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So me and archerpwr came up with a little something and I thought I could post it here. Help on maneuver choices and other hints would be vastly appreciated.

archerpwr on another board wrote:
Tshern and I are going to be working on a revision of my lockdown build that assumes that mage slayer doesn't hit ML. If you play in a game that does think that, then just use 2.0.
Fighter 2/ Monk 2/ Crusader 1/ Warmind 2/ Crusader +1/ Warmind +8/ Warblade 1/ Hexblade 3
1) Standstill
F1) Power Attack
F2) Mage Slayer
3) Knowledge Devotion
M1) Combat Reflexes
M2) Monastic Training
6) Weapon Focus(Guisarme)
9) Pole Master(Guisarme)
12) Tashalatora(Warmind)
15) Robilar's Gambit
18) Pierce magical protection

Notable maneuvers to get: mountain hammer(crusader), White Raven Tactics(warblade), Iron Heart Surge(warblade)
Stance: Thicket of blades (crusader)

Items of note:
* Belt of magnificence+6/Belt of battle
* Skin of proteus
* Heartseeking amulet with 4-6 charges a day
* Torc of power preservation
* +5 resistance bonus to saves with some item. Combined with the Torc?
* Discipline weapon
Powers known: Expansion, Empty mind, Hustle, Dimension slide and Strength of my enemy
Wow. I've been letting this stagnate a little. Anyways, it's probably not perfect. Suggestions welcome.
Wow. I've been letting this stagnate a little. Anyways, it's probably not perfect. Suggestions welcome.

Join the club. Stupid laziness. I'll get on with the maneuvers and numbers either after this week or when I leave my job for good.
Preserved for posterity!
Preserved for posterity!

Wonder when I get the energy boost to actually finish this thing.
At 12th level, instead of taking the 6th level of WarMind, take 1st level of Erudite.
You get a Psicrystal, and a bonus psi-feat, which goes to Tashalatora, as the build already does.
The psicrystal needs an item to boost Wisdom to 13, so it can qualify for ... Metamorphic Transfer !!
It takes that a whole bunch of times.
Key power now is the 2nd level power Feat Leech.

Can you say (su) goodies for almost free ?!

Here comes your 19th forums breakdown ... ohh who's to blame, it ain't 5E driving you insane.


Also, this thread was inspired by this.
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