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Ok, I am planning a Campaign for my local group with a 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' feel to it.

The Players are designing lvl7 characters (Higher than my usual campaigns, but it is an experienced group of players) that should be approximations of figures in literature.

One player is making a 'Ghost who Walks' Phantom character (from comics)
another is thinking of trying to portray 'The Sarah' from the popular film 'Labyrinth'

now, the other players are yet to come up with character ideas, giving me time to fine tune the current pair.

I see the Phantom as being a Fast hero with the Adventurer Occupation, trained in Martial arts, Archaic weaponry, Simple weapons and personal Firearms - not very hard to make in the system...

...But 'The Sarah' is another matter... I think the easiest way to portray it is that the Goblin Kings original gift is still with her (Goblins that are under orders to fufil her every wish) mechanically using the Leadership feat from D&D.

If anyone can offer any assistance, I would be grateful - as I want this idea to run well for my players.

Peace out Peeps - K.
Well, the two big features to Sarah's character in the movie and the book were #1) She befriended people easily, and #2) She wouldn't give up. Sounds like you'd be looking at a multiclassed Dedicated/Charismatic hero. The occupation would depend on the age: If she's still a teenager, then you probably want student. If she's an adult now, I'd say Creative. The feats you'd be looking for would probably just be Simple Weapons Proficiency, along with lots of defensive feats (Dodge, Combat Expertise, Iron Will).

I like the direction you're going, with the Leadership feat. I think that would suit her character perfectly.
Player decided to go pure Charismatic - full on Co-ordinate and Inspiration.

The scary thing is, using the D20 Past feat: Minions gives her 75 Lvl1 followers - Hooooooly Heck! thats a lotta Goblins!

The other players keep throwing ideas for characters that I cant work in the rules set - one of them wanted to play the Ghost Rider (how the heck would that work?!?)

Well - thanks for the support, I will keep checking in and seeing what comes up.

Peace Out
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