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Fixed Lethal Enhanced Area defense pre-fragmented shaped charge chemical explosive mines. FLEAs are mines designed to protect satellites and stations from EVA sabotage. The FLEA mines are small, not much larger than a typical claymore style mine but included a unique gravitic field lock system which varied its distance from its parent asset by gentle magnetic field manipulation on a very minor level, keying in on the gravity well of the parent asset and being pulled along with it through orbit.

FLEA mines could be detonated autonomously through a series of events detected by their programing or command detonated by the parent asset as needed. Defense satellites can have anywhere from 6 to 12, while a station could have dozens to hundreds scattered about tied into the station's sensors and IFF systems. Each FLEA mine has a lethal radius of several hundred meters (in orbit) and used a shaped charge effect to shred a pre-fragmented casing into five thousand shards moving in a rapidly expanding cloud at a velocity of several miles per second.

FLEA (PL5/6)
Damage: 5d6
Critical: 19-20
Damage Type: Slashing
Range Increment: 100 ft cone.
Rate of Fire: Single, one time use
Size: Small
Weight: 7 lbs
Ammo: 1
Purchase: PDC31 +3 Military for 5 mines.
Game Notes: Coated with a radar absorbing material to keep from being detected, along with nonreflective paint, increase search/spot DCs to locate by 5.
Has sensors to detect approaching targets +10 spot, +10 search out to 500 ft by itself, can be tied into parent asset's sensor system.
Firefog PL6
Firefog is a highly flammable chemical spray that fills the air around the mech and makes  movement hazardous. The short-lived firefog cloud bonds with air molecules, and is so unstable that the friction created by normal movement can ignite it, turning the air around the Power Armor into a lethal firestorm.
Anyone moving faster than 10 ft per round within the area of a Firefog cloud will ignite the chemical. All targets within the cloud’s radius take 6d6 points of fire damage. The explosion can set  combustibles on fire, and a Reflex save, DC 18 halves the damage. Typically the mech is specially insulated to avoid damage from its own cloud, making this weapon ideal for laying ambushes. Has enough for 10 uses. Each slot dedicated to ammo holds enough for 20 uses.
Equipment Slots: 1
Activation: Free action to deploy a cloud
Range: 30 ft radius, centered on the Power Armor
Target: All creatures and objects in range
Duration: A cloud can lie dormant for upto 1 minute
before disappating harmlessly; effects are instant when
Saving Throw: Reflex DC 18 Half Effect
Purchase DC: 31
Restriction: Military (+3)
GEWS328A3, aka Thumper

The General Electrics Weapon System 328A3 is a squad support weapon. Usually mounted on a waist support harness, but can also be mounted on a tripod or a vehicular turret mount. The Thumper as it's affectionately named, is a six barreled plasma weapon. Individually each barrel isn't too impressive, but the Thumper fires two barrels at once, one on each side, alternating between sets of two with each firing, keeping the barrels cooler on autofire. Another feature of the Thumper is the mini-rocket launcher that lines its center, adding a little extra THUMP in combat.
Featuring a second trigger for the rocket launcher, as long as the Thumper isn't firing on autofire, the user can fire a plasma burst, then a rocket, then back to plasma again or vice versa or in any combination.
The Thumper can make use of standard power packs, but uses two at once (drawing power from both, so when one shot is fired, one charge is pulled from both. On autofire 10 is used from both). The mini-rockets are loaded in from the top of the shroud surrounding the barrels. A rocket 'sleeve' can be used to quickly reload the rockets (acts as a speed loader holding 6 rockets, disintegrates as the rockets are fired), else it takes a move action to reload one rocket, so 2 rounds to fully reload the rockets individually.

GEWS328A3 (PL6/7 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 4d10 plasma, varies rocket
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire (or whatever type for the plasma in your game), varies by rocket type
Range Increment: 80 ft, 150 rocket
Rate of Fire: S,A plasma, semi rocket
Size: Large, just barely under huge.
Weight: 32 lbs
Ammo: 50 box plasma, 6 internal rocket
Purchase: PDC32 +3 Military
Has alternate weapon gadget for mini-rockets.
Has a port to allow connection to a power source, such as from a vehicle to power the plasma barrels instead of using normal power packs.

General Electric Pharmacueticals was experimenting with new forms of energy, such as biofuels and energy producting microbes. Taking some fungus with bioluminous powers, combining with DNA from electric eels, GEP has managed to create an organic source of power. The Regenerating Power System is about the size of a fridge, and produces enough power to power a couple dozen homes for year, or a MBT for 6 months of continuous nonstop use. The RePS needs about a litre of water and 1 kg (about two pounds) of a nutrient solution, which can be mixed into the water each day it's used. A RePS can last for 5 years if not used constantly, where the organic mass inside will go into a state of hypernation to allow it to not waste energy when not in use. After about 5 years, more organic material will have to be added and dead matter removed. This is easily done at any GEP storefront for about 11 PDC
Weight: 34 lbs
PDC: 16
Nutrient: 20 kg (approximately 45 lbs), PDC 11

The Regenerating Power Pack is a backpack sized portable version of the RePS. Provides enough power comparable to 5 gas powered portable generators of the past age. Can be used to power anything from a vehicle to weapons. Needs about 100 ml of water and 50 g of nutrient each day of use. Can last up to 5 years before needing to have organic material checked and changed. Can be done for PDC 8.
Weight: 12 lbs
PDC: 17
Mini Grenades PL6
So seeing as how I don't like how d20 future handles grenades in the future.. Let's try this shall we?

