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Which model and make?
2005 honda odyssey minivan
Could I get the stats on a motor boat or something like the PBR we used in Vietnam?
Does anyone have stats for a Boeing 747?
Fraid I don't, sorry ...
Hey Ironstar, Any chance to get stats for a Chrysler 300?
I love this thread!

Crazy Ironstar, do you by chance have all these vehicles in a spreadsheet somewheres? Maybe something someone could repost and/or download?
I took an hour or two and pulled down all the consistently formated entries in to an excel spreadsheet. It's not perfect, but it does contain the name, description and stat block of nearly all the vehicles in this thread. Good for a quick grab, then you can modify at your leisure.

Ironstar Vehicles Spreadsheet

This was just quick and dirty. I look forward to another version from the author!

I captured 80 land vehicles, 35 aircraft and 16 watercraft!
I see my A-10 didnt make it into the spreadsheet.
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I needed this, could you please stat it, man?

Vietnam War Era: Riverine Patrol Boat.

WW2: PT, Sherman Tank, Mustang Fighter, Messerschimt, Tiger Tank.

1930s: Cars (Don't care which, don't care the number).

It's for a time-crossing adventure I'm plotting out.
WW2: PT, Sherman Tank, Mustang Fighter, Messerschimt, Tiger Tank.

Try the WW II thread, I know it's got some of this stuff.
I have one request:

A 1970's-era Volkswagen van (Vanagon, I think, is the actual name for it) with heavy armor, machine guns, a rocket launcher, and (if you want to bother with the futuristic stuff) a laser cannon and Star Wars-type shields. And lots of nice stuff on the inside, like radar, some type of communication system, etc.
Hey Ironstar, Any chance to get stats for a Chrysler 300?

If you have'nt noticed, Ironstar left this thread a few pages ago and it has gradually downgraded since then.
Charisto: Bump the speed on the Dodge Caravan to 250 and the purchase DC to 29 (assuming that the van is pretty loaded) and voila.

The description sounds almost like the ninja turtle van
Amazing job guys. Truely an unbeatable list of Modus Transporti.

I also have a few requests if anyone out there is still taking them.

Mustang Mach 1
Standard School Bus
The Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile
Horse and Buggy
1999 Ford Taurus SE Station Wagon (My car :D )

Thanks guys
The Black bird better have a refuel in air first. because it can only take off with a very limited amount of fuel.

The tanks leak here on earth, but in high altitude they expand and seal themselves.

The plane takes off with a very minimum amount of fuel, then refuels within minutes of take off. Then it goes about it's business.
Just wondering...
IF the Cold War never let up...
Where would the Model-T tanks, and MiG fighters be now?
What would they look like, and how well would they perform?

Thanks in advance.
What about a GLA Technical from C&C Generals ?(Some old junky pickup with a Machine gun mounted on the back)
Hmmm...never played the Command and Conquer series...
Pickup trucks w/ machine guns will get a look in, tho'.
Still, what woul, for the point of argument, a T-96 look like, and perform like,
or a MiG-41?

While we're on it, some american vehicles might be nice...

here's hopin it gets done...this is a brilliant thread that hasn't failed me yet.
Well i thought about it, but the USA in C&C has pretty standard stuff(Jets Tanks, Humvees), you know stuff thats been done.
But i do have two more C&C based vehicles; a 'Rocket Buggy' (4 wheel drive fast buggy with ~9 rockets that launch in rapid succession, with slow reload time).
And a 'Toxin Tractor' (Old farmers tracker with twin tanks carrying liquidified biological weapons, pretty much useless vs anything but infantry)

Edit2: Sorry, needed a light tank aswell(in the Camp i play in WWIII may be starting soon) so i need easy to manufacture stuffs to combat... the US..(long story) so try my last tank, the M8 Armored Gun System

P.S. Please try to get a Purchase DC for these, need the prices to build em you know

Well these are the last of my bits, so all thats left is one big kudoes on your most-impressive work here.

Signing off

Edit: sorry if there isn't enough info to work with here, and if that be the case, i understand if you don't create them.
This thread is awesome. I'm making a spreadsheet of extra vehicles besides the ones listed in the core rulebook and this will save me a lot of trouble.
There were a couple of vehicles in the movie "the Incredibles" that I think would be fun to have stats for. The ones that I'm thinking about are the helicopter thingys (nice tech-savvy name for them, huh?). And the other ones are the personal flying disc thingys (there i go again!) with the razor sharp blades on them. Anyone know the ones I mean? I'm not very good at making such things up, so I was hoping someone here would. Any takers?

i know what Razor thingy's your talking about, but what Helicopter? how far into the movie is it? The razor thing i will do, thou, it will need to be from scratch, since i doubt i'll find realworld stats for it.

