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An alternate site for character optimization: Min/Max forum at BrilliantGameologists.

An index of handy links is maintained on that forum as well. For the sake of simplicity, we will be limiting the amount of crosslinking between the indexes and forums. I recommend visiting both and basking in our combined glory.

So this here has slowly grown into a big thread of, well, everything. It started off with me just throwing up a bunch of the links that I used on a regular basis for CO work, then I added some more, then some external links, then I added all my subscriptions, and then I added just about everything else that looked good. I mostly try to focus on handbooks and threads with compiled info and useful builds, but heck I really put up just about anything that I think will be handy for any type of character optimization.

Organization is semi-haphazard. I don’t have the time to make it much prettier than it currently is.

If anyone has links to more useful threads or whatever, post them here and I'll add them. Thanks.

updated: 28 August 2009

- some threads are getting pruned to make room, see here for the pruned ones

1. How to seach the boards with Google
1b. Searching/sorting the boards the slow way
2. Before you ask, learn to read - FAQs, erratas, and SRDs
3. Threads with compiled info that I use - general optimization resources that I use the most frequently
4. Wizard's website stuff - resources off the Wizard's website, including FAQs, web enhancements, erratas, and 3.0 to 3.5 lists
5. Other websites with compiled info - a few other useful databases
6. Miscellany - useful links that don't quite fit with the above categories
7. Subscribing to threads - like your own mini bookmarks folder within the boards
8. Threads I find interesting - various builds, summons/polymorph/wildshape/etc, other reference threads

Post #2 (just keep scrolling down)
- Handbooks for  various base classes, prestige classes, various “genre” builds, etc.
- Spellcasting/Psionics/Incarnum/Tome of Battle
- Tactics & Theory: teamwork, attacking, defending, combos, armor, theories and mathematics, etc
- Miscellany

1. How to search the forums with Google

Step 1: go to
Step 2: enter whatever you're searching for, plus "site:" (without the quotation marks)
example: searching for "spiked chain site:" will yield this
note: Adding "character optimization" into the search line might streamline your results too, but your results may vary. Try it with and without.

If that's too much, then you can just go to their advanced search page here

Or just to make things easier, here’s a customized one for you: Google search narrowed to the

2. Before you ask, learn to read

Character Optimization Boards - Posting Guidelines (Take 3)
Looking for help in creating a character or want us to tweak an existing build? Then please take a look at the guidelines that we’ve set up. They aren’t rules that you must absolutely follow, but you’re likely to get a better response if you do. Above all else, remain courteous and be aware that we are not machines that pump out character builds. Be helpful and respectful towards us, and we will return the same.

A guide to the CO boards for the newcomer - (by colm_l)

The Beginner's Guide to Optimization - (by PhoenixInferno)

Character Optimization Board 3.5 Build FAQ/Handbook - (by Funny Slaughter)
If you’re new to CO in general, then starting here is a good idea

The main 3.5 FAQ.
There's a good chance that your question might have already been answered here.

Character Optimization Board 3.0 Build FAQ - (by chris7476)

All official errata for published books
If a question you had wasn't answered above, then try checking these.

ask a simple question, get a simple answer - (by Surreal)
If the above two didn’t help, then as the title suggests, this thread is just a place to ask simple questions.

Skills and Feats FAQ - (by Egres)
Like the name says, a faq that probably answers the more common skills and feats questions

D&D Glossary
Alphabetical listing of all D&D terminology

Total CO Booklist and Abbreviations - (by Karm Hundredfists)

Unofficial Dictionary of common Character Optimization Board Terminology - (by Sylvaroth)

DO NOT PRUNE: Dictionary of Terminology (Part II) - (by Sylvaroth)
Like you can't figure this one out... but, um, well if you didn't know, these are basically the downloadable rules on how to play D&D. Like the books, but stripped down to the barest essentials. - Same as above, but searchable

Easy to Read Polymorph Errata - (by Raven Dark) just because I gave up on polymorph a dozen erratas ago doesn't mean you should

3. Threads with compiled info that I use

The Optimization Library - (by necrosnoop110)

*NEW* X stat to Y bonus - (by sofawall)
Probably the best thread around to look up attribute synergies

Prestige class prerequisites handbook - (by Yekoj) A little outdate, but still handy

Racial Substitution Levels Ranked & Rated - (by Timespike)
A review of all the available racial substitution levels
Substitution Levels from Champions of Valor - Rated - (by PhoenixInferno)
Alternative Class Features III - (by Dead_Weasel) - most recent

Multiclass prestige class list redux - (by Timespike) An updated version of above
Combining a bunch of base classes and wondering what prestige class to followup on? Here you go. - an excellent (seemingly up to date) index of skills, spells and feats

4. Wizard's website stuff - Listings and Indices, errata, web enhancements, etc.

The main 3.5 FAQ
All official errata for published books.
Important enough that I'll list them twice.

Rules of the Game Archive
If you've read the books and FAQs and some things still aren't clear, check the rules archives here.
Consolidated Lists by WoTC. One of the root index pages for all the articles published online. I find this page much easier to navigate from than any of the other pages (it's much cleaner and simpler). Also contains lists of published classes, feats, spells, invocations, and monsters
A list of what has, and what hasn't been updated to 3.5
- for feats, prestige classes, and spells

Web Enhancement Archive
Supplemental stuff offered online for the published books. Often contains new adventure modules, monsters, prestige classes, spells, etc.

The Mind's Eye Archive
- Wizard's online psionics stuff, with feats, prestige classes, monsters, and other articles, etc.

Often referenced online prestige classes/templates/stuff:

Unique prestige classes from - (by FriendlyFrog)

Arcane Duelist
- 2nd level add Cha to AC, 10th level has a crazy flurry ability
- vermin lycanthropy/were-vermin/were-insects/whatever you call it
More Epic Level Prestige Classes - the Celestial Paragon and Void Incarnate
The Dark Hunter - a ranger-esque 3.0 PrC (different from the Complete Warrior version) that has wisdom based arcane casting
 Swiftblade - Haste Personified
Dwarven Chanter (Kit Conversion) - a Dwarven bard prestige class
The Avenger - a good assassin PrC

Savage Progressions
- breaking down monsters into level progressions so you can play them at lower ECL
Level Adjustments for Anthropomorphic Animals - excerpt from Savage Species that WotC has made available for download on their website
Savage Progressions: Level-Adjusted Races - Aasimar, Drow, Duergar, Fey-touched, Half-Fey, Svirfneblin, Tiefling
Divine Minion template - wildshape cheesiness, +1 template that grants wildshape as an 11th level druid... blah, take your debate elsewhere
Vampire Lord Template - a really souped up template applied on top of a normal vampire
Mineral Warrior  (Underdark) - a very strong +1 template
Swordwraith template (+3) - Fiend Folio
Brownie - as a pc race

Wild Cohort
- like an animal companion for any character
feats: Precocious Apprentice and Collegiate Wizard
- found in Complete Arcane, but they’re also available in the online preview and they’re mentioned so often on these boards (especially Precocious Apprentice) that it’s worth posting a link here
Blades of the Quori - article contains the "Flowing Blade" feat, which lets you flurry with a mind blade
Fey Feature: Life in a Noble House - some fey specific feats, foremost of is Charming the Arrow (use Cha for ranged attacks)
Dead Life - feats and items for undead characters, plus the "Lord of the Dead" prestige class

Races of the Dragon web enhancement 2 - info on the Kobold Ritual (increase sorcerer casting by 1) and the Kobold Domain which grants Trapfinding

Kaorti weapons - make any weapon's crit multiplier (x4)

The Lone Drow: Companions of the Hall - notes on several FR characters, and a couple important items can be found here. Of special note: the Force weapon enhancement, and the Quiver of Anariel (unlimited arrows)

Mordenkainen's Force Missiles

Cyran Gliding Boots - lets you make a 10' step rather than a 5' step
Clockwork Wonders: The Clockwork Armor - your very own mecha suit

Cityscape web enhancement - more urban class variants
Cityscape Web Enhancement 3 - contains the assassination weapon enhancement

Ambush Drake - ever wanted a 7HD dragon PC with no LA?
The Far Corners of the World: Monsters of the Tides - the overpowered CR3 Monstrous Crab

Mind\s Eye links and prestige class  web previews moved down to post #8

5. Other websites with compiled info
Everyone should know this one. There are lists for everything as downloadable pdf's (which are searchable), and they contain basic info as well.

The Mango Index (rehosted)
Another big index site, way more stuff than crystal keep, but without any details.
A very nice searchable database for spells, feats, deities, items, and monsters.

Spell Database
- another online searchable spell database
Lists for just about everything - by devinmdp

The d20 Wiki
- online d20 Wiki resource... don’t know what a Wiki is? go to Wikipedia to find out
CO board Wiki - Wiki for the Character Optimization Boards

A good summary of feats in prereq-tree format - feat-tree

The Dragondex - a complete index to Dragon Magazine
Tholos - Dragon Magazine Article Index

Forgotten Realms Helps - Good site with lots of info and character creation tools. Forgotten Realsm specific, but from what I can tell has a slightly expanded knowledge set with some Eberron stuff mixed in. Contains: dieties, domains, regions, races, feats, prestige classes, skills, items, spells, psionics, monsters.
Forgotten Realms feat list - shortcut to the non-filtered feat list from the above site
feats filter page

The Waking Lands - prestige classes
From what I've heard, this here is the website of one of the authors of various D&D books etc. You can find here a couple more prestige classes, but most notably you will find the original 10 level versions of the Invisible Blade, Occult Slayer, and Reaping Mauler.

Andargor's Home - nice SRD databases (in XML/SQL/Access formats), npc generators, xp calculators, etc

6. Miscellany websites

Soldarin's ECL calculator
- an ECL calculator I found online; handy if you like brewing up your own races/templates

Druid's Grove character and ability test
- a really popular character test around these parts;  note - doesn't seem to work properly in Firefox

3e D&D Melee Damage/Round analysis
- damage and power attack calculators (Excel downloads)

D&D Combat Calculator/ShakaGraph GEnerator (v1.3) - (by ShakaUVM)
- PC generator (download)

Order of the Stick - a great D&D webcomic by Rich Burlew

d20 Spellbook generator

Character Sheets
Javascript D&D 3.5 Character Generator
Ema's Charsheets - Online Character Sheet Generator, etc.

