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Actually Kronos they say it the movies. So I'm afreid that wiki was miss written. They use the jelly from our eyes th lubricate there joints and blades. They also scavenge dead screamers for parts. And they are quite intelligent they designed new version of themselves to kill better. But I agree on the fact there robots. These movies where another group like starship troopers, really good idea (most of them anyway starship troopers 2 hero of the federation was horrible) just not enough budge to make it look awesome. I think I've said my peice abou that.

Ah.. well we can just alter the cannibalize to also include dead screamers of equal or lesser type as well. Same rules apply for 1 hp per HD so if there's a field of dead humans and screamers, eat humans first then go after the screamers.
Hey.. a new weapon after a month. If my laptop hadn't been stolen, I would have about a dozen new weapons by now.

The scorpion rifle is an illegal weapon. Designed as a fairly sleek weapon, but also looks to be segmented, giving it an insect-like look. A bull pup design, with two pronged slightly curved fork like structures extending out from the end of the barrel, curving in slightly, designed to look like the claws of a scorpion. These weapons are rare and highly illegal due to the energy blast they release is quite damaging to its target. The blast acts similarly to a disintegrator  where it starts to break the bonds in molecules in the target, but not completely, which makes for extremely painful and difficult wounds to heal. In organic targets, this creates particularly devastating wounds as the energy also prevents blood platelets from forming properly to clot the blood.
Almost all governments ban scorpions and anyone caught in possession of a scorpion is jailed immediately, sometimes even killed on the spot as a potential terrorist or enemy of the state. No one knows who produces these weapons, as they seem to just appear in random Black Market locals, in batches of only about 10 a year.
The only drawbacks to the scorpion is its limited range, high power consumption and low, although painful, damage, and some count the lack of full automatic fire a blessing.

Scorpion (PL 6/7 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6
Critical: 19-20, x2
Damage Type: Energy
Range Increment: 45 feet
Rate Of Fire: Semi
Magazine: 20 box
Size: Medium
Weight: 9.6 lb
Purchase DC: 31
Restriction: Illegal (+4)
Game Note: This weapon is considered to have the Wound special ability, where a living target hit will continue to take 1 point of damage every round until a Heal check DC 20 is performed with at least a First Aid Kit, or if magic is available, a Cure Light Wounds or better spell is used. Also living targets hit are slightly distracted by the amount of pain a scorpion blast causes, suffering a -1 penalty to attack rolls, Defense, skill and ability checks made until they are healed. This penalty increases with each successful hit from a scorpion. Thus if two hits are scored on a target, the penalty would be -2 until the wounds are healed. Any delicate or complicated tasks the target performs after a hit from a scorpion requires a Concentration check of DC 15 + number of times hit by a scorpion before healing. So a person hit twice would have a Concentration check DC of 17.
There may need to be some form of reconciliation between d20 Future and d20 Apocalypse.  In Future, the starship weapon "nuclear missile" deals 16D8 damage.  The weapon's description says that it's a 1 megaton (mt) device.  In Apocalypse, a 1mt nuke vaporizes everything within a 500 yard radius and somewhat less damage, in varying degrees, out to 5 miles.  Now, does the above rolled or suggested average damage of 72 get applied to non spaceship things?  Does this mean that a 6 HD spaceship (with 120 hp) with alloy plating armor (hardness 20) can survive a 1mt nuke?  Or a 7 HD ship with 140 hp and no armor?  Considering that 6 and 7 HD vessels tend to be among the small(er/est) vessels according to the rules and are likely to be less than 500 yards in length (and therefore if one of these nukes goes off within 1-3 starship spaces would technically be within the nuke's fireball).  Any suggestions, comments?
GE Acid Munitions (PL6)

After success of the GEW435 acid pellet shooter, GE has continued to advance their technology in acid munitions. Some critics believe that GE is creating inhumane weapons, but they argue that these munitions are meant for barricade removal, which aids in police or rescue workers in getting to people without resulting to explosives, which could end up hurting innocent people. The acid compound in these rounds will revert to  a harmless neutral liquid after 12 seconds (2 rounds) after being exposed to air to prevent accidental injuries.

GEA211 12Ga Acid Shell
A special container, similar to the pellet shooter rounds is contained within a 12 gauge shotgun round to allow it to be safely used to in shotguns for use in breaching doors. The acid isn't much more powerful than that in the pellet shooter, but there is more of it to allow for a larger area to be affected.
The GEA211 deals 2d8 points of acid damage, ignores 10 points of hardness to a 5 foot radius area. If used against solid walls to burn through, if its ability to ignore hardness is greater than the target's, it burns a hole 2 inches deep in an area 5 foot in diameter. If the target's hardness is greater, and still deals damage past the hardness, it only burns a hold 1 inch deep. One round is usually powerful enough to burn away most doors or household walls.
PDC 15 for a box of 10 shells.

GEA232 40mm Grenade
Developing a 40mm sized grenade seemed like the next logical step. The grenade affects a 15 foot radius area, dealing 3d6 points of acid damage that ignores 8 points of hardness. Can burn through a 15 foot wide area up to 1 inch deep. PDC 16 for 10 grenades.

GEA236C2 Mini Grenade
A mini grenade version of the 40mm grenade is available, but with a reduced blast radius. It affects a 10 foot radius area, dealing 3d6 points of acid damage that ignores 7 points of hardness. Can burn through a 10 foot area, up to 1 inch deep. PDC 17 for 10 grenades.

GEA432C21 Rocket
This rocket version will fit in most shoulder rockets, such as the LAW or standard RPGs. The warhead is heavier than standard explosive warheads, which reduces the range of the launcher by 10 feet. The rocket deals 6d6 points of acid damage, ignore 10 points of hardness to a 30 foot radius area. It can burn a hole 30 feet wide up to an inch deep. PDC 18 for 5 rockets.


Continuing to expand their catalog of military hardware, LTB has created their LC1 laser canon. In reality, it's really two of their L1s mated together in the same frame and the power settings dialed up slightly for greater output without actually destroying the emitters and other components. It does have higher quality components than the L1 or L2, but due to the increased power running through them, its reliability is lower than it should be. The LC1 does boast slightly better range, but sucks back more power from a power pack.

LTB LC1 (PL6 Personal Firearms)
Damage: 5d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 80 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Large
Weight: 11 lb
Ammo: 30 box
Purchase DC: 19 (Res +2)
Notes: Although it has standard quality components, due to the increased power running through the parts, on a natural roll of 1, the LC1 shorts and won't fire. This can be repaired with a Repair check DC 17 and about 20 minutes of work.
Some users have modified their LC1s so that each barrel fires individually, instead of together, granting it a sort of automatic fire mode. This also allows the user to make use of 50 rounds from the power pack like the L1, although it deals only 3d6 points of damage. This modification requires a Repair check DC 18 and 30 minutes of work, but also makes it slightly more unreliable so that on a roll of 1 or 2 the weapon shorts and requires work to make functional again.

May have a viable Screamer hopefully soon but I plan to pull out both dvd's and rewatch them... also the doc is up to 141 pages
May have a viable Screamer hopefully soon but I plan to pull out both dvd's and rewatch them... also the doc is up to 141 pages

I had started work on one, without having seen the movies in years, but lost it.. if I see the movies again, I could work on them.. but basically I'd consider them a robot moreso than a weapon..
True but a Screamer is a robot just without anything, i.e. programming, to stop it... my version notes I have wrote down things like Infrared, Tremor Sense to consult, etc and a device that will detect your heartbeat which the armband from the first movie emits a subtle EMP like field to disrupt it...
So.. maybe a notation in it's tactics being "it's bonus to spot only affects targets that have an organic biology" ?

