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"Welcome to The Bunker! It is here, 28 floors underground, where I keep my most... delicate... works. The 'Monster Garage' up there? That's to gain some money and kill my boredom....

No, wait, I also do this to gain some money and kill my boredom as well, but.... okay.

You got the money, you got the time, and you got the need to blow something to Hell (or the nearest alternate dimension) and back? I can provide it.

So, walk this way, and let's see what we can do about that..."

-Washu Hakubi, greeting a customer.

If you checked the 'Coreline Gazette' thread, you noticed that a very helpful contributer to the setting as a whole said that he didn't liked the weapons entries being mixed up with the rest of the setting stuff.

And so, here it is. This Thread is supposed to be the Coreline version of the 'Weapons Locker', where weapons, vehicles and gear of all kinds are described, statted, and occasionally commented on (by authors and the occasional character).

So, come on in. Post your ideas. In this setting, there are NEVER enough guns on your side...
I'll contribute my starship weapons to the arsenal. You can find them in my signature under "starship weapons and semi-realistic space nukes!".

I will also contribute my future melee weapons as gadgets. You can find those in my signature under "future melee weapons as gadgets". Those allow you to take my gadgets and use them to create all the future melee weapons found in d20 Future and d20 Future tech.

I am not going to re-post them, as both posts are kind of long, and I don't want to eat up too much space on this thread.

Once I have finished my future ranged weapons as gadgets (lasers, charge guns, rail, plasma, anti-matter, maser, lighting and the like) I will have all of those posted here as well... but they are not ready yet.
Well, here's all I have for now.
Shockstaff (Exotic)
Damage: 1d8/1d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Electricity/Bludgeoning
Range Increment: -
Weight: 3 lb.
Size: Large
Purchase DC: 19
Restriction: Res (+2)
This quarterstaff-like weapon can be used with its blunt end or the electrified tip.
I am queen of no lands, yet I am richer than any country due to the wealth of joy my friends grant upon me.
Cool user. Is she an SW Fiction?

This official classification was determined by the Department of Defense Post-Vanishing to determine fighter jets that could achieve space flight (either assisted or on its own). While many Fiction designs (such as the much-famed Colonial Vipers) can fight both in space and on an atmosphere, this classification is for primarily 'atmo' fighters (the Vipers, for example, are classified as Starfighters by the DoD).

All branches of the Armed Forces world-wide have started to recieve E2A fighters to complement their numbers, since all militaries now know that, with the advent of such things as the Mobile Suits, there's a severely high chance that a fight for aerial superiority will include some amount of orbital flight/interception.

McDonell-Douglas F-302 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Fighter.


Manufactured from designs given by NORAD Fiction personnel, the F-302 is a hybrid, fielding both standard avionics and reverse-engineered alien technology (at least, alien in its native universe). This design is almost exclusively made for the United States Air Force (although some other branches around the world have a limited number of these fighters).

Type: Ultra Light
Size: Gargantuan (-4 Size)
Sub-type: Fighter.
Tactical Speed: 3,500 Ft. (7 Squares)
Defense: 11
Length: 32 Ft.
FF: 8
Weight: 30,000 Lbs
Targeting System Bonus: +3
Hardness: 20
Crew: 1-2 (F-302 Pilot +19)
Hit Dice: 9d20 (180 HP)
Passenger Capacity: None
Initiative Bonus: +2
Cargo Capacity: 40 Lbs.
Pilot's Class Bonus: +4
Grapple Bonus: N/A
Pilot's Dex Modifier: +2
Base Purchase DC: 50
Gunners Attack Bonus: +8 / +3
Restriction: Military (+4)

2 Fire-Linked Conventional High-Explosive (CHE) Missile Launchers (8 Missiles Each) Ranged +4 / -1 9d12 /19-20 Ballistic.
1 Rail Cannon (3,000 Ft Increments) Ranged +4 / -1 6d12 / 20 Ballistic.

Engine: Thrusters, Ion Engine.
Armor: Polymeric Armor.
Defense Systems: Magnetic Field, Radiation Shielding, Sensor Jammers.
Sensor Systems: Class II sensor array, Targeting System.
Communication: Radio Transciever.
Cool user. Is she an SW Fiction?

Yeah, an Arkanian from the Knights of the Old Republic comics.
I am queen of no lands, yet I am richer than any country due to the wealth of joy my friends grant upon me.
Big Whammo anime hammer (Simple)
Damage: 1d10
Critical: 18-20
Damage Type: Bludgeoning
Range Increment: -
Weight: 5 lb.
Size: Large
Purchase DC: 17
Restriction: None
A larger-ended version of the standard "pervert whacker"-style anime hammer, the Big Whammo is popular among many different groups, but used most extensively by women.

Thinsliver blade (Archaic)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Piercing
Range Increment: -
Weight: 0.6 lb.
Size: Small
Purchase DC: 16
Restriction: None
The blade of a thinsliver is so thin that it cannot be used for slicing. It must be plunged into the target. Despite this drawback, the light weight of the weapon makes it popular among those that prefer finesse over sheer force.
I am queen of no lands, yet I am richer than any country due to the wealth of joy my friends grant upon me.
Cool version of an F-302. I wonder if the John Sheppard I statted up will be able to use it

Morgenrote (German for 'Dawn') is a weapons company based on New Guinea (currently The Nation of Neo-Orb). Semi-nationalized and allied to the LaGrange Colonies, most of its produced ordnance is aimed towards supporting Neo-Orb's neutrality standing (which is that they will repel ANY attempts at takeover) and helping the Colonies.

