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Yo everyone! For quite a while I've been playing with the thought of using MoI material as the basis of my build, but I've either been too busy or too tired to actually get started. However inspired by Sinfire_Titan's two excellent Incarnum threads I decided to give Totemist a go as soon as possible. Now I have the chance in a level 14 campaign.

So the campaign is ECL 14 with normal starting wealth, no special houserules and all 3.5 books allowed, but we have a gentleman's contract of refraining from serious cheese. You know Shivering touch-esque stupidity when you see it. What I want is a melee-oriented natural weapon blender. Unfortunately I have virtually no experience with MoI at all.

So far I have this:
Skarn Totemist 10/Lion Totem Barbarian 2

Feats: Power attack, Leap attack, Improved Bullrush, Shocktrooper

So, I am lost with feats, soulmelds and chakra binds. Would you mind giving a fellow COer a hand? Offensive feats are preferred and I expect that our party will have other important roles covered.
Check my signature, the Jungle Jim builds I did a while back might be able to give you some suggestions.
Remember Lion Totem Whirling Frenzy Barbarian
Remember Lion Totem Whirling Frenzy Barbarian

Lion Totem I am going to use, but what makes Whirling Frenzy better than normal rage?
An extra attack at no penalty > delusion of extra hit point
I don't have PHB II handy at the moment, but doesn't it also enhance my dexterity instead of strength?
Whirling Frenzy = UA.

You're thinking of Ferocity ala Cityscape (Web), which is not bad, but not what he meant. It's also a decent option.
Whirling Frenzy = UA.

You're thinking of Ferocity ala Cityscape (Web), which is not bad, but not what he meant. It's also a decent option.

Cool, my mistake there. I'll give it a look. Cheers.
You could go Totemist 4/Lion Totem Barbarian 2/Totem Rager 8. You wouldn't be able to take the Whirling Frenzy thing, but you would have a lot of natural attacks and being in a fenzy would grant you a total bonus of +6 to damage (+7 with reckless rage) per attack if you invest the bonus essentia granted when you go into a rage into your Cobalt Rage ability. In the case of totemists, this bonus should be as good if not better than whirling frenzy (unless your doing some crazy power attack thing) since most Totemist attacks are made at or near full BAB.
Oops, guess I was wrong.

Extra attack, but the attack, and all subsequent attacks, suffer a -2 penalty, just like flurry.

I don't see why it wouldn't work with Totem Rager though???
Oops, guess I was wrong.

Extra attack, but the attack, and all subsequent attacks, suffer a -2 penalty, just like flurry.

I don't see why it wouldn't work with Totem Rager though???

It would, were you to use a weapon and attack using your BAB granted attacks. However, a Totemist uses Natural Attacks, and Claws in particular. Besides, when you have as many natural attacks as you do, putting an additional penalty to ALL of them in addition to the penalty they get from being secondary and losing a Claw attack...
Do not forget armor spikes.

Armor spikes can be used for iterative attacks.

Of course, that -2 might be a deal breaker ... but it is doable.
Remember Lion Totem Whirling Frenzy Barbarian

If Whirling Frenzy still counts as Rage for PrCs and Feats, then by all means use it. If not, then it may actually be inferior to the Totem Rager builds. The penalties to the attacks may be a huge problem though.

Multiattack is a must. It is vital for you to hit 90% of the time. Also, because you can't use Natural Weapons for multiple attacks from a high BAB (the way you can use Unarmed Strikes to make 4 attacks with a +16 BAB), you may want a second trick up your sleeve to increase the output.

Superior Unarmed Strike is a great way to get extra attacks out of that 3/4s BAB. By the rules, you can use the Unarmed Strikes and still make a full attack with all of your natural weapons at no further penalty (all of your natural weapons are considered secondary if you do, but you take no other penalties for doing so).

Also, it may be worth cutting Totemist off at 8th and just going with Totemist 8/Barbarian 2/Totem Rager 2. If you are going for the second Totem Bind, you can get that with the Double Chakra feat and a Meldshaper level of 9th (which you will barely have, and can make Double Chakra your 15th level feat or use DCFS to get it the cheesy way).

Extra Essentia actually isn't as needed as people once thought. Totemists can get by with the base Essentia they are granted just fine, the excess just eats up feats (but does help out). Cobalt Rage is an amazing feat, as is Cobalt Power (seeing as you do have Power Attack).

Don't bother aiming for Rapidstrike. It comes too late in the game to be useful. The real problem isn't your Essentia, it is the Essentia cap for your Soulmelds. At most, you can get 9 in a single meld, which is what you should try to aim for. 4 from Meldshaper level (only for the Totem bind, due to the hit to ML if you take Totem Rager or 2 more Barbarian levels), 2 from Totem, one from Expanded Soulmeld Capacity, and one from an Incarnum Focus (provided it is in the arms slot for Girallon Arms).

Other useful melds include the Dragon Tail (which requires Dragonblood subtype so it may be hard to work in there without a magic item or DM ruling on Dragonborn), Shadow Mantle's Shoulder Bind (Blindsight and constant Invisibility is nuts, and you can control it at your leisure), and the Urskan Greaves (you are going for a Charger build, right?).

A ring that grants the Dragontouched feat while worn works for the purposes of the Dragontail meld. A Ring of Adamantine Touch will ease the difficulties of DR for you. An Amulet of Natural Weaponry (or Attacks if the DM doesn't like SS) will both conserve Essentia and improve your combat abilities. Bracers of Armor are a waste of slot, you should be able to find better armor than that.

Other than that, unsloted items like the ones in the MiC, CS, CM, and CC will all help you. The Essentia Helm or four will also be a great offense for you.

Oh, and ask about an Ioun Stone that grants a bonus point of Essentia or improves the capacity of your Totem bind by one.
Thanks for the amazing tips everyone. Especially your post gave me a lot of good info, I was, for example, going pick up extra essentia, but now I have seen the light. I try to work on the build today and post it here.
I've heard Double Chakra: Totem is damn good.
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