HP decided to finally release a carbine style laser weapon for paratroopers and commando style troops to use, or for urban warfare. They took their original LR100, shortened it and thinned the main body past the handle and trigger assembly. Instead of having one barrel, four cylinder type fixtures surround the thinned body. These fixtures contain the focusing chambers and emitters. The four barrels allows the weapon to cycle through each barrel quickly to allow an incredible high rate of fire without worrying about overheating and melting any of the components of each barrel as each gets more time to cool than if it was just a single barrelled weapon. The lowest barrel also has a folding handle to allow for greater control of the weapon in full automatic fire. The pulse from each barrel is lower, and so is the range than the LR100, but the increased rate of fire makes up for it. HP has also included a 'burst' feature which fires all the barrels at once for more destructive power, but reduces the rate of fire.

HP MLR410 (PL6 Personal Firearms)
Damage: 3d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Medium
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Ammo: 50 box
Purchase DC: 22 (Mil +3)
Notes: Enhanced Autofire Mode: Taking an addition -4 to attack, can increase automatic fire damage to a 10 ft by 10 ft area from 3d6 to 4d6 and increases the Reflex save to DC 17 and uses 15 rounds instead of the normal 10. User must declare using this option before firing.
Burst Mode: The user can set the weapon to burst mode which fires all the barrels allowing it to deal 5d6 to a single target, but reduces the rate of fire to Semi.


With the introduction of X-ray lasers on ships, HP set about to creating a man portable version. Big and bulky, the XCLP3401 is used like a shoulder mounted weapon instead of a rifle. The large weapon comes with sensors and targeting suite to aid in acquiring targets. Although successful, some are displeased with its slow rate of fire and damage isn't quite as high as HP would like, however it does have a good chance of heavily damaging critical systems due to its armour piercing capability. Although it can make use of a standard power pack, the drain on the pack is great, so many users carry power generators or larger power packs such as the 340PP and 410PP (same number of rounds from both of these systems as the LCP1100).

XCLP3401 (PL7 Exotic Weapon Proficiency/Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 7d6 ignores 30 points of hardness/DR
Critical: 19-20 x3
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 200 ft
Rate of Fire: Single
Size: Huge
Weight: 33 lbs
Ammo: 5 box
Purchase DC: 32 (Mil +3)
Notes: Laser defeating defensive systems are half as effective. Can use either the 340PP or 410PP to expand ammunition capacity. Comes with targeting systems and sensors granting a +1 to attacks when the user isn't moving. Has connection to allow for cybernetic uplink to the user.


This is the vehicle version of the XCLP3401, meant for light to medium vehicles such as light attack vehicles, both ground and air, and as a secondary weapon on medium tanks. With better range and increased power, and usually benefits from greater power supply to allow for greater payloads.

XCLP3452 (PL7 Exotic Weapon Proficiency/Vehicle weaponry/Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 9d6 ignores 30 points of hardness/DR
Critical: 19-20 x3
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 300 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Huge
Weight: 36 lbs
Ammo: varies
Purchase DC: 31 (Mil +3)
Notes: Usually mounted on a turret and uses vehicle sensor systems. Variable ammo due to what is installed on vehicle it is mounted on. Most usually have a 50 to 100 round capacity. Laser defeating defensive systems are only half as effective.

M431C2 Mini Missile Rifle

The M431C2 Mini Missile Rifle, or MMR, is a large rifle that fires mini missiles, or mini rockets, giving an infantry squad some serious fire power. The weapon is a long rectangular tube which actually contains two  tubes which hold the missiles in a similar fashion to MetalStorm weapons. On top is the scope and targeting system along with cybernetic uplink connection. Along the bottom of the body is a light laser rifle to give the user a back up weapon for when the missiles run out. The laser might be light in power, but has exceptional range, making it a good sniper weapon. Although it carries a large compliment of mini missiles, reloading is slow, in a similar manner to shotguns, loading missiles in through a port on the side, one for each tube. It has a selector for either tube so that one tube can be loaded with one type of missile and the other another type, typically one being fragmentation and the other either explosive or armour piercing.


M431C2 Mini Missile Rifle (PL6 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Rocket Launcher)/Heavy Weapon)
Damage: Varies by missile/ Laser 3d6
Critical: varies by missile / 20 x2
Damage Type: varies by missile / fire
Range Increment: varies by missile, generally 200 ft / laser 175 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi for missiles / laser semi
Size: Huge
Weight: 30.5 lbs
Ammo: 10 missiles (5 per tube), laser 50 box
Purchase DC: 33 (Mil +3)
Notes: Scope has night vision (darkvision only out to 400 ft, but suffering -2 to Spot checks), thermal/IR vision, cybernetic uplink. Requires minimum Strength of 14 to wield properly or suffer a -2 to attack rolls. Mini missiles use user's attack roll on initial attack, but if misses, can make an additional attack next round using a +5 attack roll (higher or lower depending on missile quality). Reloading the missiles takes a full round per tube. Switching between either tube is a free action that can be done any number of times, but can only switch from missile or laser once per round as a free action. Con substitute mini missiles with mini rockets, however lose the ability to attack second round that mini missiles have.

Time to unleash more mayham upon PCs and NPCs alike...

Infantry Powersaw (PL 6)

This weapon resembles a two-handed sword, with a chainsaw blade approximately two feet long in place of a much longer steel blade. The infantry powersaw was one of the earliest melee weapons designed for use by power armoured troops. The powersaw’s design makes it easier to use than a regular chainsaw, so a character must have the archaic weapons proficiency feat instead of the exotic weapons proficiency feat to wield it. A character wielding an infantry powersaw who is proficient in its use gains the Cleave feat for free.

Infantry Powersaw (PL6 Archaic Weapons Proficiency)
Damage: 3d6
Critical: x3
Damage Type: Slashing
Size: Medium
Weight: 8 lb
Purchase DC: 10 (Res +2)
Notes: Free use of Cleave feat

Power Spike

This weapon is a powerful pneumatic powered spike attached to a forearm mount on medium to heavy or powered armour. The user strikes the target with their fist, which has a trigger plate across the knuckles, which then drives the spike into the target, penetrating armour and internal components and anyone inside. Infantry use power spikes to engage power armour, light mechs or light armoured vehicles, using the spikes to punch into and damaging sensitive components such as hydraulics, guidance systems, gyros or power couplings.

Power Spike (PL6 Simple Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6, ignores 4 points of hardness/DR
Critical: 19-20 x3
Damage Type: Piercing
Size: Small
Weight: 4 lbs
Purchase DC: 14 Mil (+3)
Notes: Make a touch attack to activate. Usually mounted on armour to provide bracing for the force of the spike. If not mounted on armour, and just strapped to the user's arm, deals half damage dealt to target in subdual damage to the user from the force of the spike driving forward and back with each strike.

Pincer Gauntlets

A large pair of mechanical pincers which fit over your hand and forearm like a glove. It looks a little like a big steel lobster claw. An industrial tool used for precision cutting and for handling dangerous materials, it has a Strength of 25, but can't be used to lift heavy objects or swing melee weapons. It only enhances the strength of your hand, not your arm or back, so it will only give you a bonus on tasks like grappling, breaking an object with your hand, hanging on to things, etc.
This is not a subtle tool. You cannot use the pincers to perform any task or skill that requires fine manipulation (DM's call as to which skills do and don't qualify).

Pincer Gauntlet (PL5/6 Simple Weapons Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6
Critical: 20 x2
Damage Type: Bludgeoning
Size: Medium
Weight: 6 lbs
Purchase DC: 14 Res (+2)
Notes: Once you have hit the target with the pincers, you can keep squeezing them for an additional 2d6 damage per round without having to roll to hit them again. If you scored a critical hit, it only applies to the first round—don’t keep rolling double damage. Escaping the pincers requires a Strength roll vs. DC 25.