Currently they are the sole producers in Coreline of Mobile Suits.

9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Damage: 2d6.
Critical: 20.
Range: 50 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S.
Magazine: 15 Box.
Size: Small.
Weight: 3 lb.
Purchase DC: 18.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: The 'Attha' Pistol has the Mastercraft (+1) Gadget added to it, giving it a +1 to all attack rolls.

The 'Attha' is the standard-issue sidearm of Morgenrote and the Colonies' combat personnel and pilots.

9mm Automatic Pistol.

Damage: 2d6.
Critical: 20.
Range: 50 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 15 Box.
Size: Small.
Weight: 4 lb.
Purchase DC: 18.
Restriction: Mil (+3).
NOTES: The 'Cagalli' Pistol is equipped with a three-round-burst fire mode.

The 'Cagalli' Pistol is a special modification to the standard 'Attha' pistol, for use in VIP protection and by elite units. While the burst setting's accelerated wearing of the gun has disposed the sophistication of the crafting of the 'Attha', it has still proven to be hard-hitting and dependable.

.22 Charged Carbine.

Damage: 2d4 (3d4 w/Charged mode).
Critical: 20.
Range: 70 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 30 Box.
Size: Medium.
Weight: 6 lb.
Purchase DC: 20.
Restriction: Mil (+3).
NOTES: This weapon fires in a three-round-burst mode. When folded, the 445 has a +1 to Sleight of Hand rolls to conceal it.

Officially classified by Morgenrote as a 'Survival Carbine', in reality the 445 is somewhat more similar to a small-caliber sub-machine gun, with a short barrel and fold-down stock, giving it the appearance of an over-sized pistol. The 445 is a standard-issue back-up weapon for all Morgenrote Mobile Suit designs, stowed away in the cockpit inside a specialized holster that can be attached by velcro to the exterior of the flight suits (with a pre-loaded 15-round clip), and all Mobile Suit survival packs have (at least) four extra 30-round magazines for the weapon.
Colonial Defense Firearms K-206 ("Helo").
9mm Double-Action Autoloader Pistol with attached Mini-Grenade Launcher.

Damage: 2d6/3d6 (Br 5 ft)
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic/Slashing
Range Increment: 40 ft/30 ft
ROF: S/Single.
Magazine: 20 box/1.
Size: Med
Weight: 2 lb.
Purchase DC: 18.
Restriction: Mil (+3).
NOTES: This weapon has the Additional Weapon Gadget added to it, and so, it cannot be added to it again. Values before the slash are for the handgun, after the slash are for the Mini-Gl.

Produced shortly (approximately 20 years) before the attack on the Colonies, the K-206 quickly became the standard military sidearm of their military.
it has since become a hot commodity in the Coreline black market because it's underbarel grenade launcher grants it additional punch that can be adjusted according to the situation.
Its street name, 'Helo', comes from the fact that the first character to use it for lethal force in the series was Karl 'Helo' Agathon.

Colonial Defense Firearms S-206 ("Apollo").
5.7mm Personal Defense Weapon.

Damage: 2d6+1
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 60 ft.
Magazine: 50 box
Size: Large
Weight: 8 lb.
Purchase DC: 21
Restriction: Mil (+3).
NOTES: The 'Apollo' has the Mastercraft (+1) Gadget attached to it, providing an additional +1 to all damage rolls. It also has the Extended Range Gadget.

Built upon the action of the FN P-90, the 'Apollo''s two chief modifications are its reinforced action and elongated barrel with integral accesory rail system. Its street name, 'Apollo', comes from the fact that the first Coreline firefight it saw use in (a shoot-out between Colonials and Salusians) was led (on the Colonial side) by Lee Adama.

Colonial Defense Firearms R-206 ("Husker").
5.56mm Assault Rifle.

Damage: 2d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 90 ft
Magazine: 40 box.
Purchase DC: 22.
Size: Large.
Weight: 12 lb.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: The 'Husker' is equipped with the Rangefinding Laser Scope and Extended Ammunition gadgets.

The standard-issue assault rifle of the Colonial military, it is built with rugged ceramics (although not enough to make the weapon truly sensor-stealthy), and equipped with a range-finding laser scope (on the side of its carrying handle, buyer's choice whether left or right) and extended magazines for continuous fire. Its street name, 'Husker', comes from the fact that it 'resembles' the Old Man, keeping in combat conditions thru the harshest of treatments..
What's the matter suckers? Ain't you ever seen the Finger of God before? -Master Sergent Avery J. Johnson just after the first deployment of Spartan Lasers in large numbers.

While previously energy weapons were presumed to be beyond Cortana's capability to build, the appearance of the first L-2 was a shock for everyone in the military community. Everyone who's seen it has commented on the shear power of the weapon, powered by a micro fusion reactor that depletes itself after just four shots. Most weapons designers think Cortana designed the monster just to settle the score once and for all, and inform the Salusians that Yes, she does have the bigger gun. Others see this weapon as the logical answer to the many heavily armored threats facing the Pan-African state, including Genom's Boomers
Few intact Spartan Lasers exist outside the control of their creator, and those that do use a nearly irreplaceable power source. Washu is believed to be in possession of at least one but this may be a gift, as some sources indicate that she is on friendly terms with the AI.

