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The players of the legendary characters Great Svenny and Robert the Bald are discussing their old Blackmoor campaign (DMed by Dave Arneson) over at the ZGG forum:


There are rumours that more old timers will join in on the discussion in the days to come.

A fun read.
Here comes one of the old-timers now:

Who do I have to kill to get a drink?

Marfeldt, the original barbarian
What ever happened to the Great Egg of Ott?

Dave seemed focused on crating a mythos surrounding the shere wickedness of the Egg of Ott, a grand villan, the ultimate evil, the great boggyman, but the fucus of his world has shifted away from this character.   The thing is that few of us old-timers know the true story behind this blood-feud -- I may be one of the few who knows the reality behind the rhetoric.

What ever happened to the Egg?   In the last Blackmoor publications by Dave he seems to have tried to shift away from this obcession on a tyrant, rehaps to create a new legacy.

Marfeldt, the original barbarian.
So sorry I didnt see this one before! Hope you havent given up on this place.
What I heard is that the shift away from the Egg of Ott/Egg of Coot was because none of the players wanted to adventure in that region, perhaps fearing the consequences?

Did your character ever go against the Egg?

God Dag,

Yes, I have seen two messages from you -- it is good to finally be in some contact with you.   I am aware that you seem to be the biggest fan of Blackmoor, at least of those outside the USA.   And I am aware of your burning interest to answer questions, where I can.   I think you will be surprized at some of the answers.

And I want to thankyou for helping to keep Marfeldt alive, at least in spirit.  in his voice:  "Life in this monastery is not what I had expected."  It is curious that a character made back in the 1970s can be intellectually alive after some four decades.

To answer one question, no, I never role played with the Egg.   The character is based on a real person who, as far as I know, eschewed RPGs.  I do not think he ever played an RPG with Dave.

Noow that Dave has passed on, perhaps I can tell the tale behind the legend.   It is an epic.  Alas, Dave's reputation will be tarnished.

Marfeldt,  keeper of secrets
Marfeldt, just in case you weren't aware, there are a couple of places where some of the old timers sometimes go to chat about Blackmoor.

A couple of the most popular are:

We'd love to see you wander over to one or both, if you haven't found them yet.

Marv (Finarvyn) Master of Mutants (MA and GW) Playing 5E D&D and liking it! OD&D player since 1975

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