But if you what to get better at "making things up" get the Blood and Circits PDF, you have to pay somthing for it, so its completly legal, but there's so much building info in it(Robot, weapons, vehicles, armor & computers), its awesome.

By the by if anyone has played StarCraft before, i made a Variant of the Golaith D20 Modern style(With Blood and Circuts), ill post it once i get it in text format.

PS this is extreme, but whats the real world dollar amount for Purchase DC 95?


DC95? Every 8 Points of DC is equal to 10x, so to get down to 50 (yeah, I know it goes higher in modern...), the highest on page 204, will be the first step. 95-8= 87, 87-8=79, 79-8=71, 71-8=63, 63-8=55, 55-8=47. 47 is below 50, and we did it in 6 steps, meaning DC47 ($5,000,000) times 10^6. 5^6*10^6= $5.00*10^12, or $5,000,000,000,000, or 5 Trillion Dollars.

Whew... I think I got that right.
Velocipod (2004 ‘The Incredibles’)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo: 250lbs
Init: -1
Maneuver: -1
Top Speed: 570 (57)
Defense: 9
Hardness: 5
Hit Points: 22
Size: L
Purchase DC: ?
Restriction: Mil (+3)

2 Squares wide, 2 squares long
Armament: Dura-Steel Disk Blades
Damage: 4d8
SQ: Armor Penetrating (DR5)

Description/background: The Velocipod is a creation of Syndrome, and is a state of the art hovercraft thats incredibly fast. The only weapon a Velocipod can use accurately is its razor sharp blades thatspin around the craft while its in motion.

I think the Damage might be too low, (in the movie they cut thru trees like no other), so i was thinking the drivers Pilot modifier to damage, but i leave it in your hands.

Titan (1998 ‘StarCraft’ Goliath Variant)

Crew: 1
Passengers: 0
Cargo: 100lbs
Init: -1
Maneuver: -4
Top Speed: 30(3)
Defense: 9
Hardness: 11
Hit Points: 46
Size: L
Purchase DC: ?
Restriction: Mil (+3)
SQ: Shielded Cockpit (1/4 cover)

2 Squares wide, 2 squares long
Armament: Twin (Fire-linked) 30mm Autocannons
Damage: 4d12
SQ: Clip size: 32, Automatic
(The price for 20 round is PDC 6)
(The Titan can act as if the Pilot had the Shot on the Run feat but can only do so at 1/2 speed)

Description/background: The original design for the Titan belongs to a simple unit in a somewhat crazed inventors favorite game. The inventor, Marcus Amor, long dreamed of creating his baby, but had other priorities. that is until the Seven Deadly Sins are summoned and begin to cause havoc in Washington DC, and the sin of Greed becomes President and tries to starts WWIII.

I have a question, how do you find the final selling price? I used the Blood and Circuts book to create this, so out to the other creators out there. The PDC’s I got were two[2]DC 25, one[1]DC 6, one[1]DC 4, one[1]DC 35. Should I add up these values to get a selling price (yes that’s how I got the DC 95), or should I add up the real world values? (I figured that would be the manufactured price, and the DC’s sum would be the selling price).
Any ideas?

Oh, and after just watching 'The Incredibles' i know what helicopter thing your takling about, i'll start on it ASAP

Also Thanks for any help

A little request from me: does anybody could stat the new Batmobile from "Batman Begins", the 'Tumbler'?
Here's something I just threw together. Also, here's a site with info on it 2005 Batmobile "Tumbler"

Wayne Enterprises Experimental Bridging Vehicle "Tumbler"
Crew: 1
Passengers: 1
Cargo: 200lb
Init.: -2
Maneuver: +1
Top Speed: 195 (20)
Defense: 8
Hardness: 10
Hit Points:
Size: H

Firelinked .50 caliber Machine Guns
Damage: 3d12 (2d12 base)
Crit: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 110ft
Size: H
Ammo: 500

