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I guess I posted this in the wrong forum, so I will post it here:

Ok, here is what I need help with.
We are playing a 1st through Epic campaign to 25th level. The rules set forth are simple: Any book, any official (wizard’s) errata.
Character requirements: Must use a PHB core starting class, may use any other (2) Two prestige classes for a total of 3 classes, we are allowed to dip into 4 if we use Tome of Battle (DM wants to try and integrate it to get us used to 4th edition type play).
I am the rogue of the group.
Here is the build out that I have been toying with. Please see where you would improve it and let me know.

Race: Human

1 Rogue – sneak attack +1d6, trapfinding [Weapon finesse, Weapon focus]
2 Rogue - Evasion
3 Rogue – Sneak attack +2d6,trap sense +1 [Point Blank Shot]
4 Rogue – Uncanny dodge
5 Rogue – sneak attack +3d6
6 Invisible Blade – sneak attack +4d6, unfettered defense [ open for suggestion ]
7 Invisible Blade – bleeding wound
8 Invisible Blade – sneak attack +5d6, uncanny feint (move action)
9 Invisible Blade – feint mastery [Improved Two Weapon Fighting]
10 Invisible Blade – sneak attack +6d6; uncanny feint (free action)
11 Assassin – sneak attack +7d6; death attack, poison use, spells
12 Assassin - +1 save vs poison, uncanny dodge [open for suggestion ]
13 Assassin - sneak attack +8d6
14 Assassin - +2 save vs poison
15 Assassin – improved uncanny dodge, sneak attack +9d6 [Greater Two Weapon Fighting ]
16 Assassin - +3 save vs poison
17 Assassin – sneak attack +10d6
18 Assassin - +4 save vs poison, hide in plain sight [ open for suggestion]
19 open for suggestion could continue any of the above classes or dip into tome of battle swordsage
20 open for suggestion could continue any of the above classes or dip into tome of battle swordsage

I am already level 7 and into the invisible blade class.

Some of the feats I have been considering:
• Craven [CoR 17]
Adds your character level to EACH sneak attack, meaning if you’re swinging two arms three times each, that’s 60 more damage for a level 10 character, if all hit, and 120 for a level 20 character.
• Expeditious Dodge [RotW 150]
• Spring Attack [PHB 100]
• Elusive Target [CW 110]
• Snow Tiger Berserker [UE 45]
• Staggering Strike [CV 112]
On a sneak attack, forces target to Fort save vs. damage dealt or be staggered until your next turn, meaning only a standard action before you get to go again. Excellent way to really ruin your opponent if you can get a solid hit in with lots of SA dice.
Master Thrower works well with an Invisible Blade build, since it has similar requirements and helps to boost BaB. It might help to add a ranged option to the build, especially if the 'sneaky shot' attack is taken.
Swordsage bears mention since he favours tome of battle. You probalby want to dip at least 2 levels (as you mention) to pick up Assassin's Stance, Cloak of Deception and Shadow Jaunt (or higher level variant). Those three are really really useful.

You should indeed have craven and staggering strike, they are awesome.

If possible you should try to keep your BaB to 16+ though...

Can you use the sneak attack fighter variant from Unearthed arcana? That makes you a lot less "trap disarming/scounting" etc but will make you better in combat, its something to considder at least.

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Are you open to thoughts on playing a magic wielding character, who is just as sneaky as your above average Rogue? Or is it a mundane only character you're looking for? In epic level play, characters without any sort of magical prowess will be outshone by the who do. A very sneaky character can be made using the Unseen Seer from Complete Mage. Also, does your PHB beginning class have to be stock from the PHB, or can you use variants (Unearthed Arcana, and such)?

Also, Invisible Blades are sub-optimal. Why? Because without Surprising Riposte, from Drow of the Underdark, you won't be able to make a full attack through feinting. Even if you do have Surprising Riposte: Flanking>Feinting. Assassins are another suboptimal class: their spells aren't anything special, the poison stuff while flavorful can be outshone by feats, and Hide in Plain Sight comes into play way too late.

As for feats:
• Craven - Nice choice. Do it.
• Expeditious Dodge - Dodge is needed for Elusive Target, because you need to have a specific designated Dodge foe.
• Elusive Target - Awesome feat for the fragile sneakers.
• Snow Tiger Berserker - Sick feat, doesn't apply to you: you need to be able to Rage.
• Staggering Strike - Very good, but if you don't mind using a high crit. rate weapon, you can get Staggering Critical which Slows them as the spell, which does the same thing, and a bit more.

Are you aware of Daring Outlaw? It's a feat that allows one to stack Rogue and swashbuckler for Sneak Attack and Grace. If you think that may be something you'd be interested in taking a look at, look at this. Well, look at it either way really, it's a reather well built character.
What's the reasoning behind picking up the Assassin class? Personally, I love the class, but the only reason people should pick it up is if you just really love Death Attack along with the flavor of the class. There are plenty of other classes that give Sneak Attacks that would be better for you compared to Assassin, depending on what you want to do. Telflammar Shadowlord is a good mix with Assassin if you want Death Attack.

Considering you have Invisible Blade though, it seems like you want to focus on sneak attack and melee fights. Three levels of Swashbuckler would be great for you. Rog5/Invis2/SwordsageX would be great too. Really it depends on what you're trying to achieve with your character.
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