Vector Weapons (PL 6)

Vector weapons are melee weapons of Medium-size or larger that use a vectored thruster to add extra damage to attacks (at the cost of decreased accuracy). A character proficient in the base weapon can use the Power Attack feat when attacking with a vector weapon. Weapons that have a vector system built into them cannot be energy weapons or have complicated parts (such as high-frequency blades). Vector weapons are almost exclusively archaic weapons built with advanced manufacturing and metallurgy technology. A rod of solid chemical propellant, housed in the weapon hilt, fuels the weapon’s thruster. This fuel rod will last for 50 power attacks, and must be replaced after that time. A character using a vector weapon can choose to not fire its thruster and attack normally.
Restrictions: Non-energized melee weapons of Medium-size or larger (see Chapter 4: Equipment in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game for a list of these weapons).
Purchase DC Modifier: +2

Plasma Weapons
Melee weapons can be made even deadlier with the addition of plasma ejectors. The weapon is made with special ceramic laced alloys and a weak magnetic field to help protect the blade and user from the plasma that is emitted along the striking surface of the weapon. When not activated, the weapon looks like a high quality version of whatever melee weapon it is modelled after, but when activated, it is bathed in plasma fire.
The weapon's weight is increased by 3 pounds for the plasma and EM generators. When activated the weapon gains +2d6 fire damage and ignore 2 points of Defense granted by armour. The battery lasts for 50 rounds before needing to be recharged.
The gadget increases the weapon's PDC by +7.

A couple of PL5 weapons..

Next-generation of guided anti-armour weapon system. Developed late in the 20th century, it become quite common amongst some of the major militaries.
It features improvements over other anti-armour weapons including imaging infrared system, fire and forget capacity. It can also be used in a limited anti-aircraft capacity against slow, low-flying aircraft, such as helicoptors. The missile's normal attack mode is top-down, in which it attacks the thinly armoured roof of an armoured vehicle, but can be switched to a direct targeting assault mode, good for attacking the sides of armoured vehicles, or attacking fortified or reinforced structures. The weapon also has a "soft launch" signature, producing lower overpressure and backblast than its predecessors, making it more ideal for use in enclosed spaces. It uses a detachable, reusable targeting system. This targeting system integrates day sights and a lightweight FLIR-type passive IR night sight with a power system based on disposable batteries, into a hand-held surveillance unit as well as the targeting system. The whole system weighs a hefty 50 lbs, which does limit how many can be carried in the field.

Javelin (PL5 Exotic Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 11d6, ignore 13 points of hardness
Blast Radius: 15 ft, Reflex 19
Critical: 20 x2
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 200 ft
Rate of Fire: single
Size: large
Weight: 50 lbs
Ammo: 1
Purchase DC: 34 (Mil +3)
Notes: Ignores 13 points of hardness, will not fire at a target within 30 feet. In top-down fire mode takes full round to fire, ignore 1 point of Defense from target's armour and a further 4 points of hardness, but reduce range increment by 50 feet. In direct fire mode, firing is a normal attack action. Attaching to removing the targeting unit is a move equivalent action. The detached targeting unit can act as nightvision goggles with a 200 ft range and binoculars, a laser designator and range finder.


A second-generation medium anti-tank disposable rocket. The MILAN doesn't have a disposable launcher like various LAWs, instead the missile is clipped to the launcher. It is a wire-guided missile that requires the user to keep the targeting radical centered on the target.  It has excellent armour penetration capability as well as greater range over common LAWs, however it does weigh a fair bit and is usually used with a tripod to steady the launcher. It is usually deployed in at least a two man crew, with one aiming and firing the missiles while the other carries and loads.

MILAN (PL5 Exotic Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 14d6, ignores 18 points of hardness
Blast Radius: 30 ft, Reflex 18
Critical: 20 x2
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 630 ft
Rate of Fire: SS
Size: large
Weight: 36 lbs for launcher, 16 lbs for missiles
Ammo: 1
Purchase DC: 30 (Mil +3) for launcher, missiles 28 (Mil +3)
Notes: Reloading is a standard action, will not fire if target is within 30 feet of launcher. Firing is a full round action as the user must keep the target in the sights. With the aid of a second person, the weapon can be fired every round as long as there are enough missiles at hand.

Evolved Combat Shield
For an individual the battlefield of the future is a dangerous place, requiring a serious amount of protection. Enter the evolved combat shield, a shield with built in missile launcher. Light enough to be used one handed, powerful enough to take on any adversary, versatile enough to be useful in almost any situation.

Evolved Combat Shiled (PL 6-7)
Dam: Varies
Crit: 20
Type: varies
Range: 100'
Mag: 2 internal (2 alt, total of 6 rounds)
Size: Med.
Weight: 7.5lbs.
Pdc: 29 (+3 mil.)
Notes: Provides a shield bonus to users (Def +3, non prof def +1, armor penalty -2, spell failure 30%). Uses a special modified rocket ammo(can hit targets up to 100 range increments away with normal penalties; laser guided, touch attack to target opponent, attack gains +4 equipment bonus to hit; travels 10 range increments/round; ammo Pdc. +4). Two alternate ammo’s (total of 6 rounds) can switch between them as a swift action once per turn, takes a full round action to load one mag (2 rounds).

I'm not sure I like how laser guided weapons work in game, I'm trying to playaround with it to find something I like. let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Evolved Combat Shield
For an individual the battlefield of the future is a dangerous place, requiring a serious amount of protection. Enter the evolved combat shield, a shield with built in missile launcher. Light enough to be used on handed, powerful enough to take on any adversary, versatile enough to be useful in almost any situation.

Evolved Combat Shiled (PL 6-7)
Dam: Varies
Crit: 20
Type: varies
Range: 100'
Mag: 2 internal (2 alt, total of 6 rounds)
Size: Med.
Weight: 7.5lbs.
Pdc: 29 (+3 mil.)
Notes: Provides a shield bonus to users (Def +3, non prof def +1, armor penalty -2, spell failure 30%). Uses a special modified rocket ammo(can hit targets up to 100 range increments away with normal penalties; laser guided, touch attack to target opponent, attack gains +2 circumstance bonus to hit; travels 10 range increments/round; ammo Pdc. +4). Two alternate ammo’s (total of 6 rounds) can switch between them as a swift action once per turn, takes a full round action to load one mag (2 rounds).

I'm not sure I like how laser guided weapons work in game, I'm trying to playaround with it to find something I like. let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Laser Guided weapons gain a bonus to their attack rolls. Like the Hunter Laser-Guided Missile on page 73 of Future Tech, it gains a +4 from a laser designator. 
Thanks Kronos, a +4 bonus sounds a lot better then +2. I still wonder if I should use the rules from the mecha compendium, they're ok but seem to slow down the game a lot.

Evolved Combat Sword
keeping with the up close and personal combat of the future battle fields on the swampy moons of Jupiter, the combat sword is the logical evolution of the military hand to hand weapon system. Combining a large gage shotgun and a high frequency sword into one compact package, the soldiers found a weapon worth taking into the jungle. The availability of specialty ammunition is a big bonus, many prefer armor piercing flechette rounds, or high explosive slugs, each equally capable of getting the job done.

Evolved Combat sword (PL 6)
Dam: 2d6/2d10
Crit: 19-20/20
Type: Slashing/Ballistic
Rof: --/S
Mag: --/5 (int.)
Size: Large
Weight: 11lbs.
Pdc: 17 (+1 lic.)
Note: Gun uses 10gauge shotgun rounds (or future variant of)
There’s plenty of gun swords out there, but I wanted to toss this on the pile anyway.

