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hmm, ordo xenos. important topics; eldar, dark eldar, xenophiles, genestealers, deathwatch marines.

the main thing about inquisitor before the action can commense is to do some investigation. find out who knows something, find out who they learned it from, interrrogate target for information, repeat. try to keep lose ends together, and make sure you don't let the hunter become the hunted by giving the hunted too much feedback about who's hunting them. if they find out, they are most likely gonna set a trap, either just smalltime, or something more epic depending on the situation and the manpower. some prey might even flee once they realise that they are being chased, and discretion is heavily recommended in such scenarios(tau sympathisers, eldar information sources)

bad xenos scenarios:

dark eldar xenophiles are interesting, and make excellent cult-leaders of sorts. usually combined with some nasty xeno-technology(spider limbs/lower body was used on a dark eldar/human cult-leader that eisenhorn defeated.). their motives might be well hidden or very unclear.
sometimes its just a selfish cult who kidnaps and tortures victims. sometimes they might be on the look for an ancient artefact that would help the dark eldar in become more effective in their piratical raids. sometimes it could even be gathering intelligence about military positions and logistics, to help the main piratical strike teams to attack and capture wictims.

genestealers are pretty straightforward; find the cult which speaks about the "great mother" or something about a great deity coming to bless the cult and the planet in the near future. genestealers have only one thing they worry about, and that is turning the local populace into more tyranid puppets. in this case, there would be different phases an inquisitor comes into the picture:
phase 1(1-10 years). genestealer(s) just arrrived, barely got any cult members, or any cult at all. interrogate scum in the city to find out where the monsters have been seen lately.
phase 2(11-30 years). genestealers got a relatively large cult. alot of people are infected, but they are still a part of the cult, so it shouldnt be a big problem routing them out. more generations of genestealers have been spawned, so more trouble really.
phase 3(31-50 years). genestealer generations have come so far that there are human tyranids walking around and living undercover so to speak. major amounts of people are loyal to the cult, and it could have been turned into a part of the local ecclesiarch. finding out information about the cult could prove hazardous as most likely alot of the humans around could be genestealers or sympathizers in disguise. this is when things turn into more than one session of killing. unless you got some instant tyranid spotter auspex, you are gonna be walking around just killing people who are loyal to the cult. there could be genestealer maguses around, but not likely
phase 4(50+). the planets genestock has been overwhelmed by the tyranid parasites, and practically all humans on the planet would be loyal and fight to the death if the genestealer magus(es) commanded them to. cleansing the planet would no longer be the main assignment, an exterminatus would be the best option here. one should worry more about the local planets and system.

i dunno if necrons would go under ordo xenos, but i just put it in here:
"When digging into the rock of the planet, archeologists/some other unlucky guys found some ancient portal which seems not human in nature. it covers the entrance into a long dark cave, where all who have entered has not returned, and electric epquipment seems to be malfunctioning around there. can the inquisitor and his retinue find out what happened to the people who went inside? is there lost technology and wealth from an ancient civilization in there? Or is there an slumbering foe who the imperium does not want to wake up again?"

another version i think im gonna run because its just nice:

"we've lost contact with astveen XIIV, the local agriworld. there were some brief emergency messages from astropaths which started at different times, but they all stopped exactly 1 hour after the first message arrived."

-upon arriving on the planet, there seems to be nobody around, as if everybody has gone to bed. searching the houses brings up that someone left in a hurry. tracks can be found moving out in a certain direction, impressions of an hurried escape can be seen all over the place. the tracks spread out after a few kilometers of town, where all footsteps run in different directions, and suddenly just dissapear. huge harvester-machines the size of mountains stand as huge monoliths out in the freshly cut fields. small villages all have the same sign of refugees running away, and suddenly disappearing. where there have been great amounts of population, there is not even a trace of buildings. where hive cities and military fortresses were, there is only dust and the smell of ash.
-one evening they spot a silouette in the horizon. when they get there, theres nothing but a charred spot and a smell of ozone in the air. was this a survivor who got taken down right before they got here? in that case, where are those who took him, and why didnt they take them aswell?
- there is another monolith up against the horizon, but this time its not one of the harvester machines. it looks more like a great pyramid, and it seems like it has risen from the ground, as the ground is elevated several kilometers away.
-once they arrive at the pyramid, they can see that there have been alot of people walking into the pyramid, why they have done so, they do not know.
-inside, the smell of old dust and stone has been muffled by the smell of sweat and blood. there are traces of blood after people who have been walking for too long. the deeper into the pyramid one goes, the worse the smell becomes. did they come in here to die?
-[insert climax here](can't expect me to fill it all in, can you :p)
-this planet is no longer a place to be, escape is the only option, if you don't consider death a better deal.