Neo-African National Armories L-2 SSE Spartan Laser
10d8 damage,
range increment 150',
Damage type Fire,
Single shot,
4 round internal magazine,
Size Huge,
weight 45 lbs,
Purchase DC 24, Restriction Mil(+3)

Special Qualities: Charging and Penetration: It takes a full round action to fire the Spartan Laser. When the trigger is pulled, a targeting laser shoots down the barrel, and paints the target for the shooter's benefit. The first target in line is lit up, and the shooter receives a +1 bonus to hit this person or vehicle. Shots from the Spartan Laser are so powerful that not only do they ignore 10 points of hardness but they can go right through a person or vehicle and keep on going, potentially taking several targets in one shot! Against targets without any hardness, pick a line, and make an attack roll against each person in that line, until five people have been hit. For each person in between you and the target you are rolling to hit at the start of the round, you take a -2 penalty to target them, maximum of -10. Against vehicles or other objects with hardness greater than 10, complete penetration of the armor only happens on a natural 20. Since the view is typically blocked by the object you just shot, all attempts to target foes on the other side of the tank are at a -10 penalty. Striking any armored surface counts as two people for the purposes of determining how many attacks remain.

Yes, very complicated rules for a very complicated weapon. It shoots through things, did you expect this to be easy? It's primarily a mecha-vehicle killer, but it's damned effective against non-hardened targets as well, even if it has linear damage instead of splash.
.... Stepping out for that time/space distortion in the corner ...

How about digging up the 1st Ed. of Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha and convert the weapons from these booklets .....
i have an idea how about some of the weapons from the game "Lost Planet" and they have these mecha type of vehicles called "VS" or vital suits, certain ones have the ability to turn into vehicles and back again.
Only one thing right now.

Shinai (Archaic)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Bludgeoning
Range Increment: -
Weight: 0.9 lb.
Size: Small
Purchase DC: 14
Restriction: None
The shinai, or kendo stick, is a common Japanese practice weapon. It is also used in a sword-like fashion by some anime Fictions (such as Nobuhiro Watsuki).
I am queen of no lands, yet I am richer than any country due to the wealth of joy my friends grant upon me.

This company was created in 1997 by Quentin Jackson, a former armorer for the RCMP. Pre-Vanishing, OSA was just a minor weapons-modification firm with no further interests, but then the Hours happened, and the surrounding community desperately raided the OSA compound looking for anything to even the odds.

Jackson saw an opportunity and, immediately after the Hours, he raided a number of factories and took the equipment in order to expand on OSA's production capabilities.

Ontario Survival Arms mostly sells in Canada and Alaska, but it has recently started shipping to Spain, Italy, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Ontario Survival Arms Model-5 Machine Pistol.

A compact, powerful machine pistol favored by many Ontario-based survivalists and mercenaries. Among other noticeable features of the OSA M-5 is its bullpup/telescoping bolt design, its availability in three different calibers (9mm Parabellum, .40 Smith & Wesson and 10mm Auto), and its ease to accept add-ons such as scopes, laser sights and suppressors (OSA also offers a screw-on extended barrel for longer-range shooting).

Damage: 2d6.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 40 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 20 Box.
Size: Medium.
Weight: 4 lb.
Purchase DC: 15.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: The screw-on barrel extension for the OSA M-5 gives the weapon 50ft. Range Increment and makes it Large-sized. It can accept independent add-ons from the M-5, but their effects do not stack (if the M-5 and the barrel have laser sights, it's either the sight on the M-5 or the barrel who provide bonus). This item has a Purchase DC of 10 (Restriction: Lic (+1)).

Ontario Survival Arms Model-10 Combat Rifle
5.56mm Assault Rifle.

The OSA M-10 was a weapon design created by Quentin Jackson prior to the Vanishing, but who couldn't mass-produce it until after the Hours.
The design takes the standard M-4 carbine chassis and makes it a bull-pup, as well as replacing most of the weapon's structure with tough plastics. This makes the weapon light enough to carry a slightly longer clip with the same loaded weight.
The M-10 comes factory-standard with a basic telescopic sight, which is added on by removing the carrying handle.

Damage: 2d8.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 60 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 40 Box.
Size: Large.
Weight: 7 lb.
Purchase DC: 18.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: The M-10 has the Extended Magazine Gadget added to it.

Ontario Survival Arms Model-15 Carbine.
5.56mm Carbine.

A shorter version of the M-15, capable of being easily concealed under appropiate clothing (like longcoats), and well-balanced, enough to be able to be fired accurately one-handed.
The M-15 comes factory-standard with a basic telesscopic sight, which is added on by removing the carrying handle.

Damage: 2d8.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 50 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 30 Box.
Size: Large.
Weight: 6 lb.
Purchase DC: 18.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: The M-15 has a +1 bonus to Sleight of Hand rolls to conceal.

Ontario Survival Arms Model-20 Heavy Combat Rifle.
5.56mm Assault Rifle.

A larger, heavier variant of the M-10 rifle, the most discernmible modifications are the think, vented barrel shroud with underbarrel accesory rail (which allows for longer firing periods) and standard 50-round ammo drum.
The M-20 is mostly sold to wealthy adventurers, militias and factions with dire need of heavy firepower (the first to buy them was the Ontario F-SWTI).
The M-20 comes standard with a basic scope, which is added on by removing the carrying handle.

