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Hello everybody, I was thinking that if we all post names from our Dragonlance Campaigns and from the novels (unless its a copyright violation) we could en up with a big resource for all.

Names has been always a difficult thing to come up with for me and I think to some other DMs out there, so I thougth about the list, we can come up with a pretty big list if we all contribute.

OK, lets post some names with a Dragonlance feel.

Try to be as specific as posible with the type of name, e.g.




I would contribute with a few names later when im at home with my notes, Ill also be updating this post to make it easy for everyone to find names for there campaign.

Lets keep this alive guys help as much as you can

Here's just a few to start out with, most of them are from my own campaigns. I'll mark gender in parentheses and product in parentheses if the name isn't original.


Shadowalk Nimblefeet (male)
Drayan Thistlecrown (male)
Mayan Thistlecrown (male - they were twins ;) )


Elvanashen (male)
Kelrethanos (male)
Saranja (female- I can't remember from what product.)
Lorindros (male)
Solanas (male)
Ahlanos (male)


Daleth (male)
Merindas (female)


Bastion del Monthar (male)


Gideon Landen (male)


Alabaster Highshield (female)
Cobalt Bluestein (male)
Em(e)rald Coldsteel (male)

Male: Darius, Bennett, Galen, Beyard, Rennard, Derek, Aran, Michael, Mondor, Mathar, Wiston, Gunthar, Mattar, Guy, Vinas, Bertrem, Sturm, Garic, Jamis, Remmick, Morrec, Brian, William, Martin, Alfred, Jeoffrey, Wills, Oswall, Gaynor, Trilane, Killian, Trake, Garig, Buoron, Taggin, Garvin, Durac, Torbin

Female: Crysania, Riva, Kitiara, Anne, Karina, Odelle
Gotta go with my favorite Kender name, Thistlethorn Smurgletack
My favorite Character name belonged to a Half-Elf who was raised near Silvanesti, Rath Degn.
i do some research with ergoth nowadays:

Shadowlark, Lord of Castle Crimson, and representative of the senate
Seta Eyt, baron of Werim, a tyrant
Quivalin, later Quevalin dinasty
Gwynned dinasty
Di'Thon family, a dead, but ancient family
Ackal Dermount, he was the forth king of the kingdom
Macquian Hellmann, founder of the Quisling dinasty (that coused the Rose rebellion) - tyrants
Lekaer dinasty, the second of it was Theolonius
kender: BB Stickyfingers Pouchwatcher,Gillard McFingers
Minatour: Dornal Swhartz of Zenneger
Human(knight wanna be) Osiric Longblade
From my current campaign - Dragons of a new Dawn

- Tasha Darkwood (female kender)
- Kelen Woodstrider (male human druid)
- Lotharian (Silvanesti male)

- Meonon (human redrobe)
- Kalethian (Qualinesti soldier)
- Hul-ManĂ³r (Ruined solamnic waystation in Qualinesti)
- Eylric Uth Minathas (Ghost Solamnic Knight)
- Kalinthranox (Blue dragon from previous campaign)
- Malix Ortheus (the mysterious stranger organizing the goblins in Qualinesti and that's all I'm saying about him here)
- Acid / Kreshynacidox (Green Dragon)
- Elvatinaris (Qualinesti evil druid)
- Bogroot (Treant lord)

Previous campaign:
- Tygore Plainstrider (minotaur)
- Korr (ogre)
- Laika Evergood (female kender)
I have to correct you on that one, Mjordnir. The Silvanesti's name is Lotharis Moonsilver (I'm the player). Is my writing really that bad? I wouldn't think it was...
Saranja (female- I can't remember from what product.)

She is a possible NPC to fill the role of Laurana in the Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition. In my campaing, i made her sister of the qualinesti noble character.
@ zombiegleemax...

Can you provide more info on Malix Ortheus? I'm trying to do some research on all the DnD characters that share that name. thanks.
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