Squirrel Cannon

Some background.  A friend was showing me stats for a squad cannon, all I could see was squid cannon. We talked about it for a few days, it was our running joke. I loved the Idea but squids couldn’t be vary useful out of water for long, then later at a park I was watching squirrels fight over a food wrapper, and this was born.

Squirrel Cannon
Dam: 1d6
Crit: 20
Type: Bludgeoning
Range: 60’
Rof: Single
Mag: 4 (int.)
Size: Large
Weight: 11lbs
Pdc: 20 (+4 illegal)
Notes: fires a live squirrel (Use stats for rat) sealed in a stasis pod, kept healthy and fed for it’s duration in pod. After hitting target squirrel is released and immediately attacks and continues to do so until it’s killed or grows bored. Because of the nature of he ammunition animal rights groups have made it an illegal weapon. Because squirrels are cheep many military groups use it anyway. As an additional cost squirrel rounds can be sold infected with diseased that are transmitted via bites, and speciality squirrels are bread for those with specific tasks in mind. Ammo sold in box’s of 8 Pdc 9, ammo has a shelf life of 1 year before squirrel dies from lack of care.

I made several uses for spam before.. and there's a squid gun in Despicable Me movie.
Squid Cannon
Dam: 2d4
Crit: 20
Type: Bludgoning
Range: 70'
Rof: Single
Mag: 1 (internal)
Size: Large
Weight: 23lb.
Pdc: 23(+4 Illegal)

Why not? Squids are agressive inteligent hunters, as a munition they are excelent for stoping a foe from escaping. Ammo sold in boxes of 4 Pdc 16. Ammo shelf life 1 year. Because of the larger better shaped projectile the squid cannon has better range. The user can set the weapon's ammo pod to break open just before impact, this allows the squid to make a charge attack with a additional +2 to hit and dammage, but the squid takes the impact damage (2d4 bludgoning.) as well. Only medium sizes sqid can be fired from this gun, for larger squid look for our Squid Artillery for all your long range cephalopod delivery systems. 
Colt Phoenix 

With farther experimenting in plasma technology, Colt developed plasma exploding bullets instead of the normal chemical explosive rounds. To premier the new rounds, Colt released an intimidating, heavy revolver, styled after an enlarged python revolver of previous fame. The phoenix uses a .40 caseless magnum round, giving it slightly better range than other revolver calibers of the past. The rounds explode in a small ball of plasma fire, making them for illuminating a dark room during a firefight.

Phoenix (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6+1 ball +2d6 fire
Critical: 20 x2
Damage Type: ball +fire
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: small
Weight: 3 lbs
Ammo: 6
Purchase DC: 17 (Lic +1)
Notes:  Uses plasma explosive rounds, box of 30 PDC 9. Masterwork weapon, granting a +1 bonus to damage. Comes with a gun camera with passive night vision and records up to 3 hours. When drawn, the large weapon provides a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks.

New Ammunition
Plasma Explosive Rounds
These ballistic rounds have a core of deuterium and through a company secret, when the round strikes a target, the impact ignites the deuterium, superheating it into a plasma state, dealing significant damage to the target, far greater than normal explosive rounds. Plasma explosive rounds deal +2d6 fire damage, and require no modifications to the weapon. PDC +4



Each round of photon sheathed ammunition is wrapped in an extremely thin foil of the same material used in the manufacture of starship photon sails. A nanomachine housed within the round collects energy from the sun through the external foil and converts that energy into thrust creating a final ammunition that acts almost like a gyro-jet round. This energy thrust increases the weapon’s speed – and damage – depending on the brightness of the area when the round is fired. In direct, bright sunlight a photon sheathed round inflicts +4 damage when it hits its target. In partially sunny, cloudy conditions a photon sheathed round inflicts +2 damage when it hits its target. Under artificial light a photon sheathed round inflicts +1 damage when it hits its target. In dark, or shadowy conditions a photon sheathed round has no effect on the weapon’s damage.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Purchase DC: 11.
Restriction: Military (+3).

Looking like standard ammunition, charged rounds contain a miniature electrical device that can hold a charge for a few seconds. When fired, a charged round crackles with electricity, looking almost like a tiny blast of lightning. A weapon firing charged rounds inflicts 1d6 points of electricity damage in addition to its standard damage. A standard weapon cannot fire charged ammunition; in order to fire charged rounds a weapon must be equipped with a charging chamber gadget (purchase DC modifier +3, restricted). Once a weapon is outfitted with a charging chamber it may fire regular ammunition and charged ammunition. Mounting a charging chamber on a weapon requires a Craft (mechanical check) (DC 20), a workspace, and four hours.A weapon with a charging chamber is one size category larger and is obviously modified.The weapon uses a standard power pack in addition to ammunition.
Damage Type: Ballistic/Electricity.
Purchase DC: 13.
Restriction: Military (+3).

Commonly known as “cylock” rounds, cyber disruptor ammunition carries a specialized system that emits a micro-burst electromagnetic pulse the instant the round comes into contact with a target (armored or unarmoured). The damage is unaffected when a cylock round is fired at a character or creature that does not have any cybernetic devices installed. It’s when a cylock round impacts a cyber-enhanced character or creature that the ammunition really comes into its own;a cyber-enhanced character or creature that is hit by a cylock round suffers 1d6 points of electricity damage for each cybernetic attachment or enhancement and must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. If the cybernetically enhanced character or creature rolls a natural 1 on its Fortitude save, each of its cybernetic attachments takes 1d6 points of electricity damage as well. Cyber disruptor rounds emit such a small, brief electromagnetic pulse that most other electronic or computer devices carried by the attack’s target are unaffected – 2% chance of shorting out each electronic or computer device carried by the target. Affected devices remain nonfunctional until repaired.
Damage Type: Ballistic/Special.
Purchase DC: 12.
Restriction: Military (+3).

With laser weapons on the rise, it was only a matter of time before a weapons laboratory experimented with mounting tiny laser projectors within the core of a standard ballistic round. When fired, as it leaves the weapon’s barrel, a laser prick round instantaneously fires a microburst laser beam. On a successful attack the weapon deals 1d4 points for fire damage to the target which is then followed by the weapon’s standard, ballistic damage. Laser prick ammunition can be loaded in a weapon’s ammunition magazine mixed with regular rounds. The ammunition’s laser ability requires no special modification to the weapon – all of the work is done by the round itself which engages a nanomachine system that fires the laser the instant the weapon is fired.
Damage Type: Fire/ballistic.
Purchase DC: 10.
Restriction: Military (+3).

Felt I could contribute something so here it is

Browning 50-caliber SAW PL 7: First developed as a mobile heavy weapon, the Browning SAW, intended for use by infantry wearing the Power Assist Load Exo-Armor suit or the heavier Powered Armor. The weapon consists of a 600 round box hopper stationed fore of the weapons grip and a cross armature to steady the weapon while firing; the weapon can also be combined with the standard belt fed chain-link ammunition backpack increasing the amount of ammunition to 3,000 rounds. SA, A (2d12 multiplied by 30 for SA and 1d10*1d100 for number of rounds fired in A). 

Browning .50-Caliber SAW PL 7
Damage: 2d12 multiplied by 30 for SA and 1d10*1d100 for number of rounds fired in A
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range: 110 ft.
Rof: Semiautomatic 30 Round Burst or Full Automatic
Magazine:600 Round Linked Box or 3,000 Round Belt-Fed Chain-Linked Ammo Backpack
Size: Huge
Weight: 75 lb.
PDC: 25 (+4 Military)

105 mm Cannon
A smaller cousin to the 120 mm found on the Abrams main battle tank.