Harlequin Jones Dice Probability Calculator

D&D/DDO/NWN MELEE TOOL  Thott) - damage calculator, outputs nice charts

Encounter and XP calculator

7. What is a subscription?
Ever found a thread you liked, but didn't feel like bookmarking it? (because goodness knows you have a couple hundred unsorted links already) Well there's a forum option that "bookmarks" threads for you and stores them in your profile. Notice near the top of the page, just under the page numbers, there's a link called "thread tools". Clicking on this will open up a small menu which lets you print, email, download, or subscribe to the thread. If you subscribe, this enters the thread into your own little folder, which you can access anytime by clicking on "quick links" and selecting "Subscribed Threads". This will bring up a list of all the threads you've ever subscribed to.

So there you go. Just subscribe away, and never have to worry about searching for that cool subject that you read about a month ago ever again. p.s. you don't have to post in a thread to subscribe to it.

8. Threads I find interesting

Builds - just builds that I like
The most powerful character. EVER. - Pun-pun the Mighty Kobold (by Khan the Destroyer)
The Omniscificer: A Rational Solution to the Pun-Pun Problem - (by LordofProcrastination)
TG's Pun-Pun Challenger: "The Terminator" (Finalized?) - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
The Cult of Pun-Pun - (by Fiddlypoppin)
the fall of pun-pun. - (by polinumax)
Temporal Workshop: Finding Time-tricks to Kill Pun-Pun - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
If Mohammed won't go to the mountain... (another jab at Pun-Pun) - (by Effling)
Temporal Workshop: Finding Time-tricks to Kill Pun-Pun - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Digital Character Conversion Thread - (by Xaktsaroth)
The Boogeyman - an iconic BBEG on the CO boards (by Caelic)
The King of Smack - (by LordShade)
PRESIDENT of Smack - (by RadicalTaoist)
Psychic Warrior Build- The Tashalotran God of Smack - (by WyvernSlayer)

(100^10) Elite Optimization Challenge - (by LordOfProcrastination)
Fighter-20: The "Gatling Chain Gun" Tripper - an iconic CO board fighter build (by Snow Savant)
'Trip Monk-ey' of DOOM (43d20+3d12 or maybe 32d20 or possibly 24d100) - (by catharz)
Supermount! - (by Caelic)
The UberERcharger - (by Tempest Stormwind)
D&D version of FF Dragoon
- most up to date and oft referenced build of The Lancer by Tempest Stormwind
Little Red Raiding Hood: A Tale of & Guide to the 3.5 Dragoon - (by Endarire)
LegalUbercharge record: 46,221+ dmg - (by swanyusd)
Nanobots Conquer D&D (Now with Zesty Flavor) - (by LordOfProcrastination)
The Twice-Betrayer of Shar - (by Lord of Procrastination)
KSB Snow Owl's archer builds - (by ksbsnowowl)
The H.I.V.E. - (by SigmaJargon)
The Cheater of Mystra - a pinnacle of cleric-ism (by Funny Slaughter)
Ted the Enabler - (by Yekoj)
Resurrecting Ted the Enabler™ - (by Endarire)
Ted the heiney kicking enabler - (by prototype00)
Mr. Icy Hot - (by McJarvis)
The Martial Character Build Thread - (by Master of the Squirrel's)
Uber AC build - (by Otto the Bugbear)
Got bored... which resulted in a new AC record. - (by Otto the Bugbear)
Optimizing the *Bamph* Fighter - (by Save-vs-DM) a Nightcrawler-esque build
The Black Flame Strife Leader - (by Xeraph) maxing out the Death Attack DC
Sacrilegious Fist - (by FriendlyBiscuit) combining Ur-priest and Sacred Fist
The Possessor - (by PhaedrusXY)
Shou Iaijutsu SwashMaster - (by PhaedrusXY)
[Exalted Build]Stalker of Evil - (by FarKadeNear)
Machine Gun Rogue - (by DesolateCity)
Let's Play Catch - (by RadicalTaoist) throw a bunch of ranged touch attacks that can all trip and stun
Arrow Demon Form Acquisition, and a really strong 8th level archer - (by RadicalTaoist)
The Masochist (hit me please) - (by Stoned Golem)
I Cannot Believe I'm Doing This... - (by tsuyoshikentsu) optimized basketweaving...
I May Be Tiny, But You're Dead: the other, melee Killer Gnome, for your pleasure. - (by LogicNinja) taking advantage of small size and all the anti-giant feats out there
I May (Still) Be Tiny, But You're Dead: the Melee Killer Gnome, revised - (by LogicNinja)
I May Be Tiny, But I'm IN-VIN-CIBLE!: The Gnome Powersuit - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
The Ubermount - (by tsuyoshikentsu) - using some Dragon material to achieve full mount/animal companion/familiar goodness
Nomad Psi-Gish Archer: Input needed - (Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Hulk-less hurler - (by Tempest Stormwind)
The Pinball Brothers - (by Tempest Stormwind and RadicalTaoist)
6 hits to 1: Jack B. Quick - (by Caelic)
Anthropomorphic World Champion, or: BAAAANZAAAAI!!!!! - (by tsuyoshikentsu) a build using Blood-Spiked Charger
Harpoon Master - Can you make him unstoppable?
Totemist Mobility Expert: 1-20 Build Optimization - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Dancing With Shadows: Intelligent Tanking & Accurate Power Attacking - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Shadowstriker - A multi-pouncing masochist with decisive strike - (by Esponer)
Blackguard Demonbinder - (by PhaedrusXY)
10th level Master of Shrouds - (by PhaedrusXY) an excellent build and combat strategy
Lester the Molester - (by RadicalTaoist)
The Sublime Duskchord or "Isn't dancing fun?" - (by AramilWindwalker)
Monty, or complete invulnerability without Manipulate Form - (by psly4mne)
Triad of Shadows - (by Xaktsaroth) A trio of nice builds: true necromancer, soul eater, fiend of possession/tainted scholar
The Raging Paladin Monk (bonus: The Revenge of Yogi) - (by Surreal)
You, Me, and Everyone We Know (aka The Toolkit) - (PhaedrusXY)
HIVE Mind trick: Caster level 96 at ECL 3! - (by Elephant Jack)
Metus Somnambulus, Dread Shadowlord - (by AllistairAldred) shadowpouncing and tome of battle
Beshadowed Blade v2 (Swordsage Dominant) - (by GaffeR and Tleilaxu_Ghola) strong TWF, Dex & Wis synergy
The Ruby Shadow - (by wolfie-kun) a good example of build elegance from Tome of Battle
Shapeshift Druid, a superior entry into sacred fist? - (by prototype00)
Fred, the Diplomancer - (by Interested2) +96 Diplomacy at level 6
Favored Soul-zilla! - (by DaveTheMagicWeasel)
The Multishoooter - (by _J_) getting 5 manyshots in a round
Archer that easily does 500+ points of damage - (by nastynate) using Archivist dark knowledge to stun, allows sneak attack
Pionic Naruto Builds - (by DisposableHero_) lots of ninja-esque stuff via psionics
Feral Dreadlord: SA, TWF, 9th Level Maneuvers, SAD in one package - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Spank The Monkey--record 1-round melee damage - (by endersdouble)
ANOTHER Shield Fighting thread?!?!? - (by PhoenixInferno) a Captain America build using fighter/crusader
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre of Pun-Pun ... by Blingy the Psicrystal - (by awaken_D_M_golem)
My Optimized HailOfArrows Build - (by kadeity)
Warblade 20 archer? - (by Nadaka) - contains list of maneuvers that can be used with ranged weapons
Idea up for Adoption: The Cheesewrought Instabold - (by LordofProcrastination)
Interesting Build: The Deadly Traveler - (by Soluphobe) sculpting lightning leap
Arcane God - (by CantripN) a non-traditional "gish"
Multipouncing in Eberron - (by DisposableHero_)
gish-lite and party buffer: The Suel Weaver - (by Surreal)
Daring Outlaw Build to kick - (DrObviousSo)
The Dreamtwister - Are you scared? - (by Caedrus)
LONG LIVE THE LICH KING (repost) - (by Warlord Griffin)
The Black Octopus (CR 20 Encounter) - (by ShakaUVM)
"I am become Death": Kali's Ordained Champion -- a TWF blender - (by LogicNinja)
A Complete Champion Friendly Berserker - (by mercury529)
Good Melee Rogue and Skillmonkey? - (by CantripN) factotum daring outlaw
A Terror Inducing *Party*: The Fear - Are You Terrified? - (by Caedrus)
Factotum of War - (by CantripN) gestalt factotum//warblade, Int synergy
Lockdown Version 2.0 - (by archerpwr)
The Jumplomancer - are you serious? - (by Caedrus)
The Shuriken Storm: A New Record for Throwers! - (by JanusJones) dungeoncrasher bloodstorm blade master thrower
The Lord of the Dance - (by Nexis)
Chuck E. Cheese - (by skydragonknight) speed record
The Darknamer - (by JanuesJones) combining the Truenamer with Elder Evils
url=]CO Challenge: Halloween '07[/url] - (by BloodDragon), build of note: url=]Oliver and the Orphans[/url]
The Mailman: A Direct Damage Sorcerer - (by DeAnno)
Trixie the Party Booster - (by carnivore) pixie marshal scout ranged trip/disarm/daze

RT's archive of his favorite builds. - (by RadicalTaoist)
Catharz' Codex of Character Optimization Crazyness - (by catharz)
Iaimeki's Random Build Annex - (by Iaimeki)
Personal Multi-Role Build Archive - (by Kuroi Kenshi) old one here
Carnivores Collection of useful Builds - (by carnivore)
A Brief History of Tsuyoshikentsu (Build Archive) - (by tsuyoshikentsu)

Summons/animation/polymorph/wild shape/shapechange/building your own
Ready to Summon Monsters (by ieattrollsforbreakfast) stats for templated monsters from the summons lists
The Comprehensive Summoning Thread (Work in Progress) - (by ZenRanger)
The 3.5 Summon Monster List - (by Funny Slaughter)
Mastering the Summoned Monster - a comprehensive guide - (by Faithless the  Wonder Boy)
Best uses of Planar Ally/Binding? - (by tiluvias99)
Summoning Handbook
Monster Summoning with Constructs? - (by cloudcobra5581) custom summons lists
Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster List - (by mxyzplk) expanded summon lists from MM 3-5, Fiend Folio, and Fiendish Codex 1 & 2
death priest and animate dead - (by Eagle Prince)
Greenbound SNA Summoning List - (by Endarire)

The Dragon Wild Shape Optimization Thread - (by FireAge)
Dragon Wildshape (Drac) Optimized - (by FireAge)
Wildshape: New Errata - (by Egres)
Shapeshift Druid Optimization Handbook - (by Arismir) druid shapeshift variant from PHB2

Mind Switch + Errated Wild-Shape = Broken - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Best Effigies - (by pyro_cat)
list of constructs...