Mini Grenades are a bit bigger than a 3" shotgun shell. So a little wider and a shade longer.. say 3.25". So take your regular grenades (hand or 40mm) and cram all that into this super shotgun type round. They won't work in shotguns or shotgun attachments to rifles.

Now for hand grenades of PL6 take your old PL5/Modern grenade, increase damage by 1 die, increase blast radius by 10 ft, and add 5 ft to the range increment (light, more aerodynamic design, deployable fins, what have you) and increase Reflex DC by +2. Quick easy rules for PL6 grenades.
PL6 Frag Grenade 5d6 slashing, 20, burst radius 30 ft, Reflex DC 17, Range Incr 15, tiny, 1 lb, PDC 15 Mil +3

PL6 Rockets
I did mini-rockets in a previous post, so here's just a quick rule for "regular" sized rockets for infantry.
Increase damage by 2 die, increase blast radius by 15 ft, increase Reflex DC by +3, increase range increment by 50 ft. If the rocket has the ability to ignore hardness/DR increase by 3.

An improved version of the RPG-7, although lacking any special targeting systems, really just basic sight with range finder, and mass produced and fairly cheap.
RPG-14 (Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 10d6, 30 ft radius
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Explosive
Range Increment: 275 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Large
Weight: 11 lbs
Ammo: 1 internal
Purchase: PDC 17 (+2 Restricted)

Let's take it up a knotch..
PL7 Explosives
In my opinion, rockets, and mini rockets don't exist in PL7 and above, they would be replaced by missiles and mini missiles, except for dirt cheap non guided ones, but by this point, guidance systems should be fairly cheap so becomes moot. So basically, no rockets, just guided missiles.
Increase die TYPE by 1, so d6 becomes d8, d8 becomes d10, etc. Increase number of die by 1, increase Reflex DC by +2, blast radius by +10 ft, range increment by +50 ft. If there is also the ability to ignore hardness/DR increase by 3.
Add attack bonus for guidance systems, this is where GM discretion comes in.. but higher bonus (range between +1 to +5) increases price of course.
Special Note: In my opinion, for anti-tank/armour/material warheads, use the above stats, but increase the ignore hardness/DR by another 5, use the original PL5 rocket/missile blast radius and decrease that by 5 feet, and don't add the extra bonus die to damage.

RPG-33 PL7
An improved version of the RPG-14, although lacking any special targeting systems beyond basic IR/Thermal, range finding, laser designator and wind direction and force with helpful plotted flight of the missile in the sight. Usually sold with basic missiles (+1 attack, PDC 14 for 4)

RPG-33 ( PL7 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 11d8, 40 ft radius
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Explosive
Range Increment: 325 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Large
Weight: 16 lbs
Ammo: 3 internal
Purchase: PDC 17 (+2 Restricted)

PL7 Grenades
No more mini-grenades, mini missiles will be used instead basically, only with altered minimal ranges, and such.
For hand grenades, take the PL6 version of the hand grenade, increase die type by 1, d6 to d8, etc, increase blast radius by 10 ft, Reflex DC by +2, range increment by +15 ft (better aerodynamics, mini flight system, like a small compressed air jet or the like, mini air turbine or whatever technobabble you want to use).

Well, there you go. Some quick, basic adhoc rules for giving your character some extra hurt against massed targets  and armoured targets of the future.
Shredder Grenades (PL6 to early PL7)

Shredder grenades are an enhanced fragmentation grenade, designed to shred soft targets to shreds. Extremely effective, but also has been banned by many governments as being inhuman. Using specially designed casing and layers of ceramics, metals and other materials, soft targets, aka humans or creepy 3 foot tall alien hordes, are shredded as the material rips through their flesh. Unfortunately, shredders aren't very effective against armoured targets.
A favourite tactic of many runners and pirates is rigging a shredder or several near or in airlocks with proximity sensors to deter boarders, especially in EVA situations as they'll tear through most EVA suits unless they are armoured.

Shredder Grenade (PL6)
Damage: 5d6, 20 ft blast radius
Critical: 18-20
Damage Type: Slashing
Range Increment: 20 ft
Reflex DC: 19
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1 lbs
Purchase: 18 box of 5 (Military +3, although in areas where it is banned, Banned +4)
Game Notes: Against targets with armour that grants at least a +2 bonus to Def, or has more than 3 hardness, or Natural armour +3 or higher, HALF the damage the shredder does as it isn't very effective in penetrating.
Collapsable Spikes
With new breakthroughs in metamaterials and metallurgy, scientists have been able to make materials that can change their shape between program shapes through use of electrical charges. Collapsable spikes is one such application of this technology. At rest, these spikes are large nubs on the device they are put on, usually armours, robots, mecha or defensive positions. When a specific electrical charge is sent through the nub, it expands to its preprogrammed shaped and size as a spike. Size varies by design and size of the device it is installed on. This takes less than a second to happen, making for excellent quick surprise defenses. To retract the spikes, another different electrical charge is sent and they shrink back to their nub size.
Collapsable spikes are not particularly large and designed so as to not impair movement of the device they are put on, so individually they do little damage, but since dozens of spikes can cover the device, the damage adds up.
Medium size (medium sized robots, suits of armour, small vehicles) 1d4 piercing against/during grapples, adds 1d4 piercing damage to unarmed melee attacks, PDC 16
Large size (small mechs of Large size, cars, armour of giant sized lifeforms) 1d6 piercing, PDC 18
Huge size (trucks, huge mecha, etc) 2d4 piercing, PDC 20
Gargantuan size 2d6 piercing, PDC 22
Colossal size 2d8 piercing, PDC 24
Texan Arms R Shot