Cannon, 105 mm (PL 5 Heavy or Vehicle Weapons Proficiency)
Damage: 8d12
Critical: -
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 300 feet
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Gargantuan
Ammo: 1 Internal (some models have a box)
Purchase DC: 36
Notes: Military (+3)

20 mm Autocannon
A vehicle heavy weapon, used on armoured personnel carriers, light tanks, and aircraft. Can be used on mecha as well.

Autocannon, 20mm (PL 5 Heavy or Vehicle Weapons Proficency)
Damage: 4d10
Critical: 19-20 x2
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 150 feet
Rate of Fire: A
Size: Gargantuan
Ammo: Linked
Purchase DC: 32
Notes: Military (+3)

"Standard" Anti-Aircraft Platform (PL 5, Heavy weapons proficiency or Vehicle weapon proficiency)
This heavy trailer mounts a small radar system as well as a twin 20 mm turret. The radar has an effective range of 10 km for plotting and tracking aircraft, and has a minimum height of 100 feet with a maximum attack height of 5 km. Once towed into position, the trailer deploys stabilization jacks, and rotates the wheels underneath to act as added cushioning as it lowers to the ground. This process takes about 1 minute. The turret is then unlocked, barrels lift from travel position and free to track aerial targets designated by the radar. The radar system can have friendly IFFs inputted and the system allowed to designate potential targets for a user to accept or deny the system to engage, or left to engage any none friendly IFFs. The turret can be manned with a bonus from the radar and targeting system, or fully automated with only a crew for reloading and fixing any jams or other problems that might appear. The 20 mm shells are longer than those used in most autocannons for enhanced range, along with longer than normal vehicle mounted weapons.
When manned, the system provides a +3 bonus against aerial targets. As an automated weapon, it has two attacks, both at +6 attack bonus. The trailer is 5 squares long and 2 squares wide in travel mode, and 3 squares wide in deployed mode. The system carries 100 rounds for each cannon and is usually linked to an ammunition trailer with a farther 1000 rounds. In a pinch, the system can be used against ground targets like a tank, but does not gain any bonus to attack, in fact the user takes a -2 to attack rolls.
Twin linked 20 mm autocannons 6d10 19-20x2, ballistic, 300 ft, S/A, linked (This is fire linked stats. If one cannon is damaged, drop damage to 4d10).

PDC 33 for whole system, 16 for 50 rounds of standard ballistic rounds.

Alternate ammunition:
High Explosive: These rounds contain an explosive for dealing greater damage upon impact with its target. Increase damage by +2 Die which is fire damage.
Armour Piercing: These ballistic rounds are meant for penetrating heavy armour. Many critics laughed at heavy armour piercing rounds in anti-aircraft roles, due to the thin armour on aircraft in use, but the military likes to be prepared. Reduce damage by 1 die, ignores 3 points of Defense provided by armour (For RAW), and 10 points of hardness/DR.
Shrapnel: This shell explodes before reaching the target, throwing a large cloud of razor sharp metal in an attempt to strike multiple targets. Deals 3d8 slashing damage to a 50 foot area, Reflex save DC 18 for half. In twin linked configuration deals 4d8 slashing damage to a 75 foot area with a Reflex save DC 21 for half.

PL6 Version
The next age version of the anti-aircraft platform is very similar to the previous generation, but instead uses twin long range lasers. The basic PL6 version sits on a trailer that is 2 squares wide and 4 squares long. The weapon system is slightly smaller, but still has long barrels. The reduction in weapon physical size allows for a powerful power generator to be installed which powers both the radar and refilling the high capacity burst capacitors. This version has a radar range of 20 km and an effective firing ceiling of 7 km, and a minimum range of 50 feet. The PL6 version can be used against ground targets as well, but suffers a -1 to attack rolls. The system has an improved sensors and not only can identify targets by IFF information, but can also use visual systems to identify targets, but only with an effective range of 10 km. This aids in target priority designation for users, or for identifying civilian craft that accidently fly into its target area. In manual mode it only provides a +3 bonus to attacks, but also allows the user to use the visual sensors to identify potential targets as possible friendlies with damaged IFF and comm systems. In automated mode, it has two attacks at +8 attack bonus each, and will not fire on targets it scans as possibly friendly by visual methods that are not broadcasting friendly IFFs and prompts a user for confirmation of attack or not.
Twin Linked Long ranged lasers 6d8 20, fire, 400 feet, S/A, -
If one barrel is damaged, a single barrel deals 4d8 points of fire damage.
PDC 34 for the whole system.

Couple of weapons from Colt for late PL5/Early PL6.

Colt 2011
The 2011 is modelled after the famous 1911 model, only it's a bit larger as it's chambered in .75 caliber rounds (.75AE). This weapon is designed for use by cybernetically enhanced people or those wearing power armour. Any unaugmented person trying to use the weapon will hurt themselves, as was proven with demonstrations of .600 express rounds, which videos of amateurs firing such rounds are easily found on the net.
The 2011 has gained popularity amongst cyborg gunslingers as the weapon uses the same reliable firing mechanism as found in the 1911, just larger, and the added weight of the weapon allows them to use the weapon as an impromptu melee weapon without worrying about any damage to the weapon.

Colt 2011 (Late PL5 / PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d12
Critical: 20
Damage Type: balllistic
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: S
Size: med
Weight: 9 lb
Ammo: 9
Purchase DC: 19 Res (+2)
Notes: Anyone without exceptional strength, or a cybernetic arm, with strength rated at least 18, suffers -2 on any attacks after the first attack in a round, and suffers half the damage rolled in subdual damage on any attack made with the 2011. So a normal person, with Strength 18 will suffer half damage in subdual damage each time he fires the weapon, and his second attack suffers -2 to attack roll. While a person with a cybernetic limb of Strength 19, doesn't suffer the subdual damage or the attack penalty to his second attack due to the shock absorbers and gyros in the arm to keep it steady.
When used to pistol whip someone, it deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage instead of the normal 1d4 for pistols for its heavier construction and larger size.
Ammunition: Box of 50 .75AE rounds has a PDC 7.

This is Colt's version of the old Browning M2B .50 caliber machine gun chambered in .75 caliber rounds. This weapon replaces the old M2 as an anti armour weapon or heavy machinegun mounted on vehicles like the humvee. However, since the ammunition is larger and heavier, not many humvee style vehicles haven't switched to the M5011, although newer MBTs have had them installed in the coaxial mounts or used as light anti aircraft weaponry.

M5011 (PL 5 Exotic Weapons Proficiency or Heavy Weapons Proficiency)
Damage: 2d12+6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: ballistic
Range Increment: 110 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Huge
Weight: 80 lb
Ammo: Link
Purchase DC: 23 Mil (+3)
Notes: Ignores 3 points of hardness/DR
Ammunition: Box of 20 rounds of .75 caliber has a PDC 7.

A bit on Point Defense Systems (page 135 d20 Future)

While doing the Anti-Aircraft platforms I posted earlier, I looked back on the Point Defense Systems for starships. I noticed it only deals ballistic damage. Now.. why couldn't you have a system that uses lasers instead to save on cargo space needed to feed this defensive systems? or Plasma? what about particle beam weapons, ion or electrical based weapons?

And ships can only make one attack of opportunity, does that mean it can only stop missiles once a round, but can't make an attack against any ship getting close? or attack a ship getting close but not any missiles?

So I was thinking.. Allow the system to make as many as the pilot's Dex modifier? or maybe, since they can't be controlled by anyone and are automatic, give them certain amount of attacks per round as if they were a person?

