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Yep, as the title suggest, I'm now advertising Naruto: d20. It's free and it's 100% Good Stuff. You can find the details of the project here, and the forums here! Come in big numbers everyone, it'll be a blast! And finally, here are the download links:

The naruto d20 main file is here (version with Bookmarks here)

Project status (as of January 13th, 2010):
Age: 5 years and more.
Pages: 987
Next update: Soon™
Active staff: Frankto Vinneti (main writer guy), Hastur (ideas guy) and Keldon Draconian (ideas guy), Jon Grasseschi (kickass artist guy)

Good day,
You all must go look at it. It's some great stuff. Although I may be a bit biased as I am a big Naruto fan. :D

Seriously though please go check it out.
Nakashima Akira: Tough Hero 3; CR 3; Medium Humanoid (5' 2'', 124 lbs; Age: 12; Race/Sex: Human Male); HD 3d10+9; hp 30; Mas 50; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense 14 (+2 dex, +2 class), Touch 14, Flat-Footed 12; BAB +2; Grap +4; Atk +5 melee (1d4+2, Unarmed Strike); Full Atk +5 melee (1d4+2, Unarmed Strike) or +4 ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; AL Hidden Leaf, Shinobi, Friends; Learn: +3; SV Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +1; AP 6; CP 20; Rep +1; Wealth +14; Str 15, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 10.

Occupation: Academy Student (Bonus Class Skills: Chakra Control, Ninjitsu, Taijutsu +1; Bonus Feat: Ninjitsu Adept)

Skills: Chakra Control +4, Genjutsu +1, Jump +3, Knowledge (Ninja Lore) +5, Ninjitsu +8, Profession +4, Taijutsu +7.

Feats: Combat Martial Arts, Genin, Ninjitsu Adept, Nin Weapon Proficiency, Power Attack, Simple Weapons Proficiency.

Talents (Tough Hero): Endurance, Remain Conscious.

Techniques Known: Genjutsu- Bunshin no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu; Ninjitsu- Kawarimi no Jutsu; Taijutsu- Irekawari Kaze, Ryuu Inin.
I've downloaded and read all of the stuff from the Naruto d20 website and I just need some people who can tell me how to use the d20 modern format instead of the D&D one. Could you help me out? I need to know because I am starting my own Naruto d20 RPG.
What about D20 Modern do you need to know?
Okay I've read the character you posted here and some of the characters you've posted on the actual Frankto Naruto d20 forums and there are some things on there that I don't recognize. Maybe its just the abbreviations I'm not used to seeing and I think once you tell me I may feel stupid, but I need to know:

1) What are do these following abbreviations mean?- Mas, BAB, and Grap.
2) I know what Grap means, but not the rules that go with it, so I will need some help with that.
3) If you want, you can PM me the answer on this forum or the Frnakto forums (I use the same username.), thanks!
MAS stands for Massive Damage Treshold. It's exactly the same as in D&D, except that it's equal to the constitution score (modified by some feats) instead of being 50. Suffering damage equal or higher to one's MAS means you must succeed a Fortitude save (DC 15), or be reduced to -1 hp and fall unconscious (unless you have some feat or talent to prevent this).

As for Grapple, the rules are as follow:
Grappling means wrestling and struggling hand-to-hand.
There are three stages to grappling: grabbing, holding, and pinning.
Normally, a grab is just the first step to starting a grapple. If the character grabs an opponent, but fails to go on to hold him or her, the character doesn’t actually start a grapple. However, sometimes all a character wants to do is grab the target.
Once a character has established a hold, he or she is involved in a grapple. From a hold, a character can attempt a number of actions, including damaging the opponent or pinning the opponent. A character can’t get a hold on any creature more than two size categories larger than the character. (However, such a creature can get a hold on the character—so while a character can’t initiate a grapple with a creature more than two size categories larger than, a character can still end up in one.)
Getting the opponent in a pin is often the goal of a grapple. A pinned character is held immobile.
Grapple Checks
When a character is involved in a grapple, he or she will need to make opposed grapple checks against an opponent—often repeatedly. A grapple check is something like a melee attack roll. A character’s attack bonus on a grapple check is:
Base attack bonus + Strength modifier + grapple modifier
Grapple Modifier
A creature’s size works in its favor when grappling, if that creature is Large or larger in size. Conversely, a creature of Small or smaller size is at a disadvantage because of its size when grappling. Instead of using a creature’s size modifier on a grapple check (as would be done for a melee or ranged attack roll), use the appropriate grapple modifier from Table: Grapple Modifiers.