A realatively new comer to the arms market, Texan Arms released the R Shot which is a mini grenade launcher modeled after semi-automatic shotguns. Surprisingly robust, simple operation and low cost, the R Shot has gained favour amongst heavy weapon users and those that like the versitality of mini grenades over old shotguns.
The R Shot features a comfortable foregrip, ambidexterious design, waterproof and has neutral bouyancy. Able to work submerged in water and mud, go from extreme cold to extreme hot environments and still fire reliably. The only situation Texan Arms couldn't garuntee it'd work under is at the blast point of a tactical nucular missile strike, which they also advise against trying for user safety. Also has a universal mount under the barrel for tactical lights or range finders or gun camera.

R Shot (PL6 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: varies with grenade, typically fragmentation 3d6 10 ft blast radius
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Slashing
Range Increment: 90 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Large
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Ammo: 11 box
Purchase DC: 17

You, my man, create firepower the likes of which are jaw-dropping awesome.

Thanks marco! Feel free to use anything I've posted here, the mech warehouse and wherever.
I've got a bunch of other stuff I've been thinking about to post. I'll probably use this long weekend (it's Thanksgiving here in Canadialand Tongue out ) to post some more.
Clark mk 12

Lt. Nerz coughed as the smoke started to clear from the breached wall. An armoured figured stepped through the hole. She raised her rifle, pointing it at its head.

"You think that pee shooter will hurt me?!" A metallic sounding voice emitted from a speaker somewhere on the helmet, "My suit's rated to survive up to a las cannon!" The figure started to laugh.

Nerz pumped the fore handle, a satisfying sound to her ears as deuterium was forced into the weapon. "Lucky for me, I've got ol' Clark here." She fired and the armoured figure stopped laughing as it hit the ground, a smoking hole in the faceplate.

The Clark mk 12 is a plasma rifle modeled after old Earth style shotguns. For the most part, it's an average plasma rifle, but has a unique system for some extra punch. A small deuterium canister can be added to allow the Clark to be turned into a plasma cannon. By pumping the forward handle forward then back, the weapon primes itself, engaging the magnetic containment fields, feeding raw deuterium into the energizing chamber. As the trigger is pulled and plasma is normally created, the extra deuterium is mixed in and also converted to plasma far hotter and more powerful than the weapon can normally produce. This ability gives infantry some extra punch without having to carry an extra weapon, especially when weight is an issue.

Clark Mk 12 (PL 6/7 Personal Firearm Proficiency)
Damage: 3d10
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire or whatever type your campaigns have plasma as
Range Increment: 80 ft.
Rate of Fire: S, A
Size: Large
Weight: 11 lbs
Ammo: 50 box
Purchase: 20 Res (+2)
Game Notes
Alternate ammo: Deuterium fuel cell 10 box. PDC 14 each
Alternate Fire Mode: By pumping the handle (swift action), rate of fire changes to single for next shot, which changes damage to 5d8 ignore 3 points of hardness/damage reduction, reduce range to 50 ft. Must be fired within the next 6 rounds or deuterium will be vented to safety purposes.
Handle must be pumped to engage the deuterium feed each time, otherwise, it resets back to semi automatic mode.
If the alternate fire deuterium enhanced mode is fired continuely each round, there is a chance it will over heat and shut down. After first round if deuterium mode still used, roll percentage starting at 10%, +10% for each continued immediate shot in deuterium mode.
M78 Phased Plasma Infantry Gun


The M78 is a shoulder mount heavy infantry antitank/mech weapon. The M78 was developed as an alternate to missile or rocket based antitank/mech weaponry, especially in areas where logistics for rockets or missiles can run short very quickly.
An interesting unexpected feature of the M78, due to the phasing of the plasma, is it ignores particle fields designed to reduce the effectiveness of energy weapons. However, this also makes building these weapons difficult so they are limited in numbers compared to other weapon systems.

M78 (PL6/7 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 8d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Fire or whatever type your campaigns have plasma as
Range Increment: 150 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single
Size: Large
Weight: 7 lbs weapon, 5 lbs battery
Ammo: 10 box
Purchase: 26 Mil (+3)
Game Notes: The cable that connects the battery to the main weapon, although armoured, is the weakest part of the system. Has 5 hit points, 6 hardness. Battery recharges itself one shot every minute when not in use after 2 rounds. Batteries have a PDC of 18.
Defensive systems like particle shields and other energy dampening systems, except for things like laser reflective armour, are ignored by the M78.
Two weapons I made for a campaign I'm running. they work well in a progress level 6 game. I hope you enjoy them as much as my players have hated running up against heavy troopers wielding them.