So, first changes I'd make is damage type. The Point Defense System will use the main weapon type of the PL that the ship was made in, or what the designer thought was most efficient, or cost effective. So now the system isn't PL6, but more PL dependent for damage type. So PL5 would be ballistic, while PL6 could be ballistic or fire, or a combination of the two, so half the batteries are ballistic weapons and half lasers, so the damage dealt would be half and half ballistic and fire. While PL7 could be lasers or plasma, or maybe ballistic for rail/gravity guns if you so desire. PL8 can add in electricity based weapons, or 'energy'. Or it can have any of the previous damage types.
Or, if the race that built the ship favours electrical based or particle beam weapons at an earlier PL, can put it on those ships as well, but only on that race's ships.
This option allows the ships to have a little more flavour, which can make some unique. Like if Race A is PL5 and uses the basic ballistic weapons, while Race B uses lasers, and race A has armour designed to fight ballistic weapons, they are at a disadvantage against race B's laser point defense weapons.
PDC won't be changed using this rule, it's more for flavour and some diversity amongst different races and ship designs for the point defense systems.

Let's also say the basic system has one attack of opportunity. More attacks can be made with upgrades. Here's a few possible upgrades or enhancements to the point defense system.

Heavy Point Defense System
This is a heavier version of the point defense system uses larger caliber or greater powered weapons.
Increase the damage  by 1 die, as if the ship size was larger than it is.
Increase PDC of the system by +2

Light Point Defense System
This is a lighter point defense system, using smaller weapons or a few less emplacements.
Decrease damage by 1 die, as if the ship was one size smaller. In the case of an ultralight, which normally has 1d12x10 damage for the point defense system, reduce the multiplier to only x6, so it becomes 1d12x6.
Use the PDC of the next size smaller ship, or reduce it by 1 in the case of Ultralight.

Enhanced Point Defensive System
This version has more weapon emplacements to allow greater coverage to bring more weapons to bare.
This version has the multiplier increased to x12 from the normal x10.
Increased PDC by +2

Extended Range
The point defense system has greater range than previous versions. This is done by longer barrels, more powerful propellant, extra focusing chambers, etc. The range that the system works at is now 1000 feet, or two 500 foot squares around the ship.

Enhanced Computer Control
The control system has better computer control and programming, even up to powerful AIs to direct the point defense systems.
Mk1 has 2 attacks per opportunity PDC +3; Mk2 has 2 attacks, but has a 30% chance to destroy a missile and also gets a +1 to attack rolls for attacks of opportunities PDC +4;  Mk3 has 3 attacks of opportunities, 30% to destroy missiles, and +2 to attack rolls PDC +5; Mk4 has 4 attacks of opportunities, 40% chance to destroy missiles and +3 to attack rolls PDC +6.

Missile Interceptors (PL6)
Missile interceptors is similar to point defense systems, but uses smaller caliber weapons, and targets missiles only. This allows point defense systems to only be dedicated to just attacking ships within range. This system takes up a Defensive System slot. The system can be used against any missile attacks in a round. A barrage of missiles from a single attack requires a roll against the number of missiles to determine how many missiles the system can target. So if a barrage contains 6 missiles, roll a d6 and the result is how many missiles the system can attempt to hit. If the barrage contains an odd number of a missiles, use only the closest round number that is below the number of missiles, except in the case of 3 missiles, then use a d4 and a result of 4 would just allow the system to try against all three missiles.
Mk1 has a 30% chance to destroy missiles PDC 29, Mk2 has a 40% chance to destroy missiles PDC 31, Mk3 has a 50% chance to destroy missiles PDC 34, Mk4 has a 60% chance to destroy missiles PDC 36, Mk5 has a 70% chance to destroy missiles PDC 38.

Vintage Arms is a company run by a small group of alien engineers that were fascinated by the sheer variety of arms that humans have created over the years, and how some humans will favour old designs while newer ones make a far more obvious choice. Deciding to see if they can make a profit from this fascination amongst humans and other races looking for something a little different.
They have been searching through Earth's history and ancient designs looking for ones that have a long history of popularity and reliability and even at some eccentric designs that might catch their fancy.
In their search, they not only uncovered weapons, but also vehicles and aircraft that have caught their fancy and are beginning work on updating the designs with newer equipment.

The VA1911RP is a rail gun pistol modelled after the Colt 1911. Using Grongah railgun technology, allows the weapon to remain small without having to have a power pack to power the magnetic accelerator. Using the naturally magnetic minerals of the Grongah homeworld, the weapon doesn't require as much power to direct the magnetic field down the barrel. The weapon comes with 5 empty magazines which have built in power cells that contain enough power to fire all the rounds in the magazine. These magazines come with a power dock for recharging after they are refilled.
The VA1911RP has decent range for a pistol, and a larger magazine than the original, and commands respectable damage, although its only about the same as the average Grongah rail pistol, using a very reliable firing mechanism. Even though the hammer serves no real purpose in the design, it can still be pulled back, which also disengages the safety. If slowly decocked, it the safety will engage automatically. The slide also moves, even though there is no casings to be ejected. This is more just for show, but also allows any special ammunition that might be loaded that jams to be ejected quickly by pulling back on the slide, popping the round out.

VA1911RP (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d12
Critical: 20
Damage Type: ballistic
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: s
Size: med
Weight: 4 lb
Ammo: 15 box
Purchase DC: 18 Lic (+1)
Notes: Looks exactly like a Colt 1911, except for the small digital display which is cleverly disguised, which displays the ammo count and a red light for safety on while it's being gripped, and a green light when safety off. Has a rail under the barrel for mounting laser sight, flashlight or other accessory. Has a digital ammo counter.

This is a laser pistol version of the VA1911RP. Visually there isn't much difference between the two weapons on the outside, nor with the original. The only way to tell the difference is the engraving of Vintage Arms 1911LP on the side. The digital display, also disguised like the RP model, instead has a power level bar set in increments of 10 and only changes to digits once it reaches 5 rounds. The slide moves back just for visual effects, and the hammer, when pulled back, the weapon emits an ominous hum, like a power build up sound, but does nothing else. Vintage Arms has also added a small noise maker to the weapon that when it fires, it makes the sound like a real Colt 1911 being fired. This option can be turned off at the push of a recessed button near the safety.

VA1911LP (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: s
Size: med
Weight: 3 lb
Ammo: 50 box
Purchase DC: 17
Notes: Looks almost exactly like a Colt 1911 except for small digital display with ammo counter. Has a rail under the barrel for accessories. When held to a person's head in an intimidating manner and the hammer cocked, the ominous hum adds a +1 bonus to Intimidate checks.

The M29PP is a remake of the old Smith and Wesson M29 .44 magnum, upgraded with plasma technology. The cylinder is actually a modified power pack, which Vintage Arms sells 5 with the weapon. As the weapon is fired, the cylinder rotates, just like it would in a real revolver, but doesn't actually serve any other purpose. Since the power pack is smaller than those in most weapons, the ammo capacity is reduced, but still greater than what a ballistic revolver would be. To reload the weapon, it breaks open just like the original M29 would, and the spent power pack pops out and a new one slid into place, then snap shut. The hammer just rotates the cylinder and disengages the safety. A small digital display shows a power level bar set in increments of 5, and when gets to 5 shots switches to numbers to count down the remaining shots.

VA M29PP (PL6/7 Personal Firearm Proficiency)
Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 40 ft
Rate of Fire: s
Size: med
Weight: 3 lb
Ammo: 25 box (shaped like a cylinder for a revolver)
Purchase DC: 17 Lic (+1)
Notes: Looks like a SW M29, has a rail under the barrel for accessories and digital ammo display. 

Acid Fog Grenades

With sales of the acid based weaponry proving to be quite successful, GE decided to make an acid version of the firefog available for robots and mechs. They first made a grenade/proximity mine to test the concept. 

The grenade/proximity mine is a bit bigger than a regular hand grenade, shaped like a round ended cylinder. It can be thrown then releases its payload after several seconds from impact to allow the user to move out of harms way. Alternatively, it can be used as a mine. In this way, it is placed on the ground, safety pulled and arms itself after 10 seconds to allow the user to get out of the sensor's range of 20 feet. It will wait until a target is within 10 feet before detonating.