[3.5]Forms for Alter Self - (by PhaedrusXY)
the 3.5 polymorph thread - (by Funny Slaughter)
Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange - From MM, MM2, FF, MoF - (by TaisharMalkier)
Abusing the new Polymorph - (by K)
[Open Challenge to CO] Not Another Polymorph Thread - (by Tempest Stormwind)
The Complete Polymorph Thread 3.5 - (by MegaPlex)
List of INT Forms for Polymorph Any Object - (by Endarire)
Alternate Form and its Variants: A CO Index - (by -ktkenshinx-)

Easy to Read Polymorph Errata - (by Raven Dark) just because I gave up on polymorph a dozen erratas ago doesn't mean you should

Info in non-specific categories
Myth: The XPH is Overpowered II - (by Sir Elton)
Ways to get Fast Healing Permanently? - (by RadicalTaoist)
the best magical weapon abilities thread - (by samoosa691)
Metalline is the best weapon enhancement ... period. - (by Snow Savant)
The 3.5 Weapon Special Abilities thread - (by JWT)
Spells that Duplicate Weapon Special Abilities - (by JWT)
Abusing the Aptitude Weapon Enhancement - (by Gryftir)
The 3.5 Armor and Shield Special Abilities thread - (by JWT)
Ezra's Armory: Armor Add-Ons - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
Encounter (Villain/NPC/Monster/Trap) Resource Thread - (by Evandar_TAybara)
Villians and NPC Compendium

The CO/OC Contest Collection - (by LordofProcrastination) compilation of links for the various Character Optimization board and Optimization Challenge board contests

Role-Playing stuff (flavour to fit the build :D)
Character Concept Compilation - (by necrosnoop110)
Character Background Bank - (by Fithero)

Miscellany (ie: I'm too lazy to sort them...)

CO Spotlight: Heroes of Horror - (by Interested2)
CO Spotlight: Unapproachable East - (by Funny Slaughter)
[Highlighted Thread]: Secrets of Sarlona Review- (by RadicalTaoist)

Compendium: Triple & Quadruple Threats - (by Snow Savant)
How to: Build Triple/Quadruple Threat characters - (by LordKiwi)
Triple Magic - (by LordKiwi)

LoP's Dirty Tricks #1: Behold! - (by LordOfProrastination)
LoP's Dirty Tricks #2: The Perpetual Damage Machine - (by LordOfProcrastination)
LoP's Dirty Tricks #3: Attack of the Clones - (by LordOfProcrastination)
LoP's Dirty Tricks #4: The Nasty Gentlemen - (by LordofProcrastination)
World Record Damage: Multiple dirty tricks for insane synergy! - (by psly4mne)
Dirty Trick #5?: Effective "Save" Game Mechanics - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Campaign Smashers: The stuff that completely breaks the game - (by LordofProcrastination)
Campaign Smashers II: The stuff that completely breaks the game - (by Gideon_Gideonson)

Optimization Series: Psi-Gish Tank - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Optimization Series: Dex-Based Warrior - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Optimization Series: Psi-Rogue - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

The 3.5 CO Board Thread of World Records - (by Funny Slaughter)
3.5 World Record Thread - (by Ancient Dragon)
The True Dilettante - New Feat Record - (by true_shinken)

Diplomacy Expert- (by Master of the Squirrel's) an old cleric based diplomacy build
Record Diplomacy Build (+226 at level 20!) - (by Interested2)
Fred, the Diplomancer - (by Interested2) +72 Diplomacy at level 6
current new bluff world record = +212 - (by oxybe)
New W/O Items Diplomacy Record - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
New OVERALL Diplomacy Record - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
Monk Makes a Mighty Mediator(Highest no-item Diplo Score) - (by Tevin Illithane)

The Single Class Builds Thread - (by Master of the Squirrel's)
CO Project: Single Class Multi-Thread - (by Dictum Mortuum)
The Single PrC Build Thread
"optimal" builds for each level - (by Surreal)
The one Level Challenge!
Contest: best 1st level character
Maximize damage at Level 3
10th level Character Creation Challenge - (by darknoj)
Compilation of Low Level builds - (by Kelan)

Prestige class that gives lots of skill points - (by The Rizz)
Alternative ways to get new Class skills - (by Griff)
Enhancing Your [Blank] - General Case Skill Optimization - (by Tempest Stormwind)
the 3.5 expanded skills thread - (by Llochlyn)

Classes that boost stats, the table - (by AngelLemmingThief)
Maximising Ability Scores for all your everyday PCs - (by obeah) mixing LA's and templates to maximize your stats

Lists of Stuff - (by Surreal) assorted lists for improved evasion, speed increases, blindsight, fast healing, etc.
Immunities - (by Yekoj) - a list of PrCs and templates that grant immunities to various things
Ways to gain extra attacks - (by Surreal)
Who needs saving throws? - (by Surreal) - finding ways to reduce or eliminate the effect of saving throws
Ultimate Flaw List - (by Xeraph)
Flaws for everyone - (by Erudite)
How to gain (x) without losing BAB - (by AngelLemmingThief)
Ways to Gain Extra Arms/Tentacles, ect. - (by Bill Bisco: Average Adventurer) - also lists ways to get wings/flying

The Bargain Bin Item Crafter - (by FromTheShadows)
Bunko's Bargain Basement: Magic Items That Are a Steal! - (compiled by Caelic)
Magesmith Inc. Seeking help for your wizard crafter? - (by Endarire)
Mechonomicon - (by snizor) things you can make with the Craft Construct feat
Alchemical Devices: Optimized Selections and Crafting Strategies - (by Dirty Dan the Laundry Man)
Complete Shopping List - (by joseccb)
Worst value ever: Pink Elephant Magic Items - (by pfooti)
Casual Item Crafter's Handbook or Why we Craft - (by Braithwaite)

Public Acount Handbooks Information - (by TheioVrefos/Dictum Mortuum)
CO Proposal: Allowed Books and Formats - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Handbook to Guide Writing - (by Dictum Mortuum)
[Handbooks] Information, Updates and Ideas - (by Dicum Mortuum)
The Basket Weaver's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Compendium: A guide to low scores - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Proposal: Optimization Diaries - (by heffroncm)
CO Diaries: The Wizard - (by Dictum Mortuum)
CO Diaries: Conjurer - (by Valanthe)
CO Journal Warlock - (by deathwishjoe)
CO Journal: a Dungeon Master PoV - (by Banor)
CO Journal: Evil Incarnate - (by Chaos348)
CO Diary: Story of a Druid - (by Tshern)
CO Diary: Focused Conjurer - (by PhoenixInferno)
Anima Gish Optimization Diary - (by heffroncm)
CO Diary: Minmaxed Druid before Wild Shape - (by CannibalSmith)
CO Diary: Dungeon Crasher/Warblade - (by Sillia)
CO Diarys: a Dragonfire Adept in Dark Sun - (by LogicNinja)
CO diary: Makings of a monster build - (by Alastar) "Chuck" Ruby Knight Vindicator
CO Diary: Conjurer/Beguiler/UM - (by pfooti)
CO Diary: The Shadowcaster - (by Valheru_Blade)
CO Diary: Truenamer: - (by Bonzai)
CO Diary: Playing a Totemist - (by Sinfire Titan)
CO Diary: Fochlucan Lyrist - (by Zendu)
CO Journal: Focused Conjurer Recaster - (by lurch_E_bean)
CO Diary: God, incantatrix style - (by Acheiver_type)
Another (mostly) Totemist Diary - (by Cricket_God)

Optimizing Werecreatures - (by Zemyla) - lycanthropy etc. and there's a couple links inside to useful spreadsheets created by other forumites
The Handbook of Lycanthropes - (by Dielzen)

Optimizing a Vow of Poverty: a Different approach - (by carnivore)
Comprehensive Optimizing : Vow of Poverty - (by carnivore)

The BBEG thread - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) a compilation of various BBEGs
NPC Optimization Compilation - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Highest Base Saves Character Challenge - (by Bill Bosco)

Low LAs which are really worth it (ECL < 7, LA < 3) - (by catharz)
ECLs which are really worth it - (by catharz)
LA's that are worth it! - (by Ieniemienie)

The Ten Commandments of Optimization - (by Caelic)
The Ten Commandments of Practical Optimization - (by Caelic)
Optimization Myths - (by PonTelon)

How to be a Feudal Lord the Wal-Mart Way - (by Vyshaan)
All your shops are belong to us - (by Vyshaan) how to make gobs of money
Optimizing a Bank and then protect that money
I need some help optimizing a bank

Mind-Switch = More fun than a barrel of Monkeys - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Boards Quotes= Bag of Goodness - (by Wizard Random)
Board Quotes = Bag of Goodness (Level 2) - (by Wizard Random)

Challenge for the CO Boards: Take out Tiamat in one-on-one - (by Interested2)
Can a party take on the FR gods? (ECL 60 challenge - an insult to the CO board) - (by evangelion1010)

For your viewing pleasure a master race list - (by Wolfen Fenrison)
Master Player Race List Version 2.0 - (by AZNsupermarket)
Master Template List - (by Tigurius)
Guide to Templates - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Symbiotic Creature Template - Handbook - (by Tigurius)
any good dragon pc races? - (by Surreal)

Hide my phylactery! - general suggestions on where to hide your lich box
to hide a PHYLACTERY...

Weapon of Power or How to Make Myorjin - (by Warlord Griffin) - a Weapons of  Legacy thread
Building a weapon of legacy, for dummies. - (by LostPassWordDoesNotWork)
Weapons of Legacy Ability List (who knew there were so many?) - (by LazyNinja)

Optimizers--Rate the "Executioner's Mace"! - a martial weapon from Dragon that does all three damage types
Exotic Weapons That Are Worth It - (by Wobberjacky)

The Infinite Wish Loop: Candle of Invocation Optimization - (by BarbeChenue)
To Infinity & Beyond - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) a compilation of the various infinite loop tricks

The Draconic Directory - (by FromTheShadows) Helping you get the most out of dragonblood material.
Dragonborn of Bahamut Optimization Handbook - (by AZNsupermarket)

Fey Files - (by Lokiyn)
- a listing of Fey creatures that can make suitable followers and cohorts

Mage Slayer and a Negative Caster Level: Here's how it (officially) works - (by Mr. Dog)

Challenge: Build a character AND his keep!
Living in a Flying Box - (by snizor) a lyre of building + a moveable stronghold...
Optimizing a warship...