tau and eldar are a bit more in the grey, since they usually arent the main evil races which wants to eliminate the imperium, but they might be a good way of getting your players into the 40k feeling (thou shall not suffer the alien to live).

eldar doesnt often want much to do with humans most of the time. they usually go their own paths. but if they need help that their own race cannot give them, they often try to get humans to help them. after all, they usually have a common enemy in chaos.

tau usually wouldnt try to infiltrate deep into imperial territory, as they have trouble hiding. but they have no trouble hiring and getting humans to turn to their cause. tau is also most likely to help out indirectly by creating xeno-technology that traders would be very interested in getting their hands on. certain seeds and plants genetically enhanced to create food or other rare substances that are popular in worlds where imperial law and religion isnt the strongest powers around.
Thanks enourmously!

Whered u get the stuff for the second Necron thing...might see use...(o o)

Harlon: This is a really cool looking class - and I think I might add it to the advanced classes section of the website soon.

I'll probably change the name of the class to simply 'Untouchable'. The reason being that Pariah obviously is the name of the mutation so we wouldn't want the same name and distaff is merely Inquisitor Eisenhorn's organization of untouchables.

Other than that I could probably include it 'as is'. Due to time restraints, its unlikely I'll be able to do it until next weekend.
tau usually wouldnt try to infiltrate deep into imperial territory, as they have trouble hiding. but they have no trouble hiring and getting humans to turn to their cause. tau is also most likely to help out indirectly by creating xeno-technology that traders would be very interested in getting their hands on. certain seeds and plants genetically enhanced to create food or other rare substances that are popular in worlds where imperial law and religion isnt the strongest powers around.

I ran a game on the boards when I had more time that had a tacit agreement between the Imperial Commander of a moon-world and the Tau to take over the Imperial planet together.

The world was trading increased power for being a bigger part of the Tau empire. The secrets started to come out when the PCs were forced to fight humans equipped with Tau gear.

Eventually I was going to have to the Tau themselves appear and attack the world outright. Unfortunately I've had to stop the campaign because of work demands.

TopT was in the campaign and can tell you how it felt as a player to be up against the Tau - and whether or not they meshed well with the dark world of 40k.

Tau are certainly one of the more challenging races to use as bad guys because they are not black and white evil like the Tyranid or Chaos. These guys have motivations and emotive responses. They are psychologically more similar to humans than the eldar are (IMO) and this makes them rewarding villains (or allies?).
Whered u get the stuff for the second Necron thing...might see use...(o o)

from my mind mostly. the gods of the necron usually demands souls of different kinds, and human souls are very strong in the warp, which makes a tasty snack. thats more or less how a necron attack would be though. if necrons awoke under an imperial planet, there would be no survivors more or less. if you are lucky when arriving, most of the necrons might have gone back into stasis, so it wouldnt be too bad, but you probably would find patrols and ancient necron buildings that have come out of the ground. its a pretty good "scary" scenario, as you could drop off the players in a small ghost village, and put some wraiths and flayed ones in there(hmm, no flayed ones in the sourcefiles? just take the wraith and remove the phasing thing and perhaps reduce the strength/attack bonuses a bit). you can have alot of fun with teleporting :D "you see someone walk in between two houses" "i run after him" "once you turn around the corner, you see nothing but ragged remains of skin from a human" "crap" "make a listen check" " "