Damage: 2d8.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 60 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 50 Box.
Size: Large.
Weight: 9 lb.
Purchase DC: 20.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: The M-20 comes with the Expanded Magzine Gadget.

Ontario Survival Arms Model-20 Heavy Sniper Rifle.
.50 BMG Sniper Rifle.

A heavy, rugged design, the M-25 is capable of punching thru vehicular armor and super-powered Fictions with equal efficiency. Because of a series of events actually unknown, it has earned the street name of 'The Widowmaker' (Later on, rumours appeared about super-powered Fictions who were (coincidentally) married taken down by the gun). It is the standard heavy sniper rifle of the Canadian F-SWTI.
The M-25 comes standard with a deployable bipod and a telescopic scope.

Damage: 2d12.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 120 ft.
Rate Of Fire: S.
Magazine: 8 Box.
Size: Huge.
Weight: 14 lb.
Purchase DC: 22.
Restriction: Lic (+1).

Ontario Survival Arms Model-30 Combat Shotgun
12-Gauge Automatic Shotgun.

In every struggle, there are certain weapons that work more effectively that others-and in the battles of the 23 Hours, which were up close and brutally personal, the shotgun proved to be that weapon.
The design for the M-30 takes the standard M-4 chassis and enlarges/reinforces the action in order to fire 12-gauge shells. This gives the wweapon the appearance of a 'slightly fatter' M-4, and both cuts down on production values and provides a quick rate of fire with the M-4's 3-round burst mode.

The M-30 is sold as both a 'Standard' and 'Compact' version, (the latter being barely longer than an SMG, but losing much of the Standard version's customability due to the shorter barrel), with both an 8-shot clip or a 16-shot ammo drum. O.S.A. also provides a red-dot reflex sight as a factory option.

Currently, the M-30 is sold widely in Canada by O.S.A., and has started licensed production by DiggersTech (this particular version also having a 'ring' laser sight as an option).

Damage: 2d8.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 40 ft. (Standard)/30 ft. (Compact).
Rate Of Fire: S, A.
Magazine: 8 Box or 16 Box.
Size: Large.
Weight: 11 lb. (Standard)/7 lbs. (Compact).
Purchase DC: 18.
Restriction: Res (+2).
NOTES: This weapon has a 3-round burst mode. The Compact version, when unloaded, has a +1 bonus to Sleight of Hand rolls.
One new gun for O.S.A. The last ones planned for it are an assult shotgun and a sniper rifle.
Completed the O.S.A. repertoire.
Bumping this.
SALCO. M-395 Antivehicular Plasma Canister.

Damage: 10d8.
Critical: -.
Damage Type: Fire.
Burst Radius: 5 ft.
Reflex DC: 18.
Range Increment: -.
Size: Small.
Weight: 4 lb.
Purchase DC: 20.
Restriction: Mil (+3).
NOTES: The explosion ignores the first 10 points of Hardness, only for the object immediately in contact with the canister. The Purchase DC covers a crate of 4 M-395s.

A large silver canister with a handle on top, the M-395 is capable of destroying most vehicles with one well-placed hit, and even sheking up the toughest of them.

In order to activate the M.395, the handle must be twisted (hard) clockwise from 'Safe' to 'Armed', which lights up a small ring around the top half of the explosive. The pre-set timer for the M-395 is of 10 seconds (2 rounds), but it can be modified for a longer (or shorter) countdown (Craft (Electronic) check, DC 18).
It is widely used by the Salusians and the Japanese Self-Defense Force.


Damage: 1d6.
Critical: -.
Damage Type: Concussion.
Burst Radius: 5 ft.
Reflex DC: 12.
Range Increment: -.
Size: Small.
Weight: 2 lb.
Purchase DC: 6.
Restriction: Illegal (+4).
NOTES: The displayed Purchase DC (Complete with Restriction) is for a case of six bombs. The Purchase DC also covers enough ingredients to build six bombs (with no Restriction). It's a Craft (Chemical) check, DC 10 per bomb manufactured.
The pipe bombs can be modified with nail packings. This makes half of the damage Piercing, it makes the PDC 8 and the check 12.

Manufactured by pretty much every kind of faction in Coreline at one point or another (but mostly by those who have to make do with what's on hand), the pipe bombs are classified as 'Primitive', 'Worthless', 'A Laugh' and 'A sign of Stupid, Useless Desperation' by the most powerful Fictions and Factions.
For the average survivor of the 23 Hours, it is STILL better than nothing.
I like the concept of the pipe bomb. Typical, easy to make and use, but may be helpful in a tight spot.
I am queen of no lands, yet I am richer than any country due to the wealth of joy my friends grant upon me.

Crew: 1.
Passengers: 0.
Cargo: 0 lb.
Initiative: +0.
Maneuver: +1.
Top Speed: 180 (18).
Defense: 10.
Hardness: 5.
Hit Points: 19.
Size: M.
Purchase DC: 24.
Restriction: Lic (+1).

This particular (and seemingly standard) dirt bike chassis has been modified with jump jets for enhanced off-road maneuverability. It has become popular in military recon units (specifically, the LaGrange Colonies') and rich (and mad) daredevils.


