtype, but that only applies to a single selected metamagic feat.

One trick I'm fond of is somewhat convoluted but nets you 4-5 free levels of metamagic per round. As I said, this gets kinda wonky, so bear with me.

First, you need to be a psionic creature. I don't care how. If LA buyoff is allowed, Phrenic is awesome. Otherwise, burn a feat on _____ Talent, flavor up to you.

Second, you need Midnight Metamagic and Psycarnum Infusion, both from Magic of Incarnum. The only pertinent requirements are having a Con of 13, being able to cast spells (for Midnight Metamagic), and being a psionic creature (for Psycarnum Infusion).

Midnight Metamagic allows you to invest essentia into it 1/day and choose a number of spells to effect with metamagic. The amount of metamagic you can use is dictated by how much essentia you invest. For example, if you invest 3 essentia into the feat, you can Extend three spells, or Maximize one spell, or Empower a spell and Sculpt another. Normally, this is sub-par as you can only invest this essentia once per day, and once you cast the metamagic'd spells you don't get to do it again.

Enter Psycarnum Infusion, which allows you to expend your psionic focus to treat any Incarnum feat, class feature, or soulmeld as if it had the maximum possible amount of essentia invested in it without actually investing essentia for one round. What this allows you to do is to infuse Midnight Metamagic and gain 4 free spell level adjustments (@ 20th) for one round. Since you never invest essentia into the feat, you never trigger its 1/day clause and you get to keep doing this, provided you recover your psionic focus. The best part about this is that you don't have to prepare the spells ahead of time this way. You can apply metamagic on the fly without affecting casting times. The only real caveat to this is that you have to use the spells so altered in the round you use the feat or the metamagic fades.

Toss in Psionic Meditation to recover your focus as a move action and you can do this every round.
There's the Incantatrix PrC's 8th level ability, which reduces metamagic adjustment by 1.

Arcane Thesis, but that only applies to 1 chosen spell.
The 3.5 Incantatrix gets Improved Metamagic at L10, reducing all metamagic costs by 1 to a minimum of 0.
Thanks folks. If there are any other options, keep 'em coming.
Easy Metamagic from Dragon 325 (I think)

Bards are able to use Lyrical Music (CV?). They can get 9th lvl arcane spells through Sublime Chord.
The Dweomerkeeper (Complete Divine Web Enhancement) has an ability at lvl10 similar to the one of the Incantatrix, reducing all metamagic adjustments by 1.

Metamagic School Focus (PH2 I think) Gives you a -1 reduction of metamagic adjustments on 3 spells/day from the chosen school.
The 3.5 Incantatrix gets Improved Metamagic at L10, reducing all metamagic costs by 1 to a minimum of 0.

Improved Metamagic's reduction is still minimum +1, not 0.

I.E. Empower get's reduced to +1, but Extend doesn't get affected at all.
Not including the ones already mentioned.

The Epic feat Improved Metamagic.

Residual Magic tactical feat from Complete Mage (p46?) is kinda like a metamagic reducer. The second use is the one relevant here. Basically, if you cast a metamagic adjusted spell, if you cast that same spell again the following round, you can apply one of the metamagic effects from the previous casting to the new casting, without adjusting the level of the spell.

AKA, Empowered Fireball in round one, using a 5th level slot, then cast Fireball in round two from a third level slot, granting it Empower for free through the feat. The fireball from round two doesn't qualify for activating the feat again in round 3, however.
Thanks for the replies... I'll definitely be working some of those into my builds.
If you don't want to waste a feat or take a specific prestige class you could talk to the DM about creating a weapon of legacy (From the book called Weapons of Legacy)