Could Kender become a threat?

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I'm wondering, if there were a group of kender what would happen?
I'm wondering, if there were a group of kender what would happen?

There's a whole nation of them in Hylo.

You could go visit them and see for yourself.

I'm wondering, if there were a group of kender what would happen?

Read Kendermore. There's also a book about Uncle Trapspringer, but I'm not really sure what that's about...

Waht would happen though?
they would live peacefully and have a generally happy life.
...with no private property.
Did you read Raistlin Cronicles "Solforge"???? There is one kender that was missinterpreted for threat :-))) When Raistlin cast a spell Taslehoff became giant... and everybody was really scared...
Nevertheless, seams to me that kenders are actually part of dragonlance world... what would we do without them and theirs "borrowing" things???? ;)
Where's kipper? He would be the perfect person to answer this question. Anyone seen him around lately?
Of course anything with large enough numbers, cohesiveness, and efficiently led could eventually become a threat if they so desired... if that's the kind of answer you're looking for.
You Know What I Think Would Happen...the Kender Would Make Life One Big Klepto Party. No One Can Really Stay Mad At Them For Long..they're Just So Happy. :d
The basic idea of a kender threat is that someway they *how do the Englishmen say?* get ******.
Has anyone ever seen a really angry, brute and anarchical kender out there?

On Taladas, there are the Marak, and they can be really bad. but they are more like *that tiny man from south park whose parents fed him with coffee all the time*.

That stars up there... It seems that I should reread the Code of Conduct, so no offense, Wizos! I simply don't know...
Do you know what is dangerous? When one kender say "I'm so bored". Then just tkink what would mean when there is a group of kender....
Can Kender be a threat?

They demolished the White Dragonarmy when it advanced on Hylo.

In Kendermore they put up such a stiff resistance that they gained Ariakan's admiration.

Kender are fearless, can be utterly ruthless, and their legendary sense of humor sometimes stems into the homocidal (as in Lord Toede's Disastrous Hunt).

May fallen Paladine help you if a kender ever grows to hate you. They'll kill you with a smile.