Tau are certainly one of the more challenging races to use as bad guys because they are not black and white evil like the Tyranid or Chaos. These guys have motivations and emotive responses. They are psychologically more similar to humans than the eldar are (IMO) and this makes them rewarding villains (or allies?).

hmm, if you manage the players to roleplay loyal imperial characters, it should be interesting. eldar is a bit strange, and i personally don't know too much about their psychê- probably should check that out. but yeah, tau is a bit more in the grey.
I've been tweaking Daniel's core rules in preparation for a game in a month or so. One of the characters, after reading the Eisenhorn stuff, declared for playing an Untouchable. With that in mind, I added the following Exotic (GM permission required) Feats to the game...

Untouchable (initial) [Exotic]
Prerequisite: Game Master approval
Benefit: The character is utterly immune to psychic powers and can not be detected by psychic methods. Any within 9 feet (3m) radius are similarly affected. All psychic powers within this area are nullified (Psykers within this area can not use their powers). Psykers, daemons and warp entities within the 9 foot (3m) radius have all characteristics halved for when taking action against the untouchable.
Special: Unfortunately, the untouchable’s condition means that people are disturbed by his or her presence. As such, the character suffers a penalty of –2 to Charisma for any attempt to communicate with anyone inside the 9 feet (3m) radius of their influence who isn’t also an untouchable or a pariah. The Untouchable is fearsome to all psykers. A character with the untouchable feat can never have any kind of psychic ability.

Pariah (initial) [Exotic]
Prerequisite: Game Master approval
Benefit: The character is utterly immune to psychic powers and can not be detected by psychic methods. Any within a 21 feet (7m) radius are similarly affected. All psychic powers within this area are nullified (Psykers within this area can not use their powers). Psykers, daemons and warp entities within the 21 foot (7m) radius have all characteristics halved when taking action against the pariah. In addition, these beings must pass a Will test at the start of each round they are within the pariah’s span of influence or suffer d6 damage Any psyker, daemon or warp entity in physical contact with a Pariah suffers an automatic d6+6 points of damage.
Special: Such is the revulsion caused by the pariah’s condition that the character halves his Charisma when attempting to communicate with anyone within their 21 feet (7m) radius of influence who isn’t also an untouchable or a pariah. The Pariah is fearsome towards non-psykers and to psykers. A character with the Pariah feat can never have any kind of psychic ability.

I chose to approach these as feats mostly because this didn't seem like a trained talent. It seemed like you were either on of these folks, or not. Figured any training that would be received would be in other activities (a la Eisenhorn books) such as stealth, arms, etc.

Also, push here was to bring the 'untouchable' nature of these characters to life. Hence, the fearsome effect and the damaging effect.
That is why we created the advanced class, and the feats i listed. I like what you have, but it just doesnt make it in my estimation. Having a advanced/prestige class stacked with the untouchable feat is a bit much. That is why i made pre-requiset feats only availible at certain levels and so much so that they are not too powerful if someone does choose to not take the advanced class
Found a good site on the Kroot, and another on the Hrud!!!
Once I post the AM for people to convert, the Hrud will be done!!!
Hrud that aren't Skaven clones!!!
I didn't take to what was posted as a 'class' for similar reasons. My goal in the feats I've developed is to make the untouchable/pariah condition more of burden than a boon. Hence the proximity issues, the 'fearsome' aspect, and the absence of any trainable abilities. Conversely, I didn't think that it would be appropriate to bar Untouchables/Pariahs from Smart, Dedicated, or Charismatic Hero classes...instead, I've banned characters with either of these feats from ever having psyker abilities of any sort [In my game this means they are barred from anything in the Innate Power Tree, Transcendent Power Tree (was Mystic), Arcane Power Tree.]

In addition, for my tastes, the character would need to be fairly reviled due to the cloud of 'negativity' that seems to surround them. To represent that, I've added something more than a cursory -2 CHA modifier (which didn't seem like much of a counter balance to the nullificiation abilities to me). Also, to me, both Untouchable and Pariah should be something that exists from birth...not something that is acquired later.