Overlooked Gems - (by Caelic)

Emancipated Spawn + Thought Bottle = OMG - (by SigmaJargon)

"Rules as Written" versus "Rules As We Want Them To Be" - (by Caelic) yet another debate about RAW

Highest Leadership Score Possible? - (by tiluvius99) high leadership scores at low levels

The Art of Clone Bombs - (by NoldorForce)

Tome of Fiends - (by K)

The Dazing compendium. - (b klode_me)

Indomitable Will vs Steadfast Determination - (by Surreal) a comparison of these two Will save affecting feats

Evil Nation's Psionic Henchmen

The Shadow's Hidden Power: One More Way to Crush the Game - (by tiluvias99) increasing a Shadow's strength damage
Exploting the Shadow's Hidden Power - (by tiluvias99)

Immortality - (by BarBeChenue) how to become immortal

the NEW AND IMPROVED AC Competition - (by orionm42) at 6th level

Revised Blinkdog Handbook - (by Balkazar)

D&D Mail Bombs! -OR- Telekinetic Explosive Runes - (by Endarire)

Eberron CO: Dragonmarks [long] - (by Turin)

Critter Filter - (by CubeKnight) Monster Statistics by Customizable Parameters

CO rites of passage - (by Surreal)

Improvements on a Sandwich - (by Callix)

Pimp Thy Ride - (by Lusden Veharo) discussion about mounts

The Optimization of E6 - discussion on the alternate E6 system (cap at level 6)

Book of Heavily Debated Topics - (by risner)

Items that Grant Feats - (by thugsb)

The Ghost Guide - (by Deathtrap)

Magical Locations - (by Omen of Peace)

ways to get extra actions? - (by Ikeren)

The Celestial Channeling Handbook - (by Paradox-of-Life)

Double Trouble - Optimize Trickery Devotion! - (by Janus Jones)

CO Project: Book of Protection - (by e__brutal)

The Pixie Handbook - (by carnivore)

The CO silliness Build thread - (by Kuroimaken)

Dungeonscape stronghold features (with prices and statistics for you to use) - (by dawnbringer)

Optimized Debuffing? - (by Bonzai) list of various debuffing methods

updated: 28 August 2009

Handbooks (or simply the thread with the most info on that subject that I could find)
I'm not trying to replace the optimization library here, just listing links for the various handbooks/urls scattered around these boards. Prestige classes, skills, spells, etc. I think I'll try listing these alphabetically...

Base Classes/Prestige Classes/Build Types/Concepts/campaign settings/etc - handbooks, or just a link to some good discussions

Dipping Guide-Introduction - (by Ectoplasmoid)
Odd PrC entries - (by RadicalTaoist)
Double Progression Class Optimization Guide - (by The_Monkey_King)
The 3.5 Core thread - (by Ranthanas)
Pseudoclasses Handbook and the ghost levels theory - (by Antarx)
The Free Lunch: Low Entry Cost Prestige Classes - (by Caelic)
The Unpopular PrC/Class Handbook - (by Xaktsaroth)
CO Project: Dipping Guide! - (by Dictum_Mortuum)

Anima Mage (Tome of Magic):
Anima Gish Optimization Diary - (by heffroncm)
Anima Mage Handbook - (by TheHumanDynamo)

Arcane Archer (DMG):
The Arcane Archer Optimization Thread - (by Marcus Majarra)
Arcane Archer: +20 BAB & 20th lvl Caster - (by carnivore) leads to discussions

Arcane Duelist (online):
The Arcane Duelist Handbook - (by Ikeren)

Arcane Heirophant (Races of the Wild):
The Arcane Heirophant Examined - (by Pyromantic)

Arcane Trickster (DMG):
Evaluating the Arcane Trickster - (by fidelio)

Archivist: (Heroes of Horror)
Complete Archivist list - (by colm_l) - a very useful listing of the lowest level entry for a spell
Archivist spells to drool over - (by pfooti)
Archivist Handbook - newest one

Archery (etc):
The Ultimate Archer Handbook - (by carnivore)
KSB Snow Owl's archer builds - (by ksbsnowowl) Mostly 3.0, but good info for all archery builds.
Tsuyoshi's Archer Addendum - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
3.5 Archer Builds
A crossbower to rival an archer? some decent discussion on making good use of the crossbow
CO Project: The Fighter Archer - discussion on nonmagical archers
Crossbow Users Mini-Handbook (work in progress) - (by jameswilliamogle)

Ardent: (Complete Psionic)
Ardent: Psi-Gish in a Can! - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Ardent Build Compendium - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Artificer: (Eberron Campaign Setting)
Optimized Artificer - (by Caelic)
Artificer Handbook (rough draft) - (by waper9)
Unofficial Artificer FAQ - (by Edymnion)
The Stafficer - (by Interested2)
Throwin' down the gauntlet: Staffs & Artificers - (by Psifon)

Assasin the profession vs Assassin PrC

Avenging Executioner: (Complete Scoundrel)
Stabbing the Spineless: Optimizing the Avenging Executioner - (by FromTheShadows) discussion thread

Consolidated Barbarian Handbook - (by Midnight_V and Zendu)
The 3.5 Barbarian Handbook - (by Macknuggle)
beserker strength barbarian + grafts - (by Surreal)  PHB2 berserker variant, achieving constant berserker state with high DR

The Bard's Handbook - the newest one
Optimize Inspire courage - (by Nofux)
Bard Inspire Courage Optimization - (by Mistwell) revival of archive thread
Bard vs Wizard - tactics for a bard to defeat a sorcerer

Battle Sorcerer: (Unearthed Arcana)
The UA's Battlesorcerer Gish Guide - (by iN.fuSioN)

Beast Heart Adept (Dungeonscape):
Beast Heart Adept Handbook - (by Tweedledope)
Monster Rancher! - (by JanusJones) discussions on the Beast Heart Adept

Beguiler: (PHB2)
Beguiler handbook - (by LucRivNor)
Beguiler Player's Guide - (by amatulic)
- The New Beguiler Handbook - 2008 - (by Nicholas the Paladin) most recent

Beholder Mage: (Lords of Madness)
LoP's Dirty Tricks #1: Behold! - (by LordOfProcrastination) How to become a beholder mage, and all the sick and twisted things that you can do afterwards...

Binder (Tome of Magic):
Preliminary Binder Guide - (by Gerdreg)
Pact Magic Tricks/Combos/Builds - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Consolidated Binder Handbook - the newest one
Epic Binders

Blade of Orien (Dragonmarked)
3+ full attacks/round w/o shadow pouncing! - (by ElephantJack)

Bonded Summoner (Miniatures Handbook)
Bonded Summoner: After some play - (by PonTelon) a report on the low-level usage of Bonded Summoner

Bone Knight: (Eberron: Five Nations)
Improve this Bone Knight - (by smrtgmp)

Cabinet Trickster: (Races of Eberron)
Cabinet Trickster/Mindspy Optimization - meh, not much here but it's better than nothing

Chameleon: (Races of Destiny)
Chameleon Compilation - (by Mommy was an Orc)

The Cleric Handbook - (by ClericHandbook) *the newest one*
The 3.5 Cleric Build Thread - (by necrosnoop110)
my take on an cleric archer 3.5 - (by Funny Slaughter)
3.5 Cleric Domains-what would you choose? - (by Enlightened One?)
Persistent spells for Clerics - (by EricMender)
cleric archer - a more recent discussion thread
Best Domains - discussion
CO Project: Cleric Theme Builds - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Comprehensive Guide to Turning - (by carnivore)
Optimizing Turning Attempts getting the highest number of turn attempts to fuel divine feats
Cleric ranged attack spell list! Turn your cleric into a warmage! - (by Gavinfoxx)
Why  cleric 1 in an awesome option for melee characters - (by ChristopherGroves)

Cloistered Cleric: (Unearthed Arcana)
CO Build: The Cloistered Cleric's Many Faces - (by Dictum Mortuum and ninjarabbit)

Crusader: (Tome of Battle)
Crusader Recovery Mechanic: Set Theory Analysis - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Death Master (Dragon Compendium)
SiFir's Death Master Handbook. AKA: Abusing Lichdom - (by Sinfire Titan)

Deepwarden: (Races of Stone) (web preview)
Best tank PrC EVAR

Dervish: (Complete Warrior)
The Dervish Handbook - (by xanadu)

Dragon Shaman: (PHB2)
Dragon Shaman: any optimization possible there? - not a handbook, just discussions
a Dragon Shaman build - trapfinder, healbot, and mini-charger - (by Surreal) my take on the dragon shaman healing battery
The Dragon Shaman Handbook - (by Corm_Evyrncrest)

Dragonfire Adept: (Dragon Magic) (web preview)
The Preliminary Dragonfire Adept (DFA) Handbook - (by Gerdreg)
The New Dragonfire Adept Handbook! - (by JanusJones)

Dragonlance: (campaign setting)
The 3.5 Dragonlance Thread - (by Mucknuggle)

Dread Commando: (Heroes of Battle)
Need Help With Optimized Dread Commando Build - (by ElfHunter)

Dread Necromancer (Heroes of Horror)
New Dread Necromancer Handbook - (by DreadNecroHandbook)

Shapeshift Druid Optimization Handbook - (by Arismir) druid shapeshift variant from PHB2
Druid Handbook revived - the newest one (by A Man In Black)
Elemental Companion - a brief discussion on this druid alternative class feature from Complete Mage
Revisiting Spells for the Optimized Druid - (by Lord_of_Rivendell)
CO Project: The Quickstart Druid - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Drunken Master: (Complete Warrior)
Drunken Master, or the Art of Exploiting the Circular Charge - (by Iaimeki)

Duskblades: (PHB2)
Optimizing Duskblades - not a handbook, just discussions
Thethan's guide to Duskblades - (by TheThan)
The Duskblade's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Enlightened Fist: (Complete Arcane)
Enlightened Fist Optimization - (by Iaimeki)
Enlightened Fist Build (Long) (Please Evaluate) - (by SuperTKO) a fully worked out build, good for comparison

Epic Level Handbook - (by tsuyoshikentsu)

Erudite: (Complete Psionic - psion variant)
Erudite got better - discussion on the Erudite expanded options from Mind's Eye, letting you essentially cast spells as psionic powers

