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Is there any material that gives info on this canyon other than theAmber Enchantress novel (before or after the book)?

If not, (tell me what you think):
Who built it? Ancient hyppies or maybe Thor?
Was it repaired after Sadira messed it up?
I had a few houses (Vordon, Tsalaxa and M'ke) get together on a almost impossible team-up to rebuild it using the old foundation and making the rest out of agafari wood. The houses then wanted to build a small outpost around it to charge a tax... this is where the team-up failed. Vordon tried to gain control of the outpost in a coup and a small war ensued (this will go on for a few years, changing owners every once in a while).
Did Nok's plant die (that part is not clear in the novel)?
I've had it live on. It caused and will cause many headaches for the houses since it keeps growing even if cut down. Eventually, a fruit will come of it and this huge fruit will hold a small child at its center (guess who it'll be:D).
What's in that canyon and what's Guthay have to do with it?
I'm not telling cause I haven't thought about it yet.

There's info on the Canyon of Guthay in Amber Enchantress? Interesting. Do you have a page number?

There's an adventure called "The Vault of Doram Madar" in Dungeon 181 that is set, in part, in a place called the Canyon of Guthay. 
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