Good stuff though, I like the shield ideas...just not for this application. Perhaps I'll adapt them into a type of telekinetic power.
Recently had an idea while doing a history assignment...
Nazi Germany's WWII policies could (w/ a bit of work) be altered to the Imperium.

Specifically, as subsets of the Inquisition, Mutant extermination and Alien extermination brigades. The Mutant extermination brigades are relatively simple, and people have probably thought of them already. However, the Alien extermination brigades are a little more complex. When the Tau were first discovered (6000+ years ago), they were little more than savages-If there was a better co-ordinated Imperial response, Alien Extermination brigades would be called in. They would land, set up concentration, labour, and extermination camps (perhaps in the same complex), and proceed to round up the natives. First, they would do this by co-ercion-gifts to the local chieftens for slaves...followed by promises of a better land...followed by strange disapearences...followed by 'approaching army from other tribes envious of your prosperity-we will help you evacuate'...followed by simple rounding up and shooting on the spot. This process, which is time-consuming, and may be expensive in man-power, is only used when Exterminatus is not an option for cleansing a world of Alien Taint. It is better suited for clearing out Mutants...and concentrating them in ghettos to be taken out at will.

But...this would make an interesting target for a mission by Eldar or Tau PCs, or a rescue operation by other races.

On a differant note, did anyone come up w/ reliable rules for converting Inquisitor to D20?
hmm, doesnt sound to "imperialistic" for me, creating consentration camps and such things. what i would find more likely is that they would create a small satelite space with enough weaponry to wipe out all xeno lifeforms on the planet, have something in backup to threaten with. and then they could just drop a small bomb which takes out a city with a few millions in it.

then they send a message that if they do not coerce and pay the imperium all that they can manage to collect in 10 years, they will annihilate their world. most likely some races would refuse out of principle, and i guess that in that case the imperium would have created a virus of sorts which kills only the lifeforms that are a threat to humans. killing off the competition and sending in pioneers to terraform whats left. if the race is too hard to get rid of with viruses, they would just void-nuke the entire planet to smithereens and be done with it. no point in leaving the tumour if it can grow.

if they however do agree, and tear themselves to shreds under the imperial ultimatum. what is their guarantee that they won't be annihilated after that? they could ask them for permission to give them more resources(as im sure if they werent smart enough to realize that the imperials would blow them to bits once they had given them the resources, they wouldnt be considered a threat imo)... it sure would have wet my whistle if i was an imperial commander or something like that. and you could perhaps grow a culture where the xeno species actually doesnt believe there is something else than hard work for the great terrible force in the sky, and they do not hesitate to do it. dystopia is always nice.

and on the untouchable topic; i believe that no matter how you play a untouchable, you are gonna be loathed by almost anyone you meet. notice the relatively hefty handicaps on certain social rolls, -3,-5,-7 per 3rd lvl i believe. now if you are active in a social circle this will have a pretty devastating effect, so it should be pretty negative. but using the untouchable mutation for something good is what the untouchable are there for. or else they would just be one minor mutation :p
As I said, better for mutants...
However, I doubt that the Imperium would actually be able to develope a virus to specifically destroy one race...
was something in a battle in white dwarf lately where there was a mission for a inquisitor to get off a tyranid-infested planet with a toxin which would have been able to kill the that tyranid fleet. so they do in theory have the ability to create such toxins, but its not cheap.
(No I'm not dead : / )

Well, with a million world's resources at it's desposal I would think that the Imperium would be able to create a bio-toxin tailored to a specific race. Though the tyranids ability to rapidly evolve would prove a deterrent. Within two or three generations (which is insanly quick for the 'nids) they would probably build up an immunity and/or resistance to any commonly used substance/material.

concentration, labour, and extermination camps (perhaps in the same complex)

I can't find the exact quote but it goes something like,
"Suffer not the unclean to live"
Or such.