SBR: The shielded battle rifle is an attempt to increase the combat effectiveness of the individual soldier by increasing his life span. It is designed to defend the operator with the protection of a military grade riot shield, and give them the fire power needed to finish their job. The weapon can be equipped with one of several secondary weapons.(see SBR Accessories)

Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 80'
Rate Of Fire: S,A
Ammo: 50 (box)
Size: Large
Weight: 14 lbs
Purchase dc: 25 Mil (+3)
Notes: Shield bonus Armor +3, non proficiency armor bonus +1, armor penalty -2, spell failure %50. Because of the weapons strange design it recoils to the side, all full auto attacks are treated as strafe attacks (attacks a 5' by 20' area) burst attacks are unaffected.

SBR Accessories:
Attaching or detaching an accessory takes a repair check (dc 10) and 5 minutes of work.

25mm grenade
Damage: 4d6
Critical: 20
Type: slashing
Rate Of Fire: S
Range increment: 40' Indirect
Ammo: 4 (internal)
Weight: +6 lbs
Purchase dc: 18 Mil (+3)
Notes: Indirect fire can be used to shoot over obstacles, it can be fire at targets up to 100 range increments instead of the normal 10. Blast 5' radius. Incendiary grenade damage type changed to fire

Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 30'
Rate Of Fire: S
Ammo: 5 (internal)
Weight: +4 lbs
Purchase dc: 10 licensed (+1)

Damage: 2d6
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 20'
Rate Of Fire: Ax2
Ammo: 100 (box)
Weight: +4 lbs
Purchase dc: 10 restricted (+2)
Notes: Automatic X2, weapon uses15 rounds burst and 25 rounds on full auto attack targeting a 20' by 20' area.

Mortar Launcher
Damage: 7d8
Critical: 20
Type: slashing
Range Increment: 100' indirect
Rate Of Fire: Single
Ammo: 1 (internal)
Weight: +10 lbs
Purchase dc: 20 Military (+3)
Notes: Indirect fire, blast 10' radius.

The Next weapon was made just because I love halberds. I didn't think 2d10 was reasonable for damage, so I didn't just double it like the high frequency sword when I made it high frequency.

High frequency Halberd
Damage: 2d8+Str
Critical: 20/ X3
Type: piercing, slashing
Size: Large
Weight: 16 lbs
Purchase dc: 14
Notes reach weapon, can strike foe 10' away but can not be used against adjacent foe. Can be used to make trip attacks, if you are tripped in your own trip attempt you can drop the the high frequency halberd to avoid being tripped.
Slammer Missiles

Slammer missiles were designed as a form of infantry control and area denial. Slammers are also quite useful against aircraft, except extremely fast ones.
When a Slammer strikes its target, it releases a large concussion force, stunning and knocking prone most people. It has also been observed that items not bolted down and less than 50 lbs have been thrown about from the blast. Low flying aircraft, helicoptors and hovercraft can also be sent careening out of control.
Standard Slammers are about 5 feet in length and are usually set in a ground to ground or ground to air use. Aircraft mounted Slammers are about 7 feet long due to the added fuel and enhanced flight capabilities and guidence to engage faster targets.

Slammer Missile (PL6)
Damage: 6d8 to target hit, 3d8 to everything within 50 ft radius.
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Concussion
Range Increment: 250 ft. Aircraft mounted ones use normal rules for missiles similar to sidewinders.
Rate of Fire: Single
Size: Huge
Weight: 21 lbs per missile
Purchase: 27 Mil (+3) for 1 missile. Aircraft mounted ones cost PDC 30 Mil (+3).
Game Notes: Target hit must make Fort save 25 or Stunned for 1d6+3 rounds, is knocked prone if person, if an airborne target, like a helicoptor or even a hovercraft must make a Pilot skill check DC 25 to maintain control. Everything within the blast radius must make Fort Save DC 20 or be stunned for 1d6 rounds, Reflex save DC 20 or be thrown 20 ft and knocked prone (damage for striking a target while being thrown apply). Flying and hovering craft must make Pilot skill check DC 20 or lose control.
The compiled word doc of everything posted here is up to 59 pages and still needs to sorted through and organized...
Well whenever that's done, make sure a link is easy to find. I'll probably be adding more soon. Plus to the Mechawarehouse and Chuck's Wondrous Emporium where I'll put anything that's not weapons or mech related

Beretta 102

The Beretta 102 is a collaboration between Beretta and HP to create a compact dual weapon system. Using charge pistole technology but wrapped in an older style frame with the forward section modifed to hold a small laser modeled after the PD250. However, due to space limitations, the power pack of the laser can not be removed, so a power cable has to be plugged into the weapon to recharge the laser's power supply.
As a consideration that the weapon was going to be sold to military support personnel and tank/mech crews where space is limited for personal defense systems, HP has added a special boosting capacitor system to give the laser significantly more punch, but drains the battery far faster.

