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Looking toward the Worcester Mists.

Typical Pre-Vanishing/Fiction fight.

SETTING THINKTANK: http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=341055&page=1&pp=30
WEAPONS/GEAR THINKTANK: http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=550976

"Ever hear of "breaking the fourth wall"? Well, having the thing literally happen IN EVERYONE'S DAMM FACE really throws us off, more so when some of us realized that it was our own literary and animated fiction that basically broke the seven seals...."

CORELINE: (Formerly "Undocumented Features: The Dark Earth".)

The world's gone nuts. In the space of 23 hours, EVERYTHING'S changed.
First, it was the Infection-the world-wide appearance of a computer virus. It was so sophisticated, it baffled a lot of people-like its name, they were "CLULESS" about its origin, or ends.

Then came the Opening-several key cities around the world were covered with out-of-season nimbus clouds, and communications became harder. Some strange sightings were reported everywhere.

And then came the Vanishing. All over the world-about 90% of its population-just...disappeared. The only people who saved themselves were chosen at random- some were asleep, other were away from computers, others were close to heavy electromagnetics.

For 23 hours, it was pure Madness-technology, locations and people we believed to be fictional had appeared, and in their living of their "normal" lives, the countryside has done nothing more than suffer. The remaining people armed themselves, ready to fight for their own.
The 23 hours passed, and the people came back. But the Fictions-who we believed to be once-had refused to leave. Furthermore, the people who came back had been changed greatly-adapting to the madness around them as if it was the most normal thing.

It is now anywhere from a week to a year after the Vanishing, and life goes as "normal", Fictions and Reals going on and living together. The world as it was before the Vanishing is nothing more than an urban legend, something you tell your children to scare them. Others don't even believe it.

You are one of the few that KNOW that the changes are real... and one of the few that can change it back.

The PCs are acting in one of several fronts:
-The Survivors: Supermarket employees, students, prisoners, "innocent bystanders" of the Infection, that are now only equipped with their wits and whatever they could scavenge.
-The Mercenaries: Soldiers, Techies, Pilots, Specialists. Well equipped and armed and trained, they work for the almighty dollar, or nuyen, or credit... whatever.
-The Specialists: Spec-Ops operatives, government agents, cops. Well equipped and trained, but more often than not ill-prepared for what they may face.
-The Fictions: They have access to powers and resources, but chances are they're more trouble that they're worth.

The feeling behind it is sort of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" gone wrong, mixed with post-apocalyptic movies (or zombie, disaster and monster movies, A and B-budgeted) and videogames (of the big-explosion action-adventure kind).....

And Anime and Manga. Lots of it.

Any ideas, suggestions (please refrain from making flames) are to be posted on the three threads. This is NOT a double-post. They're all independent from each other (this one WILL contain the finished setting).

EDIT: So far, the setting goes like this:

PL: -Pre-Vanishing: 5 with some 6 gadgets (run-of-the-mill Modern-Day Earth, possibly with some things we assumed as 'rumors' lying around).

-During the 23 Hours of Madness, the Fictions have stuff from all across the higher-tech board (and Pre-Vanishing Humans will have to scavenge ¡if they want it).

-Post-Vanishing: PL6 (mostly), and the Fictions still have the higher-tech stuff. Some Fictions come from lower PL settings, however.

Books Used for this Setting: D20 Modern, D20 Future, Urban Arcana, D20 Weapons Locker, D20 BESM.
Some limited, case-by-case use of the D20 Apocalypse and Past books. Don't have D20 Menace Manual or Past yet, but might add some of it when I do get them.

Also, some stuff by Skrittibrak, Fatal Error and some others (which I'l name when required).


GENRE: Science Fiction.
PERIOD: Modern Day.
THEME: 'Take a stand'.

It was November the Fifth, 2002, when it happened. First, the world-wide infection with a computer virus code-named CLULESS. For its old programming language, it was incredibly sophisticated, continually evolving.
They had only managed to narrow its source -somewhere in Massachusetts- when it went active.

What happened next was -at the time- unbelievable. Spontaneous atmospheric phenomena signaled the opening of thousands of miniature dimensional wormholes, and 90% of the world's population vanished without a trace.
In their place, the Fictions [Anime, cartoon, comic and live action characters] apperared, and the resulting fight did lots of damage to the countryside. The 'Reals' fought back, survived any way they could.
After 23 hours, the humans that vanished came back, but changed, brainwashed in some manner to believe that the Fictions and their supernatural aspects were commonplace-and even having powers of their own.

The characters are divided in Pre-Vanishing and Post-Vanishing Coreline Humans and the Fictions ['Coreline' being the new nickname to Earth, because it is the 'core timeline']. Out there, a lot of people are out to get you, there's lots of adventure and the occasional Big Bad with a Big Conspiracy brewing. And somewhere inside the Worcester Mists [the most powerful physical manifestation of the CLULESS Virus remaining in Coreline Post-Vanishing], whoever, or whatever, created this mess might be getting ready to finish what he started...

Time to show 'em who's boss. Or, at least, show 'em you won't go out quietly.

-MOVIES: Reign of Fire, The Trigger Effect, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, My Science Project, Atomik Circus, Independence Day, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
-FAN FICTION: Undocumented Features [Eyrie Productions], Third Labor [Metroanime], Anime Detective [Pearson Mui], Who Framed Vampire Princess Miyu? [Christian Gadeken].
-ANIME: Everything out there. I mean that.
-VIDEO GAMES: Half-Life [1 and 2], Blood, Unreal.
They're "meats", "terrans", "monkey-boys", whatever. They're like you: two arms, two legs, opposing thumbs. Look at yourself in the mirror if you still need more. They were here before the Vanishing, they were here after the Vanishing, and they'll be out there forever.
What you don't know is that some MIGHT have a liiiiiitttle thing in difference.
-Post-Vanishing Human:
*As per the rulebook, additional +1 to Wealth.

-Pre-Vanishing Human:
*As per rulebook, with these exceptions:
* Uses next higher die for rolling starting hit points (1d4>1d6>1d8>1d10>1d12)
* Has an additional +4 to any saving throws to any magic attacks. Has a -4 penalty to use any magic.


(Colonial) Remnant Humans:

They come from the universes of “Battlestar Galactica”. They are the last of the once-proud 12 Colonies of Kobol, on the run and on the search of the fabled 13th Colony- the shining blue planet we call “Earth”. It was written on their scriptures that it was a sort of paradise, and after the destruction of their homeworlds, it’s their only hope left.
They are here, and they discovered quite quickly that this was anything but a freakin’ paradise. They have no place else to go, and so, must adapt.
All of a sudden, the threat of the Cylons is the LEAST of their problems.
Racial Traits:
Remnant Humans are as per the rulebook, with these exceptions:
*They hate Cylons A LOT: +1 (or +2) to any attack roll involving robots (this adds up to any other thing, like the "Down With Robots" ability of the D20F Technosavant). Role-playing-wise, they're very paranoid around robots and A.I.s.
*"If we let them escape, they'll become stronger and come back for revenge. It's in their nature.": A Remnant Human obtains a +1 to any rolls involving rallying Remnant Humans. Charismatic heroes are due to squeeze the life out of this one.
*"Yes, we're tired. Yes, there's no relief. Yes, the Cylons keep coming after us time, after time, after time-and yes, we're still expected to DO OUR JOBS!":The Remnant Human has a +2 bonus to rolls to avoid exhaustion due to lack of sleep, or sleep-creating effects. Some of them are chronic insomniacs.
*"Hurry up, people! We have only 32 minutes left!": Choosing to climb up the difficulty one step, a Remnant Human can do any kind of repair roll or jury-rigging in half the time (minimum of 30 minutes). If something cannot be battle-ready in 30 minutes or less, they're prone to ditch it.

-Kryyn (aka Kryn):

The Kryn are a race of anthropomorphs. They are feline-looking in appearance, although they have long-ago "outgrown" some of their most "animal" characteristics. Their only settlement on Earth is a long-ago -crashed cityship in Peru, which has evolved the fable of El Dorado. They have little contact with the exterior.
Racial Traits:
*+2 Dex, -2 Wis: Kryn are very stealthy and have a good sense of balance. Recluded upbringing, however, makes them somewhat naive considering Earth stuff.
*Base speed of 30 Feet.
*+2 racial bonus on Listen, Climb and Run Silent checks: Necessity to avoid humans has giver Kryn a reason to try and be undetected.

-Perryverse Atlanteans:

This particular version of Atlanteans come from the mind of Fred Perry and his "Gold Digger" universe. They live in (duh) Atlantis, a city-ship buried under the Atlantic Ocean (from the same planet as the Kryn). Up until recently, Atlantis and El Dorado were at war.
-Appearance: They look humanish in appearance, except that their skin is silver/greenish, and have gills and elf-like ears. Hair tends to be silverish, greenish, or blue, looking more like fine metal strands than hair. And on their forearms they have fin-like razors, warriors having extremely long and sharp ones. They can live above and below water.
Racial Traits:
*+1 Con, +1 Str, -2 Dex: Atlanteans are very resilient, but not very agile, at least on land (NOTE: Negatives don't apply to Atlanteans while underwater in the comic, GM decision, though).
*Base speed of 30 feet, swim of 50 feet.
*Blindsight 20 feet: All Atlanteans have a developed sense of echolocation, enabling them to go thru the waters surrounding their city with no problem. They can also use the echolocation to communicate with each other.
*Breathe Underwater: As amphibious creatures, Atlanteans can't drown in water. They also have a +4 species bonus on Swim checks. However, they have a -4 on saves aganist heat.
*Fin-Like Razors: Located on each forearm, these are the Atlanteans' main weapons. Short ("Commoner") versions do 1d4 Slashing damage, while long ("Warrior") versions do 2d6 Slashing damage. Feats and class features that affect weapon damage (Like the D20M Soldier's Weapon Focus/Specialization) can be taken for them.

Half Giant
*+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity: Half-giants are tough and strong, but not too nimble.
*Giant: Half-giants are not subject to spells or effects that affect only humanoids, such as charm person or dominate person.
*Medium: As Medium creatures, half-giants have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
*Half-giant base land speed is 30 feet.
*Low-Light Vision: A half-giant can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
*Powerful Build: The physical stature of half-giants lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category larger. Whenever a half-giant is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the half-giant is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to him. A half-giant is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature's special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect him. A half-giant can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, his space and reach remain those of a creature of his actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.
*Level Adjustment: +1. (maybe. What do you think?)