Just read the rest of your post, Ryltar, nevermind. Sounds like what they would do.
Is it really Work on a biotoxin, and antidote, tailor made for a species, or just looking back at our own diseases that have vaccines, and finding one the species in question has no vaccine for. Like spraying mars with Polio, cause we have a vaccine & they probably dont.
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
Errr, did I actually send anyone the .tex files I used to create the .pdf? If anyone's got them, would they please send them to me?

I'm recovering from a catastrophic hard drive crash.
No Backup ? Aaaargh
Can you make those ".tex" files from the .pdf? Reverse the process?
I don't think so. I've heard of utilities that can strip .pdf to plain text, but replacing the formatting would take forever.

It'd probably be quicker to start from scratch.
Google can do the PDF-to-text thing, but you're right- the formatting would be impossible to replace.
Has the info on the sites been "ported" to pdf?

I unfortunately have limited time online and can't really afford to download all pages. Can someone PM me if there is a pdf version out?

As of now, I've only downloaded a few pages to read. Looks good!
I have the original .pdf. It's basically the first draft, without all those changes that have been suggested implented yet.
Just wondering...
What equip would a Deathwatch squad need?
Grenades, bolters, CCWs, Power Armour...are obvious, but what else?

Also, where are those rules for Hellfire rounds, Kraken Bolts...etc..
Been doing the data files for PCGen, got them nearly done. Have got most of the Advanced/Prestige classes to go but have done most of the rest of it.

Just doing the Chaos gifts and got to the:

Foul Pendant:

A Tzeentch sorcer gets a +2 on psychic checks. A non-sorcerer gets the Wild Mystic Power for free.

I can't find any reference to Wild Mystic Power anywhere else other than in one Example Kroot I think it was.
I checked the web site and the PDF, anyone have a vague idea what it's supposed to be?

Thats a slip-in of the original edition Wild Mystic Power was the original name for the Mystic Studies feat.

Another errata to go in TopT's list.
hmm, the website, is it gonna go through some changes in the near future? like getting away from the commercials and getting a bit more advanced design?

not that im directly complaining about the plain text and stuff, its the way it should be when you are searching for stuff. But im no fan of the commercials, and i bet you can find plenty of server space with people who hosts forums and such things. i bet theres tons of 40k forums/sites out there who would be willing to put up room for this kind of thing.

also, getting a dedicated forum to it would perhaps increase the amount of feedback and creativity flows of the players. most of the stuff im using/gonna use in my setting is in .doc files, so it wouldnt be a great deal of work for me to digitize it and turn it into a campaign. i believe that having players who create and upload new monsters that are relevant to the 40k setting would be a very valuable resource indeed.

the sourcefiles right now are good enough for this and that, but if you want to create a campaign where you for example only kill daemons and relevant monsters, you are gonna need more than those in the sourcebooks. and if a DM already has run such a campaign, and has created a bunch of monsters, wouldnt it be great if he had the option to add those to the main website for other DM's to use?
Another thing for the errata...
The Navigator Advanced class has no Bonus Feat list....

Hope to have the data file done enough for people to download it and test it by the weekend.

Oh joy, oh rapture. I managed to retrieve a copy of the .tex files!

I'll have a look at going through the errata as soon as I have some free time.
Several things...

Did someone do all that stuff for Deathwatch?

I think I said this before, but perhaps a move away from having DnD spells as psycic powers...I accept that this may not quite work until all the new codexes are released, but what with the minor poweres (WD 256, I think), the powers from Codex:Chaos Space Marines, C.: Daemon Hunters, C.: Witch H., C.: I.G., and C.SM, something should be able to be done. Also, conversions from the novels might be in order. Perhaps powers should be done like Psyonics (sp?)?
well, there are tons of ways to interpret things, and personally i don't think that the amount of spells available to normal dnd spellcasters is a very bad idea. naturally psionics would perhaps be closer to how psykers work, but do they have enough spells?

as long as one interprets the spells as some sort of psychic ability, it works pretty well.
Just looking at making up some ork NPC's and the example ones don't tie up with the rules too well.....

I don't see Ork World starting occupation described anywhere so that may be where some of the bits are described.

The example Ordinary orks seem to have way to many feats.

Does Ork world grant Toughness and Metal/Heavy armor proficency?

