The prequel set to murder at baldur's gate 5e NEXT

So this was my first shot at DnD Next.  We played the "set-up" scenario to the Murder at Baldur's Gate encounter we shall be diving into next Wed.  We had a Half Orc fighter, A halfling Rogue, a Gnome Monk (wtf!?), a mage,  and myself...  Human Rogue.  We didn't know that we'd be playing together so it was haphazard party build to be sure.    I can honestly say that I haven't had so much fun!  Simple rules that don't get in the way.  No skills to worry about,  just checks that you get bonuses or not.  And a good DM helped.  Some truly epic moments (for first level characters especially) and ample opportunities to role play.  When you pass the checks to scale a wall and reach into a window to pull a crossbowman out Sam Fischer style was pretty cool.  So far I'm liking. 
Glad you had so fun! I'm using the module for inspiration in my home game. First adventure is 8/27 and I can't wait.