From "Fallout":

These huge, bipedal monsters were derived and created from chameleons. They were created by an unknown faction as shock troops, but for some reason (one can only assume the Vanishing), they were never used and set free. They are subdivided in two main factions with a few offshoots, and so far, are mostly found in North America, although a very few have wandered into other lands, like Central America, Russia and Canada. Deathclaws are one of the fastest and strongest creatures you will find around the Americas.
These stats are based on their main two factions.
-Eastern Deathclaws: They are located on small encampments all over the East Coast up to Maine. They are more human-like in some ways that their Western cousins, bigger and stronger, although they’re not quite as smart, they have founded a cohesive culture.
They stand between 12 and 14 feet tall, with claws a foot long or more.
*+6 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int, -4 Cha.
*Large-Sized: As Large-sized creatures, Eastern Deathclaws have a -1 AC penalty for their size, but gain a +15 natural AC. They can wear no armor, and can wield no weapons other than their natural weapons.
*Damage Reduction 10/-
*Darkvision 60 feet
*Deathclaw base speed is 60 feet.
*Natural Weapons: Claws: 4d8, Bite: 3d8. A Deathclaw adds his Str bonus to this damage. Deathclaws cannot wield any weapons, but can take any weapon-enhancing feats/class features for their natural weapons.
*Improved Grab: If a Deathclaw hits with both claw attacks, it may latch on to an enemy and make bite attacks with an additional bonus of +4. The held creature takes 2d8 points of damage from the claws every round.
*Ram: Deathclaws may charge an enemy and deal 4d6+10 damage with their horns without provoking an attack of opportunity. If the enemy is two or more sizes smaller than the Deathclaw, it may also trample for 3d6 damage.
*Frightening Appearance: Deathclaws receive a +10 circumstance bonus to Intimidate rolls against non-Deathclaws of the same size or smaller.
*Level Adjustment: +5

*Western Deathclaws: Stationed on small villages all over the Americal Southwest and the West Coast out to Alaska, the Western Deathclaws are actually smaller, faster and smarter than their Eastern cousins, and some have managed to make a place for themselves on places like Las Vegas and Denver, hiring out their services as bodyguards, bouncers, or strong-arms.
They stand between 8 and 10 feet tall, with 6 to 10-inch-long claws.
Stats-wise, they are the same as the Eastern Deathclaws, except for the following:
*Large-Sized: As Large-sized creatures, Western Deathclaws have a -1 AC penalty for their size, but gain a +10 natural AC. They can wear no armor, and can wield no weapons other than their natural weapons, or weapons that augment their natural weapons.
*Damage Reduction: 6/-.


One thing is for sure: not everybody who is exposed to radiation gets off lucky. These people didn’t got off, even if they DID survived. “Ghouls” had their DNA was mutated to an unknown extent by the nuclear and biological WMDs of their home dimension, making their lifespan extremely long. The mutation, unfortunately, was not without a price. For all extents and purposes, the “ghouls” look like the undead. Their skin peels off and festers, sores and tumors cover their desiccated bodies, and they shuffle slowly. For all this, the mutation and their own expanded lifespans have made them fearfully intelligent and keen-sensed.
“Ghouls” are the shunned of the Earth, and they accept this fact. They have formed ghettoes and towns for their own, and if they need to go out, they make a point of covering fully. They will NEVER go to London if they can help it (or else Hellsing might get 'em just on principle). Living year after year in a nearly-dead body has made more than one resentful, and so will hold their trust from normal people until it is earned.
They are divided into two factions: the “normal” Ghouls, and the less-numbered “Glowing Ones”.
-“Normal” Ghouls: This is your “standard” Ghoul. They are not strong physically, but are dreadfully sharp in many cases. They tend to go for less stressful positions, such as doctors, advisors, techs or merchants.
*+2 Wis, +2 Int, -2 Con, -2 Str.
*Speed 20 ft.
*+1 to Spot and Search checks.
*Rad-Resistant: Ghouls gain a +5 to any rolls involving radiation resistance, completely ignore the damage on a successful save, and halve said damage on a failed save.

-“Glowing Ones”: A few poor unfortunate Ghouls were so close to the WMD blasts that they were “infected” with residual radiation that will stay for years to come. They are called “Glowing Ones” because at night they glow very dimly from the residual radiation. They are just like normal Ghouls, except they’re a little less intelligent and can create radiation poisoning by their touch. The Glowing Ones are very dim, prone to wild mood swings, and the awareness that they can’t get close to normal creatures without making them harm makes them feel desperately lonely.
They are just like normal Ghouls, except for these adjustments:
*+2 Wis, -2 Str, -2 Cha.
*Speed 20 ft.
*Radioactive: Glowing Ones emit Low radiation within a 5-foot radius of himself. Upon striking a target unarmed, a Glowing One emits a burst of radiation of Moderate strength. (see Radiation Sickness rules in D20F). They usually buy anti-radiation suits to wear around normal people.
-Level Adjustment: +2.


Hailing from a parallel dimension that had monkeys develop advanced cognitive capabilities on par with humans’ (and then declaring us their pets), the apes are pretty much a reflection of us-that is, if we were (or still were) like them. They use guns. They have cities. They have a government.
They just don’t like us “damn, dirty humans”.
For all means and purposes, there are only two playable classes of ape: the Chimpanzee, which is the most “normal” of the two, and the Gorilla, who is used more normally as a “heavy trooper”.
*+2 Dex, -2 Int.
*They start with the Alertness feat
*They have the Scent ability.
*Bite attack of 1d6+1 damage.
*Speed of 30 ft (40 when moving on all fours). Climb speed of 30 ft.

*+4 Str, -2 Int, Wis and Cha.
*They start with the Alertness feat.
*They have the Scent ability.
*Bite attack of 1d6+2, Claw attack (?) of 1d6+5.
*Speed of 25 ft (35 when moving on all fours). Climb speed of 30 ft.
Based on a D&D write-up by Damien Crowley (modified by me):


The Royal Guard & Lord Lion-O, ready to rock.

This race comes from an Animate Fiction universe, most probably one from some 80’s series (which would explain their ‘goody-two-shoes’ personalities). Their home planet was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion, and they have wandered all over the place looking for a new home. At the time of the Vanishing, apparently, they have received a beacon signal from their Royal Guard, guiding them to said new home (funny thing, they say, that it’s where their home planet used to be), when they appeared in orbit over Coreline.
They have established themselves all over Coreline on places that resemble their planet, which include Africa, Asia and the jungles of Central America. Their society is based on a code of honor that enforces trust, peacefulness, loyalty and fighting evil whenever it is found. Although peaceful by nature (and strangely lacking in enemies), they can get to be very vicious when fighting a foe, like the felines they resemble (and evolved from).
They are a race of anthropomorphic felines, and as such, there’s often jokes made at their backs that they might be distant relatives of the Kryn.

*Medium Humanoids.
*Base speed is 30 feet.
*+2 Strength & Dexterity, -2 Wisdom. Thunderians are very strong & dexterous but they tend to be overly curious & prone to trouble.
*Improved Low-light Vision:Thunderians can see four times as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, & similar conditions of poor illumination. They retains the ability to distinguish color & detail under these conditions.
*+2 Spot & Listen checks. A Thunderian has naturally keen senses.
*+2 Climb & Jump & Move silently checks. Thunderian’s retractable claws aid in climbing & they are naturally stealthy & athletic like the great cats they are descended from.
*+2 to Survival checks. Thunderians are naturally at home in the wilderness.
*Scent ability. Thunderians have a highly sensitive sense of smell.
*Natural attacks: 1d4 (x2). Thunderians have retractable claws on their hands & feet that aid in climbing & they are often used in combat.
*Thundrilium Vulnerability: Thunderians are assumed to be one step higher when rolling for effects of Radiation Sickness on exposure to Thundrillium (see D20 Future, pg. 81).
Although this is an extremely rare element (and it didn’t even existed Pre-Vanishing on Coreline), several Thunderian devices are powered by it, and its gold by-product has become the seed for a slight (but damaging) gold rush.
*Effective Level: +1.
(NOTE: Although the write-up is fully based on the ‘Thundercats’ series, it is my belief that the abilities shown by the series Thundercats (who are the Royal Guard, BTW) are both the result of training and (limtedly) mutation, or at least that's how it shows on one of the Wildstorm comics.
Consider this a 'base' Thunderian racial stat).


Princess Lum in royal military uniform (and, yeah, it doesn't protects a lot).

They are the (obnoxious) children of the imagination of Rumiko Takahashi, an alien race that is war-wacky, conquering, annoying, advanced in technology, powerful and numerous. Like all Takahashi characters, they are a walking bundle of contradictions that is funny to watch-from a safe distance.

A Space Oni looks a lot like a human, sizing in average between 5 and 6 1/2 feet tall and weighting (at a max) about 200 pounds. Their mouths sport elongated canines and two small horns protude from their heads. A Space Oni sporting clothes "typical" to the race always wears clothes with tiger stripes, giving them an appearance like the Japanese monsters of legend.
A Space Oni sports a natural curiosity and stubborness, defending their beliefs (whichever they are) with excessive zealotry. A loved one, a parking spot, their position in a company... they will just as soon draw a gun and destroy a threat to it, to talk (in earnest) for it.

An Oni possesses tactile, olfactory, visual and listening capabilities on par with a normal human's. They are slightly stronger, a lot tougher, somewhat dumber and less 'sharp' than a normal human, and many (if not all) are capable of unassisted flight and throwing energy bolts (fire or electricity).
The Space Oni speak their own language and can speak other languages as well. Their own language is guttural in nature.

Space Oni society has evolved in leaps and bounds, having developed hyperspace travel and expanding to 9 more worlds (all of them conquered) well before humans, at least on their home universe.

*Medium-Sized Humanoids.
*Base Speed 30 Feet.
*+2 Str, +3 Con, +1 Cha, -2 Int, -2 Wis.
*Flight: The Oni can fly thru an unknown means of unassisted flight (it's believed to be a primitive kind of telekinesis-and certainly they don't know how to apply it to anything else). They can fly at a base speed of 60 feet (Average maneuverability), but can hover and have no minimum forward speed.
*Blast: The Oni grow special gangliae on their bodies, enabling them to fire energy blasts at will. At the time of the Vanishing, only two variants of blast are known: fire blasts (thru the combination of two chemicals in the mouth), and electricity blasts (thru sub-dermal 'pouches' and a highly conductive skin).
An Oni can only have one of the two.
Fire blasts do 2d4 (fire) damage, critical range 20, with a width of 3 feet and a 50-foot range. Tarrgets hit with this blast can catch on fire as standard. It is useless underwater.
Electricity blasts do 2d6 damage (Electricity), same critical range, with a range 100 feet. It is influenced by conductivity and bypasses thru metal with ease, making it ignore metal armor (do not count such for Defense purposes).
It can also be thrown as a sphere at will, affecting EVERYONE within. a 20-foot-radius sphere around the Oni. This deals 1d4 of subdual damage to the Oni, however.
These blasts can be thrown once per day per character level.
*Alien Constitution: Oni get a +2 bonus to resist diseases and poisons, except extremely rare, engineered or unusual ones (they get drunk on pickle juice, for example).
*Horns: For some unknown reason (most probably just the Author's whim), if you can remove an Oni's horns, they lose their powers. This requires a called shot (-4 penalty, because it's a small target), and it takes a minimum of 5 days for the horns to grow back on their own.