The Tumbler was built for the US Army as a bridging vehicles in combat zones. It was to jump rivers allowing the bridge trailing behind it to be drug across. The bridge design was never perfected but there was nothing wrong with the vehicle itself. The Tumbler never got out of the prototype stage and when the program was canceled the prototype was stored in the Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division warehouse. This would have been the end of the Tumbler but it was rescued from obscurity by Bruce Wayne, the son of the founder of Wayne Enterprises, who had it repainted black and adopted it as his vehicle of choice in fighting crime, the Batmobile. The new Batmobile proved itself from the beginning, being instrumental in the defeat of Ra's Al Ghul's attempt to destroy Gotham city. The Tumbler is equiped with a pair of .50 caliber machine guns and is capable of making jumps of 6' vertically and 30' horizontally. The Tumbler is two squares wide and four squares long.
Since this thread is alive again I was wondering if anyone would like to see my stats for some far future vehicles that I built from scratch, here is a sample:

Asp Advantage Stunt Car
Size: Huge, 23 HP, Hardness 6, Top speed: 325 feet, Man.: +2 Init +1 Crew: 1, Pas: 2, Cost DC 23 (+1) Cargo: 6000 Lbs
Special: The Asp Advantage is equipped with foward and wheel grav reductors that reduce damage from crashes and falls by one die, and grant +12 to jump stunt checks.

The Asp Advantage is a favored vehicle for use in races and other competitions on many human worlds but especially on the city worlds of Farist-Ar and Farist-Ra.

Eagle Air fortress
Size: C, 1602 HP, Hardness 20, Top speed: 9000 feet, Man.: -8 Init -8 Crew: 135, Pas: 2600, Cost DC 38 (+3) Cargo: 220,000 tons

The EagleAir Fortress is a solar powered twin hulled flying aircraft carrier that was developed by human militaries to surprise enemy starships that didn't suspect something so large in the atmosphere, armaments vary immensly but the primary role of the Eagle is always the same, to provide a mobile airbase that can release scores of fighters on enemies that thought they were safe.
I know we have a cargo ship, and I suppose I could just use that but I was wondering if someone could stat an Oil-Tanker
i know what Razor thingy's your talking about, but what Helicopter? how far into the movie is it?Tael

Remember when Elastigirl's going into Syndromes HQ on top of the monorail car? And the two helicopter-esque buzz by her, completely son't see her, and then land in the hangar bay (just before she goes into the tunnel)?

They looked like fuutristic helicopters with round turbine thingys (again, nice tech savvy name, eh?) that can rotate. I don't know how to better desribe them.

Thanks for the first one, tho. It looks good.

Blood and Circuits? Never heard of it. RPGnow? I hate buying PDFs from them, I don't have credit, sent them a money order and still didn't get what I ordered. Besides, I like books better.

Crew: 4
Passengers: 12
Cargo: 1800lbs
Init: -4
Maneuver: -4
Top Speed: 340 (34)
Defense: 6
Hardness: 9
Hit Points: 56
Size: G
Purchase DC: 47
Restriction: Mil (+3)
SQ: Troop Compartment(Fullcover if closed, None if opened)
Shielded Cockpit(3/4 Cover)

3 Squares wide, 7 squares long
Armament: M2HB 50Cal Weapon ports(2)
Damage: 2d12 (Ballistic) Automatic
SQ: Weapon ports(4) The Heli-thingamajig has 4 extra weapon ports so the passegners may fire out from the Troop Compartment

Description/background: The Heli-thingamajig is a creation of Syndrome, and is a state of the art hovercraft that is rather slow for a helicopter, build is well armored. The only weapons a Heli-thingamajig has is its six weapon ports, two of which are armed with 50cal Machine guns, the rest being armed by the passengers and whatever weapon that is carried.

Mid-sized Oil Tanker

Crew: 28
Passengers: 0
Cargo: 700,000lbs(640,000 for Oil)
Init: -8
Maneuver: -8
Top Speed: 45 (5)
Defense: -4
Hardness: 20
Hit Points: 96
Size: C
Purchase DC: 33
Restriction: Res (+2)
194 Sq long , 34 Sq wide, 17 sq tall
SQ: Shielded cockpit: 90% cover

An Oil Tanker is a massive ship, simliar to that oif a cargo ship, but is used to transport shipments of crude oil between countries and mid sea oil derricks.

This probably gonna sound stupid but can you make the stats for the
Great Fox

from Star Fox Assault (With the weapons if possible)
Thanks in advance
Sure, sure, thou im probably going to use StarWars RPG rules for the weapons, and whats the Wolfen?
Wolfen is the crazy Star Wolf Team version of the Arwing-its ever so slightly more maneuverable but slightly bigger and slower too
Im working on those bit by bit, Corupt so dont you worry i'll get em done.
But i came on here for a reason, i was wondering if anyone else was up to the Challenge to make a Tripod from War of the Worlds?
They have a martian walker statted over on the future boards war of the worlds aftermath thread.
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