Example below
Average Mad Doc (Dedicated Ord. 4)
• CR 3; Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d6 + 16(con) + 9 (toughness); hp 39; Mas 19; Init -3; Spd 20ft;
Defense 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10 (-3 dex, +3 class); BAB +3; Grap +6; Full Atk +6 melee (1d4 [drp
0], ’urty syringe); Reach 5ft AL: Ork; SQ: Ork skills, waaagh!, DR/DRT: 10/+3 (eavy arma); Hardness:
10 (cybork body); Fort +7, Ref -2, Will +5; Ld +1; AP: 0; Str 14, Dex 4, Con 19, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 12.
• Background:Ork World.
• Skills: Gather Info -4, Diplomacy -4, Intimidate +12, Craft (pharmaceutical) +8, Treat Injury +11.
• Feats: Toughness, Improved Toughness, Medical Expert, Surgery, Ork Proficiencies.

According to the Stat block he is proficent in eavy arma normally requiring at least 2 feats, normally he would have 2 feats at 1st level and one at 3rd so i can see they must be coming from the background.


Toughness, Improved Toughness, Advanced Toughness, Ork’s Toughness
(x2). = +69 hps how is this broken down?

Toughness +3
Advanced Toughness +6
Improved Toughness +12
Ork’s Toughness +24

Seems to be about right

Does, Ork Proficiencies grant every orky type thing at 1st level? The racial description 8.3.1 seems to state they only get studded and slugga to start with. Perhaps they should get more as they gain levels? OK for NPC's but if anyone wants to let an Ork PC into their campaign might get a bit out of hand.



p.s. work in progress data files for PCGEN 5.8.0 can be downloaded from

For those of you looking for more frequent (uh - I mean occasional) updates to the site I've given TopT administrative priveleges and he'll be taking over maintenance.

The PCGen files look really cool. I used to use that alot until Wizards tightened the regulations and forced them to take a lot of meat out of it.
Just wondering...
Are Necrons Living Constructs, or just Constructs?

a few tweaks nothing major.
mainly bug fixes, output sheets should have more accurate bonuses to hit etc for 2 weapon fighting etc.

I have been (well, since Dec 01) converting Warhammer 40,000 to an RPG format, currently using Modern and Unearthed Arcarna, as well as Inquisitor and Rogue Trader as the basis (Previous attempts included GURPS and Rifts - nup, don't bother with 'em!). So far, the race of humans and tau are complete, as well as the vehicles of the Imperial Guard, Tau, Imperial and Tau weapons, And Imperial Classes (both social and Character) have been completed and playtested. And alas, it works.

Anyone interested is viewing what I have so far is free to email me and ask for a copy of the current data (little fluff at this point); the reasons for not directly posting are a) copyright, both Black Library and D20, and b) my own creative control.

As a sample:

Bolter: Range Increment 40m, 4D8+4, crit range 20, Multifire capable, Large (10kg). If the wielder has a STR > 15, the weapon is treated as one size category smaller, and the weapon adds +1/damage die to confirm a critical threat (known as rending). It is an Exotic weapon.


Meltagun: Range increment 8m, 8D6, Crit range 20, Large weapon (15Kg). The weapon adds +1 per damage die to confirm critical hits, and ignores the first 30 points of damage reduction.

Powered weapons: as base weapon, decrease the damage die TYPE, increase the Amount by 1 ie Power sword = 2D6. Powered weapons don't ignore DR like Lightsabres, they just boost damage (honestly!)

Using Savage Species as a basis, a Space Marine of the God Emperor of Mankind is a +6 CR 0-lvl presitgue class - the prerequisites need to be met in character generation (I use this quite frequently). The pre-reqs are high (STR, CON, CHA >16, WIS <14, max on hit die), as this allows the DM control as to whether pc's can go a Space Marine (I personally recommend then as NPC's only). The CHA pre-req is due to the utter belief an aspirant must possess in ones self as well as the Emperor. They gain several bonus feats unique to their race (yup, new race), for example: Black Caraprace (lvl 3) : the fine layer of black film inserted under the skin of an aspirant allows the Space Marine to gain full benefit of Power Armour, Ignoring the DEX penalties associated (-8), as the Black Capapace allows Space Marines to 'feel' through their armour, as if it was skin...