"When I first appeared, it was late during the 23 Hours. I was naked, confused, unarmed and almost speechless. I was lucky to be found by a JSDF team right then.
From what I could piece together, there was only one Tokyo before the Hours, and people like me didn't exist. The "Reals" have smaller eyes and bigger mouths.
Tokyo is now three cities combined: "Pre-Hours" Tokyo (T-1), a cyberpunk-verse post-super-earthquake megalopolis that calls itself "Megatokyo" (T-2), and Tokyo-3 over by the mountains. It's my hometown, and it looks like before... it.... happened, widely untouched. No Eva self-destruct-created lake, for one.
Trouble is, there's lots of people like me-both as a 'race' (which was called "Anime Fictions" by the rest), and as different "Versions".
I walk down the street every day, and everywhere there's lots of people with my name, my face, my friends... representing what I WAS, or COULD have been.
Some of them work for my... former employer.
That's another thing. There's lots of potentially bad things out there. Super-powered martial artists, aliens, exotic animals, mecha of all kinds... a good lot of them with hair triggers, on both sides of EVERYTHING.
And there's the "Big Bosses". The Dark Kingdom and those who followed it. The Kuronosu Council/Sect/whatever. That 'Quincy' guy on Genom. F... Gendo Ikari on NERV... they're all that come to mind right now, but there's more. There's those who oppose them, all right. I'm one of them.
What, you thought that I wouldn't know what to say? Let me put it like this:
Being witness to the Apocalypse can open your eyes. A LOT."

Cpl. Shinji "Neon" Ikari, 32nd JSDF Mechanized.
-Alt. Combat Rules (I SERIOUSLY need an opinion for this): Lots of people have seen enough action movies and gunfights on TV (I certainly have) to know the importance of running and gunning. So, chars can move as if having the "Shot On The Run" Feat. And so, if a feat requires SOTR to acquire, the requirement is gone.

Here’s some new feats-the first one comes from the “Mecha Crusade” minigame, and it’s (besides the only infantry-level feat added to the game) the only one they obviously missed on “Future”-the Metabot ones don’t count, since the lack of that kind of bots on the D20F book.
-Anti-Armor Saboteur
You know how to exploit the weak spots of many mecha designs, employing explosives and personal weapons at close range to hit tiny flaws and delicate electronics.
PreRequisites: Demolition 3+ ranks.
Benefit: When attacking a mecha, you can ignore its hardness if you are within 12 meters of it. You cannot use this feat if you are in a mecha yourself because your sensors and weapons lack the precision to hit such tiny areas. If the mecha has forcefields and the like, they must be taken down first for the feat to work.
-SPECIAL: This is an extra feat for the Smart, Strong, Soldier, Infiltrator, Helix Warrior and Field Officer classes.

These others come from the D20 BESM book. The “Classes” note is a lousy attempt at determining who should get it. I’d appreciate help on that part.

-Judge Opponent:
You have a knack to determine your opponent’s condition and fighting ability.
Benefit: The character can judge his or her opponent’s approximate Base Attack Bonus and weapon Skill Rank from the foe’s attitude and posture even without actually seeing him or her fight. Additionally, the character can accurately estimate the opponent’s remaining Hit Points. For both of these advantages, the GM may decide to provide descriptive indications such as “your enemy is much better than you with a sword, but if you connect a few times with your ki blast, it will drop him,” rather than saying “the enemy’s base attack bonus is +10, with a Melee Attack (Sword) Skill of 2, and he has 60 Hit Points remaining.”
-Special: This is an extra feat for the Smart, Dedicated, Martial Artist classes.

-One Shot Left:
Just like the Shotgun Catapult, the physics of the earth has changed to allow for the strange leeways that are common to movies and animation. For example, consider this one: either for very strict firing disciplines or sheer strange luck, your gun always has one shot left. It might not be a lot, but they’re usually not expecting it…
-Benefit: The character will always have at least one projectile remaining for his or her ranged weapon, even after an extended combat. This might be a final bullet in a gun, arrow in a quiver, plasma unit in a wrist blaster, or stone in a sling. This option does not remove the need to reload weapons in a game that uses realistic ammunition rules, but rather assures that the character will not be forced to reload at a critical moment. One Shot Left does not affect weapons with only one shot in their barrel to start with (like derringers) or special attacks.

-Portable Armoury:
Known in the lower circles with the wrongful term of “Mousse Syndrome”, it is a knack by the character to pack a lot of gear and barely feel the weight. Unlike the Fiction character, however, this is not so much a “power” as it is an understanding that it’s better to not need than not have-certainly they can’t produce them out of thin air. Can they?
-Benefit: The character will always have easy access to any weapon required for a particular task, including illegal weapons and accessories not available to the general public. The actual weapons and accessories must still be acquired as normal, but remarkably, the character can access them whenever he or she needs them instead of being forced to return to where they are normally stored. Characters with Portable Armoury may also make field modifications on their weapons, switching options such as laser sights or scopes in a single round.

-Weapons Encyclopedia:
A bizarre knack your character has is a pretty large knowledge of everything lethal-blame it to gun nuttiness, lack of appropriate reading material, or the programming of the History Channel. What is certain is that if there’s a gun out there, they’ll know about it and what it can do. And maybe before the rest of the team.
-PreRequisites: Intelligence 13+
-Benefit: A character has the ability to recall the vital statistics and important quirks of practically all known commercially available weapons. This includes, but is not limited to, its general level of reliability as well as all vital statistics — material composition, ammunition capacity, calibre, possible outfitted accessories, etc. Characters without this ability will only have such information on weapons they actually own or use regularly and will need to successfully roll an Intelligence based Knowledge: Military Science (Hardware Recognition) Skill check to recall important details. In addition, Weapons Encyclopedia also includes knowledge on acquiring weapons, so characters will have a +4 bonus on any Knowledge: Streetwise or Knowledge: Business Skill checks needed to locate or buy weapons.
-Special Extra Rule: If the GM rules it appropriate for the situation, they can allow the character with this feat to make extra rolls to determine specific guns by means other that sight-Listen rolls for hearing a gun’s chambering give a bonus to Intelligence rolls to determine the gun based on how much it went over the DC, for example.
-Special: This feat is available as an extra feat for Smart, Fast, Gunslinger, Techie, Bodyguard, Infiltrator and Soldier classes.

-Rolling Shot.
You are highly trained in acrobatic dodges while doing ranged combat.
-PreRequisites: Dex 13+, Point Blank Shot, Dodge, Mobility.
-Benefit: If you have declared you're moving while attacking (ranged weps only), you gain a +2 dodge bonus aganist other ranged attacks.

Your ability wielding guns is such, that you no longer need to see your opponent to know where to shoot.
-Benefit: The character suffers half penalties associated with attacking with ranged weapons in poor light, absolute darkness, or aganist an invisible opponent. This feat can be assigned twice to reduce the penalty to zero. The PC must be capable of detecting the general presence of his target, however, through one of his or her senses (smel, hearing, etc).
-Special: Gunslingers can take this as an extra feat. Blind-Shoot only works for ranged combat, melee requires Blind-Fight.


-Hip Shot.
You watch too many cowboy movies and learned to shot at the moment you draw your gun by using your hip and waist to direct your attack.
PreRequisite: Quick Draw, Dex 15, Base Attack Bonus +3
Benefit: You may attack at the moment you draw your weapon. This attack is made with a -2 to hit. This weapon must be Small or Medium in size.
Special: Gunslingers can take this as an extra feat.

You know what it means to fight for your life and the value of quick wits and quicker reactions when danger is near. Enemies find it difficult to catch you off guard.
Benefit: You gain a +2 on Initiative checks and a +2 bonus on Spot checks.

-Shotgun Catapult
In the Post-Virus world, there's no such thing as "standard" physics. You know that... and they've learned the HARD way. Cliches like this one happen every day, and a good deal of shootouts have ended with people flying around like rag dolls.
PreRequisites: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Base Attack Bonus +1.
Benefit: If you manage to roll a critical while firing a shotgun, roll as normal. The target is not only damaged as normal, but is also thrown in the general direction of the shot 2d6 meters. The target can recieve additional damage by colliding with any hazards during his flight.
This ability can target enemies that are normally immune to critical hits, if they're the same size or are smaller than the character.

One of the many deviations of common physics that happen on movies is that bullets can create massive explosions or minor fireworks with no additional modification-firing thru oil barrels or gas tanks and making them explode, striking sparks by firing at the pavement or body armor, to mention some examples.
This deviation is one thing that has appeared thru the CLULESS Virus, and people with this feat are masters in its application. Be it for some rather extreme shooting training, some secret ‘gun fu’ ki technique, or plainly having seen too many bad action movies and thinking ‘it’s worth a try’, the fact is that when they fire, things are more bound to go ‘boom’ than usual.
PreRequisites: Shotgun Catapult.
-Benefit: The effect of ‘boomer bullets’ must be declared at the beginning of the turn and activated with an action point. If you shoot at a target with a chance of exploding or catching on fire and it has a chance to roll a save, it can do so with the received damage as its DC. If it can’t, then it is affected as usual.
The ‘boomer bullets’ effect only works during your turn and turns off at the next one, but you can turn it on again by using another action point. Other weapon feats (like Strafe) allows you to affect an area rather than a single target, on which case all objects in the area can do as mentioned. This effect only affects the target once per turn (hitting them twice in the same round won’t blow them up any higher).
-SPECIAL: This feat is available as an extra feat for Strong, Tough, Fast, Gunslinger, Helix Warrior and Soldier classes.