Table: Grapple Modifiers
Size (Example) Grapple Modifier
Colossal (blue whale [90 ft. long]) +16
Gargantuan (gray whale [40 ft. long]) +12
Huge (elephant) +8
Large (lion) +4
Medium-size (human) +0
Small (German shepherd) –4
Tiny (housecat) –8
Diminutive (rat) –12
Fine (horsefly) –16

Starting a Grapple
To start a grapple, a character first needs to grab and hold his or her target. Attempting to start a grapple is the equivalent of making a melee attack. If the character gets multiple attacks in a round, he or she can attempt to start a grapple multiple times (at successively lower base attack bonuses). Follow these steps.
1. Attack of Opportunity: A character provokes an attack of opportunity from the target he or she is trying to grapple. If the attack of opportunity deals the character damage, the character fails to start the grapple. If the attack of opportunity misses or otherwise fails to deal damage, proceed to step 2.
2. Grab: The character makes a melee touch attack to grab the target. If the character fails to hit the target, the character fails to start the grapple. If the character succeeds, proceed to step 3.
3. Hold: Make an opposed grapple check. (This is a free action.) If the character succeeds, the character has started the grapple, and deals damage to the target as if with an unarmed strike.
If the character loses, he or she fails to start the grapple. The character automatically loses an attempt to hold if the target is two or more size categories larger than the character is (but the character can still make an attempt to grab such a target, if that’s all he or she wants to do).
4. Maintain the Grapple: To maintain the grapple for later rounds, the character must move into the target’s square. (This movement is free and doesn’t count as part of the character’s movement for the round movement.) Moving, as normal, provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening enemies, but not from the target. The character and the target are now grappling.
If the character can’t move into the target’s square, the character can’t maintain the grapple and must immediately let go of the target. To grapple again, the character must begin at step 1.
Grappling Consequences
While a character is grappling, his or her ability to attack others and defend him or herself is limited.
No Threatened Squares: A character doesn’t threaten any squares while grappling.
No Dexterity Bonus: A character loses his or her Dexterity bonus to Defense (if the character has one) against opponents the character isn’t grappling. (The character can still use it against opponents he or she is grappling.)
No Movement: A character cannot move while held in a grapple.
If the Character is Grappling
When a character is grappling (regardless of who started the grapple), he or she can attempt any of several actions on his or her turn. Unless otherwise noted, each of these options is equivalent to an attack. (If the character normally gets more than one attack per attack action, he or she can attempt as many of these options as he or she has attacks available, using his or her successively lower attack bonus for each roll.) The character is limited to these options only; he or she cannot take any other actions.
Damage the Opponent: Make an opposed grapple check; if the character succeeds, he or she deals damage as with an un*armed strike.
Pin: Make an opposed grapple check; if the character succeeds, he or she holds the opponent immobile for 1 round. The opponent takes a –4 penalty to Defense against all attacks from other people (but not from the character); however, the opponent is not considered helpless.
A character can’t use a weapon on a pinned character or attempt to damage or pin a second opponent while holding a pin on the first.
A pinned character can’t take any action except to attempt to escape from the pin.
Escape from Grapple: Make an opposed grapple check. If the character succeeds, he or she can escape the grapple. If more than one opponent is grappling the character, the grapple check result has to beat all their check results to escape. (Opponents don’t have to try to hold a character if they don’t want to.)
Alternatively, the character can make an Escape Artist check opposed by the opponent’s grapple check to escape from the grapple. This is an attack action that the character may only attempt once per round, even if the character gets multiple attacks.
If the character has not used his or her move action for the round, the character may do so after escaping the grapple.
Escape from Pin: Make an opposed grapple check. If the character succeeds, he or she can escape from being pinned. (Opponents don’t have to try to keep the character pinned if they don’t want to.) The character is still being grappled, however.
Alternatively, a character can make an Escape Artist check opposed by the opponent’s grapple check to escape from the pin. This is an attack action that the character may only attempt once per round, even if the character gets multiple attacks.
Break Another’s Pin: Make an opposed grapple check; if the character succeeds, he or she can break the hold that an opponent has over an ally.
Draw a Light Weapon: A character can draw a light weap*on as a move action.
Attack with a Light Weapon: A character can attack with a light weapon while grappling (but not while pinned or pinning). A character can’t attack with two weap*ons while grappling.
If the Character is Pinned
When an opponent has pinned the character, he or she is held immobile (but not helpless) for 1 round. (the character can’t attempt any other action.) On the character’s turn, he or she can attempt to escape from the pin. If the character succeeds, he or she is still grappling.
Joining a Grapple
If the target is already grappling someone else, a character can use an attack to start a grapple, as above, except that the target doesn’t get an attack of opportunity against the character, and the character’s grab automatically succeeds. The character still has to make a successful opposed grapple check and move in to be part of the grapple.
If multiple enemies are already involved in the grapple, the character picks one against whom to make the opposed grapple check.
Multiple Grapplers
Several combatants can be in a single grapple. Up to four combatants can grapple a single opponent in a given round. Creatures that are one size category smaller than the character count as one-half creature each; creatures that are one size category larger than the character count as two creatures; and creatures two or more size categories larger than the character count as four creatures.
When involved in a grapple with multiple opponents, the character chooses one opponent to make an opposed check against. The exception is an attempt to escape from the grapple; to escape, a character’s grapple check must beat the check results of all opponents.