Acid Fog Grenade/Proximity Mine (PL6)
Damage: 3d6, ignores 5 points of hardness/DR
Damage Type: Acid
Range Increment: 20 ft thrown, proximity sensor detects targets out to 20 ft but won't detonate until 10 ft
Blast Radius: 30 ft Will linger in the air for 6 rounds then dissipates harmlessly as the acid compounds breaks down.
Reflex Save DC: 20
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1.3 lb
Purchase DC: 19 Mil (+3) for a box of 5 grenades.

As technology progresses, HP has kept up. As plasma weapons begin dominating the markets, HP has kept their share of the weapons market with their high quality lasers, and now high intensity lasers with a few x-ray lasers. HPs leading HI laser is the HILR541, which is favoured heavily by law enforcement and hunters due to its variable damage settings, and its armour penetrating abilities. On its lowest damage setting, it does lose the armour penetrating abilities, but this suits most hunters and officers as the point is to wound and not blast through and possibly hurt any possible hostages. The other advantage of the variable damage setting is the lower the setting, the greater the range. The user changes the setting by a thumb dial just above the trigger. The design is completely ambidextrous and has dials on both sides. The power pack as a quick release, close to the trigger, which ejects the spent power pack quickly speeding up reload times.

HP HILR541 (PL7 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 3d10*
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 90 ft.
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Large
Weight: 10 lb
Ammo: 50 box
Purchase DC: 21 Restricted (+2)
Notes: Considered to have the armoured piercing gadget, in RAW ignore 2 points of Defense, reduce damage rolls by 2. If using armour as DR rules, ignore 3 points of DR.
*Variable damage: as a free action, using the dial on the side, the user can lower or raise the damage by 1 die per setting. Can not go above 3d12. At 2d12 setting range is changed to 135 ft. At 1d12 setting, range is changed to 180 ft, but loses the armour piercing ability.

Darter Organic Rocket Launcher

Commissioned to produce some heavy weapons for a colony where high technology suffered from high solar radiation and EM fields, Life Sciences went to work producing a man portable organic rocket system that would renew its ammunition supply. The launcher itself is a large bone tube with a handle and soft spongy material for a shoulder rest. Behind where the shoulder rest is a bone plated bulge about a foot wide, a foot long and hangs down about two feet. On the side is what appears to be a smaller bone covered tube which ends in an eye like object, which includes eye lids to protect the eye when not in use. This is the optic sights, which includes night vision.
A set of four insect legs, usually folded against the primary tube can extend to allow the user to have greater support while in a prone position, but also allow the weapon to move about in a holding pen. The mouth is covered by an armoured plate under the bulge. The darter requires to be feed a diet of various minerals and some organic matter. It has a primary lithorvore, eating dirt, stones and the like, and grazing on grass for the little organic matter it needs.
The weapon creates small rockets made of bone, propelled by an organic explosive chemical, which also provides the explosive power behind the warhead. The launcher will hold 6 rockets and takes about an hour to produce a new rocket.
However, the weapon can be feed a high concentrated energy bar which will allow it to rapidly produce six rockets, in about a minute (10 seconds to make a rocket), but after they have been used, the weapon will need to rest for about two hours as its metabolism is put into overdrive.
The darter has a lifespan of about 30 years, as long as it gets feed regularly, about every two or three days when not in use.
Can be combined with a chirp communicator to be used as a type of IFF system and allowed to roam on its own and can attack targets on its own as a remote weapons system. Its crude intelligence won't allow it to distinguish different priority targets unless commanded to attack enemy targets over a certain size.
Some colonies will leash or pen several darters along walls made of rock and dirt with orders to attack only large creatures or objects if they don't possess the proper IFFs.

Darter Organic Rocket Launcher (PL 6/7)
Damage: 6d6, 30 ft radius
Critical: 20
Damage Type: half fire half slashing
Reflex DC: 18
Range Increment: 130 ft
Rate of Fire: semi
Size: large
Weight: 24
Ammo: 6 internal
Purchase DC: 21 (Res +2), energy bars are PDC 15 for box of 3 bars.
Notes: Has integrated night vision, with included chirp (sold separately), can be used as a remote weapon system. Has speed of 10 ft, ranged attack bonus of +3, and a Climb skill of +2.


The MP311 is an automatic bullpup pistol released by H&K that makes use of new materials and better ballistic charges, although doesn't make use of the XZ caseless rounds, instead uses readily available 9mm to ease logistics for new users. The bullpup design allows for a longer barrel, giving it better range over other pistols and the curved magazine allows for a larger capacity. Fully ambidextrous design with a clear magazine allows the user to quickly see how many rounds are left. Features full automatic fire as well as a three round burst setting.

MP311 (PL5 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: ballistic
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Med
Weight: 4 lb
Ammo: 25 box
Purchase DC: 17 (Res +2)
Notes: Ambidextrous design allowing easy use of left or right handed people, three round burst setting allow the use of burst fire feat with only three rounds, but does not grant the use of the feat if the use does not have it.

Underwater Munitions

Since most projectile weapons aren't very good underwater, here's some stuff for when you gotta fight in or around water.

Supercavitating Bullets
These specially designed bullets are meant for use underwater, allowing for frogman and divers to do combat underwater without having to use special weapons. Although a weapon that is sealed and usable underwater is required first as normal weapons don't always function that well once submerged.
Benefit: These bullets don't suffer the -2 penalty to attack for every 5 feet of water they travel through. Weapon range increment is reduced by 10 feet though.
PDC: +3

Mini Torpedoes
These are basically mini missiles or rockets modified with a propulsion unit meant for water use. They can be fired from any mini rocket or missile launcher as they use compressed air to first launch from the launcher 10 feet, then the motor engages to propel it forward. Not all types of rockets are suitable for underwater use, with explosive being the most common. Explosive blast radius is reduced by half.
PDC: +2

Blue-Green Lasers
This is a modification to lasers into a blue-green light spectrum that allows them to work underwater better. However the range of the laser is only three-quarters of what it was originally, but this is the range for both in and out of water.
PDC: +1 

Bone Spitter

Commissioned by the same colony that requested the Darter, Life Sciences has produced an organic projectile firearm. The weapon looks like a bullpup style rifle covered in segmented chitin. The barrel is lined with powerful muscles which expel an extremely sharp shard of bone with enough force to equal most ballistic rifles. The rifle has a lithorvore metabolism and eats dirt, minerals and earth to sustain itself and produce its ammunition. It has a chitin covered mouth on the underside of the stock. The bone spitter regenerates its stock of bone shards at a rate of one shard every thirty minutes. Special high energy and mineral heavy bars are available which force the bone spitter to quickly replenish its internal supply of bone shards the following round. It can be forced to do this three times before it must rest for 5 hours due to the strain. Bone Spitters live for about 50 years.

Bone Spitter (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d8
Critical: 19-20
Damage Type: Piercing
Range Increment: 75 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Large
Weight: 13 lb
Ammo: 30 internal
Purchase DC: 18 (Lic +1), energy bars are PDC 10 for box of 10.
Notes: Can be fitted with an organic scope which is a tube with what appears to have an eye on one end which makes it an organic equivalent to a 10x scope. The scope has a PDC of 9 if bought separately.

This gun is an example of how to use the gadget system from d20 future and d20 future tech in what appears to me to be a balanced way.
The Protecta Bulldog DWS "Waster" is a step forward for disposable weapons, packing a jaw dropping 8 gauge round into a medium tactical shotgun required increasing the bore, increased weight from gas release compensators and other sacrifices. Despite all this the Waster finds it's way into the hands of many zealous users as it is prized for it's reliability and immense destructive capabilities. The Waster uses hold the patented Protecta 8ga mag razor ammo as well as standard 8 gauge rounds.