-FALSE IDENTITY: You aren’t you, not in the records, anyway.
PREREQUISITE: Hidden Identity.
In addition to not having official records of your existence, you have a solid alternate identity, complete with an authentic birth certificate, a driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, and maybe a GED certificate. These are not forgeries, they’re the real thing, legitimately filed, part of “the system”, and this identity will stand up to all but the strictest scrutiny (where it will show up that no-one renembers you ANYWHERE…)

-HIDDEN IDENTITY: You don’t officially exist.
No record of you exists anywhere in any database. Your fingerprints, DNA, retinal and facial scans aren’t on file in any civil, law enforcement, military or intelligence system, you cannot be tied to any Social Security number or birth certificate.
This feat does NOT makes you permanently invisible to “the system”. You may lose the benefits of this feat thru in-game actions that will have records of your DNA, fingerprints, or other kinds of information entered into official records in a way that can be clearly tied to you instead of just being an “unidentified subject”.
This feat also confers sufficient fraudulent documents that you can present-a driver’s license, passport, or other official ID-and can use them to obtain a bank account and engage in other kinds of day-to-day activities. The DC to note these forgeries is 20.
SPECIAL: This feat can only be taken during 1st Level without restriction. Taking it at any other moment requires in-game actions to eradicate all existing records.

You have trained long and hard in the firing ranges, and so you can aim extremely rapidly.
-PreRequisites: BAB +8 or higher.
-Benefit: The character can aim with a ranged weapon as a standard action.

Constant less-than-healthy encounters during the 23 Hours (or a desire to avoid them) have given you a good reason to ‘run for it’ better than the rest.
-Benefit: Your base speed increases by 3 meters. Additionally, your speed multiplier when sprinting multiplies by 1. This ability accumulates with other speed-increasing abilities.

You can fight two-handed with melee and ranged weapons.
PreRequisite: Two-Weapon Fighting.
Benefit: When you fight with two weapons, you can use a ranged weapon in one hand and a melee weapon in the other hand.
Normal: To gain the benefit of the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, both of your weapons must be ranged or melee.

With a weapon in your hand, you have a have an especially dangerous aspect.
PreRequisite: Charisma 13, Intimidate 4 Ranks.
Benefit: You gain a +5 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks when aiming a firearm at the target of your check. The target must be within 30 feet and must be able to see you (and your firearm). The target does not have to be flat-footed.
This bonus does not stack with the +2 circumstance bonus your GM might grant for threatening your target with a gun, but it can stack with other bonuses.
Normal: Circumstances such as holding a gun on a flat-footed opponent normally grants a +2 bonus.

Like a SWAT officer, you are accustomed to moving with your gun at the ready, shifting your aim with your sight.
PreRequisite: Dexterity 13, Reactive Shooter.
Benefit: You can use the Reactive Shooter feat with a Large weapon. To do so, you must first have stated that your are at the ‘high ready’ position (on your feet, with your weapon shouldered, ready to fire). You can only move at half speed while prepared in this matter.

You are skilled at delivering massive firearms attacks while on the move.
PreRequisite: Two Weapon Fighting.
Benefit: If you have two weapons, as an attack action you can make one attack with each weapon. In addition to the normal penalties suffered whwn attacfking with two weapons, you suffer an additional -2 penalty to each attack.
Normal: Attacking with two weapons is a full attack and requires a full action.

You lay down withering barrages of autofire with deadly precision.
PreRequisites: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency.
Benefit: When you use autofire, the DC for the Reflex save is increased by +5. This ability stacks with other modifiers (ability-given or otherwise) to the save.

Your trigger finger is quick enough to unleash rains of fire.
PreRequisites: Point Blank Shot, Double Tap.
Benefit: You can use semi-automatic firearms as if they were automatic firearms. You can make autofire attacks and use feats that require autofire settings, like Burst Fire. You must meet all other requirements for the attack (like having enough ammo left).

You can react instantly with a firearm.
PreRequisite: Dexterity 13.
Benefit: If you have a Medium-size or smaller ranged weapon in hand, you may act in the surprise round even if you are surprised. You can roll initiative as if you were not surprised. The only action you can take in the surprise round, however, is a single ranged attack with the weapon in your hand. You make this attack with your highest attack bonus, but with a -5 penalty on the attack.
You are still considered flat-footed for all other purposes.
Normal: If you were surprised during the beginning of combat, you can’t take any action during the surprise round.

You can lay down a barrage of suppressive fire, giving you the chance to hit your opponent even when it’s not your turn.
PreRequisites: Wisdom 13, Personal Firearms Proficiency.
Benefit: When you attack a target that is at least 30 feet away with a semi-automatic or automatic firearm, you threaten the target’s square until your next action (if using autofire, you threaten the targeted 10-foot-by-10-foot area). You can make ranged attacks of opportunity into that square.
Suppresive fire shoots five bullets (in addition to the five bullets fired in your attack and any attack of opportunity), and can only be used if the weapon has five bullets in it.

Apostle of Death
You are such a master of melee combat that you can walk through the battlefeild cutting down anyone who dares to stand against you.
Prerequsites: Str 13, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, BAB +10
Benefit: You are able to take a 5-ft step between your cleave attacks, as long as you don't exceed your normal movement allowance for the round (5-ft if you've taken a full round action or equal to your base speed if you've taken an attack action and have a move action left).

Swift Strike
You are able to use a melee weapon extremely fast at the loss of precision.
PreRequsites: Dex 13, BAB +5
Benefit: When using a melee weapon, you're able to make an extra attack each round at your highest base attack bonus. However, all of your attacks must be made with a melee weapon and they siffer all a -2 penalty. Swift Strike must be used as a full found action.

Lightning Two-Weapon Fighting
You move with almost demonic speed when fighting with two weapons or a double weapon.
PreRequisites: Dex 13, Two-Weapon Fighting, BAB +4
Benefit: You are able to use an off-hand weapon or a double weapon to make the extra attack action as a simple attack action instead of a full attack action. However, the extra attack action suffers a -2 penalty (in addition to the normal penalties for using a second weapon). Even of you have the Improved Two Weapon or Advanced Two Weapon Fighting feats, you can only make one extra attack as a simple attack action.

Here's some feats courtisy of the Merciless DM:

You are equally adept at using either hand.
Prerequisite: Dex 15+
Benefit: When using any two small or medium, one handed weapons and while wearing light, medium or no armor at all, you reduce the penalties for fighting with two weapons by 2. You are neither left-handed nor right-handed.
Special: Stacks with Two-Weapon fighting feat tree.

Back to the Wall
You are at your best when the situation is at its worst. The minions of evil may overwhelm you, but the gods be damned if you don’t take a few of them down with you.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +2
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and to Armor Class when you are at one quarter or less of your maximum Hit Points.

You know what it means to fight for your life and the value of quick wits and quicker reactions when danger is near. Enemies find it difficult to catch you off guard.
Benefit: You gain a +2 on Initiative checks and a +2 bonus on Spot checks.

Signature Move
You have mastered a particular melee attack and made it your own.
Prerequisites: Combat Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts, BAB +4,Wis +15
Benefit: The character has a signature move, created solely by the player and must be allowed by the GM. This attack must be a melee, touch or grapple that deals 2d8 damage and its critical threat range is 19-20/x3.
Special: The attack my have secondary effects like knocking opponent prone or leaving the opponent dazed (thus requiring the appropriate feat). You must spend an action point to use your Signature Move.

Prerequisite: Strength 16+
You pull apart two of your oppoents bones, snapping numerous others in the process, or, more often, simply putting you opponent into tremedous pain.
Effect:You may only use this feat while grappling, if you win the grapple then you may make another grapple check to get a hold of your opponents bones, if you succeed this make a strength check, if your total is higher then your opponents massive damage threshhold then they must make a DC 15+ your strength bonus foritude save or fall to -1 hp and start dying.
Princess Oyuki.

-Another species created by Rumiko Takahashi, however, we only ever see one member of it on her works: Princess Oyuki.
On their home universe, this species comes from Neptune, and with their innate cold powers, long life, somewhat cold demeanor and occasional visits to Earth, may have helped create the legend of the Japanese "Snow Woman".
-A 'Yuki-Onna' is always female, sizing in average some 5 1/2 feet tall, with hair and eyes in all sorts of color, but always in 'cold' tones. 'Common' clothes for them vary widely in private, but in public they always tend to wear a modernized kimono, again giving them an appearance like the monsters of legend.
-A Yuki-Onna sports a quality of constant calm around her. Contrary to popular belief, they are not 'cold-hearted', but it's because of the fact that they believe in maintaining their cool at any given moment to be highly beneficial.
-Yuki-Onnas posess tactile, olfactory, visual and listening capabilities on par with a normal human's. They are naturally 'prettier', slightly more coordinated, sharper and calmer.
Their physiologies can withstand any cold (but take heat pretty badly), and can manipulate it up to a point (by unknown means, but it's believed to be a sort of preternatural cryokinesis).
-Yuki-Onnas speak their own language, but can speak any humanoid language. Their own language consists of low whistles and windy sighs.
-Yuki-Onna society is matriarchal and high-tech in nature (they use Stargates to move around), friendly to the Onis (they are their accountants). Apart from that, they maintain their neutrality.
*Medium-sized humanoids.
*+2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha.
*Cold Subtype: Yuki-Onnas are immune to cold, but take double damage from fire (except on a successful save).
*Paralyzing Gaze (Su): If looks could kill, a Yuki-Onna's would be a cold grave. As is, it's still freezing. This is similar to a gaze attack, except the Yuki-Onna must take a standard action, and those merely looking at it are not affected. Anyone the Yuki-Onna targets must succeed on a Will save (DC 18) or be affected as though by a "Hold Person" spell. The ability has a range of 30 feet.
*A Yuki-Onna's pseudo-cryokinesis enables the Yuki-Onna to fire condensed blasts of cold at will. These blasts do 2d6 (Cold) damage, critical range 20. Living targets hit must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC: Damage recieved) or suffer 1 point of temporal Dex damage.
It can make inanimate objects brittle; it only does half damage aganist most materials (not made for cold conditions), but ignores hardness altogether. Under conditiond of extreme heat (e.g. a desert); it doesn't works as well: the blast only does 1d6. Finally, if it is fired to a level surface, that surface becomes slippery.
This can be fired once per day per character level.
*They gain Read/Write Yuki-Onna and Speak Yuki-Onna as free languages.

'The Gall(ant) Force', a Solnoid Navy special team (although this specific bunch never called themselves that, some other special assault teams formed from time to time basing themselves on them have taken the name), with Solnoid 'Bronx'-Class Large Mechas in the background.

This Fiction race is what you could call "Kenichi Sonoda's vision of Space Valkyries", and it existed on its home universe a rough three million years before modern times.
They were in a war that would end badly, aganist another alien species called the Paranoid (the best way to describe them would be 'ooze-borgs'), when both species leaders pulled out their 'final option' (system-destroying weapons) and fired regardless of whoever stood in the way.
They were believed to be extinct in the battle on the (now-destroyed) Sigma Marse system, but like any good human species, they refused to die out.
The Vanishing made a small number of them appear on Coreline orbit, and have since settled down all over it and the Colonies, especially in positions like UNSC, F-SWTI and corporations.
It is of notice that former Solnoid Intelligence chief Catty Nebulart is the new UNSC chief, following the deposition of Chief Pablochiva.