Hope this helps, and I still don't understand what you mean by "Your own Naruto RPG". Do you mean a game, a game forum, a set of rules in itself?

Good day,
Frankto Vinneti
Thanks for the information! i went ahead and bought the book though (d20 modern), just for reference and character sheet stuff. I knew the rule about the Mas, but didn't refer to it as that. Thanks for the info though, and feel free to help out with my forum. It was posted on the frankto forums.
[ WotC Boards ]-[ Frankto's Realm ]

[ Frank_Vinneti ]-[ Frankto ]
[ Buddha the DM ]-[ Valkyn Highwind ]
Any Naruto fans that are interested in playtesting the setting should head over to the message boards that were linked to in the first post.

Come on we need more people!
Any Naruto fans that are interested in playtesting the setting should head over to the message boards that were linked to in the first post.

Come on we need more people!

Yeah, I already applied for that. I just need Frank's permission before I make my character.
You need a proper concept first. Not his permission.

Turn in a proper concept for a character and then things go from there. That's what I had to do.
More info about Playtesting & Help Needed..

In regards to playtesting..

As the title suggest, the Naruto d20 Playtesting starts shortly. We need a few more trusted individuals to help us in this task, so speak up!

You must, however, meet a few requirements:

#1: You MUST use propper grammar and spelling. Not doing so means that you will be unable to playtest with us.

#2: You must near the GMT EST -5 timezone.

#3: Your knowledge of the Naruto Universe must extend futher than "Well, Ninjas do cool techniques and I know Konoha is in the fire country...", meaning you don't have to ask question when I talk about the Wind country's Kazekage for example.

#4: You must not distribute the materials I will provide you with before, during and after the playtesting unless I authorize you to do so. Doing so will get you expelled from the Playtesting project and see your character suffer the "Ninpou, Zansatsusha no Kuchiyose"*.

All applicants should note that whatever happens in the game will affect the writing of Naruto: d20. If you create a clan, ask me to make an Advanced Bloodline or technique, there is a good chance that I add it to the supplement itself.

Applicants should reply to this thread and provide a character concept after which I will judge wether or not they qualify to participate in the playtest. Accepted applicants will be provided with the full developped content (meaning all advanced classes, equipments, techniques, new rules, feats, etc.).

You should base your character on the following informations:

The game will be set in the Country of Rock (which I will call that for the lack of exact name). In the Hidden Village of Jade (Suigyokugakure no Sato), which prospered well under the guidance of the Second Tsuchikage (Nidaime), the players will be young ninjas (some of them not even Genin) who train to achieve an even greater level of power and become great ninjas.