Crew: 1.
Passengers: 1.
Cargo: 60 lb.
Initiative: -1.
Maneuver: -1.
Top Speed: 105 (10).
Defense: 9.
Hardness: 5.
Hit Points: 22.
Size: L.
Purchase DC: 24.
Restriction: Lic (+1).

This one-man hovercraft is powered by a large turbofan and wields a swivel mount for one Huge weapon, which can be controlled by the passenger or pilot.
The GR-20 is currently being fielded in the Louisiana theater, mostly by KHI-employed mercenaries and the Swamp Boogers (who stole a massive amount of them).
Err, crap. I am such a noob.
Impressive little fighter you made, man.
Hey, why'd you take it away?

The 'Skyfire'-Class Orbital Lasers are the reason Mishima has obtained the DARPA contract in Coreline. Packing an impressive punch but deploying the whole of it on a concentrated area, the 'Skyfire' is capable of performing required surgical strikes (or mass destruction) on request.

Currently, there are a classified number of 'Skyfires' orbiting Earth, and Mishima has leased them to number of Factions(such as the GDI, the Japanese and American governments).

Normally, a Skyfire satellite lies dormant in low Earth orbit until it recieves a coded signal (either an authorized laptop with satellite transceiver or a Mishima M-612 'SkyPointer' Signal Beacon). When activated, a series of petal-like solar panels open up and a series of lasers are reflected into a single tightly-focused beam that then lances towards Earth. The 'Skyfire' satellites are precise but slow to position, taking up to an hour to position above a target. The laser beam can be set to be precise enough to hit a target in an area of less than 10 ft square (such as a car or person), but usually has a radius of 50 ft. One can also override the safeties and hit everything on a 200-foot area (this takes a Computer Use check, DC 25), but the satellite will probably explode from the overload once this happens (and MHI WILL come after you if it does).

Type: Ultralight.
Size: Colossal (-8 Size)
Sub-Type: Satellite.
Tactical Speed: 3,000 Ft. (6 Squares)
Defense: 6.
Length: 100 Ft.
Flat-Footed Defense: 6
Weight: 1 ton.
Auto-Pilot Defense: 6.
Targeting System Bonus: +3
Hardness: 20.
Crew: -.
Hit Dice: 16d20 (320 HP).
Passenger Capacity: -.
Initiative Bonus: +4.
Cargo Capacity: -
Pilot's Class Bonus: -.
Grapple Bonus: +8.
Pilot's Dex Modifier: -.
Base Purchase DC: 28.
Gunners Attack Bonus: +6.
Restriction: Military (+3)

Attacks: 'Skyfire' Orbital Laser +1 Ranged (10d8).
Attacks of Opportunity: None.

Standard PL6 Design Specs:
Engines: Thrusters.
Armor: Polymeric.
Defense Systems: Autopilot System, Targeting System.
Sensors: Class III Sensor Array.
Communications: Radio Transceiver, Laser Transceiver.
Weapons 'Skyfire' Laser.
Grappling Systems: None.

The 'Skyfire' Laser is made only for the 'Skyfire'-Class Orbital Laser Satellite, and thus cannot be acquired without buying the whole satellite (MHI only leases them, and maintains strict watch of their use regardless of the client).

Damage: 10d8.
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Energy*.
Burst Radius: 50 ft.
Reflex DC: 25.
Maximum Range: 1 million Ft.
Minimum Ship Size: Colossal.
Purchase DC: 38.
Restriction: Mil (+3).
*: This weapon fires a kind of energy that is not subject to Damage Reduction of any kind. Furthermore, the 'Skyfire' laser can ignore up to 20 points of Hardness.
The 'Skyfire' needs a recharge time of 30 minutes between each shot.

Mishima M-612 'SkyPointer' Signal Beacon.

Size: Small.
Weight: 1 lb.
Purchase DC: 20.
Restriction: Military (+3).

This PDA-sized gadget is a flat metal board with a covered red button on top of it and a polyadhesive stripe on the back. The electronics of this device, however, give out an encrypted signal to the 'Skyfire' Laser Satellite network, which only transmits one command: "SHOOT HERE".
Its use is simple: remove the cover of the polyadhesive stripe, slap the beacon wherever you need to, press the button, and run like Hell.
Once more, I love going on idea collection trips on deviantArt.
EDIT: Shivite weapons moved.
I am queen of no lands, yet I am richer than any country due to the wealth of joy my friends grant upon me.
Hakubi Customs - R.C.D.S.
(Remote Chemical Delivery System - Modified Lindtstrad Rifle)
Damage: 1d4 plus payload
Critical: 20.
Damage Type: Piercing/by payload type
Range Increment: 40 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single.
Magazine: 5 Box.
Size: Large.
Weight: 8 lb.
Purchase DC: 28.
Restriction: Lic (+1).
Notes: This weapon has the Mastercraft (+1) gadget.

The RCDS was originally designed to fire tranquilizer rounds with close-range precision. However, the syringes are easily refilled with poisons, acids, flammable chemicals and other, more nasty fiction liquids (such as Phazon, T-Virus serum and Orbo). Others have used it more benevolently - delivering vaccines and cures to people too violent to approach normally.
It is often used in zoos, or by vets and other animal control services.