Beretta 102 (PL 6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d8 / 2d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic for charge pistol, fire for laser
Range Increment: 60 ft / 30 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi / Semi*
Size: Med
Weight: 3.4 lbs
Ammo: 11 box charge pistol, 25 box laser
Purchase: 22 Res (+2)
Alternate Fire Mode: As a swift action, the laser can be set to its other fire mode which changes the rate of fire to single and deals 4d6 but uses up 3 rounds of ammo.
Game Note: Switching between charge pistol and laser is a swift action which can be done once a round. The laser and charge pistol can not be fired at the same time.
I was going to ask you for a small request (sorry).

-Demolition Grenade: Exactly what it says on the tin. Small grenades (about the size of a soda can) that can single-handedly bring down buildings (well, small ones. Big ones get damaged badly).

Also, the 'Slammer' Missile kind of remind me of the Jericho Missile System from the first 'Iron Man' movie, but that would be just me (and statting up the 'Jericho' missile? Awesome. Again).
I was going to ask you for a small request (sorry).

-Demolition Grenade: Exactly what it says on the tin. Small grenades (about the size of a soda can) that can single-handedly bring down buildings (well, small ones. Big ones get damaged badly).

Also, the 'Slammer' Missile kind of remind me of the Jericho Missile System from the first 'Iron Man' movie, but that would be just me (and statting up the 'Jericho' missile? Awesome. Again).

The Jericho used 'repulsor' tech to deal damage to a large area, then a residual concussion area from that.
As for a demolition grenade.. hmm... it'd basically be a PL6 version of C4 that requires Demolitions skill check.. hmmm... *strokes chin while consulting a tablet writing formulas and other mad scientist like stuff*
Demolitions Grenade = Ranged Demolition Skill Check with a -2 for general principle

edit append-
on second thought,
make it -4 for Ranged Demo check, and requires a Tohit roll as applicable to the target
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
M857-D Demolition Grenade

The M857-D Demolition grenade, also known as building poppers or just poppers, were designed as a quick means for SpecOp teams to destroy key target buildings or to collapse bridges without having to expose themselves more than necessary. Poppers can be used like a normal demolitions charge as well. Poppers are designed so that when thrown they will land and adhere to most surfaces.

Game Notes: Make a Demolition Skill check at -4, then a ranged attack at -2 to throw the grenade at the spot.

M857-D (PL 6)
Damage: 5d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Concussion
Blast Radius: 20 ft
Range Increment: 15 ft
Size: Tiny
Weight: 2.2 lbs
PDC: 17 Mil (+3)

Nice stats. Thanks.
Thanks. Not sure if that's how'd it'd work exactly, but took my best guess.
I've got a few more ideas for stuff to post tomorrow.
M746 Shoulder Cannon

The M746 is essentially a scaled down infantry portable version of the Warpath Recoilless Mech Rifle in a shoulder fired weapon, similar to a bazooka. As the Warpath becomes quite prolific amongst the major militaries for their mechs, but mechs are rare amongst other groups, the Mini Warpath, as the M746 has been called, allows infantry troops to have the punch of the full scaled weapon, but light and small enough to hide and use from vantage points a mech could never use.  With the Mini Warpath using the same ammunition as the full sized weapon, it makes logistics far simplier for militaries that use both weapons, or for infantry to simply shoot down a mech using the larger weapon and raid its ammo supplies.
The Mini Warpath looks like a scaled down, bullpup configuration of the main Warpath. Ammo box at the back of the weapon, shoulder rest where the normal trigger would have been, handle with trigger forward of that.

M746 (PL 5 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 10d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 100 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi
Size: Large
Weight: 32 lbs
Ammo: 5 box
PDC: 19 Mil (+3)

Personal Note: I know the Warpath range in the book is only 40 ft, which I've listed when I've put it on any of the mechs I've posted, but in my games I usually just multiply the range of mech weapons by 5 or 10 to suit game style.  Thus I've set the range of the Mini Warpath to fit with infantry weapons, and if you multiply the warpath by 5, it's half the range (would be 200 ft), since the weapon is about half the size of the full scaled version.
Uh, museum check time:

m202 FLASH fired 1-4(LinkfireX2) of the 66mm(aka LAW) rockets  for just 26lb
Standard ammo was Incindiary Burst,
but the HEAT rockets from the law were testet in 'x191' variant.
Reload was a 4rocket block-clip
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
Uh, museum check time:

m202 FLASH fired 1-4(LinkfireX2) of the 66mm(aka LAW) rockets  for just 26lb
Standard ammo was Incindiary Burst,
but the HEAT rockets from the law were testet in 'x191' variant.
Reload was a 4rocket block-clip

So which weapon do I need to alter? The mini warpath for its weight and damage? Maybe it is a bit heavy when compared to an m202 for one extra round of ammo, and lacking the anti-armour capabilities..
Yup, the shoulderfire Warpathlette.

You should weigh the advantages it has over the m202, and the disadvantages

The SFWarpath is semi, but the m202 was multilaunch.  Is the benefit of Semi better than the benefit of Single/Linked?  What did you consider the benefit of 10d6 DTap to be, and what does a Linkfire of 10d6 give ( or the 4rocket 2xLinkfire).

