Planar Substitution and Prestige Class

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Here's the story.

I have a fun lil Rogue/Wizard (level 10, 5 levels in each class) who is about to enter the Arcane Trickster Class. Now, I would personally like to take the AT class from level 11-20, no ifs, ands, ors, maybes, whatnots.

However, I love the Planar Substitution levels for the Rogue and Wizard. The first substitution level in each of these is Level 6 in their respective classes. In exchange for a Rogue's +2 Trap Sense, they instead get Breach Sense, while Wizards do not gain an additional 3rd level spell slot in exchange for Unimpeded spell casting.

But as I said, no more skimping on Arcane Trickster.

What would be your ruling if I didn't gain a 3rd level spell slot in exchange for Breach Sense at 1st Arcane Trickster level? What should be taken for the Unimpeded spell casting?

Without hesitation, I would say no to paying a wizard substitution cost to gain a rogue substitution benefit.

I would also say that since you are taking a prestige class, you should ignore what the base classes say, since you stated that you aren't taking those base classes any more.

But I would work with the player to figure out some sort of a planar substitution level for Arcane Trickster. I might suggest something like giving up a use of Ranged Legerdemain per day to gain the ability to bypass a portal key requirement 1/day. Or give up a use of Impromptu Sneak Attack to sneak attack an outsider 1/day.
Alrighty, that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Just one thing.

Outsiders can't be sneak attacked normally?
oops, I mistyped. I meant elementals, not outsiders