This single-action rifle uses compressed CO2 to fire the darts, though because of the low projectile velocity, accuracy is limited. Because it uses CO2 to fire the dart, it counts as a suppressed weapon, and when equipped with a rifle suppressor counts as being silenced (DC 15 Listen to notice the sound of it firing). The CO2 Cylinder lasts 500 shots before needing to be replaced or re-pressurized.


Empty Lindtstrad Darts (20)
Purchase DC 4.
A Lindtstrad dart can, as a rule of thumb, hold one dose of poison, one dose of a drug or the contents of one magical potion or (un)holy water.
DM's call as to what else could fit into the 10cc dart.

This chemical is manufactured by STN-J (Solomon Control Center - Japan). In its home universe it was used to prevent witches from using their powers, but with so many other psychic or magic-using fictions running around, there has been renewed interest in its manufacture.
Orbo is used in one of two ways. The first is as a protective charm - usually in a vial carried around the neck. When worn in this manner, it grants FX Resistance 20. If an FX power/spell gets through, the Orbo boils and is ruined. Carrying a dose loaded in a gun is enough to grant this protection.
Secondly, if fired or splashed on a creature with FX abilities, the creature must make a Will save (DC 20) or be unable to use their power for 1 hour.
PDC: 30 (6 doses). Weight: Negligable. Restriction (Ill (+4))
Orbo can only be crafted by STN-J researchers in their special facility, and is not freely traded to outsiders.
Good weapon design, Dex.

Wikiing Orbo... either this particular version of the STN-J still doesn't knows what's the key ingredient for it, or (worse) does know and doesn't cares.

If the F-SWTI found out about it, they probably would do a major hunt for the Factory-although considering its effectiveness in keeping agents unharmed from FX, who knows what could happen?

Either way, good write-up.
... either this particular version of the STN-J still doesn't knows what's the key ingredient for it, or (worse) does know and doesn't care

Yeah, they know alright...
This is from a variety of sources. These include my own imaginings, and weapons from fiction. Thanks to:

Rick Shelley's 13th Spaceborne series of novels, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Blowfish Launcher:

The Blowfish is an ingenious weapon developed in the 23 Hours, and later patented. It is, in essence, a concealed launcher that fires a small blade, called “Bladefish” at a target. The launcher is concealed underneath the wrist, and a pad on the hand fires the blade.
Type: Simple
Damage: 1d6
Critical: 19-20
Damage Type: Piercing
Range Increment: 10 ft.
Size: Tiny
Weight: .5 lbs.
Purchase DC (Launcher): 4 (Liscensed/ +2)
Bladefish: 2 (Liscensed/ +1)

Wire Rifle


The Wire Rifle is very similar to a normal ballistic firearm, with the exception that it fires lengths of depleted uranium wire from "spools". As a result, it deals piercing damage instead of ballistic damage. Several versions have been patented, but they are all virtually the same.

Type: Personal Firearms
Damage: 3d6
Critical: 18-20
Damage Type: Piercing
Ammunition: 45 box*
Rate of Fire: S, A
Range Increment: 40 ft.
Size: Large
Weight: 17 lbs.
Purchase DC (Rifle): 14 (Military/ +7)
(Spool of 45 bursts): 5 (Military/ + 4)
*+1 to attack rolls against armored targets. -1 on damage rolls.

Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

...And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy." And the Lord did grin and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats and large chu... [Whereupon the friar is urged, "skip a bit, brother"]... And the Lord spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it." Amen.

Damage: 4d10
Damage Type: Positive energy
Burst radius: 20 ft.
Reflex DC: 38
Range increment: 30 ft.
Size: Tiny
Weight: .5 lbs.
Purchase DC: 45
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. The only damn grenade that I can actually see doing something resembling long-lasting damage to Alucard.

Hell, he'd probably would stand still and laugh his rear off, letting someone actualy *hit* him with the thing.

And I noticed thoise 'Wire Rifles' look like AKs. Maybe they're used by the Spetznatz (sp?)? It it's DU what launches out of the rifle, as well, there's some probable Armor Piercing capabilities.

Damn good work, all of it.
Thanks. They do kind look like AKs, but blame Rick Shelley. I've got some definite ones in the works, with a few ideas.
Not quite blaming him. Just noticing that they looked like that.

AKs are cool, in my book.
For when you need to kill every kobold in the room (clean version).
Just pondering the wire rifle and maybe some other ways to capture it's uniquiness (shine and warts both),...

High Points: Good penetration, high ammo capacity, potentially high rate of fire.

Lows: Being it is wire (no matter the composition) it's going to have a small cross-section which brings up questions of how much energy it can transfer on impact.

So some suggestions:

-DU/high-density material coupled with small diameter and high velocity will make these rounds armor-piercing by default. So something like +1 to +2 against targets with natural or equipment armor bonuses.

-Small diameter of the wire "round" is going to reduce the damage from a d8 to a d6, possibly even a d4.

-A normal "shot" by these weapons is actually a rapid burst of wires, thus every single shot acts as a burst but firing so fast the normal penalties aren't there,...or the need for a Feat. Thus while damage drops a die type it picks up an extra die, going from 2 to 3. And you can still fire a burst if you have the Feat. Maybe gives it another die but only a -2 or even no penalty.

-And here's a kicker for those not liking the drop in damage. Given the high velocity and the bad things that will happen if these thin wires hit "really important stuff" (heart, liver, etc), give it a higher threat range. Maybe even as high as an 18 or 17.