Even if the SFWarpath weight was reduced to match the m202, the ability to pour the damage on with just 1 use of Hardness is a big benefit od the m202.  Hypotheticly, if the unloaded semiauto SFWarpath weighed 15 and 25 loaded... fite a couple DTaps and those 4 rockets will have target Hardness taken away at least twice times, whereas the m202 can fire4 with hardness taken just once.  In RAW terms, where a ~35 point 10d6 rocket loses 10 or more to Hardness, it will take MANY hits to kill a mech/armor... how many shots from that would it take to kill a 'museum' Abrams?

I understand and respect that you were trying to stay compatable to the RAW McWeapons, but those raw weapons are just garbage compared to what is already obsolete... I should stop before I get started on the m67 stovepipe 90mm recoiless or the AT4/Viper/Dragon/Javelin progression

"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
I totally understand where you're going with this. The basic idea behind the mini Warpath was since it's a 'common' weapon, there would be surplus of ammo, but not everyone can afford to buy a mech to mount a full size warpath. So you get the mini version, get some ammo, shoot up some mechs then strip them of their ammo to replenish what you spent. Great for poor countries or mercenary groups. But yeah, definitely not as good as an old LAW, and as for RAW.. sucks even more.
Figured I'd try my hand at this.

High Frequency Katana

Damage: 2d8 Slashing
Critical: 19-20
Size: Large
Weight: 3 lbs
PDC: 16, +3 mil

Made by applying high frequency gadget (see black box) to katana.

Spec Ops Model Mark II Mini Rocket Launcher

Damage: Varies
Damage type: Varies
Critical: Varies
Range increment: 225 ft
RoF: semi
Size: Large
Weight: 8 lbs
PDC:29 +3 mil

Gadgets: Collapsible, Sensor Baffling, Rangefinding Laser scope

Modified and gadgeted from the mini-rocket launcher posted earlier in this thread.

Feedback greatly appreciated.


Name: TW11 “Viper 11”

Primary Manufacture: TransWorld Systems

Damage/Critical 3d4/20

Range: 40ft

Rate of Fire: Semi, Auto

Magazine: 32box and 15box

Size: Medium

Weight: 6lb

Special Qualities:
  • Magnetic Stabilzer +2 Acc

  • Variable Ammo

  • Dual Clips – 32rd banana clip and 15rd conventional

  • High Learning Curve – Requires Exotic Fireams Prof(Viper Pistol)

  • Preset Mag/RoF – Semi RoF uses conventional mag/Auto uses banana clip

Additonal Notes: The TW11, or “Viper 11” is the latest installment of TransWorld Systems ‘Viper’ series of firearms. Its predcessors have all quickly become valued collectors items due to their unique design and look. The weapon isn’t as damaging as several other firearms but its high ammo capacity and and magnetic stabilzer make this weapon a prized piece for a discerning collector.

The weapon features the unique slanted grip of the Viper series as well as the return of the forward banana clip of the Viper 9, arguably the most popular in the series not counting the Viper 11. The slanted grip, coupled with the banana clip, cause the weapon to have to be held at an awkward angle with the users wrist turned down sharply to align the barrel straight ahead.

The Viper 11 is rumored to be a short lived firearm, due to a supposed, and very close, projected release date for the Viper 12. Wether this is true, or just a clever ruse to increase sales of the weapon by suggesting that only a limited number will be produced remains to be seen.

Purchase DC16

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I'm both orderly and rational. I value control, information, and order. I love structure and hierarchy, and will actively use whatever power or knowledge I have to maintain it. At best, I am lawful and insightful; at worst, I am bureaucratic and tyrannical.

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After the PAC system on the Grunt proved to be quite a success with groups in breaking sieges and bunker busting, work on a more man portable version began. After much work in ways to keep the weapon cool and improve energy efficency, a man portable, barely, version, the Particle Accelerator Rifle, is available, although in limited numbers.  The PAR manages to keep the armour penetrating abilities of its larger PAC predecessor intact with only a bit of loss in damage potental, and range. Unfortunately, normal power packs provide a very limited amount of shots for the PAR, so an external power source is recommended. There is a slot to plug in normal power packs to provide a few shots, with a connection to hook up to other power sources.

PAR-1A (PL 6 Heavy Weapon)
Damage: 6d10, ignores 15 points of hardness/DR
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Unknown energy
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: Once every 2 rounds
Size: Large, almost huge
Weight: 59 lbs
Ammo: 2 box
PDC: 40 Mil (+3), extremely rare.
Game Notes: Suffers from extreme slow rate of fire, can only fire once every two rounds. When hooking up an external power source, for every 25 rounds of fire it provides normally, the PAR only gets 1. Inaccurate, suffers a -2 to attack rolls. Requires Exotic weapon feat: heavy weapon
Collapsible Blades

Using the same technology of collapsible spikes for mechs and armour, hand held melee weapons are much easier to transport and hide. Consisting of a handle which contains a small battery to provide the charge necessary to expand and collapse the blade at the flick of a switch. As an added bonus, the bottom of the handle contains a flashlight which allows the collapsible blade to be passed off as a flashlight.
Due to the nature of the technology, each time the blade is extended, the blade's mono molecular edge is renewed and any small nicks and dings are removed. If the blade is broken, the system will not retract until it is replaced with a new blade.

Collapsible Dagger (PL6 Simple Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 1d4
Type: Piercing
Critical: 19-20
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1 lbs
PDC: 11
Has integrated equipment of a flashlight in the bottom.