-Description: The entire Solnoid race is female humans, with a population maintained thru constant cloning. A good way to describe them would be "Space Amazons", just more 'realistic'. Virtually any way to describe a female applies to a Solnoid.
-Solnoid society is matriarchal in nature, with a 'Leader' in the role of CINC. The Solnoid military is split in three parts: Intelligence, Navy and Attackers (Marines/Air Force). They fight, one and all, even if some are brainier, clumsier and/or more pacifist, the last thing you should think is that they won't fight if required.
-Solnoids revere a goddess known only as "The Great Mother". It is rumored that it's an aspect of Nike or Hecate.
-Solnoids are a space-faring race with advanced medical, vehicular, robotics and weapon technology. Roughly speaking, weapons tech goes from (modified) PL5 to early 6, medical tech goes and spaceships are 7 (FTL is not experimental, but it's also not that much safe technology). Cybernetics are 7, but any cyborg in the Solnoid military is part of a conscript army. Their robotic tech as a whole is classified, but it's known that they have Bioreplicas and mechas.
Two of the most important tech advancements they have shown (at least military-wise) are the Power Armors and Charged Firearms.
Solnoids are as per rulebook humans, with the following additions:
*Solnoids obtain a +2 to any attack rolls involving oozes.
*Solnoids obtain an additional +2 to computer and technical rolls. They also get a +1 to any Pilot/Drive rolls.
*Solnoids have a +1 bonus to any rolls involving rallying other Solnoids.

Charged Firearm
A recent development in weapons technology (engineered from Solnoid technology), Charged firearms contain an additional internal exploding wire or electromagnetic accelerator. This augmented power source fires projectiles with more power, but it's still not as much as, say, a full-blown railgun.
Charged firearms require an additional power source for this system, what it is exactly or where it is located varies from design to design (again, usually it is a slightly enlarged ammo clip withholding a power cell).
A Charged firearm rolls +1 bonus die for damage (e.g., a gun that rolls 2d6 for damage rolls an extra 1d6). However, it also emits a brief high-pitched whine whenever the weapon is first powered up; nearby characters a +4 bonus on their Listen checks to hear a character preparing to attack with a charged firearm. The bullet fired must be specially fitted to the new gun design (the DC modifier includes both the gun and the bullet).
Restrictions: Ballistic handguns and longarms only (not heavy weapons or energy weapons).
Purchase DC Modifier: +2 (Military Only).


At 7:03 A.M. (Local Tokyo time), a large number of alternate versions of the Nerima Wrecking Crew faced off on the street in front of Furinkan High. The clash of powers expanded immediately after that, with more and more Alternates of the cast entered the fray, and people seizing the moment went on looting sprees. Some citizens took weapons and tried to defend themselves, but were no match to the tide of frenzied super-powered martial artists.

At 8:15 A.M., the police moved in to try to quell the riot, but any attempt to do so thru negotiation and non-lethat methods was met with brutal retaliation, in all forms (the favorite being, however, ki-blasts).

At 11:45 A.M., all peaceful methods were expended. The JSDF was called in.
They-and the police-opened fire on the crowd, and when the crowd retaliated, they did so with forbidden techniques. And the police and JSDF answered with heavier weapons.
The riot ended at 2:30 P.M., with the JSDF a hairsbreadth from calling in airstrikes.

Casualty counts went into the tens of millions of dollars in collateral damages (Furinkan High, Ucchan's Okonomiyaki, the Nekohanten and the Tendo Dojo escaped unscathed), a hundred heavily injured cops, 5 dead cops, 5 dead troops (the martial artists didn't really started to go for the kill until the very end of the riot), dozens of injured civilians and at least 5 (confirmed) dead NWC members (cops and troops say that those kills were pure flukes on their side).

This particular fiasco led to a full re-organization in negotiation, info gathering and engagement methods that would later lead to the creation of the F-SWTI (Fiction-Special Weapons, Tactics and Investigation) divisions.


A Fiction alien species, pseudo-lycanthropic in nature, the C’tarl-C’tarl are powerful and battle-ready, and it’s pretty damnedly easy to see at first glance why they were regarded with such fear over at their core universe (‘Outlaw Star’). Although most of the C’tarl-C’tarl on Earth are alternate versions of Aisha Clan-clan and other ACCs, their homeworld (named, obviously, C’tarl-C’tarl) is on an Earth-like system several dozen parsecs away from our own. First contact with said homeworld was approximately 100 weeks Post-Vanishing.
The C’tarl-C’tarl Empire (on their core universe) is made up of the species’ home solar system and about a dozen other planets, a few of which are constantly being battled on by other local species.

The C’tarl-C’tarl are a renown warrior race, famous for their fierce pride, enormous egos, combat prowess, lack of good sense, and outrageous stubborness (consider the fact that we barely see them-as a species-on the series beyond Aisha and some questionable members). Their relationship with the denizens of Coreline (and most specially humans) is neutral, to say the least, having fought many battles with the UN, Colonies (planetary and LaGrange), and alien species, only to sign a non-aggression treaty with said power groups. While a great number of C’tarl do have managed to learn to respect the other Coreline races for excellent battles, they still consider themselves superior to all races, even though their overall Technology Level is on par with that of humanity.

C’tarl-C’tarl: Magic, Mysticism, Technology, and Space Travel:

For the most part, C’tarl technology is almost identical to Human tech (weapons tech 5 to 7, space tech about 6 to 7), and they face the same restrictions with space travel as humans do. All C’tarl practice an animistic religion which reveres nature, combat, and the spirits (and their cities and ships reflect this with wide varieties of plants and ‘streams’ all over the place). The C’tarl have no magic practicioners of their own due to the fact that their very nature restricts them form making any use of magic, although they do have a strong resistance to said force (which makes their services as frontline fighters in anti-magic units all the more needed). While they do employ some cybernetics and genetic technology, C’tarl-C’tarl dislike using it on themselves unless it is absolutely necessary, being as they are already quite formidable. For a C’tarl-C’tarl to show weakness-so they say-is almost a crime.
NOTE: Many C’tarl wear what looks like a white collar with a bell attached to it. This is actually a holy symbol of their faith and its not a good idea to make fun of ‘em for it. Also, they dislike being called "animals" or "furries” to the extreme.

Species Appearance:
In their natural state, a Ctarl Ctarl appears much as a human does, with the most notable exceptions being their long, lynx like ears, short fur pelts that range in color from creamy tan to a dark red orange (a few even have stripes and spots), long cat like tail, presence of pointed teeth and claws. Most have stark white to pale yellow hair to jet black hair, which they wear according to rank, age, and clan. Lastly, Ctarl tend to be much more physically fit than most other races, a trait they take great pleasure in lording over the rest of the “inferior” species. The most fascinating trait possessed by the Ctarl is their ability to shape change, though they can only take two forms: a Hominid form (which resembles their natural form only with more pronounced fangs and claws, with a pronounced growth in muscle mass) and the Full Beast form, which appears as a large fusion between a tiger (or some other species of predatory feline) and a human.

Racial Traits:
AUTHOR’S (Illius) NOTE: I think the creator of Outlaw Star based the C’tarl around werewolves, so I have turned to multiple mechanics that handle werewolves to determine their special abilities and racial traits.

Ability Modifiers: +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma. The Ctarl Ctarl are indeed a mighty race blessed with keen senses, but they aren’t the sharpest tools on the shelf and the consept of tact eludes them.
Type: Medium humanoid (shapechanger)
Base Speed: 30 feet
Low-light vision: The Ctarl can see twice as far as humans in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of shadowy illumination.
Natural Armor: The Ctarl have thick hides, granting them a +2 natural armor bonus to defense.
Natural Attack (Bite/Claw): The Ctarl have long since retained the claws and fierce fangs of their ancestors, granting hem two natural attacks (Bite: 1d3 piercing; Claw, 1d4 slashing). These weapons follow the normal rules for multiple weapons.
Skill Bonuses: the Ctarl receive a +4 bonus to Spot, Listen, Search, Balance, Climb, Jump and Tumble checks.
Special Qualities:

Damage Reduction 5/Energy and Magic: The Ctarl Ctarl are a surprisingly durable race, able to withstand brutal punishment and not take a bit of damage. They ignore the first 5 points of damage from any non-energy based weapon. Magic Weaponry might also be able to pierce a Ctarl Ctarl’s thick hide.

Ferocity: Generally speaking, the Ctarl are far to stubborn to stop fighting, no matter how badly injured they are. A Ctarl may continue to act normally when reduced to -1 hit points and are not dead until they reach -15 hit points.

Fast Healing 1: Ctarl regain 1 hit point lost per round, provided they stay above -15 hit points, at which point they simply die.

Spell Resistance: Ctarl Ctarl gains spell resistance equal to 10 + their hit dice (25 maximum). They also receive a +2 bonus on saving throws made to resist magical effects.

Metamorphosis: As mentioned earlier, the Ctarl are metamorphs that can assume the form of a beast like animal. They receive the following bonuses while in these forms:

Hominid: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution; base speed improves by +10 feet; they receive an additional +2 natural armor bonus (for a total of +4); natural weapons increases to the next larger die (Bite: 1d4 piercing; Claw: 1d6 slashing)

Full Beast: Size increases by one category (ex.. medium to large); +6 Strength, +6 Constitution; base speed improves by +30 feet; natural armor bonus increases by +4 (for a total of +6); natural weapons increases to the next larger die (Bite: 16d piercing; Claw 1d8 slashing)

Level Adjustment: Anywhere from +3 to +4


Vehicle Modifications, Weapons Modification and Selling.

-Central Offices: Harbor Area, Asgard.
-Regional Offices: Combat Zone, Asgard; T-2; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, CA.
-Majority Stockholder: Washu Hakubi, Asgard, owning all the company’s stock.
-Information: Hakubi Customs was created by an Alternate version of Washu Hakubi to not get bored to death and to gain some money on the side (so she says).
From her automated warehouse on the Harbor, the most high-tech modifications are available to her, and if they’re not… well, she likes a challenge. It is not a secret in the streets that she also creates all sorts of ‘crazy’ weapon modifications and fully functional replicas of famous Fiction weapons and sells them to the highest bidder or neediest vigilante.
What IS a secret, however, is that she has put almost all of her effort to provide for the Offices’ agents, especially the ones of the Rival Relief Office (the ‘Underdogs’ Office’), and, thus, has kept her gun designs on the street almost down to a trickle, so creating the illusion that most of them are one-of-a-kind, when in truth she’s mass-producing them in the Bunker.
‘The Bunker’, her weapons storage right under the Hakubi Customs warehouse, is also the hangar of a number of fully-functional replicas of Fiction vehicles and a fully-modified Stargate. Her ‘transport service’ is only available to Office agents.