Factotum: (Dungeonscape)
The Factotum Handbook - (by JanusJones)
Class Chronicles: Factotums and Spellthieves - for the Font of Inspiration feat

Fiend of Possession (Fiend Folio):
Fun with the Fiend of Possession?
Optimizing a Fiend of Possession
Fastest way to Outsider with Evil subtype? - (by Banaticus)

Fiendbinder: (Tome of Magic)
Fiendbinder: CO Perspective - (by PonTelon)

Fiend-Blooded (Heroes of Horror)
Opimizing the Fiend-Blooded (for spells known) [HoH PrC] - (by bluemilker) gaining extra spells with the PrC

Fighter-20: The "Gatling Chain Gun" Tripper - (by Snow Savant) Iconic fighter build on the CO boards, to showcase what fighters are capable of (not just tripping)
Sword and Shield (3.5 Fighter Thread) - (by ThreadMasterCO)
Ultimate Chain Fighter? - (by EldonG) more recent discussions on the prototypical chain fighter
Practical Optimization: the Fighter -- Theory and Practice / a Practical Handbook - (by LogicNinja)
12th lvl Fighter. Straight Fighter. - (by Judging Eagle) - fighter discussion
Fighter VS Druid - (by Meat_Shield) a surprisingly civil discussion with good comparisons
Up Against the Wall! Bull Rushing Finally Gets Its Day! - (by JanusJones) discussion on the fighter variant (Dungeon Crasher) from Dungeonscape
6 hits to 1: Jack B. Quick - (by Caelic)
A little Lock build for you... - (by aelryinth)
The Fighter's Handbook -- 2007 - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Fist of Raziel: (Book of Exalted Deeds)
fist of raziel optimization - an old discussion thread

Fochlucan Lyrist:  (Complete Adventurer)
Tools for Fochlucan Lyrist Builds - (by Iaimeki)

Frenzied Berzerker: (Complete Warrior)
The 3.5 Frenzied Berzerker Thread - (by allenchan)
Controlling a Frenzied Berserker - (by Nazzareth)

The Great Gestalt Guide - (by reytheist)
Gestalt Resource, the combos Wizards don't want you to know - (by Rhonin the Big)

Gish and other multi-threats (arcane, divine, psionics, skill monkeys, etc):
The Comprehensive 3.5 Arcane Gish Thread (rebuilt from the binary up) - (by JosephKell) old thread
Character Build Spotlight: Gish - (by shadow mage)
+1 BAB and +1 Caster Level - (by pyro_cat)
Optimization Series: Psi-Gish Tank - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Gish Strategies and Tactics - (by Psifon)
Armored Wizards here they come! -- Best Armor for Arcane Spellcasting! - (by  Purple Dragon Knight)
The Gish's Spellbook - (by Psifon)
Why does a gish build needs arcane strike? - interesting gish discussions all around
Gish with highest BAB and Spells - discussion thread, newer stuff compared to the others
Sneak Attacking Spellcasters, a preliminary guide - (by iconoplast)
Sir Guide to Gishborn (Short guide to DP Gishes) - (by ShakaUVM)

Unofficial CO Competition Returns!: Ultimate Gish - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Lessons of the Gish Contest: A look at what went right & wrong. - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) thoughts and discussions on running a contest

Compendium: Triple & Quadruple Threats - (by Snow Savant)
How to: Build Triple/Quadruple Threat characters - (by LordKiwi)

CO Project: The Divine Skill Monkey - (by Dictum Mortuum)
CO Project: The Dual Caster - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Green Star Adept: (Complete Arcane)
Green Star Adept to lvl 10 playable? - not even remotely a handbook, but it's the longest thread on the GSA I've seen in a while, with a bunch of random discussion and debate over how the GSA provides +15 caster level over 10 levels

Halfling Outrider: (Complete Warrior)
Supermount! - (by Caelic) Combining a special mount and animal companion
A Fresh Look at the Supermount - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
Supermount + UberERcharger - (by Iaimeki) turning your supermount into, um, an ubermount

Hammer of Moradin: (web preview)
The Hammer of Moradin Handbook - (by PhoenixInferno)

Hellfire Warlock (Fiendish Codex II) (web preview)
How 'Bout That Hellfire? (FC2 Excerpts)

Hexblade: (Complete Warrior) (suggested “fixes” by WotC developer Mike Mearls)
Hexblade links - (by shades of eternity) compilation of hexblade links and spells
The Hexblade's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Hexblade 101 - (by Sleeping Dragon)
Hexblades 101 - (by Shades of Eternity)

Hidecarved Dragon: (Draconomicon)
Hidecarved Dragon Challenge - (by Gehenna) Getting into one of the most difficult prestige classes (in terms of prerequisites) usually reserved for dragons.
Hidecarved Dragon - revived challenge - (by Surreal)

Holy Liberator: (Complete Divine)
The Holy Liberator Thread - (by Funny Slaughter)

Hulking Hurler: (Complete Warrior)
Hulking Hurler Build - (by Incubus) Destroy the planet, or throw the planet... I forget which.

Iaijutsu Master: (Oriental Adventures)
Iaijutsu Shadowlord - (by Xeraph) abusing Iaijutsu damage

Illithid Savant: (Savage Species)
Illithid Savant Abuse - (by Sierra)

ways to improve incantatrix' metamagic effect

Incarnate (Magic of Incarnum)
Incarnate by the numbers - by (Todd)

Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil: (Complete Arcane)
3 Base Levels, 2 Complete PrCs: The Master of the Sevenfold Veil - (by Caelic) Master Specialist and Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil
From Initiate to Corpse of the Seven Fold Veil - (by Lilt) rules debate over the veils

Invisible Blade: (Complete Warrior)
Why does the Invisible Blade have XYZ feat prerequisites?
- a thread with discussion and post by the original author of the class: whats up with Invisible blade req. feats?

Jaunter: (Expedition to the Demonweb Pits)
The Transported..... Jaunter Optimizing - (by carnivore) discussion

The Kensai's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Knight: (PHB2)
'Tar Baby' Knight Build - (by Leugren) some discussions on the Knight class

Lurk: (Complete Psionic)
3.5 Lurk Build Guide & Compendium -(by WyvernSlayer)

Malconvoker (Complete Scoundrel):
Mastering the Malconvoker - (by Treantmonklvl20)

Master of Many Forms:  (Complete Adventurer)
Master of Many Forms Bible - (by Harzerkatze)
Favored Enemy Chameleon MoMF - (by Caelic)
updated Master of Many Forms Bible plus official wild shape rules - (by Harzerkatze)

Master of Masks: (Complete Scoundrel)
Master of Masks - How to enter? - discussion

Master of Shrouds: (Libris Mortis)
Master of Shrouds (Handbook?) - (by PhaedrusXY)
(New) Master of Shrouds Handbook - (by Akal-Saris)

Master Transmogrifist: (Complete Arcane)
The ultimate, apocalyptic MasTran 10 form thread. - (by Jeremymc)
The Master Transmogrifist Handbook - (by Hijaxx)

Master of the Unseen Hand: (Complete Warrior)
X-men's Jean Grey, or how to be silly with MotUH - (by Squirrelloid) also uses Wu Jen
Telekenesis: Another Stab at Optimization - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Meditant (online - Mind's Eye)
Meditant. Anyone look at this?

Mindbender: (Complete Arcane)
What's wrong with the Mindbender? - back and forth discussion (archived thread lacking quotes, so it’s difficult to read)

Beating Batman: Sir Giacomo's guide to Monks - (by Armisael) most recent
Guide to Monks - (by Zenzei) also recent
monk minmax creation guide - (by mean_liar)
Monk Damage - (by Lord Kiwi) - how to increase unarmed damage
'Trip Monk-ey' of DOOM (43d20+3d12 or maybe 32d20 or possibly 24d100) - (by catharz) lots of discussion on increasing monk unarmed damage
Optimizing the Spring-Stun Monk - (by tiluvias99)
The UnGodly Monk. - (by Brol_The_Mighty)
Massive Monk Damage! - (by Fwib)
Monks and Psionics - (by carnivore)

Mystic Theurge:
The Mystic Theurge Handbook - (by Caedrus)

Necromancer Handbook - (by K)
Revised Necromancer Handbook - (by K)
Collection of Necromatic Oddities - (by snizor)   
The 3.5 Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead Thread - (by ancalimohtar)

Ninja: (Complete Adventurer)
The Complete Ninja - Guide & Handbook - (by Elephant Jack)

The Paladin's Handbook -- 2007 - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Paladin Healing Optimization - (by X-Codes) post #10 for summary

Planar Shepherd: (Faiths of Eberron)
The Planar Shepherd Handbook - (by Tweedledope)

Primeval: (Frostburn)
The Primeval Handbook - (by Deathtrap)

Psionics/Novas/etc: (listed in approximate chronological order)
Possible World Record: 668 spells in one round and 48309 fire damage - (by DisposableHero_)
New use for Nano-Bots? The Nano-Bomb - (by superdank)
Psionic Novas: A Guide - (by DisposableHero_)
New World Record: 480 Standard Actions (3,092 Attack) in a Round - (by cvazi)
Nanoaffinity Laboratory (WARNING: dangerous to your game) - (by RadicalTaoist)
The Nova-trix [revised] - (DisposableHero_)
The Manhattan Project: D&D Nuclear Weaponry - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

3.5 Psion Build Guide and Compendium - (by carnivore)

Psychic Rogue: (link for class)
Psychic Rogue Optimization

Psychic Warrior:
Psychic Warrior Build Guide & Compendium Revised - (by WyvernSlayer)
Psychic Warrior Build Collection - (by Carnivore)
Crazy Strong Psywar Grappling - (by RadicalTaoist)

Radiant Servant of Pelor: (Complete Divine)
Radiant Servant of Pelor build threads?