Proficiencies are heavily altered, as befits the universe and training (Auto, Las, Exotic, Class: Heavy, Class: Assault(Circumstantial on class), Indirect, Tank, Simple, Powered, Force). Classes have benefits and limits placed on them with equality; the basis being 'more uberness = more responsibility". The Action Point system, as well as vitality/wound damage are used, and 'dark side' points have a better system with which to track the players. In regards to armour, it protects against VP damage too - fear the Marines! And yes, it expands to Epic levels (how could it not?), and is very prestigue class heavy (only 2 human classes expand to 20 levels, the IG and the Adeptus Sororitas, as a member never leaves).

Next are Orks and Tyranids, as well as completing Psykics (Easy to use, but full of risk and damnation for both user and possibly party). Anyone native to Perth, Australia (yup, we have the internet now ;)) is encouraged to reply, as I'm looking for a 3rd group to assist in playtesting.

Any criticism/thoughts/design requests (done the vehilces)/etc is more than welcome; I do intend (in not-so-near future) to publish the collected work as a fan-volume for D20 modern (copyright stuff), assistants/well-wishers can at their discression be noted as playtesters.

'Both Emperors deplore The Alien, are powerful psykers, and have many minions at their disposal. Only One has continued this for 57 millenia".
Darth Ralius: Have you check out my d20-40k as a source for ideas by the way?

That's what most of the thread is about. ;)
I must say...I like Darth Railus' stuff!

Bwahahaha...it does Metric!!!

The ideas of the old Racial pre-req.s for SMs is excellent!!! It nicely reflects the fact that they're pre-selected for ability before the first implant...

BTW, what are those Two Emperors?
In the same sense. Why does the Imperial Seal/Eagle have two heads? Especially if the Imperium hates mutants?

I say double-headed eagles are mutants.
Yesterday i saw Sin City (please note that this is just a reference, don´t hijack this thread or we´ll send the inquisition...) and the first time marv is rampaging out of the hotel i thought that this is the perfect embodyment of a wh40k space marine (not the top-notch type but a hardened veteran). Strong, nearly indestructible, always having the will to fight on, a brawler without fear. I could imagine rourke playing the part of dorn (similarly masked as in sin city) in a (hypothetical) 40k-movie, bashing though a mass of traitor marines, chainsword buzzing though torsos of a screaming chaos marine, a bolter coughing its load in the general direction of the enemy, his face covered in blood - silently his thoughts as a voce in the background "For the emperor. I bring death in your name...father."

Sorry, it just took me over. Proceed.
Ok here goes:

1: yes, I did look at your (Skrittiblak's) collected work saw some interesting diff's and things in common.

2: I use the racial pre-reqs to keep things in check; my players/playtesters unanimously agreed that Space Marines are NPC's. I use alot of 0-lvl Prestigue classes to reflect varients on classes (for example, the Imperial Officer, with the selection of a single feat @ 1st level, becomes the Imperial Commissar).

3: the Two Emperors: The Emperor, and Emperor Palpaltine (funny, but seriously, he's not old enough ;) )

4: I used metric, as Australias D20 books are in Metric. Are the SW D20 books in the US in Imperial?

5: The Imperial Aquila (Eagle) has a specific design: each 'spoke' from it's wings represents on Imperial Organisation: The Administration, Inquisition, Adeptus Mechanicus, etc. The design is pre-Heresy: The right Head represents the Emperor, the left is was Horus. After the Heresy, the left head had it's eye closed to represent Horus' betrayal.

6: Want a good 40k movie? Reportedly, it was a group of British fans who wrote the script for Event Horizon, basing it's flight as the first warp flights (notice: no Navis Nobile navigator), and documents the shennanigans that follow.

7: have been working on psychic powers; making then skill-based (similar to force powers). Will post playtesting results when completed.