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ok ive been a fan of Oriental adventures for a long time and I was thinking of making a conversion kit from 3.5 oriental adventures to fourth edition. In the end, it was the realization that monks were now nestled snuggly under the psionic power source blanket. this came as no shock to me since I had been strugling with the conversion myself. It became clear to me that the monk was the only true KI powered class and that other favorite classes fit better as already exisiting 4E classes. When I got the knews that the monk was a psion it was like putting the final piece of a puzzle into place except that the picture didnt look anything like it did on the box... So I'll share with you my oppionated conclusions and you can tell me if you agree or dissagree.

1) A samurai is just a fighter who uses a katana, make up rules for katanas (possibly appearing in adventurer's valt2) and you have your samurai.

2) A ninja is just a rouge with really high stealth. Why else were rogues given proficiency with shiriken?

3) A wu-jen is just a wizard, if an elementalist is ever made in 4E it might make a better wu-jen. until then make a wizard and change the element types of some of the powers when and where appropriate.

4) A Shugenja is a cleric who's prayers are elemental. maybe you're a guy who heals alot, give your prayers the water keyword. Vengefull fire shugenja? choose attack powers with other elemental keywords and chage them to fire. so like the wu-jen you'll just have to experiment with change just a lil. oh and give them proficiency with wakazashi... oh and make up rules for a wakazashi...

5) 4E shamans fit nicely in Oriental adventures. perhaps they aren't mechanically the same class they were in OA but I like 4E shamans I see no reason to change them.

6) The monk will be appearing in players handbook 3. So far they turn out to be a very fun class once you get over the psionic thing. Think of it this way... A monk channels energy from within and turns it into focus and power. I said to myself, "now that does seem a lil psionic-ie"

I expect to be attacked by some purists out there. I don't mind. I thought like them at first. My mind was changed by a cool new class and I can't beleive I almost let myself think it would be dumb just because of one silly word. Psionic is in, sorry Ki, sometimes you just have to let go...

Later: converting the races, the real challenge
When you want to make a samurai theres only one thing that really matters. you must wield a katana. Rules for such a weapon couldnt be that hard to fabricate. In 3.5 the katana and wakazashi were a masterwork basterd sword and short sword respectivley. The quenstion here now is in 4E should the katana and wakazashi be a masterwork weapon and require a minimum enhancement bonus or should we just use the rules for a regular B.sword and short sword. The later would allow players to use these weapons at 1st level, the first option implies those weapons werent your first choice and you will aquire them later while adventuring. I perfer the second option. As stated above a samurai must have a katana so I made a 4th edition human fighter and used the tempest fighter build from the martial power book to make a fighter who uses a Katana (bastard sword) and Wakazashi (short sword) like a samurai from the dragon clan. It has alot of samurai flare and played very nicely. Dual strike (martial power) worked like a charm to gave me that dual sword wiedling feeling of a dragon samurai and the shifting of passing attack (phb) and the utility pass forward (martial power) gave me the samurai's mobility. Next I thought of making some samurai characters with a different play style to them. A fighter who uses the katana two handed and wears heavy armor. Even a warlord or ranger could be an interesting samurai if they picked up proficiency with a katana.
Hmm. It seems to me that a fighter (at least the 3.5 version) has access to a lot more weapons and armor than a samurai actually needs:

A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, medium, and light) and shields (including tower shields).

I'm not intending to play 4e, so don't know anything about it, but couldn't you just cut back on the weapons and armor and swap that for the stuff that the samurai acutally has in Oriental Adventures?

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it doesn't matter what armor and weapons you have access to what matters is what you use.
it doesn't matter what armor and weapons you have access to what matters is what you use.

-I can agree with that sentiment, because, odds are, if you know how to use a Katana, you know how to use (or, are at least somewhat familiar with) any other similar bladed weapon- other swords, daggers, and things in that vein.
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