Rage Mage:
Rage Mage - discussion

The 3.5 Ranger Thread (2nd posting) - (by Macknuggle)
The 3.5 Ranger Handbook - (by Antarx)

Ravenloft: (campaign setting)
Ravenloft Handbook for Players ((Possible Spoilers)) - (by Tweedledope) handbook for the adventure setting: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Red Wizard: (DMG)
Red Wizard Handbook - (by Lormador)

Renegade Mastermaker: (Magic of Eberron)
Renegade Mastermaker, Mastermaker of Hit Points that is... - (by ComplexSimplicity) - abusing slotless power crystals for 500 hit points and power points

Revenant Blade: (Player’s Guide to Eberron)
Revenant Blade - (by nastynate)
The Revenant Blade Handbook - (by JanusJones)

The 3.5 Rogue Handbook - (by Sang-Drax) newest
The DEFINITIVE Rogue Spell List 3.5 (Use Magic Device) - (by Reglovin)
The Ascetic Rogue's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum)

Samurai: (Complete Warrior)
Samurai (Complete Warrior version) Guide and Compendium - (by rilem)
Does Incarnum save the Samurai? - (by rilem)
How to make a Samurai in 3 easy steps - (by Slyver) How to create samurai characters without necessarily using the Samurai class

Scout:  (Complete Adventurer)
The Scout's Handbook - (by Encard)
The Swift Hunter's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum) - optimizing the Complete Scoundrel feat the blends your scout and ranger

Seeker of the Song: (Complete Arcane)
Seeker of the Song - (by LogicNinja) - not a thread, just an informative post
Seeker of the Song - A work in progress another discussion thread

Shadowcaster: (Tome of Magic)
A Guide to Shadow Magic - (by FromTheShadows)

Shadowcraft (etc):
Shadowcraft Illusionist = Killer Gnome! - (by Snow Savant) Uses the following prestige classes: Harper Mage (MoF), Shadowcraft Mage (RoS), Shadowcrafter (Und), to make deadly illusions
Shadowcraft Mage Handbook - (by NineInchNall)

Shapeshifter (Oriental Adventures)
Shapeshifter: The Epitome - (by BarbeChenue) Hengeyokai Shapeshifter

Silver Pyromancer: (Eberron: Five Nations)
Optimizing a Silver Pyromancer - not a handbook, just a discussion thread

Skullclan Hunter: (Miniatures Handbook)
variations about skullclan hunter - (by FunnySlaughter)

Ways for a Sorcerer to gain additional spells known - (by The_WhiteRabbit)
Good Spells for Sorcerers - a few very good posts on the principles behind spell selection for a sorceror (or any class that has fixed spells known)
Sorcerer Prestige Classes with Full Caster Progression - (by AZNsupermarket)
Sorcerer Handbook - (by Alastar) newest one
Sorcerer's Guide - (by Guide_Seneschal)
Short Sorcerer Handbook - (by bjorsa)

Soul Eater: (Book of Vile Darkness)
Soul Eater Handbook - (by Dark Kyosuke)
The Soulmeld Eater, master of negative levels - (by J-A-R-N-O)

Soulborn: (Magic of Incarnum)
Soulborn Handbook - (by Gerdreg)

Soulbow: (Complete Psionic) (web preview)
Optimizing the Soulbow

Soulknife Build Guide & Compendium - (by Todd)

Sovereign Speaker: (Faiths of Eberron)
Sovereign Speaker 101: Domains, Benefits, Requirements, and Review - (by Endarire)

Spellthief: (Complete Adventurer)
Complete Spellthief Guide and Handbook - (by Kribage)
Spellthief builds?
Comprehensive Spellthief Spell List - (by dog45)
Master Spellthief (a mini-guide) - (by true_shinken)

Spellwarp Sniper: (Complete Scoundrel)
Spellwarp Sniper Lists of Handy Spells - lots of info at post #30 by Maat_Mons

Spirit Shaman: (Complete Divine)
The Spirit Shaman Handbook - (by Xeraph)
Is Spirit Shaman Any Good? - (by RainemakerNyc) early discussions before the handbook

Sublime Chord: (Complete Arcane)
Sublime Compilation - (by Lord Zeb)

Suel Arcanamach: (Complete Arcane)
The Suel Arcanamach Handbook - (by true_shinken)

Swashbuckler: (Complete Warrior)
I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt: Optimizing Seduction - (by tsuyoshikentsu) a variant swashbuckler ability
Swashbuckler Handbook - (by boffer)

Swiftblade: (online)
The Swiftblade Handbook - (by AEDAN)

Tainted Scholar: (Heroes of Horror)
Write Up for Tainted Scholar - (by Kresalak)

Telflammar Shadowlord: (Forgotten Realms: Unapproachable East) (Nightcrawler anyone?)
The Shadowlord Encyclopedia - (by Macknuggle)
Psionic Shadowlord: Multipounce - (by DisposableHero_) Mixing the Tefflamar Shadowlord with psionics to get several full pounce attacks in a round
Puff, slice, puff. - (by Xeraph)
Metus Somnambulus, Dread Shadowlord - (by AllistairAldred) shadowpouncing and tome of battle

Totemist: (Magic of Incarnum)
The Totemist Handbook - (by Doggieboy)

Trapsmith: (Dungeonscape)
Trapsmith Mini-Handbook and Compendium) - (by jameswilliamogle)

Truenamer: (Tome of Magic)
Optimizing the Truenamer (Instead of complaining about it) - (by pyro_cat)
Truenamer Optimization Guide - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Record Attempt: Truenaming - (by ChrisAsmadi)

Ultimate Magus: (Complete Mage)
Preliminary Ultimate Magus Handbook - (by Phoenix00)

Unbound Scroll: (Eberron: Dragonmarked)
Unbound Scroll, a CO gem of a prc in Dragonmarked - (by Phoenix00)

Walker in the Waste: (Sandstorm)
Mr. Icy Hot - (by McJarvis)
Walker in the Waste(Mr. Icy Hot Revised) - (by McJarvis)
Walker in the Waste Handbook - (by Pyro_Azer)

Warlock Information Compilation - (by Thinblade) - the newest one
Warlock theme builds - (by scrollreader)
The Warlock's Equipment Locker - (by mightyix)
Warlock: Qualifying for Spellcasting Without Multiclassing? - (by FromTheShadows)
Epic Warlock Feats - published on Wizard's website
The Glaivelock - A Mini-Guide - (by JanusJones) a guide focusing on the Eldritch Glaive invocation

Warmage: (Complete Arcane)
Warmage Build Guide and Compendium - (by Todd)
Warmages Blog Goats For Pocket Change; OR, Why You Should Play A Sorcere Instead - debate on warmage vs sorcerer, this post gives a level by level breakdown of the warmage's spell list

War Weaver: (Heroes of Battle)
War Weaver's Eldritch Tapestry Spells - (by sornet)
Compiled War Weaver Spells - (by pyro_cat)
The War Weaver Guidebook - (by Valdrax) most recent
The ULTIMATE War Weaver - (by DaveTheMagicWeasel)
War Weaver's Handbook, Black Tactica Edition - (by Dr. Rocktopus)

Wilder Build Guide and Compendium - (by cvazi)
Wilder 20: Is it viable? - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Best Wizard Race Handbook - (by AZNsupermarket)
The Logic Ninja's Guide to Wizards: Being Batman - (by LogicNinja)
The Wizard's Handbook - (by Dictum Mortuum)
Treantmonk's guide to Wizards: Being a God - (by Treantmonklvl20)

Spellcasting/Tome of Magic/UMD/etc (ick this section is getting messy...)

The DEFINITIVE Rogue Spell List 3.5 (Use Magic Device) - (by Reglovin)

Persistent Spells for Wizards ... retry - (by Wyrd)
Persistent spells for Clerics - (by EricMender)
Persistant Spell List and FAQ - (by Gol)
The Permanancy List - (by Wyrd)

Spell Compendium: CO Perspectives - (by allenchan)
Spell Compendium: Spells of Notes - (by PonTelon)

Weak arcane spells that *YOU* can make strong. - (by Snow Savant)
Weak & Weird Spells that *YOU* make Strong! ... Part II - (by Snow Savant)

Druid Spell Combos - (by Sphyre)
The Venomfire Optimization Thread - (by Interested2)

The DEFINITIVE sorc spell list 3.5 (Utility, Blaster, Battlefield Control & Melee) - (by Sisyfos)
Ultimate Spell List - (by Szatany)
Top Spells from levels 1-9
The Gish's Spellbook - (by Psifon)
Utility Magic for Wizards and Sorcerers - (by FrankTrollman)
Spells that fvcking kill people. - (by FrankTrollman)
List of the Best Buff Spells - (by MegaPlex)

The Wizard's Guide to Abjuration - (by WizardlyFriend) Handbook for spells from the school of abjuration
Treatmonk's guide to Abjuration: God's Tools - (by Treatmonklvl20)
Treatmonk's guide to Evocation Spells: God's tools - (by Treatmonklvl20)
Tsuyoshi's Guide to Divination Spells: G-d's Eyes - (by tsuyoshikentsu)
Enchanter Handbook - (by zarzak)
Dannar's Guide to Enchanters (Supplement) - (by Dannar)
The Conjurer's Handbook - (by Echodork)
Treantmonk's guide to conjuration: God's tools - (by Treantmonklvl20)
Treantmonk's guide to Necromancy: God's Tools - (by treantmonklvl20)
CantripN's Guide to Transmutation  Spells: God's Gifts - (by CantripN)
Illusion - see the Shadowcraft Mage
Summoning/Conjuration - see the section in post #1

Long Lasting Spells - (by pyro_cat)
Best Save-or-Die Compendium - (by parkse)
No SR - Arcane - spell list Thread - (by Ivarrius)
Non-somatic Spells - (by pyro_cat)
No Somatic Component Spell List - (by Keyes2k4)
List of Save-or-be-Screwed Spells [PHB, SpC] - (by CubeKnight)
Swift/Immediate Spell Compendium - (by Cricket_God)

Ways for a Sorcerer to gain additional spells known - (by The_WhiteRabbit)
Spellcasters Guide: Casting Spells from Outside of Your Spell List - (by LordKiwi)
Ways to Expand a Spell-list - (by Lt_Col_Pilgrim)
Good Spells for Sorcerers - a few very good posts on the principles behind spell selection for a sorceror (or any class that has fixed spells known)
Help tweaking sorcerer spell list - (by snizor) Disciple of Gaara: using Fiend-blooded and Sandshaper to get 116 spells known

Arcane Fusion: a Trick, useable by the Ultimate Magus and a few others - (by LogicNinja)
Arcane Nova: Infinite 0-7th level spells in 1 std. action - (Tleilaxu_Ghola)
alacritous cogitation trickery - (by deathwishjoe) casting long casting-time spells as a full round action
OMG Sorceror! Combining 3 Ridiculous Spells for Ridiculous Effect - (by Bill Bisco: Average Adventurer) celerity + arcane spellsurge + greater arcane fusion = a ton of actions... ?
D&D Fission Bomb: White Sands Laboratory - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

First Round: Optimizing Counterspell - (by Reinhart)
Mathematical Analysis of Using Damage/Distraction to Counterspell - (by Qaetar)
Dispelling & Counterspelling Compilation - (by Omen_of_Peace)

Why Precocious Apprentice -> MT isn't RAW - (by Mommy was an Orc)

Hey, there’s nothing stopping a Sorc or Wiz - - (by RadicalTaoist) using Dragon Breath to fuel metabreath feats from the Draconomicon

New UMD World Record: +227 - (by SigmaJargon)

Endless Spells: So Immaculately Broken, It's Not Even Dirty - (by LordofProcrastination)

Spellbook Archive
- a bunch of spells put online a while ago; many have been reprinted since though, but some of these are still referenced from time to time
Spells of the Woodlands - from the Wizards site; spell of note: Splinterbolt
Spells of the Deep Underdark

Craft Rune Circle - (by Hanniball)

Extraordinary Concentration ... is the Bomb! - (by Snow Savant) a feat from Complete Adventurer that reduces spellcaster Concentration checks to move or swift actions
Sonorous Hum - (by Sildrin) make multiple "duration: concentration" spells last all day

Clever uses of the Share Spells ability - (by PhaedrusXY)

Infinite wishes and broken rules - (by K)

Pact Magic Tricks/Combos/Builds - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Raising Caster Level - (by psly4mne)

Abusing the new Polymorph - (by K)
[Open Challenge to CO] Not Another Polymorph Thread - (by Tempest Stormwind)
The Complete Polyorph Thread 3.5 - (by MegaPlex)

Throwin' down the gauntlet: Staffs & Artificers - (by Psifon)

Spell Slots as Adjustable Building Blocks - (by Craig C.)

