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After reading the bio for the dwarf that was linked to in the LGBT representation thread, I was inspired by Ramzour's thread on the main forums to create a place where we could share our own NPCs, PCs, deities, and so on that represent LGBT individuals in our games.



Thessym was born a human male, but he always felt like he didn't belong.  He would spend hours staring at the moon and the stars, and taking walks in the moonlight while contemplating why the other children shunned and made fun of him.  Childhood was a very confuing time for Thessym.


As he grew into adolescence something wonderful happened, he met a shining young lady from the misty forest to the north.  She was lithe and graceful, and liike all her elfish kin her voice had a lyrical quality that seemed to entrance the soul.  The woman was travelling through town, and he had the pleasure of speaking with her only once before she set out for lands unknown.  However, the encounter had left a mark upon his soul.  He knew now why he didn't fit in with the others, because he wasn't human, not really, not inside, where it really counted.


Thessym apprenticed under the local alchemist, learning the mystical arts of powders and potions, but what he really enjoyed most was the alchemist's stories of elves, and dwarves, and his time traveling far from human lands.  Thessym eagerly asked about the elves and learned as much of their ways and customs as he could from his master.


In time, Thessym became a skilled alchemist in his own right.  It was as if something had possessed him with a new vigor for his craft.  One night, while the master was away, Thessym saw his chance.  He secreted various components into a makeshift laboratory that he had constructed in the basement; the aging master never went down there himself anymore, prefering that Thessym fetch what he needed so as to "spare his old bones" from climbing the stairs.


Days became weeks as Thessym would sneak away at every opportune moment to check on his experiment, until, at last, it was finally ready.  The potion that had taken all of his cunning and skill to craft, and that had nearly set fire to the master's basement while Thessym had been sent out on various deliveries, was ready.  Thessym trembled slightly as he brought the potion to his lips, then quickly quaffed it down.


Thessym emerged from the basement a changed man.  Finally, he was the elf that he had longed to be for all his life, even if he had spent several lonely years not realizing what he had wanted.  Thessym's master and family didn't understand, and he quickly realized that the village he'd grown up in was no longer his home.  Packing all his things, Thessym set out for the one place where he felt like he now belonged, the misty forest.


Thessym spent many years among the elves, learning more of the arts of alchemy from them than he ever could have under his old master.  Thessym lives among the elves of the misty forest with his lover, Bellyndras, a half-elf who was born neither male or female, and yet both.  They have a humble home above Thessym's alchemy shop, and have found an acceptance among the elves that they are sure they never could have found in the lands of men.


Because of his past, Thessym is particularly sensitive to those who feel they are the wrong gender or race, and he is willing to help those who seek his assistance.  Thessym charges for typical alchemy services, but a character who seeks alchemical transformation can easily gain his help by sharing their story and helping him secure the necessary components.

There are a great many problems that can be circumvented by players and DMs having a mature discussion about what the game is going to be like before they ever sit down together to play.


The answer really does lie in more options, not in confining and segregating certain options.


You really shouldn't speak for others.  You can't hear what someone else is saying when you try to put your words in their mouth.


Fencing & Swashbuckling as Armor.

D20 Modern Toon PC Race.

Mecha Pilot's Skill Challenge Emporium.



Nifty idea...


This character's personality and some background elements are based heavily on Garak from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Jollithri Tal


Uncle Jolly is an unassuming halfling tailor, providing the finest in fashion for the human nobility.  No one in the Tal family quite knows his actual relation to the family, so they all just call him Uncle Jolly.  The Tal family is quite well known, even among humans, for producing fine craftspeople after all.  Tarkesi Tal is a famous toymaker.  Miraki Tal, the current patriarch of the clan, is a renowned taxidermist.


And then there's Jollithri.  Eccentric, preferring the company of tall-folk men, and mysterious.  Always ready with a clever quip and never quite honest.  Everyone in the Tal family knows he's hiding something, but, being respectable halflings, they never pry. 


In truth, Jollithri Tal is...


Version 1


A rakshasa and member of an elite group 13 such creatures who divided the world and its races amongst themselves a thousand years ago to use as pawns in their games of manipulation and power-mongering.  They sit as lords above all in complete secrecy, moving the world's people around like pieces on a chess board.  Jolly, however, removed himself from the game long ago.  He had developed what the others would call a weakness - a conscience.  Thus, he quietly and secretly aids those who would potentially oppose the rakshasas.  He cannot overcome his penchant for deceit and manipulation, however, and thus disguises himself as a humble halfling tailor.


Version 2


The halfling deity known as the Wanderer.  500 years ago, many halfling, dwarven, and elven clans had been enslaved by a human empire.  The human kingdoms of the north went to war with the empire and liberated the slaves.  The elves and dwarves settled in the human kingdoms in small areas set aside for them, but the halflings broke away, following a voice they called The Wanderer.  Never content to settle, the halflings thus continue to roam the lands of the north in small family units.  The Wanderer himself is said to bless halflings with luck and prosperity as long as their path continues forward.  In the guise of a halfling tailor, The Wanderer watches his charges directly, as well as those who might seek to oppress them. - LGBT Gamers, A safe space for people like us.

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