(GM’S NOTE: Her ‘secret agenda’ is to provide the Offices (and any somewhat-good faction) with the means to destroy (or at least give hell) to some of her enemies, one of which took her daughter away. As for the RRO, it is because she 1: was convinced to do this by one of its agents, and 2: she sees potential in the Office that is put to waste by the other two.)
(SECOND GM’S NOTE: A number of her ‘street-sale’ weapons have been adapted with the Booby Trapped/Genetic Tag Gadgets for ease of tracking; and they won’t fire (or will self-destruct) if she enters a command on the Bunker mainframe. She sells said weapons as if the Gadget didn’t existed (no DC modified)-taking a loss but keeping really dangerous weapons under control-apparently.)
This... is fricking SWEET! Are you going to do any Western cartoons (God save us from the Loony Toons and their futuristic descendents, the Loonatics) Ninja Highschool, or heaven forbid, the Galaxy Police (of the Tenchi Universe)?
This... is fricking SWEET! Are you going to do any Western cartoons (God save us from the Loony Toons and their futuristic descendents, the Loonatics)

I'm trying to work on it. Found some 'toon' Feats, but I severely am stuck in how to describe them.
To be perfectly honest, I'm kinda sticking with Anime for the moment, but am working on it.
If you could please give me some help regarding the American Toon Fictions, well, I'd appreciate it.

Ninja High School,

A Salusian Race, coming right up!

or heaven forbid, the Galaxy Police (of the Tenchi Universe)?

Rough idea here (help me with it): accept D20F's "Star Law Officer" AdvC as a "Galaxy Police Officer" AdvC?

What do ya think?
I'm trying to work on it. Found some 'toon' Feats, but I severely am stuck in how to describe them.
To be perfectly honest, I'm kinda sticking with Anime for the moment, but am working on it.
If you could please give me some help regarding the American Toon Fictions, well, I'd appreciate it.

Not sure what kind of help I can give you at the moment, but I'll do all I can.

A Salusian Race, coming right up!

You are now my favorite person, rock on!

Rough idea here (help me with it): accept D20F's "Star Law Officer" AdvC as a "Galaxy Police Officer" AdvC?

What do ya think?

That would work, simple and effective.


This space station was designed in its original universe ('Battle Athletes') somewhere in the late 4800's (original series itself happens in 4999) to be the new base for system-wide Olympics and training area for system-wide promising future athletes (on the original universe, there were only females, but they have started to allow unisex classes).

It is in geo-syncronous orbit straight above Earth, with lots of facilities (including shuttle bay/repair areas, luxury living quarters, broadcasting studios, malls and entertainment areas), its own security force (some 1300, selected from its supporting nations' militaries (Earth, the LaGrange Colonies and other Solar System Colonies)) and a heavily advanced bundle of tech, including full Earth-like gravity troughout the entire station.

The University Satellite prides itself in its advanced (read 'brutal') athlete training (which include zero-gravity and enhanced-gravity sports, triathlons, pentathlons and track-and-field) and selection programs (it has 'training facilities' on all participant planets, where students pass their first year. The best classes of every year are sent to the Satellite proper once it's over). They sponsor a private 'Olympic' of their own, the annual 'Cosmo Beauty' competition, where the best female athletes (including, if she so desires, the 'Cosmo Beauty' of the former year) go thru advanced track-and-field tests to gain the title (like enhanced-gravity 100-yard dash).

In actuallity, the 'University' name is somewhat of a misnomer, since they have recently started to accept High School-age students on their program. Because of the current situation on Coreline, the Olympics are to be celebrated on the U-Sat (and possibly will remain for some time being).
Space Spider

Huge Monstrous Spider: CR 6; Huge Vermin; HD 10d8+10; HP 55; MAS 12; Spd. 30 Ft. (40 Ft. for hunting spider); Fly 60 Ft. (80 Ft. for hunting spider, Poor Maneuverability); Defense 16, Touch 11; Flat-Footed 13 (-2 size, +3 Dex, +5 natural); BAB +7; Grap +19; Atk +4 melee (2d6+6 bite); Full Atk +4 melee (2d6+6 bite); FS 15 ft. by 15 ft.; reach 10 ft.; SQ Damage Reduction 5/-, Energy Resistance (Cold 10, Fire 10), Blindsight 120 Ft., Vacuum Survival, immune to mind-affecting attacks, resistant to massive damage; AL none; SV Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 19, Dex 17, Con 12, Int --, Wis 10, Cha 2.
Skills:Climb +16, Hide +1, Jump +4 (+10 for hunting spiders); Move Silently +9, Spot +12.
Feats:Zero-G Training.

-Vacuum Survival (EX): It doesn't needs to breathe at all. It can exist in zero-atmosphere environments.


This alternate plane is somewhere between Heaven, Earth and most dimensions. It is an incredibly huge city (like the "Dark City" of the movie of the same name, or the City of Doors) that stands suspended in Limbo, a mish-mash of cities around the world and time. It is here that those beings of Fiction that we call "Gods" or "Goddesses" make a living.
It is visibly split in several sections:

-Corporate Sector: It takes looks from places like New York, MegaTokyo and LA, with massive skyscrapers and arcologies. The tallest arcology is the Earth Relief Office/Goddess Relief Office building, with its distinctive double-tree profile.

-High Class Sector: It's Beverly Hills for the higher-ups, and the ever-visited Belleview Avenue is home to some of the most powerful (such as the "Prime" Belldandy).

-Projects Sector: It's the suburbs, the middle-class place. Feeling-like, it's like Queens. Most of those who live here want to be left alone or stay down-to-Earth. The Rival Relief Office has its offices here.

-The "Combat Zone": It's the "Hell's Kitchen" of Asgard, 30 squeare blocks big, chock-full of lowlifes, bars, illegal tech and mercs. The RRO is the only Office trying to enforce some order in the Zone, the other two Offices just saying that "it's beneath them" (although they do perform operations there). Feelings-wise, it's every cyberpunk slum given primal shape.

-Forest Sector: It's a HUGE forest edging one end of the city. Most of the more "environment-depending" individuals and species have their home here.

-Harbor/Sea Sector: It's a large beach/harbor edging the other end of the city. Boats that part from the harbor might end on any of the Multiverse's oceans.


NOTE: Refer to The "Friends And Foes" Ordinary section in the D20M Rulebook (or SRD) for this to make sense.
Roll 1d100:

<1-2: Police: One Mid-Level patrolman (Any race), armed with a Beretta M2F, Beretta M3P 12-gauge shotgun and Tactical Vest. If you wear visible weapons and armor, he’ll ask for your license. Arguing or resisting will have him requesting backup (3 Mid-Lever Officers, ETA 1d6 Minutes after request).
<3-8: Corporate Operatives: 4 corporate/Office operatives on unknown business. (Mid-Level Bounty Hunters, armed with Uzis and undercover armor). If you’re visibly armed, they’ll ask you to get out of their way like they wanna use their Uzis.
<9-14: Biker Gang: 4 members of the “Asagiri Angels” Biker Gang. (Low-Level Thugs, Elves and Humans), armed with leather clothes, semi-automatic rifles and combat knives. If there’s any pretty women on the group, they’ll give wolf whistles and lewd talking. If not, they’ll leave you alone.
<15-20: Gang Members: 4 down-on-their-luck punks of the FulMet Gang. (Mid-Level Gang Members, Humans). They have cyberarms with internal knives and leather armor. If your group is bigger than theirs, they’ll leave you alone. If it’s smaller or of equal size, they’ll try to beat you up.
<21-23: Criminal: Just some pick-pocket (Low-Level Thug, armed only with a pocket knife). If he succeeds with his Sleight of Hand roll, you’ll lose your wallet. If he fails, go ahead and beat him up.
<24-29: Mercenary Team: A 3-man mercenary team (High-Level Bounty Hunters), armed with a variety of assault weapons and bulletproof vests. If you wear any marks of a rival faction, roll 1d10. They might: 1-5-look at you and leave. 6-10: start a fight. If you have marks of their faction, they’ll be Friendly to you.
<30-33: Gang Members: 6 members of the Yatsura Poser Gang (Low-Level Thugs, Oni and Human). They’ll molest any pretty man or woman on the team, ask you for money or look for a fight.
<34-39: Technicians: Two mercenary technicians (Mid-Level Crime Lab Technicians), unarmed. If you have any unusual tech showing, they’ll stop and take a look, try to trade for it and maybe leave you their business cards.
<40-42: Cultists: 6 members of the Adventuring Explorers of the Unknown Cult (3 Low-Level Politicians, 3 Low-Level Thugs), armed with phasers (they never raise from Stun) will surround you to give you pamphlets. If you wear anything that goes against Trekkie culture, prepare to be harassed.
<43-45: Private Eye: 1 Mid-Level Private Eye is following you. If you rough him up a little, you’ll find out he thought you were someone else.
<46-51: Office Executives: 2 utility executives from the Offices, on their lunch hour (Mid-Level Politicians, one of them with an Undercover Vest). None of them are armed, but they both have cell phones. Roll 1d10. 1-4: some people try to rob them. 5-8: they’re lost and ask you for the nearest restaurant. 9-10: they know you from a previous encounter and stop you.
<52-57: Reporters: A camera-reporter crew (Low-Level Mechanic and Mid-Level Reporter), looking for stories on the street. The subject of the interview will very greatly, depending on current events and what is considered ‘controversial’ at the moment.
<58-64: Passerby: young men and women (2 to 6 in total, Ordinaries all across the board). Roll 1d10: 1 to 5, they’re friendly. 6 to 8, hostile (but not attacking) and 9 to 10, fully attacking. No weapons nor armor-they must be crazy.
<65-70: Crazy: Some random crazy guy with wild look and long beard. (Low-Level Gang Member, unarmed). Roll 1d10. 1 to 5, he’ll insult you for a moment and then go on to someone else. 6 to 8, he’ll think you’re some random alien (but not one of the Races-maybe), and follow you while insulting you. 9 to 10, he’ll start screaming, stay in front of you and make people think you have something to do with him.
<71-75: Paramedics: A standard 5-man Hostile Environment Emergency Team (2 High-Level Crime Lab Technicians (paramedics), 1Mid-Level Taxi Driver (ambulance driver) and 2 Mid-Level Bounty Hunters (‘defensive’ combat experts)) on a lunch rest. Their armored ambulance is parked nearby, watched by the combat experts.
<76-81: Rockers: A three-man band on their way to rehearsal (Low-Level Dilletantes). They carry their instruments and are in leather clothes. Roll 1d10, on a 1 to 4 result, they invite you to their performance that night.
<82-90: Gang Members: 5 members of the Gunsmith(ed) Cats Poser Gang. The girl members will look like Rally, Minnie May or any of the ‘supporting cast’, the guy member will look like Bean Bandit. (Mid-Level Gang Members, the ‘Rallys’ armed with CZ-75s and Mossberg 12-gauges, the ‘Minnies’ armed with grenades, the ‘Bean’ armed with a combat knife and/or sword). If your group says something (anything) about their appearance, they’ll be offended by it.
<91-96: Security Guards: They’re guards of some important Asgardian company or one of the Offices. They’re going to give you a VERY clear warning to leave their presence. They’re High-Level Police Officers armed with SMGS (MP-5s or FN-P90s) and possibly rifles.
<97-00: Star Reporter: Famous reporter of one of the many periodistic factions around (High Level Reporter). Throw 1d10: 1 to 6, she’ll sign an autograph if asked nicely. 7 to 9, she’ll be hostile and call the police or a bodyguard. On 10, she’ll like one of the group and ask him to accompany her.

