Flaky Pastry

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Is it me, or would a slightly more serious version of this comic make a great d20 modern game?


Lots of Urban Arcana elements, with smattering of d20 Future.

Well put!
I was expecting something to that effect when I clicked that link. I was sorely disappointed.
Thats pretty good, I like that :D
Obviously, if I were creating a game world based on the (admittedly vague) Flaky Pastry universe, I would have to make it a bit more serious and more focused. No easily learned power that lets you create people out of nowhere, for one thing.

What would the characters be? Nitrine looks like Goblin Smart Hero/Techie. Marelle doesn't seem to have an advanced class, but probably has several levels of Smart Hero. Racially, she seems to be human with a cosmetic difference. For a "catgirl" she isn't very cattish. Zintiel is definitely an Elf Strong Hero, perhaps with Archaic Weaponsmaster.