Complete Mage: Tricks/Combos/Library - (Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Nuclear Apocalyse, Anyone? - (by FromTheShadows)

Spell Flower Threads?

Assist with Spellstitching - debate on whether Spellstiched (Complete Arcane) is a legal PC  template

Proper application of high level arcane magic

Why no Direct Damage - this thread has some pretty good discussions on the usage and application of direct damage, control, save or dies, etc.

The CO response to fastest possible speed - (by pyrohemophiliac) abusing persistent discharge spells, resulting in the build known as “Chuck”

Beholder Mage Lite - NI spells as free actions! - (by Soluphobe)

Handbook to Wand Users and Crafters - (by Dictum Mortuum)

A Player's Guide to Healing (And, why you will be Just Fine without a Cleric to heal) - (by OneWinged4ngel)

 How you make your wizard a spontaneous caster - (by LostPassWordDoesNotWork)

Focused Specialist is better than you think - (by treatmonklvl20)

Examples of overpowered casters discussion on casters

Metamagic/reserve feats
Metamagic Compilation and and Review - (by tear_of_primus)
The Metamagic Handbook - (by Ikeren)
What are metamagic feats -really- worth? - (by Endarire)
Arcane Thesis - (by Bill Bisco: Average Adventurer) discussion on this feat which reduces metamagic costs
Arcane Thesis Compendium - (by HaikenEdge)
Best spells to empower
Abusing Heighten Spell Effects - Cast Miracle at level 6 - (by DisposableHero_)
Spells for the Chain Spell feat - (by PhaedrusXY)
Fun with Ocular Spell[Metamagic] - (by Lokiyn)

Has anyone listed and rated CM's reserve feats?

New 3.5 Psionics FAQ [READ FIRST] - (by Tempest Stormwind)
New DM's and Player's Guide to Psionics - (by FabulousRex)
Index: 3.5 Psionics Outside the XPH - (by DisposableHero_)

Psycarnum Metamagic - (by DisposableHero_)
CPsi Tricks, Combinations and Optimization - early discussions about Complete Psionic
CPC = Complete Psionics Combo - (by Harry) how to get infinite pp forever
Attempting to get something out of CPsi: Link Power - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Further Powers for Your Psionic Character
Subverted Psion - Mind's Eye prestige class for Heroes of Horror, essentially a tainted psion
Quintessence - What's it for?
Minor Creation and You - (by Lokiyn)
Metamorphic Transfer Tricks - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Treatise on Metapsionic Feats - (by Sphyre)
Three Psionic Vestiges
Abusing Mental Pinnacle and Metaconcert to get 1000+pp and insane dcs - (by Phoenix00)
What Is the Most Powerful Psionic Power? - (by Haldrik)
Pimp my combo: Ultimate 1v1 pp efficiency - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) Brain Lock + Solicit Psi-Crystal + Energy Current
Psicrystal FAQ and building guide - (by Scion of Coldshard)
Give Me Your Most Useful Power/Feat Combinations
Abuse them mechanics, abuse 'em good! *spank!* - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) - generating PP

Expanded psionic core classes - Mind’s Eye class variants for the Psychic Warrior, Soulknife, and Wilder
Expanded Classes, Part Two: Egoist, Kineticist, Nomad
The Mind's Eye: Expanded Classes, Part Three - expanded options for the Psion disciplines: Seer, Shaper, and Telepath
Mind's Eye expanded Classes part 4 - variants for the Ardent, Divine Mind, and Lurk

The Incarnum Handbook - (by Sinfire_Titan)
Incarnum Tricks/Combos/Builds - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

Incarnate by the numbers - by (Todd)
Soulborn Handbook - (by Gerdreg)

Totemist Mobility Expert: 1-20 Build Optimization - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
The Soulmeld Eater, master of negative levels - (by J-A-R-N-O)
Does Incarnum save the Samurai? - (by rilem)
The Incarnum Four: Four Unique Totemist Builds to Annoy Your DM or Players! - (by JanusJones)

Draconic Soulmelds - meant for incarnum classes; soulmelds from Dragon Magic
Psionics of Incarnum - psionic soulmelds and the Soul Manifester (dual psionic and meldshaping advancement)

Tome of Battle
Tome of Battle: Tricks/Combos/Library - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Tome of Battle: Build Compendium - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Tome of Battle Build Compendium II - (by wolfie-kun)
The Art of Making a Multi-Class Martial Adept - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) more discussions on Tome of Battle
Tome of Battle: CustServ Q&A
Maneuver's Without Requisites
ToB: Reports from the trenches - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) a report on low-level usage of the Crusader
DM Report: Crusader/Swordsage/Ur-Priest/RKV - (by TychoEnoch)
Avalanche of Blades: It's a Trap! - (by DrObviousSo)
Becoming Reshar: True Mastery of the Nine Swords - (by Gideon_Gideonson) obtaining 9th level maneuvers in all disciplines
Tome of Battle for Dummies - (by DaveTheMagicWeasel)

Tactics & Theory

The 3.5 Tactics Compendium - (by Funny Slaughter)
The Optimized Backpack - (by tehlwf)
Guide to Solo Campaigns - (by KJW)
Low level tips/tricks (core only) - (by mvincent)
The Theory and Practice of Low-level Optimization - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Feat Combos - (by LordKiwi)
Optimized Initiative Compilation: Tools, Builds, and Theory - (by LordOfProcrastination)
Tacticmart: party tactics & tricks in a can! - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
A Handbook For Weapon Masters And Weapon Specialists - (by BatCatMan)
A short guide to defensive fighting - (by true_shinken)
Optimize: Miss Chance - (by MegaPlex)

Optimizing a Party v. 3.5 - (by Mucknuggle)
Party Essentials - (by Yekoj)
The 3.5 Team-Combos Compendium - (by Kuroi Kenshi)
The D&D 3.5 Minions Thread (Followers) - (by Lilt)
Innovating Party Design: Method and Application - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)
Breaking the 4 Boxes: Share Your Experiences. - (by RadicalTaoist)
The Iconic Roles, Defining just what they're supposed to do. - (by X-Codes)

The Sneak Attacker's Handbook - (by ancalimohta)

interesting links

for the link

Is one of the above the legendary "acid test" that people occasionally talk about? :P

I've never seen guidelines for that myself, just hear the results.
a lot of the threads that the CO library references have a lot of useful information. i think that a link to the CO library is a good idea.
This is the srd in a searchable HTML format aviliable at
Popular psionic prestige classes from The Mind's Eye
Crystal Master
Body Leech
Psychic Assassin
Soul Manifester (incarnum and psionics dual progression)
Subverted Psion
Psychic Theurge
- prestige class that advances both psionics and divine
Psychic Rogue
Psychic Weapon Master - improving threat range

Web Previews (some of the links may not go directly to the preview, so you may have to scroll around a bit)
Archivist (Heroes of Horror)
Beast Heart Adept (Dungeonscape)
Blackguard (DMG)
Chameleon (Races of Destiny)
Corrupt Avenger (Heroes of Horror)
Cragtop Archer (Races of Stone)
Cyran AVenger (Eberron: Five Nations)
Deepwarden (Races of Stone)
Demonbinder (Drow of the Underdark)
Doomguard (actually Doomlord, Planar Handbook)
Dragonfire Adept (Dragon Magic)
Dragonstalker (Draconomicon)
Dread Commando (Heroes of Battle)
Eyes of Horus-Re (Player's Guide to Faerun)
Fist of Raziel (Book of Exalted Deeds)
Fochlucan Lyrist (Complete Adventurer)
Frostrager - Frostburn
Green Star Adept (Complete Arcane)
Hammer of Moradin (Player’s Guide to Faerun)
Harper Agent (Player's Guide to Faerun)
Hellfire Warlock - Fiendish Codex II
Hidecarved Dragon (Draconomicon)
Knight Phantom (Eberron: Five Nations)
Magelord (Lost Empires of Faerun)
Marshal (Miniatures Handbook)
Master Harper
Master of Masks (Complete Scoundrel)
Master of Radiance (Libris Mortis)
Master of Shrouds (Libris Mortis)
Mystic Examplar (Complete Champion)
Nar Demonbinder (Forgotten Realms: Unapproachable East)
Orc Warlord - Races of Faerun
Paladin alternative class features (from Dungeonscape)
Pious Templar (Complete Divine)
Rage Mage (Complete Warrior)
Raumathari battlemage (Forgotten Realms: Unapproachable East)
Recaster (Races of Eberron)
Scarlet Corsair (Stormwrack)
Silver Key (Dragonmarked)
Spellthief (Complete Adventurer)
Thief-Acrobat (Complete Adventurer)
Ultimate Magus (Complete Mage)
War Hulk (Miniatures Handbook)
Warblade (Tome of Battle)
Wilder (Expanded Psionics Handbook)

pruned threads

[thread=721864]Alternate Class features.[/thread] - (by Timespike) Class variants from various supplemental sourcebooks
[thread=906113]Alternative Class Features II[/thread] - (by Me, Myself, & 101 others)

[thread=380709]Multiclass prestige class encyclopedia (includes all 3.5 base classes)[/thread] - (by Timespike)
Combining a bunch of base classes and wondering what prestige class to followup on? Here you go.

