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Hi. I run a weekly 2e game on Saturdays at 8pm eastern (GMT-5). We play on the RPGTable, which is free to use and was the VT WOTC attempted to develop a few years back. Here is the LINK. Please do not bother replying if you do not think you can play pretty much every week.


Character options are limited to the 2e PHB. Non-weapon proficiencies are allowed. The game will be more or less by the book with a couple of minor houserules added. We will be using Method I character creation (3d6 in order), so you should be open to playing a variety of classes, with characters that are not particularly powerful. You can max starting hp.

Magic Users:

Assuming you didnt qualify for a specialty school, you start with Read Magic as an 'At-Will' (i.e. you dont have to prepare it just to read a scroll, thats lame), Detect Magic (usable once per day without counting against your spell slots), and one other spell of your choice. I will then roll for one more completely random spell for you to add to your spellbook as well on the first session. You do not have to roll to see if you can learn a spell; if you can access it, and are of high enough level to cast it, it is assumed you can learn it (unless it is from an opposed school of magic).

Game is set in Greyhawk 578 CY using the old 1e box set (pre-wars). PCs have been enlisted by forces of Furyondy, Verbobonc, and surrounding areas to investigate certain sites and investigate increasing bandit activity in the area in and around the Gnarley Forest. The fear is that the dark forces behind the sacked Temple of Elemental Evil may be regaining power. The party is currently exploring one of these sites. They only just arrived and you could have been enlisted to join them. I am using a lot of classic modules in conjunction with a hexcrawl/sandbox.

I am not "tight" with magic items, and I am fairly generous with xp. Some characters have hit 3rd level after just 5 sessions; others are at level 2. You would start at level 1 but expect to level up quickly. I just want the game to be more character focused and less min/max oriented than some games I have played. Let me know!

Let me know if you are interested. A mic is required. A PM would be best, but I will check back on this thread as well. We are playing TOMORROW the 9th, so you could hop right in if you see this in time.