Protecta bulldog

Configuration: DWS “Waster”

Purchase DC: 16 ($650)

Mods:  Improved stopping power

Drawbacks: decreased range, disposable, increased weight, reduced accuracy, reduced damage

Damage: 3d8 -1

Crit: 20

Mag: 11 cyl

Size: med

Weight: 9lbs

Range increment: 10ft

Damage: ballistic

Special: -1 on attacks

8ga mag Razor

Critical threat +1
damage +1
Purchase DC: 12 ($200)
Edit: forgot to change the weight

Weapon Pods
These devices look like white plastic ovoids with a hole running length wise through them. The user puts their arm through the hole which covers the forearm. With a specific muscle flex of the hand and wrist, the top and bottom half of the ovoid slides forward and closes, encasing the hand and half the forearm. A handle extends from the top and bottom half and joins in the middle, for the user to take hold of inside the pod. A trigger is on the top part. There is also several buttons which the user can use from inside the pod by extending a finger. A second set of buttons is concealed under a slide away panel on the outside which just act as a redundancy set. The handle is able to twist. Twisting forward engages the melee feature, while twisting back causes the ovoid to split open and slide back to its rest position covering the forearm.
These pods are designed to create an easy access, quick drawing, multiweapon system. Most come with a light to medium anti-personal ranged weapon, a heavier secondary weapon, and a form of melee weapon, which is usually in the form of energy encasing most of the pods outer casing, allowing melee strikes with the pod itself as it encases the hand.

Police Weapon Pod
The police version comes in the standard white, but also has a thick blue strip that runs down the middle when the pod is closed, so when open, two strips along the inner halves. It comes armed with a laser carbine that also has a stun setting, a 18 gauge shotgun for specialty rounds, such as explosive or those that blast out door locks, and a taser-like electrical field for melee use which also works on robots.
Police Weapon Pod (PL6 Personal Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 3d8 laser, 2d8 18 gauge (or varies), 1d4 +1d6 melee
Critical: 20
Damage Type: laser fire, 18 gauge ballistic/varies, melee 1d4 bludgeoning plus electrical (can be lethal or nonlethal)
Range Increment: 60 ft laser, 30 ft 18 gauge, melee
Rate of Fire: SA laser, semi 18 ga
Size: Medium
Weight: 8 lbs
Ammo: 50 box laser, 10 internal 18 gauge, melee discharge uses 1 charge from laser
Purchase DC: 22
Notes: User may quick draw the weapon as if they had they Quick Draw feat. Laser has stun setting which target needs to make a Fort save DC 15 or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Melee weapon can deal lethal or nonlethal damage. In nonlethal also has stun setting, Fort save DC 16 or stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. This stun setting also works to temporarily disable robots as the electrical field interferes with their neural pathways and electrical systems.

Ballistic Weapon Pod
This weapon pod uses only ballistic weapons. Armed with a rapid fire ballistic weapon, which is an enlarged system used in the Viper and King Viper personal defense weapons, firing a slightly larger caliber. The secondary weapon is a mini grenade launcher. It contains a similar electrical system as the police version, but lacks the stun setting, instead going for greater electrical damage.
Ballistic Weapon Pod (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 4d4 gun, varies mini grenade, 1d4 +2d6 melee
Critical: 20
Damage Type: ballistic gun, varies by grenade, bludgeon plus electrical
Range Increment: 60 ft gun, 50 ft grenade, melee
Rate of Fire: SA gun, semi grenade
Size: Medium
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Ammo: 150 box gun, 8 mini grenades, 150 discharges for electrical melee
Purchase DC: 24
Notes: Gun ammo is in a helix cylinder, uses augmented energy packs for melee electrical weapon.

Plasma Weapon Pod
This weapon pod makes use of Faradai's favoured form of energy: plasma. This version contains a few more features than the other weapon pods due to their speciality in plasma weaponry. The primary weapon is a multimode plasma weapon, with a secondary mini grenade launcher, and two melee attack modes. The first is a plasma field surrounds the end of the pod, similar to the electrical fields of the other two versions. The other melee mode is a blade made of plasma that extends from the end. The multimode plasma weapon is a modified version of the Aggressor Plas-weapon, only lacking the plasma torch feature.
Plasma Weapon Pod (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 3d8 plasma carbine, 3d10 plasthrower, varies by grenade, 1d4+2d6 melee or 2d6 ignoring 2 points of Defense from armour for plasma saber
Critical: 20, 19-20 plasma saber
Damage Type: fire for plasma weapons, varies by grenade. Bludgeon plus fire for melee or fire for saber
Range Increment: 65 ft plasma weapon, 30 ft long 5 foot wide line plasmathrower, melee
Rate of Fire: SA plasma weapon
Size: Medium
Weight: 8 lbs
Ammo: 150 box plasma weapons, 8 mini grenades, each melee plasma discharge or round of use for the plasma saber uses one charge.
Purchase DC: 24
Notes: Makes use of the augmented energy packs. Can use a standard power packs, which provide only 50 charges.

Mustang Arms Whisper

The name Whisper, is a misnomer, for this weapon. A well balanced pistol shaped like old revolvers, but in reality it is a heavy laser pistol, with a quite loud discharge. It doesn't use a standard power pack, instead using a cylinder shaped one, with a docking port that comes with the whisper when purchased. The power of this weapon is comparable to laser rifles, but lacks the range, which for most users is fine as it makes for an excellent close quarters weapon. The holster is designed for quick drawing and holstering the weapon again, making it a favourite amongst gunslingers.

Whisper (PL 6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 30 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Small
Weight: 2.5 lb
Ammo: 25 box
Purchase DC: 19 Lic (+1)
Notes: Masterwork, granting a +1 to attack rolls. When using included holster, user gains the benefit of the Quick Draw feat.
MX Pocket

The MX Pocket is a personal defense weapon sold commercially for civil defense. Extremely light, easy to use and concealable, this weapon is perfect for those wanting something more than some mace to protect themselves with. Comes with a docking station for recharging its power cells. The holster allows for it to be quickly drawn in an emergency. The MX also features a powerful stun setting, which in many areas where owning a weapon is illegal, or extremely difficult to obtain licensing, the MX can be locked in stun only setting, making it more legal.

MX Pocket (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 20 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1.5 lb
Ammo: 20 internal
Purchase DC: 16 Lic (+1)
Notes: Includes docking station for recharging the power cell, taking only 3 hours to recharge. Small size grants a +1 to Sleight of Hand checks to conceal it. Holster grants the user use of the Quick Draw feat. Has stun module, damage changed to nonlethal and Fort save DC 19 or be stunned for 1d6+1 rounds.

VA Thompson M1RG
Searching through Earth's history, Vintage Arms discovered many references to the Thompson, or "Tommy Gun" as it is commonly known, caught the designers eyes. Keeping in with the love of a fully automatic weapon that fires projectiles, the M1RG version is a rail submachine gun, which can use either a 30 round box or a 120 round drum. Several test users claim that using the Thompson on full auto was quite as good as some carnal pleasures of the flesh. Security was necessary to pry a Thompson from one tester who refused to return it for tests.

VA Thompson M1RG (PL 6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d12
Critical: 20
Damage Type: ballistic
Range Increment: 70 ft
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Medium
Weight: 10 lb
Ammo: 30 box or 120 drum
Purchase DC: 18 Lic (+1)
Notes: Looks almost identical to the old Thompson submachine gun, a small digital ammo counter is on the left side, automatically detects if a 30 round box or 120 round drum is attached, which adds 5 lb.