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So I entered a campaign in a homebrew setting created for ECL 15 characters with all 3.5 books allowed, including campaign specific material. I suppose it was GM's purpose to counter his lenient book selection by making a 26 point buy, but it didn't restrain my character. Lately I have been playing many gishes, Clerics and other melee powerhouses, so I decided to go for something different this time, a battlefield controller/buffer.

Finally my character got approved by the DM! The same old Druid/Planar Sheperd.
Heck, shot down by the DM. So another kind of party buffer has to be created.

Edit: Going to edit the thread a bit, my character got shot down. No love for the Planar Shepherd.
Heck, shot down by the DM. So another kind of party buffer has to be created.

PS. If a moderator sees this thread, please delete it!

why? Won't you create another character?
Just change the thread title.
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A good idea, I am still in the game and planning to create another character. Yeah, I suppose I just edit the posts...

Edit: How do I change the title?
A good idea, I am still in the game and planning to create another character. Yeah, I suppose I just edit the posts...

Edit: How do I change the title?

Edit the first post. There you should be able to change the title of the post, which is the title of the thread.
Got it, all edited now.
A Transmuter/Nar Demonbinder/Ultimate Magus type build might be a good fit. Your CL will be high so your buff spells will be hard to dispell, you will have access to a ton of quickened spells per day for battlefield control and your spells per day will be high. The only concern I'd have is a touch of MAD with the 26 point buy, but if you can make that up with items then you're all good.
I'll definitely take that idea into account!

One of my ideas was something like this: Factotum 1/Bard 7/War weaver 1/Virtuoso 1/Sublime Chord 2/War weaver 4/Virtuoso 4. How does that sound?
Good, though I'd personally put War Weaver 5 before Sublime Chord 2.

If you have access to Changelings and the Recaster, Caelic's build in the WW handbook is really nice (Heal in the Eldritch Tapestry !).

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And the first REAL session of our game has been played and it ended less than 12 hours ago. Here is a short report of the game and introduction to our party.

-Benovich the Black: Our generalist Wizard. Not quite familiar with spells and so forth, but roleplays well.
-Silas: He joined in to this session. Actually, we hired this social Rogue from an inn where we were preparing to attack our antagonist, an orc who had us captured (initial situation, only captivity was roleplayed through).
-Liadon: Another Rogue, but this one is more combat oriented. Has little to no idea how to play and I promised to have a look at her character sheet. so that she can become more of an assett to the party.
-Korez: Our Ranger/Windrider with a small Blue Dragon as a familiar. Don't ask, I have no details about it.
-Morris: Cloistered Cleric/Church Inquisitor/Ordained Champion/Paragnostic Apostle/Contemplative. A long title, eh? Wears mechanus gear, which is apparently somehow fused with his Psion cohort and has and intelligence sword capable of casting too. So a Cleric powerhouse+Psion powerhouse+Another caster. Neat.
-Remdeen: My ambassador of the Azure Sky. Needless to say, I walk around as a Planetar using its change shape to look like a human.

So there we were at the inn discussing, drinking and having a few good roleplaying moments. We had some drama about signing a contract with Silas as everyone considered him a traitor, but turned out to be a valuable ally with his social skills. Hopefully we can get more use out of them in the future.

When the day dawned we started our journey (for some reason the others didn't want to teleport/gate our way) towards the area where we suspected the orc to be. Our divinations failed to reach him, so we just had to ride there and see what we can do.

After 14 hours of travel we were ambushed in the dark. Our Cleric's mechanus armor recognized them as Atropal Scions and we saw a total of six of them. Cleric and I casted Death wards (this was the LAST time I will not prepare Mass death ward) and then the hell broke loose. Liadon dropped dead because of their gaze, but luckily I managed to Revivify her.

The battle went on and our Cleric was the only one capable of hitting these monsters, while I tried to secure the helpless Liadon. Well, we found out the hard way that Atropal Scions have Animate dead, which they can use on each other. Handy indeed. After a while and two more character deaths (Benovich and Silas) I summoned a Roc, which helped us out quite a bit until Cleric used his Psion Armor and charging to kill them all. Oh yeah, they were 13HD instead of 9 and immune to blindness and deafness, which I thought undeads are not.

After the fight we had to resurrect our friends in a temple, which was quite expensive. Well, it is also worth noting that none of the Scions couldn't hit me, their normal attack bonus+attack roll was around 28. Approximately 30 less than my AC without magical buffs. Just Planetar+ioun stone+Monk's belt+Animated shield. I try to tone myself down though.

So what I learned was that I should pick up Mass death ward for situations like this and Revivify is at times worth preparing. Overall, it was a nice session and I think I can fill my role better next time and make sure no-one dies, or at least not half of the party. If our fights continued to be like this, our neighbourhood church will become rich, very rich.
Finally found out why we haven't had a session in a few weeks. The DM has some troubles at work, but we should have a game on Saturday and that means another entry to this diary.
Did the game get cancelled?
Did the game get cancelled?