Being so far north, the people of the Country of Rock are used to cold weather. Among Rock Ninjas, it's the survival of the fittest. Their cold, harsh manners don't make them any less competent or dutiful, however, and they are good at following orders.

That's pretty much all there is to say for now.

Good day,
Frankto Vinneti

* more details on that technique to come soon

In regards to help needed...

Also the project is in need of proofreaders, artists who can provide illustrations, people who are good at layout design, and content providers from people who are skilled in making things for D20 Modern.

Anyone out there like the anime series of Naruto? Ever curious about how it would translate into D20 Modern? Well come on over to Frankto's Realm and read up about what's been done for it so far, and to talk about your own ideas for the setting.

You can find more information about the project through the following links, and please direct all inquiries about it there.

Frankto's Realm - Naruto D20
Forum's for Frankto's Realm
Naruto: d20!'s Fifth Preview - Uchiha Clan has been released tonight! Download it here!
I hope you're aware that what your doing isn't legal at all.
What is not legal in creating an entirely free open-game-content game based on an anime you can see for free in Japan (and on fansub), on which you won't make a penny? I wonder, hm?

By all means, please enlighten me.
Jeez, I thought Naruto was popular.
Disappointing, isn't it? Oh, well. You'll get used to it in time.
Sheesh.. They sure know how to spoil our fun.
tell me about it.

I've tried to tell people about the game, but they say stuff like, "Anime and d20 games don't go together!", or, "Its to hard to play and its for nerds!!!"

I swear that its frustrating!!!
Their loss.
From the Naruto: d20 Website, January 21st, 2005
Good and bad news revealed this Friday. First, the Naruto: d20 Main File is released. It's a 102 pages document containing the rules, more than enough content to play a long lasting campaign.

Onto the bad news, now. Because of recent lack of inspiration and motivation, the project is put under undefined hiatus until the creative juices start flowing again. Discuss this issue and Naruto: d20 in general on the forums.

Main file released for all to see at last. EDIT: The project has been picked up again.

Good day,
Frankto Vinneti
Hyuuga Clan Byakugan, a feat and a technique added! Come on, people. You know you like the stuff! So says the number of referral this pages get.

We like your comments! It makes us (me) feel good.
First, I'd like to say that the Naruto stuff rocks my face off. That being said, I'd like to ask what's up with the Villages section, and the Quests and Examinations section. Once again, the stuff rocks. Naruto 4ever! :D
Thank you for your good words! The Quest and Events and Ninjas and Villages chapters are missing, as Naruto: d20 is not complete yet. Since I'm the only one working on the project, along with a few people giving me ideas and some occasionnal paragraph/NPCs, it might take a while to get to that.

EDIT: On a whole other subject, I've released an updated version of the Main File, including the Ghastly Inheritance template and Uzumaki Naruto. That's Kyuubi's brat for ya!
All right, here is the deal. I've made my own clan, and a technique for the clan Hijutsu. Trouble is, my brother, whom I play with, thinks something is up with it. Not that it's uber powerful, but that it's not good enough! I think it's just fine, considering what it can do later. Oh well. We just would like some help in the resolution of the idea. Here is the tech!

Shikaze no Jutsu (Four Winds Technique)
Taijutsu (Martial Arts; Kazekakure Hijutsu) [Rank 4]
Learn DC:19; Perform DC: 17; Time: 1 full-round action; Components: M; Range: Touch; Target: 1 creature; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throws: Fort, stun; Chakra Cost: 2

This technique is one of the many in the arsenal of the Kazekakure. It is also one of the most simple. The user creates the illusion of many attacks upon his chosen target. Simply put, the user may make his full number of attacks four times. However, they may only deal damage a number of times equal to their number of normal attacks, unmodified by this technique. (Ex: Hijei activates this technique. He has two attacks. Therefore, he makes eight attacks, but may only deal damage twice). The target must make a Fortitude save, or be stunned for the next round as they imagine the pummeling they are not, in fact, taking.

Though the time slot indicates a full-round action, this technique takes no time to perform and a full-round to execute. Skikaze no Jutsu takes effect immediately.