[thread=515135]New Official Class[/thread] - (by pyro_cat)

[thread=67002]The 3.5 Bard Thread[/thread] - (by Mucknuggle)
[thread=99884]My guide to 3.5 bard[/thread] - (by CaoSlayer)
[thread=614371]Bard Inspire Courage Optimization[/thread] - (by Mistwell)
[thread=140225]Bard's Handbook[/thread] - (by Yekoj) older 3.0 stuff here
[thread=48277]Bard *Spellcaster* Builds[/thread] - (by Snow Savant)

[thread=391598]Updated Druid Thread[/thread] - (by Paradisio) old thread
[thread=165279]Uberling's Druid's Handbook[/thread] - (by Yekoj) even older
[thread=81471]The 3.5 Druid Thread[/thread] - (by Mucknuggle) older yet
[thread=465005]The Druid Handbook[/thread] - (by A Man In Black and Paradisio)

[thread=657861]The Paladin's Handbook[/thread] - (by RendakorRahn)
[thread=75476]The 3.5 Paladin Thread[/thread] - (by Macknuggle)

[thread=53738]3.5 Section Started Psychic Warrior Build Guide & Compendium.[/thread] - (by WyvernSlayer)

[thread=199395]Rogue's Handbook[/thread] - (by Yekoj) older
[thread=132214]The 3.5 rogue-thread[/thread] - (by Funny Slaughter) oldest

[thread=239207]The 3.5 Sorcerer-Thread[/thread] - (by Funny Slaughter)

[thread=703767]The Optimizer's Guide to Warlocks[/thread] - (by dominus_casuum)
[thread=393586]Warlock Handbook[/thread] - (by Tealgorthian)

[thread=512121]War Weaver Handbook[/thread] - (by allenchan)

[thread=165134]Wizard's Handbook I[/thread] - (by Yekoj) Somewhat outdated
I am a collector of good links myself. Check my sig for a substantial boost to your arsenal. I shall add some of the links here as well.
Yeah, some good stuff there. I'll have a look through it when I have some more time. I'm really just looking more for the general lists and such, leaving build threads to the assortment of libraries etc.

Hmm, I think I'll add a note on subscriptions though.
Surreal, necrosnoop is always ready to add more links to the CO library. in my opinion it is the best thing to have all things in one place.
you have collected a great ressource, just go on and ask necrosnoop to add them to the library. i am quite sure your name can get some mentioning there to thank you for your hard work.

where is the "x stat to y bonus" thread? i dont see it anywhere.
edit: found it. should add it somewhere.
Great list o' links.
Linkage to the Dweomerkeeper might be a decent idea; lots of caster builds could benefit.
Edited a few things, added a few others, rearranged others still. Bump.
added link: (nice searchable index for spells, feats, items, monsters, and deities).
Fixed a few minor things, and added a blurb at the beginning on how to search the boards with Google.
Both the druid and the gish threads under my sig are really good updated guides.
I think I'm subscribed to both those threads already.

While they're good threads, I'm trying to stay away from build threads since that's more for the optimization library, whereas I'm compiling more "tool" threads and links.

As much as I'd like to, I just don't have the time to start and maintain a new library ;)

edit: hmm, unless I just add a whole bunch of "favourite links and builds" at the bottom... maybe when I have a bit more time I'll get to that
Crystal Keep updated recently. Go get 'em.
Added nearly 3/4 of the links from my subscriptions. Oi.
Fixed a few things, added the Hive and Nanobots. I'm trying to find all the iconic builds that the boards has developed. Any more to add?

Sigh, I might as well start listing handbooks in here if people want.
Handbooks would be a good thing.
Sublime Compilation would be good too :D (see sig for link)
Ok, I think I'll start a new thread in a couple days with whatever handbooks and classic CO builds (lancer, hive, etc.) I can find. Actually, if everyone here could start giving me links, since I don't have them all bookmarked/subscribed, that would help a great deal.

I'll try to get around to it next week. I have about 160 midterms to mark first (ugh).
Argh, who am I kidding. I don't have time to maintain a handbook listing. I haven't even been on the boards in three days. If someone else wants to take a crack at it, be my guest.
Argh, who am I kidding. I don't have time to maintain a handbook listing. I haven't even been on the boards in three days. If someone else wants to take a crack at it, be my guest.

Sorry to hear that. If someone does take over, post the new thread link here, please.
Actually, I was thinking maybe I'd just start one, but then people would just submit links to me, and I'd update the main post every other day or so. I just don't have time to go hunting and sifting through all the pages for everything, and my subscriptions only have a half dozen or so of the handbooks.

So if people would like to do it that way, I'd be willing to put in the time to keep updating the thread.

Heck, why bother with a new thread, I'll just append it to the first post in this thread.

So everybody give me their links, and I'll update the thread.
Actually, I was thinking maybe I'd just start one, but then people would just submit links to me, and I'd update the main post every other day or so. I just don't have time to go hunting and sifting through all the pages for everything, and my subscriptions only have a half dozen or so of the handbooks.

So if people would like to do it that way, I'd be willing to put in the time to keep updating the thread.

Heck, why bother with a new thread, I'll just append it to the first post in this thread.

So everybody give me their links, and I'll update the thread.

Sublime Compilation --
Whoo... ok, I just made a huge edit to the second post. That's pretty much the bulk of my subscriptions all lined up now. Please send me more and I'll post them up.
I don't think I saw meanliar's Monk min/max creation guide on your list.
Fixed a couple typos, added a few things, etc.

Please keep submitting links.
Added the glossary page:
How did I ever miss that?

edit: Also redid a bunch of links in the first post so they're more "proper".
very nice

Also added a damage and power attack calculator, as well as how to sort through the forums.
Whoa, fixed a coding error that ate half of my first post. D'oh.
Wow, I just spent the last couple hours procrastinating from work (when I really should have been correcting exams) and dug through 40 pages. When I have some more time, I will be adding the following into my first two posts, hopefully in a more organized fasion. But in the meantime, here's the link dump (and hopefully I didn't botch any of the coding):

LoP's Dirty Tricks #1: Behold! - (by LordOfProrastination)
LoP's Dirty Tricks #2: The Perpetual Damage Machine - (by


The BBEG thread - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola) a compilation of various BBEGs

First Round: Optimizing Counterspell - (by Reinhart)

A Fresh Look at the Supermount - (by tsuyoshikentsu)

Warlock theme builds - (by scrollreader)

The Single Class Builds Thread - (by Master of the Squirrel's)

Drunken Master, or the Art of Exploiting the Circular Charge - (by Iaimeki)

Why Precocious Apprentice -> MT isn't RAW - (by Mommy was an Orc)

Resurrecting Ted the Enabler⁚ - (by Endarire)

D&D version of FF Dragoon
- most up to date and oft referenced build of The Lancer by Tempest Stormwind

Highest Base Saves Character Challenge - (by Bill Bosco)

Challenge for the CO Boards: Take out Tiamat in one-on-one - (by Interested2)

Evaluating the Arcane Trickster - (by fidelio)
The 3.5 Barbarian Handbook - (by Macknuggle)
Bard's Handbook - (by Yekoj) older 3.0 stuff here
The 3.5 Bard Thread - (by Mucknuggle)
The 3.5 Cleric Build Thread - (by necrosnoop110)
my take on an cleric archer 3.5 - (by Funny Slaughter)
3.5 Cleric Domains-what would you choose? - (by Enlightened One?)
Persistent spells for Clerics - (by EricMender)
[url=]The 3.5 Druid Thread[url]- (by Mucknuggle)
Updated Druid Thread - (by Paradisio) old thread
The Holy Liberator Thread - (by Funny Slaughter)
[url=]The 3.5 Ranger Thread (2nd posting) - (by Macknuggle)
The 3.5 Rogue Handbook - (by Sang-Drax)
The 3.5 rogue-thread - (by Funny Slaughter)
Rogue's Handbook - (by Yekoj)

Optimizing a Vow of Poverty: a Different approach - (by carnivore)

Iaijutsu Shadowlord - (by Xeraph)

New World Record: 480 Standard Actions (3,092 Attack) in a Round - (by

New use for Nano-Bots? The Nano-Bomb - (by superdank)
Possible World Record: 668 spells in one round and 48309 fire damage - (by


Can a party take on the FR gods? (ECL 60 challenge - an insult to the CO

- (by evangelion1010)

Dragon Wildshape (Drac) Optimized - (by FireAge)

death priest and animate dead - (by Eagle Prince)

Ways to get Fast Healing Permanently? - (by RadicalTaoist)

Metalline is the best weapon enhancement ... period. - (by Snow Savant)

Caster Killing: Comprehensive Thread - (by sereg)

Party Essentials - (by Yekoj)

Optimizing a Party v. 3.5 - (by Mucknuggle)

The Optimized Backpack - (by tehlwf)

Maximizing the Fear Factor - (by Snow Savant)

The Comprehensive Summoning Thread (Work in Progress) - (by ZenRanger)

Mind-Switch = More fun than a barrel of Monkeys - (by Tleilaxu_Ghola)

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Living Greyhawk Compilation Hub Thread

Psionic, Arcane, and Divine - Advice for those seeking to be tricasters

Multiclass PrC Encyclopedia

Spell Compendium: CO Perspectives

Soldarin's ECL Calculator - With some adjucation, determine how much your LA is really worth. By my calculations, PHB dwarves have a higher LA than MM drow!

d20 Wiki - It's like the Wikipedia for D&D, or it will be once thousands of people contribute!

Order of the Stick Comic - It's about D&D and it's optimized in terms of humor!

8-bit Theater - "Show me something that beats a natural 20 and I'll show you hateful lies!" -Paraphrased Red Mage

note to self: "Self, you have a thesis that you should be working on, as well as exams that I'm sure your students would like marked sometime soon. Stop procrastinating on the CO boards..."

That said, the first two posts have undergone a semi-major overhaul. Hopefully everything will be easier to find. There are still a few things in mishmashed categories, but the demands of sanity, sleep, and an empty stomach, not necessarily in that order, are too strong to resist (a pox upon my feeble will save).

As always, if anyone has any more useful threads of site that I should link too, let me know.
Request: I would like links to the Wizards online stuff that people use all the time. Prime example is the Arcane Duelist and Divine Minion, but there are tons of other prestige classes, templates, feats and spells, etc. out there that are quite good.
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