Collapsible Sword (PL6 Simple Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 1d8
Type: Slashing
Critical: 19-20
Size: Small collapsed, Medium extended
Weight: 3.5 lbs
PDC: 14
Has integrated equipment of a flashlight in the bottom, equivalent of a 3 or 4 cell flash light.

Collapsible Heat Blade
This weapon combines the memory metamaterials with the heat abilities of heat blades to create an easy to carry and deadlier weapon.

Collapsible Heat Sword (PL6 Simple Weapon Proficiency)
Damage: 1d8 + 2d6 fire
Critical: 19-20 x 2
Damage Type: Slashing plus fire when activated
Range Increment: melee
Size: Small collapsed, medium extended
Magazine: 10 minutes of use
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Purchase DC: 18
Restriction: Restricted (+2)
Special: Takes one round for the elements to heat up to full temperature. Has an integrated flashlight in the bottom of the handle.

Can I request another weapon?

The 'RBCH' Sniper Rifle System. Available in both 7.62mm and .50 Browning. The gun's acronym translates for 'Run But Can't Hide', because of its integral special sensor system and ammunition. The ammunition is explosive (as in goes off like a grenade), and the sensor calculates the countdown time for said explosive to go off-which is long enough for the bullet to go through any cover the target is hiding behind, making it explode on his face.

It's used as an anti-sniper weapon.
So it's a sniper rifle.. or anti-sniper weapon system? Any PL limit? Quick thoughts would be limited in capabilities of a 7.62mm, but good ol handwavium can work wonders Tongue out

Well... it would be an anti-sniper system. So yeah, .50 caliber would be the only caliber needed.

The ASSKICR, or Anti Sniper System, Kinetic Induction Combustion Railgun, is an anti sniper weapon system used by very well equipped law enforcements or militaries for locating and eliminating sniper threats. The system is a high powered sensor system with four remote drones designed to locating sniper threats, then to be removed with the use of the rifle, or in an emergency, the use of a drone.
Using the best advances in sensor systems, miniaturization, and robotics to create the most advanced and smallest tracking system that would make many field scientists jealous. The whole system is in a large metal case, which includes retractable wheels to ease in transportation. Upon opening the case, one can remove the rifle and its large scope, which is tied to the computer system inside the case, which also houses the four small, wasp like drones. The user then powers up the system, then can quickly enter in basic search parameters, such as area type from a list, and search area size.
The Tactical computer is essentially a smaller version of a Class IV mech Sensor system tied, which is tied into the drones and the scope of the rifle. This greatly enhances the range of the sytem from 10 miles to up to 30 miles. Through the scope itself all the abilities are focused up to the scopes range, including the darkvision and spot bonus (about 1 mile while looking through the scope. The tactical computer also has the advantage of an Enigma Sensor Suite through the scope and the drones. Through the scope the range is 300 ft, but only 100 ft from each drone. Images from the drones can be viewed individually through one of four screens in the case, or through the scope. The user can tell a drone to loiter in an area once a target is located, which then paints the target with a targeting laser to improve accuracy. Multiple drones will increase the bonus farther. In an emergency, if time is short or the location of the user doesn't allow for a clear shot of the target, the drone can be set to attack the target in a suicide run, overloading its power core so that it detonates upon hitting the target, hopefully killing it.
The tactical computer, through the use of the scope and the onboard computer system of the rifle, can program its various ammunition, such as turning a normal explosive round into an air burst round, or changing the distance from the target that a shredder round releases its payload of flechettes, increasing its area of effect.

The rifle itself is enhanced for greater range and accuracy. The weapon uses slightly larger than normal rounds, in the .50 cal range, which allows for it to make use of a variety of specialty rounds. Normal ammunition is a tungsten-depleted uranium penetrator round. The favoured rounds of many users for increased kill rates is the plasma armour penetrating round.
A.S.S.K.I.C.R (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: Varies
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Varies, normally 20
Range Increment: 200 ft (300 ft through scope)
Rate of Fire: S
Size: Large
Weight: 22 lbs
Ammo: 10
Purchase: 37 for the entire system
Integrated Equipment: Satellite Imagery Receiver, Laser Painter, Heads-Up Display, Tactical Computer, Stand, Electro-Optical Scope (range is increased by 50%)
Masterwork +2 (+2 to attack)

Available Ammo
'Basic' Round - The standard round of the ASSKICR system is a tungsten-depleted uranium penetrator round. Damage is 2d12 ballistic, ignores 8 points of hardness/DR.
APHE - Armour Piercing High Explosive round using a similar, although weaker penetrating design as the basic round, but comes a programmable explosive charge to allow it to explode inside targets or just on the other side of cover. 2d12 ballistic and 2d8 fire. If programmed to detonate outside a target, such as when the round penetrates a wall, the fire damage is 2d6 done in a 15 ft blast radius, Reflex Save DC 19.
PAP - Plasma Armour Penetrating round contains a deuterium core wrapped in a ceramic shell. The magnets in the rails create a charge to ignite the deuterium into plasma. Deals 2d6 ballistic from what's left of the ceramic shell plus 3d6 fire or whatever type plasma weapons deal in your campaign, ignores 10 points of hardness/DR.
Shredder Rounds - Tipped with a tungsten penetrator, this round contains a charge which can be programmed to detonate inside the target, or for an area effect. When programmed to detonate inside a target, deals 2d10 ballistic and 3d6 slashing, critical is changed to 20/x3. When programmed to detonate outside the target (either just past cover to shower ahead of the round, or just past the target to shower behind the round) deals 3d8 slashing in a 15 ft long cone, Reflex DC 20.