David Pulver addressed wire guns in GURPS. Maybe I can run the numbers to give a comparison between those an comparable weapons.
Alright...still a work in progress, but my notes on weapons for my X-COM'esque game...

(Yes, there's alot of data missing. I've just been promising Marco I'd put some of this up for awhile and between the Army, the civvie job,...and my own procrastination...well I figured if I got at some of it up I would be driven to fill in the rest/consolidate my notes. And get other sets of eyes to provide other input and spot my mistakes)

These are some of the small arms and support weapons I've been working on for an X-COM'esque setting.

M-9A2 Assault rifle


The first standardized assault rifle used by Blue Light was the M-8A1, a weapon based on H&K’s G-36. While it had many good features (and certainly a sexy, high-tech look), field operators began placing requests for a more adaptable weapon. H&K took up the challenge to began looking at what was being done with by professional troops actively engaged in combat. The M-9A2 was the response. Similar to the version offered to the US Army for evaluation (and marketed as the HK 416), Blue Light's M-9 is chambered for the 6.8mm round, to better deal with the XT opponents and warbeasts. The basic version of the M-9A2 has a 14.5" barrel. By the simple expedient of changing upper receivers one can have a variety of weapons: a Compact/PDW version of vehicle crews with a 10.5" barrel, a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) version using a heavy 20" barrel and bipod, and a Squad Marksman version also using a 20" barrel. Utilizing OverTech provided by Blue Light, Heckler & Koch is looking to develop a version of the M-9 using electro-thermal propulsion.

Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 70'
Rate of Fire: S, A
Magazine: 25 box
Size: Large
Weight: 6 lbs

Fitted standard with a close-combat scope (need to get mechanics for these), and four-place P-rail system.


-Compact/PDW: Change Range Increment to 60' and Weight to 5 lbs.

-SAW: Change Range Increment to 90' and Weight to 7 lbs. Also, this weapon has a bipod and normally will use 80 round box magazines in the for of a 6.8mm version of the C-Mag.

-Marksman: Change Range Increment to 100' (still debating). Weapon is fitted with a bipod, and scope.

(Notes: Right now I'm kinda SWAG'ing the effects of the 6.8mm round. Basicly I'm giving it damage in the 7.62mm NATO realm while placing the range increment to match 5.56mm. This may need to get changed though. I'm also musing over how best to represent electro-thermal combustion (ETC) tech. The charge rifle seems to be a bit overboard in bumping up the rifle. Certainly there should be a jump in range increment due to both a higher muzzle velocity and reduced recoil. Ammo weight and size will drop, but I debate how much to alter ammo capacity. Using Pulver's work in GURPS Vehicles, ETC rounds see weight and volume per shot divided by 2.5 compared to conventional rounds. There's also a jump in damage, but I'm less certain about that in D20 Modern as the next jump is to 2d12 which is heavy machinegun range.)

M-25C Munitions Launcher


Developed to provide compact, explosive firepower to a Blue Light squad. Versions of this weapon are now seeing the light of day in conventional militaries like the US Army, which is evaluation an earlier version. Blue Light M-25's though use much more advanced features such as ETC propulsion and advanced ballistic computers, as well advanced munitions. Through the computerized sight, the munitions can be set for a number of options: 1) impact: detonation on contact, 2) Airburst: set to detonate at a given distance, 3) Delayed Penetration: set to detonate a fraction after impact, ideally letting the round burrow into and past cover, 4) Window: round is set to detonate a meter past a certain distance, to allow a round to fly through a window and detonate inside a room or past an intersection to hit targets taking cover behind a corner. A new version is under development using a dual-feed system.

If the firer takes a move-equivilant action to aim, the system gives the same benefit as a scope. For the HE/Frag round determine cover based on the point of detonation, not the direction of fire.

(Notes: Still have to come up with mechanics for using it on Delayed Penetration)

Damage: various
Critical: 20
Type: Varies
Range Increment: 80'
Rate of Fire: S
Magazine: 5 box
Size: Large
Weight: 6 lbs


-HE: Dmg - 3d6 Type - Blast/Slashing Burst Radius - 10'

-HEDP: Dmg - 3d8 Type - Blast/Fire Brust Radius - 5' (1/2 dmg) Notes - Armor Penetrating

-Thermobaric/Novel Explosive/Incendiary: (GAAAKKKK!!!! Brain cramp here. Gonna have a big blast radius and these are ugly rounds. But there is the question of where is the give & take between them and HE/Frag)

M-316 Heavy Squad Support Weapon

Developments in support of the US Army's Objective Crew Served Weapon Program coupled with OverTechnology saw the creation of a portable autocannon for Blue Light squads. The M-316 is a 12.7mm, 3-barrelled, gatling-action support gun. New materials have greatly reduced the weight of the weapon system. ETC technology has reduced the weight and volume per shot of the ammunition while making the recoil more controllable. Torque from the gatling-action barrels is countered with a contra-rotating cylindrical weight behind the weapon's action. All of these improvements and it still requires a strong individual to lug an M-316 into combat, and even then they still require the assistance of a Heavy Weapon Armature Harness, a power-assist set of load-bearing gear to absorb recoil and distribute the weight of both gun and ammo. Dual-feed systems are included, letting the gunner switch on the fly between Saboted Light Armor Piercing (SLAP) and Armor-Piercing Hardcore Explosive (APHEX)

Weight: 38 lbs (weapon), 74lbs (harness)

(Things to work on here are damage from a "shot", which is really a very short burst given the nature of the weapon, and the ammo capacity. Working figure right now is 0.1 lbs per round based off GURPS Vehicles figures of 0.25 lbs per round for 0.50" cal mod'ed by ETC propulsion which divides weight and volume by 2.5. Even with that reduction it doesn't leave alot in the for the gunner of a gatling weapon, especially if carrying two ammo types. May look to work the mechanics under the assumption the weapon is firing a mix of SLAP and APHEX.)
Fixed (mostly) the rifle. Also, some more stuff straight from my imagination!