Roll 1d100:

<1-5: Police: 2 patrolmen (Mid-Level Police Officers), armed with heavy body armor and light assault rifles. If you wear visible weapons or armor, they’ll ask for your license. If you argue, they’ll request for backup (3 High-Level Police Officers, ETA 1d6 minutes after request). If you draw a weapon, they’ll open fire and worry about the paperwork later.
<6-11: Corporate Operatives: 4 corporate/Office operatives on patrol or en route to a raid. (High-Level Bounty Hunters, with heavy armor and carrying MP-5s). Unless you’re Office material, they’ll think you have nothing to do on their city. Better move it, kid.
<12-17: Biker Gang: A mixed group of 6 bikers of the “Chrome Soldier” gang (Mid-Level Thugs). They wear Undercover vests and leather clothes and carry combat knives and assault rifles. They’re a little drunk and are looking for a fight. They’ll molest any pretty girl or guy on the team.
<18-24: Gang Members: 5 low-level members of the “Broody Wacky” gang (Mid-level Gang Members). If you look like easy prey, they’ll try to beat you up. They’re armed with handguns, combat knives and cyberlimbs.
<25-30: Street Criminals: 6 drug addicts looking for someone to pillage to pay off their habit (Low-level Thugs). If you don’t wear any colors , they’ll try to rob you right on the street. They’re armed only with combat knives.
<31-36: Mercenary Team: 4 mercenaries (High-Level Police Officers), with heavy body armor and armed with sub-machineguns (modified with Kill-Cams and laser sights). Evidently, they’re on some ‘grey’-op. If you wield any I.D. of a rival faction, roll 1d10: 1 to 5, they’ll avoid you and go on their way. 5 to 10, they’ll decide you’re a witness and must be eliminated.
<37-42: Gang Members: 6 members of the Yatsura gang (Mid-level Gang Members), armed with laser pistols, bio-tech fangs and undercover armor. They should be tougher then the day encounter.
<43-44: Technicians: 2 technicians (High-Level Crime Lab Technicians), with MAC-10s and undercover vests. Throw 1d10: 1 or 2, they’re making repairs on a car by the side of the road. 3 to 5, they’re doing some municipal repair. 6 to 10, they’re on their way to work.
<45-50: Cultists: 6 Holy Squires of the Knight Sabers making their rounds (3 Low-Level Thugs, 2 Mid-Level, one High-Level). Only two of them wield powered armor, and it’s pretty easy to see they’re rookies with it.
<51-54: Private Eye: 1 Mid-Level Private Eye. Throw 1d10: 1 to 3, he’s in front of you, molesting some kid on the corner asking the location of a suspect. 4 to 7, he’s following someone in front of you. 8 to 10, he’ll stop you and ask you if you’ve seen the person that he was following.
<55-57: Office Executives: 4 executives from the Offices on their way to the nearest bus/train stop (Mid-Level Politicians with Undercover Vests and small handguns). Roll 1d10. 1 to 4, they’re followed by potential thieves. 5 to 8, they think you’re part of a gang and will open fire on you for the smallest reason. 9 to 10, they’ll think you’re big trouble and call for backup (Mid-Level Bounty Hunters, ETA 2d6 minutes after the call).
<58-64: Passerby: Young men or women. Roll 1d10: 1 to 5, they’re being attacked by two gang members. 6 to 10, they’re being beaten to death by the Knights Of the True Timeline.
<65-70: Shootout: Well, that’s just great. You have walked into a big shootout between the Hyrule Foreign Legion (a gang that looks like a HUGE bunch of modernized Links) and the DDV (a bunch of Drow gone ‘Wild Ones’). Everybody wields light armor, handguns, bow and arrow and the occasional magic attack. Choose a side or a target.
<71-75: Paramedics: A HE-EMT Team arrives in the middle of a shootout. Roll 1d10. 1 to 5, the team decides you’re just some passerby and leaves you be. 6 to 10, they think you’re part of the problem and the combat specialists open fire on you.
<76-80: Rockers: You find a 4-member group (Mid-Level Dilletantes) on their way to a performance, backed by their two bodyguards (High-Level Thugs) and their manager (Low-Level Politician). Roll 1d10. 1 to 4, they’ll invite you to join them. 5 to 8, they’ll send their bodyguards to “deal with those guys following us”. 9 to 10, they’ll ignore you.
<81-85: Journalists: A camera-reporter crew doing surveillance of a building to get a ‘hot sheet’. Roll 1d10. 1 to 5, the reason of the story will show up and originate a shootout. Of course, you’ll be smack-drab in the middle.
<86-88: Important Criminal: You got in the way of an important Mob operation. 4 mob enforcers (High-Level Bounty Hunters with high-caliber handguns) are unloading a drug cargo from a truck. Roll 1d10. 1 to 4, they won’t notice you’re there. 5 to 8, they’ll notice but do nothing. 9 to 10, they decide you’re witnesses and must be eliminated.
<89-94: Biker Gang: 4 Moreau gang members (Mid-Level Thugs) pass by. They all wield heavy pistols and medium armor. Roll 1d10. 1 to 6, they’ll come get you. 7 to 8, they’ll pass by. 9 to 10, one of the bikers finds you good fellas and asks you to come along.
<95-97: Mercenary Team: A 3-man team (High-Level Police Officers), armed with heavy armor and assault weapons. Throw 1d10. 1 to 5, if you ignore them, they’ll ignore you. 6 to 10, you’re a witness to be eliminated.
<98-00: Star Reporter: Famous reporter (High-Level). Same rolls as the Day encounter.

Roll 1d100:

<1-10: Police: 2 Patrolmen (high-Level Police Officers), armed with heavy body armor and heavy assault rifles. If you wear weapons or armor in plain sight, they’ll stop you and ask for documents. There’s no reason for you to be out here after midnight and they know it. They’ll stop you and find any reason to apprehend you. And if you resist, they’ll shoot and forget about the paperwork.
<11-22: Corporate Operatives: 4 corporate/Office operatives on official business. Heavy armor and heavy weapons. They’ll open fire on you as soon as see you.
<23-30: Biker Gang: A mixed group of 4 bikers of the “Road Avengers” gang. They wear medium armor, combat knives and assault rifles. As long as you stay away from their bikes, they’ll focus on something else.
<31-40: Gang Members: 5 members of the “Pollo Loco” street gang (High-Level Gang Members). They’re armed with heavy-caliber pistols, knives and medium armor. They’re looking for a means of fast financing. Roll 1d10. If you roll 1 to 7, you’re it.
<41-50: Street Criminals: 4 drug addicts of the worst sort (High-Level Thugs). They’ll attack you regardless of the circumstances.
<51-60: Mercenary Team: A 2-man team (High-Level Police Officers) packing assault weaponry and medium armor. Evidently, they’re on a ‘gray’-op, and will attack you if it doesn’t deviates them from their objective.
<61-75: Cultists: 6 members of the Eyeless (High-Level Gang Members), armed with all kinds of cutting weapons. Attack you? Nope… they’ll cut you open and listen to your screams.
<76-80: Cultists: The Knights Of the True Timeline are on patrol! At least 9 of them (Mid-Level Gang Members), armed with… well, lots of really nasty hardware. “Only people from the True Timeline would be up at this hour… cut them up, tear ‘em apart, DESTROY the fakes!”
<81-82: Private Eye: 1 High-Level Private Eye. Roll as the Night encounter.
<83-86: Biker Gang: 4 bikers (High-Level Thugs). Roll as the Night 89-94 encounter.
<87: Journalists: A camera-reporter crew looking for a story. Roll 1d10. 1 to 5, said story will show up and originate a shootout. Of course, you’ll be smack-drab in the middle. 6 to 10, they’ll decide YOU’RE the story and will follow you.
<88-90: Passerby: Young men or women. Roll 1d10: 1 to 5, they’re being attacked by four gang members. 6 to 10, they’re being beaten to death by the Knights Of the True Timeline.
<91-95: Shootout: Well, that’s just GREAT. You’re in the middle of a battle between one of the Magical Kingdoms and one of the Dark Kingdoms (and that means magical girls and Youma, and their helpers, and anybody stuck in the middle as well). Choose a side or a target.
<96-98: Paramedics: A HE-EMT Team arrives in the middle of a shootout. Roll 1d10. 1 to 5, the team decides you’re just some passerby and leaves you be. 6 to 10, they think you’re part of the problem and the combat specialists open fire on you.
<99: Important Criminal: You have gotten in the middle of an important Mob operation. 4 mob enforcers (High-Level Bounty Hunters with high-caliber handguns and sub-machineguns) are unloading a drug cargo from a truck. Roll 1d10. 1 to 4, they won’t notice you’re there. 5 to 8, they’ll notice and kick you out. 9 to 10, they decide you’re witnesses and must be eliminated.
<00: Mercenary Team: A three-man team, possibly with heavy weapons, cybered to the teeth and of a nasty race. They’re carrying out a ‘black’-op. Throw 1d10. 1 to 5, if you ignore them, they’ll ignore you. 6 to 10, you’re a witness to be eliminated.
Cool thread marcoasalazarm! I was wondering what you were gonna do with my little d20 Ctarl-Ctarls! Here's some Ctarl Ctarl Talents and my prototype rules to handle their transformation abilities:


Iron Body: Shrug off more damage. Your Damage Reduction improves to 10/magic or energy.

Improved Iron Body: Shrug off damage even from magic weapons. Your Damage Reduction improves to 10/energy.
Required: Iron Body.

Advanced Iron Body: Shrug off even more damage. Your Damage Reduction improves to 15/energy.
Required: Iron Body and Improved Iron Body.