Any help anyone can provide, including criticism, is welcome. Have fun with it! :D
You'll get more of a reaction to this over on Frankto's boards.
Buddha is correct (of course). The technique, in my opinion, is much too powerful for its rank and Chakra Cost. It's almost an automatic hit, since a character with 4 attacks can make 4 attacks at his highest attack bonus.

If your brother thinks the technique is too powerful, then he is probably looking for a high powered campaign (or is a powergamer). In addition, I think the technique should be a Genjutsu (Mind-Affecting; Stun), but that's just me.
Just a teaser for you...

Uzumaki Naruto: Tough Hero 5/Dedicated Hero 3 (Ghastly Inheritance; ECL 11); CR 9; Medium Humanoid (Human); HD 5d10+25 plus 3d6+15 plus 8; hp 90; Mas 50; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; Defense 15 (+1 dex, +4 class), Touch 15, Flat-Footed 14; BAB +4; Grap +6; Atk +7 melee (1d8+2 nonlethal, brawl); Full Atk +; FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ Blazing Rage, Greater Health, Kyuubi Manifestation, Overwhelming Chakra; AL dreams, friends, good; SV Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +4; AP 12; CP 31; Rep +2; Wealth +16; Learn: +8; Str 14, Dex 13, Con 21, Int 13, Wis 9, Cha 14.

Occupation: Academy Student ( Bonus Class Skills: Ninjutsu, Survival, Taijutsu; Bonus Feat: Nin Weapon Proficiency)

Skills: Chakra Control +8 (11), Concentration +8 (6), Genjutsu +4 (2), Knowledge (ninja lore) +4 (3), Listen +2 (3), Ninjutsu +10 (8), Survival +3 (4), Taijutsu +11 (9).

Feats: Blood Pact (Toad), Brawl, Genin (Ninjutsu), Gift of Summoning, Improved Brawl, Improved Chakra Pool, Nin Weapon Proficiency, Power Attack, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Technique Focus (Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu).

Talent (Tough Hero): Endurance, Improved Endurance, Advanced Endurance

Talent (Dedicated Hero): Empathy, Intuition

Techniques Known: Chakra Control (+8)- Kinobori, Seishou Bakuha, Rasengan, Tadayou; Genjutsu (+4) -Henge no Jutsu; Ninjutsu (+10) - Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (+14); Taijutsu (+11) - Asshou!, Sennen Goroshi, Uzumaki Naruto Rendan

Equipment: Shuriken holster (4 kunai, 5 shuriken), forehead protector (konoha), casual clothes, belt pouch (4 kunai, 4 shuriken, 2 smoke bombs, various ninja scrolls, 1 blank scroll), various personal gear.
That's not a bad write up of Naruto.
Thanks, Frankto is the one responsible for that stat block.
OK i cant download it keeps saying Error, can some one send it to me plz
at [email][/email]
Did you register on his boards?
Do you guys realise how great of a Tengu(OA monster) this class wold make? Very nicely done work.
What class?
Indeed. What class are you refering to?
Indeed. What class are you refering to?

The one on the Naruto D20 page. That doesn't provide a class on there? My bad.
Man we're still lost. What the heck were you talking about?
Bump for availability in open download-ing. And 200 pages!
Bump for contest:
Well, here it is folks! We have this nice contest for you guys to participate in and some prizes hand out.

What you have to do:

Make a complete and original character, with a background, physical description and a personality (perhaps even going as far as making new techniques using the standard format) and send them to me by email, at [email][/email].

What you get:
  • 1st place:
  • 1 subdomain redirect
  • 1 e-mail (or e-mail redirect). The inboxes have 1 gig storage space.
  • His character added to the main file in a special section that has its own bookmarks.

  • 2nd place
  • 1 email (or email redirect)
  • His character added to the main file in a special section that has its own bookmarks.

  • 3rd place
  • His character added to the main file in a special section that has its own bookmarks.

There is no level restriction, and you can make them as you wish. But we will not accept absurdly min-maxed characters or broken characters. In addition, you are limited to one character per user. Be sure to double check, you don't get a second chance.

You MUST use the very same character template as shown in the main file. We will not read or evaluate those who did not.

That is all people! Come in big numbers!

The contest will end on April 22nd.

(If this is forbidden, I would appreciate a warning or the post to be deleted instead of having the thread locked, please. The CoC is unclear on that point.)
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