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I am just writting to let eveyone here know that the webmaster of Dark Sun Rising.info passed away some months ago from complications due to injuries he suffered in a car wreck. I am his brother and I am trying to tie up some of the loose ends he left behind. I have access to his email accounts and his website, so if anyone would like to host the maps he created please email [email]david@asch.us[/email] and I'll probably let you. Don't try to email [email]david@darksunrising.info[/email]. There is too much spam at that site for me to sift through. I don't know how much longer his site will be up, but I will keep it up until it expires. If anyone has any questions or anything I will be more than happy to help you. He has some maps that he never finished so if anyone is interested please let me know. Thank you.

Tis' a sad day for us all. That really sucks. I'm just speechless right now.

Thanx for the info Dasch, I'm very sorry for your loss. David was a great addition to the ds community, and I know that everyone that new him, however impersonally (as these internet relations tend to be), will greatly miss him.

Rest In Peace David
I do not know what to say. But I want to express my condolences.
I translated some of his maps into German and talked several times to him online.
I will miss him.
I am still in shock from reading your post about David. I think I speak for the entire Dark Sun community when I say we are all very saddened to hear that he is no longer with us. David was an inspiration to us all and a respected and valued member of our community. We, the staff at Athas.org, the official Dark Sun website, wish to offer our condolences. David has done several maps for the project Dregoth Ascending and has helped us keep Athas alive. We would be honored to host his maps and the unfinished maps will be put to use in the projects in which David was working with us.

Again, I wish to offer our uttermost and sincere condolences. This has come as a shock to us all.
Dasch, I am really sorry to hear about your brother. My best friend die 5 years ago today and I still think about him every day- I could not imagine loosing a brother.

I hope you and the rest of your family is doing well and I will pray for you tonight.
Oh no! not cyrus9a! Like everyone else, I'm currently in shock. I offer my condolences to you and your family. My own father passed away last year, and a dear aunt of mine just passed away last month.
This is really shocking and saddening news. Please accept my condolences and pass them on to your family. David made some truly beautiful pieces of work and was always a pleasure to talk to online, friendly and enthusiastic. He was a great member of the community here and will be very much missed. Once more, my condolences and best wishes for this difficult time.
Hi Dasch,

First of all, you have my sincere condolences. I have had to work with David on few things by email and I always had pleasure to chat with him. I can't tell you that I understand your feeling because I just dont know what it is to have such a lost in my life. Somehow I just dont know what to write since I am so shock about this bad news. I just can understand why we didnt had any news from him for a long time and that you needed to be strong to trace back all is work and contacts to made them learn this.

Thank you for sharing with us. It is much appreciated.


Sébastien Gamache
The Siltskimmer Page - www.siltskimmer.org
I had some contact with David through the art work for athas.org, and talked with him personnaly a few times, he was a good chap. His presence on the boards will be missed (in fact, already was).

David was also a dedicated Dark Sun fan, more dedicated than most, and that counted a lot to us. He'll be missed, personaly and professionaly.

To David!

This is a sad, sad day indeed.

I never really talked to David online much other than via the boards, but I will greatly miss him, his work, and his dedication to Athas that only most of us can dream of having.

Here's to the next adventure David, may it be a good one.

My next drink is for you brother.
It's sad to hear this. There was quite sometime I was asking myself about what happened, and we never think that it'll happen to someone we know.

In behalf of the Dark Sun Brasil Project, I offer my sincere condolences. David was one of those that had the talent to renew DS through the maps he did. In spite the distance geographicaly imposed, we will miss him even here.
His absence will by be felt on these boards. My sincerest condolences to friends and family.
Sysane-The Terror of Urik
I only knew David through his map works and some of his posts on the boards, but I know his talent will be missed by our community, and more than that will be missed by his family and friends. Honestly, I don't know what to say besides giving you and your family my condolences on your loss.
- Rev. Raven Daegmorgan Wild Hunt Studios: illustration, editing, and RPGs
It does rather seem impersonnal writing condolences on the boards but I honestly give you mine for you and your family.

Frédérick Dagenais
Not that I knew the man...but my condolences to you and the people he loved....
Very sorry to hear about your brother,
please accept my sincere condolences,
and many thanks for letting us know.

Although I haven't been with this community for long,
I have an idea of how valued David's contribution was,
and I think he will also be missed in a real sense.

Here's to Dave.
A great loss.
I had started working with him on the french translation of his maps.
I'll miss him.
My sympathies.

Gonzalo Salazar
I'm very sorry to hear about David. I only shared a few posts with him, but he created some of the best maps I had ever seen. Please accept my condolences
Thanks to everyone who responded. It is appreciated.
I have had several offers from individuals willing to host his maps and I will be contacting them soon. Again, Thank you.
I AM so truly sorry for your loss and your families loss. I pray to GOD for your well being. He WILL BE MISSED.

Galek Sandrider aka Scott Amos
Wow. I had never heard this. Did anyone take his brother up on his offer of all the art? I'd love to use some of it...
SyDarkSun, my 4e Dark Sun campaign
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