These small drones, shaped like wasps, are used to help the user of the system locate targets. With advanced thrusters to allow the drones to hover, and improved maneuverability, allows these drones to fly in tight spaces quickly and fairly easily while hunting down their targets. Each drone has all the abilities as the scope and tactical computer as noted above. In the event that the user is unable to position him/herself to accurately shoot the target, the drone can charge the target and self destruct. Each drone has 6 hours of loiter time after being charged in the case.
Type: Construct
CR: 1/4
Size: Small
Hit Points:  1/2d10+5 (10 hp)
Init: +1
Speed: 60 ft fly (average)
Defense: 13, touch 13, flat-footed 11
BAB/Grp: +0/-4
Attack: +2 ranged Self Destruct
FS/Reach: 5 ft by 5 ft
Special Qualities: construct traits
Special Attacks: Self-Destruct
Saves: Fort +0, Reflex +1, Will +0
Abilities: Str 11, Dex 14, Con -, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 1
Skills: Hide +8, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Spot +8, Search +8, Survival +8
Feats: Track, Dodge

Frame: Armature
Locomotion: Thusters
Sensors: Class IV
Skill Software: Hide +6, Listen +6, Move Silently +4, Spot +8, Search +8, Survival +8
Feat Software: Track Progit, Dodge Progit
Accessories: Skill Progits x6, Feat Progit x2, Uplink, Afterburner, Laser Painter, Improved Maneuverability
PDC: 31

Uplink: The uplink links the drone to the tactical computer, sharing information and coordinating search efforts with the other drones.

Afterburner: This piece of equipment allows the drone to dramatically increase its speed for a short period of time. When activated, the drone can increase its speed to 100 ft for one round. Has 5 uses before needing to be recharged for 24 hours in the case.

Self Destruct: Upon command from the user, the drone can make an attack run and cause its battery to overload and explode as a last ditch effort to eliminate the target. The drone makes a charge attack gaining a +2 bonus to attack, plus any bonuses from laser designators from other drones. Upon impact the drone deals 5d6 damage, half fire, half slashing to the target, plus half the total damage to a 30 ft radius, Reflex Save DC 14 for half.

Improved Maneuverability: Using wings, small extra thrust vents, the robot can improve its maneuverability while flying to average rating.
Oh, man, that name made me burst something inside.

The gun DESERVES the name, though. Rocking, as always.
Thanks. Sorry it took so long to get up. Work, Christmas stuff, friends and family got in the way. I was having problems trying to figure out the C or a K for the kicker part. If you happen to think of something better, let me know.
Nah. The name is OK as is.

Just gametested it. The rifle's a pain-like I said, it deserves the name.
As long as it works out for you, all is good. Hell, in a pinch, can use the drones as a form of distraction against your target or program them to move into the path of the target's weapon.
Faradai Inc King Viper

After the success of the Viper on the civilian market, Faradai released the King Viper for police, security forces and military vehicle crews. Following same basic design, only larger, of the Viper, using two barrels in an over under design with a receiver that feeds both barrels so quickly that the time between each barrel firing is almost nanoseconds, allowing both 4mm ball bearing shaped rounds to strike the target at the same time. Capable of both burst and full autofire modes just like the Viper. Design wise, it looks like a small rifle version of the Viper, with the ammo in a mag behind the handle with the trigger and a small folding fore handle for better stability.

The King Viper makes use of the XZ propellant which first saw use in the P180, which gives the small round some power. Also due to it's design, it fires two rounds each time the trigger is pulled (Game Note: Essentially it double taps each time the weapon fires, without the use of the double tap feat. When the double tap feat is used, add another 1d4 to the damage, attack penalty is reduced by 1). It's burst setting fires 5 rounds (Game Note: The penalty for full auto and burst fire is reduced by 1, also Reflex DC on automatic is 17 instead of the normal 15). On automatic firing, including burst, the round grouping is fairly close compared to most automatic weapons of its size due to it's construction, and speed of the receiver allowing more rounds to leave both barrels before the barrel climbs too much. Comes with a built in light and has top mounted rails to allow for scopes or other equipment.

King Viper Personal Defense Weapon (PL6 Personal Firearms Proficiency)
Damage: 2d4 per round, but actually is 3d4 for reach firing.
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 50 ft
Rate of Fire: Semi, Auto
Size: Small
Weight: 6 lbs
Ammo: 150 box
Purchase: PDC20 +2 Restricted
Integrated Equipment: Illuminator
Special: 99.5% of all King Vipers have the Genetic Tag gadget. Attempts to remove the genetic tag renders the weapon completely inoperatable.
Secret: The 0.5% of King Vipers without the Genetic Tags, which is unknown to everyone but Faradai Enterprises are used by Faradai's "Security Forces."