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This has probably been done before, but I have to ask. Does anyone out there in the multiverse have a good gist of what extra info and whatnot should be on a character sheet tailored for planewalkers and the like?

And better yet, has anyone made one yet?
I use my own custom made sheets, and the only thing I did to tailor it to my game was include a line under the PC name for "Faction". Other than that, there's nothing else I've needed different on a sheet for a planewalker. We put all of the faction abilities under the "feats/abilities" section. And any planar traits go under "racial qualities" with all of the normal racial bonuses.

You could split those sections up to be even more organized.
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I find that an extra page for the gear you have in your Handy Haversack is nice. What, you don't have a Handy Haversack? And you call yourself a planeswalker.
Well I don't have a handy haversack, but I do have a bag of holding.

Well while talking to some of my fellow RL planar friends, they suggested that there be a space to put in very short gist concerning the character's beliefs. That and home-plane.