O.M.C (Orlov Munitions Company)

Yuri Orlov, protagonist/ antagonist of the hit movie Lord of War, was one of the Fictions that appeared during the 23 Hours. For those of who who've never watched the film, Orlov is/was an illeagal arms dealer, claiming he'd "sold to every army but the Salvation Army."

Four days after the Hours, he began to utilize the new tech some of the other Fictions brought to restart his old trade. Taking over several factories in upstate Missisippi, he began to construct new weapons, no longer content to merely sell them.

OMC PortArt (Portable Artillery)
One of the more interesting weapons made was the PortArt, a two-man artillery weapon. One person aims and fires the weapon, while the second loads it. It fires 50mm shells over great distances, ensuring portable destruction.

The downside is the immense weight. The weapon itself is so heavy, that it is most likely the only weapon the firer will be carrying. Another drawback is the recoil. The empty shell casing is thrown back with such force, that if anyone is behind it, they must succeed a Reflex save with a DC of 15 or take 2d6 damage.

Damage: 3d10
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 100'
Rate of Fire: Single
Magazine: 1 Internal
Size: Large
Weight: 50 lbs
PDC (Gun): 17 (Millitary/ +6)
PDC (Shell): 12 (Millitary/ +2)

OMC "Neutralizer"
The "Neutralizer" is a small weapon manufactured as a "one shot, one kill" weapon. It works like a bangstick, a type of pole-like shotgun used by divers against dangerous aquatic life. The muzzle is pressed into the target, the barrel slides back, activating the charge cell at the back of the weapon.

The cell then emits a high-powered shock down the barrel into the victim, targeting the nervous system.

Damage: 5d6
Critical: 20
Type: Electricity
Range Increment: 5'
Rate of Fire: Single
Magazine: 1 Internal
Size: Tiny
Weight: 1 lbs
PDC (Gun): 15 (Illeagal/ +5)
PDC (Cell): 13 (Illeagal/ +5)

OMC A62-B Survival Rifle
The A62-B is a very simplistic weapon, designed originally for emergency situations and small-game hunting, firing a .38 caliber round. It feaures a lever-action design with a 12-round box magazine.

Damage: 2d4
Critical: 20
Type: Ballistic
Range Increment: 40'
Rate of Fire: S
Magazine: 12 box
Size: Medium
Weight: 5 lbs
PDC: 9 (Liscensed/ +1)
He's a Lord of War, all right. Although I don't know, the Portable Artillery looks pretty damn heavy. Maybe if it weighted, say, 50 lbs. or so?
Quick azimuth check.

[b]OMC PortArt

Curious if this is supposed to be a direct fire weapon like a rocket launcher or infantry gun? Or an indirect weapon like a mortar?

-An M224 60mm mortar is 46.5 lbs full set (tube, bipod, base plate). Max range indirect fire is just hair under 3.5 km

-There is an interesting "over-the-shoulder" mortar by the French in 76.2mm. Weapon weight is only 8 lbs., but watching it at Blackwater the thing kicks like a mule.


Looking at a direct-fire, infantry support "gun", in my own X-COM setting I am working on a variant for the M3 MAAWS/Carl Gustav. Here you have an 84mm recoilless rifle able to fire a variety of rounds, under 25 lbs, simple to use, and capable of using after-market items (such as a current 125mm over-caliber HEAT round, or my own X-COM "brilliant" ammo).

I do so love weapons like the MAAWS. Armor? Load with a HEAT round. Infantry in the open? HE-Frag or flechette. Need cover? Fire a smoke round. Gotta see at night? Launch an illumination round (maybe even get an IR flare like we have for the mortars now).

Portable indirect fire? Well, there are infantry mortars that are portable. You have the company 60mm I mentioned above, or the 81mm which usually run 80-100 lbs when fully assembled. Of course with high-tech materials that may drop. See the XM307 which is a crew-served 25mm mini-cannon/grenade launcher which comes in around 35 lbs. Or there is a personal favorite of mine using a mix of drone/remote tech like in the Intelligent Munitions System,coupled with the MetalStorm system. Basicly "Robot Mortar In A Box". You have a box of 40 and 80mm MetalStorm tubes that is dropped or emplaced in the area. It goes online and links with it's peers and the tactical datanet. Call for fire goes out, the boxes 'talk' to figure the best way to handle the fire mission, orient and fire. If you get counter-battery, then all that's killed is a cheap remote box (okay, less available firepower and maybe hole in the coverage, but not dead troopies with it). A variant on this is giving those same MetalStorm boxes mobility.
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