Rage: You can fly into a rage a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier. In a rage, you temporarily gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength, a +4 enhancement bonus to Constitution, and a +2 morale bonus on Will saves, but you take a -2 penalty to Defense. The increase in Constitution increases your hit points by 2 points per level, but these hit points go away at the end of the rage when your Constitution score drops back to normal (these extra hit points are not lost first the way temporary hit points are). While raging, you cannot use any Charisma- , Dexterity- , or Intelligence-based skills (except for Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate, and Ride), the Concentration skill, or any abilities that require patience or concentration. A fit of rage lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your (newly improved) Constitution modifier. You may prematurely end his rage. At the end of the rage, you lose the rage modifiers and restrictions and become fatigued (-2 penalty to Strength, -2 penalty to Dexterity, can't charge or run) for the duration of the current encounter. Entering a rage takes no time itself, but you can do it only during your action, not in response to someone else's action.

Improved Rage: You can fly into a Rage a number of times per day equal to two times your Constitution modifier, and you are not fatigued afterwards.
Required: Rage.

Advanced Rage: You can fly into a Rage any number of times per day, and the ability bonuses it grants are +6 Strength, +6 Constitution.
Required: Rage and Improved Rage.
NOTE: Raging during a Transformation raises the Transforamtion Cost (see Ctarl Ctarl Transformations) by 2

Stubborn Heart: You gain a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and poison.

Improved Stubborn Heart: Your bonus on Fortitude saves against disease and poison increases to +4, and your fast healing improves to 2 hp/round.
Required: Stubborn Heart.

Advanced Stubborn Heart: You are immune to disease and poison, and your fast healing improves to 4 hp/round.
Required: Stubborn Heart, Improved Stubborn Heart.


You bite wounds deeply.
Prerequisite: Str 15+, Con 15+
Benefit: When you score a critical hit using your bite attack, you inflict one point of temporary Strength damage on the target.

Your jaws and teeth take on a super-natural strength and resilience.
Prerequisites: Str 15+
Benefit: When attacking an object using your bite attack, you ignore 1/2 its hardness.

You perception is amazing.
Prerequisites: Wis 13+
Benefit: You have a +2 insight bonus on Listen, Spot, and Search checks, as well as Survival checks made to track by scent.

You fall as softly as any feline.
Prerequisites: Ctarl-Ctarl, Dex 17
Benefit: You recover instantly from a fall and can absorb some damage from falling. You land on your feet no matter how far you fall, and the first five points of falling damage are treated as subdual damage.

Prerequisites: Natural armor, Con 13+.
Benefit: Your natural armor bonus increases by 1.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take the feat your natural armor bonus increases by another point.

Prerequisite: Natural weapon, base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: Choose one of your natural attack forms. The damage for this natural weapon increases by one step, as if your size had increased by one category: 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, 6d6, 8d6, 12d6.

You can shapeshift quicker than others.
Prerequisite: Con 15+.
Benefit: You can change into your hominid form as a move action and you Full Beast form as a attack action.
Normal: Changing into a Hominid is an attack action and changing into Full Beast form is a full round action.

Prerequisite: Three or more natural attacks.
Benefit: Your secondary attacks with natural weapons take only a -2 penalty.
Normal: Without this feat, your secondary attacks with natural weapons take a -5 penalty.

You cut neatly with you claws.
Prerequisite: Dex 13+, Weapon Finesse, BAB +6
Benefit: If your hit your target with a claw attack bypassing its Defense by five or more points, you manage to open a major blood vessel. The target suffers one additional point of damage per round until it stops the bleeding, either by a Treat Injury check or artificial healing.

You move more quickly.
Prerequisite: Dex 15+
Benefit: Your base speed is increased by +10 feet.

You are almost impossible to put down.
Prerequisites: Con 13+, Improved Damage Threshold.
Benefit: Your massive damage threshold is increased by +3 points.

Ctarl Ctarl Transformations


All Ctarl have a resivoir of Transformation Points equal to their Constitution Score + 1/2 their total Hit Dice. Maintaining their Hominid form costs 3 TP per round while the Full Beast consumes a good 6 (9?) TP per round. Once all of theri Transformation Points are depleated, a Ctarl-Ctarl are exhausted, and lose theri fast healing ability until their TP total rises above 0. TP is recovered 2 points for every hour speant on restful, non-stressful activity.

A Ctarl-Ctarl that has acess to a large amount of food recovers TP at a rate of 2 points per 5 (10?) minutes speant gorging themselves. Transformation into their Hominid form counts as an attack action and the Full Best form requires a full round action.


The rules are in need of a good fine combing, but definatly deviate from the usual x number of transformations per day deal. Hope this helps.

Here's lookin' at you kid:
Wow, this is pretty cool so far, keep it up! Maybe you can add a little Cowboy Bebop,Digimon,Pokemon,Monster Rancher,Inuyasha, as well as some Gundam. Do you also think you can add some races of sentiant robots, like the Medabots or those cute Gundams/MoblieSuites from SD Gundam Force. I mean sentiant robots are almost always play the the role of the bad guy, so maybe some robots could be netural or good alingned. I'd also like them to be more welcomed in this new world of yours, if that's okay with you.

Good luck with the rest of this setting, it's got some real poteincal!
Do you also think you can add some races of sentiant robots, like the Medabots or those cute Gundams/MoblieSuites from SD Gundam Force..

Good luck with the rest of this setting, it's got some real poteincal!

No SD Gundam Force please, I still puke my guts up at the thought of it. I agree with your second statement though, this definitely has potential.
Wow, this is pretty cool so far, keep it up!!

Thanks a lot.

Maybe you can add a little Cowboy Bebop,Digimon,Pokemon,Monster Rancher,Inuyasha, as well as some Gundam.!

Working on adding a few series (I sure can't say about Inuyasha or Monster Rancher-you could check the 'thinktank' threads), but here's some ideas I've had regarding the series you mentioned:

-Gundam (Wing, it's one of the two series I've seen wholly, and 'G' wouldn't fit in what I want-blame the Latin American Cartoon Network on that): The LaGrange Colonies are out there, orbiting on their spots, and have been given sovereigness by the United Nations (the last thing they need is to have to fight them right now, now then, there's a few Secret Factions up there who STILL think it's a trick...).

-Cowboy Bebop....: The characters (and several Alternates of them) are roaming around on Coreline, one of the Mars Colonies is the city seen on the series, and UNSC law says that ships inside the Solar System must go thru Jumpgates and use their own FTL systems once outside it (this, of course, is civilians and military, the latter when not in an absolute emergency). There's an alternate version of Vicious planning to recreate the Red Dragons in Asgard (and, most probably, I could make an adventure around the PCs preventing that).

-The city of Denver, Colorado, was doing two Anime Conventions at the same time when the Vanishing happened, and for reasons unknown (Otakus losing their mind, most probably), it has now turned into a Beirut-like warzone with several factions waging war, all of them representing the (former) fanbase of some Anime series. The two more destructive/powerful ones (relatively speaking) are the Digimon and Pokemon Fan Factions.

-The Internet has become a full-blown Plane of its own, the 'real' representation of the Digital World.

Do you also think you can add some races of sentiant robots, like the Medabots or those cute Gundams/MoblieSuites from SD Gundam Force. I mean sentient robots are almost always play the the role of the bad guy, so maybe some robots could be netural or good alligned. I'd also like them to be more welcomed in this new world of yours, if that's okay with you.

Yeah, I weas thinking about adding the Medabots (at least, in Denver). They have found their place out there (for example, F-SWTI teams have variant 'K-9' teams with Medas, Digis and Pokes, although some others have them as full-blown members) and everything.
Trouble, for me, lies in how to stat the Medabots, at least in terms of D20 Future (in BESM, I'd just make them Small Construct-Race 'Giant Robots' and leave it at that).
Ideas involving how to stat them, well, I'm all ears.

Good luck with the rest of this setting, it's got some real potential!

As for the Salusian Race...
*-2 Wis (As much as they'd like to, they're not the most well-kept weapons in the armory),
*+2 Cha (" 'cause we're cute").
Some REALLY HEAVY tech base (say, a solid 7?). Their transforming gizmo (that makes them look human) is a sort of full-body 'Instant Cosmetic Surgery' gadget (it's right there on the D20F Gear section, can't renember the name. It changes your face, but knocks you out for a half-hour, I think).

As for the 'super-strength' part, well, Asrial says again and again it's a 'Salusian of Royal Birth' thing, and uses it for 'stunts', so I'd think:
1) is it ONLY for Royal Birthed Salusians?
2) How do I stat it out? Are we taliking a sort of racial ability, like the Ctarl-Ctarl's Rage (check above), a feat only for Royal-Birthed Sals, a racial 'class feature', or just a plain boost in Str score?

I'd appreciate some help with that.
New Weapons Gadgets

Auto-Fire Targeting
Firearms with this gadget contain an array of range-finding lasers and computerized targeting sensors in the barrel, automatically providing trajectory correction with every shot. During the first round of combat in which the weapon is fired, auto-fire targeting only calculates range data and provides no benefit. Every round thereafter in which the weapon is fired, the attacker gets a +1 equipment bonus on the gun’s attack rolls and any range penalty is reduced by 1.
Restrictions: Firearms only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +2. (Only on specialized DiggersTech facilities).

Efficient Burst
This gadget allows an automatic firearm to shoot just 3 bullets in burst fire rather than the standard 5.
Restrictions: Ranged weapons capable of autofire (besides submachine guns).
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

(Slightly Modified from SRD-R&R Badly Needed)
Expanded Magazine
A weapon with this gadget doubles its normal magazine capacity. The weapon’s weight is increased by an amount equal to the extra ammunition in the magazine.
Restrictions: Ranged weapons only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +2.

Improved Durability
Some weapons are made tougher than others. A weapon with this modification gains +2 hardness, DC to break, and hit points.
Restrictions: None.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

Improved Range
A gun barrel with superior rifling or carefully balanced extended length shoots projectiles further and on a smoother flight course. A firearm with this modification increases its range increment by +10 ft.
Restrictions: Ranged weapons (handgun, longarm, or heavy weapon) only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

Improved Concealment
Some weapons are designed with a smoother surface, thinner profile, and less noticeable protrusions. A weapon with this modification provides a +2 equipment bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal it from visual or manual searches.
Restrictions: Weapons that are capable of being concealed only.
Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

Mastercraft Weapon
Some weapons are made better than others, and the best of the best are unique works of art. A mastercraft weapon, depending on its quality, grants a +1, +2, or +3 bonus on attack rolls or damage rolls (never both). Alternatively, the weapon’s critical threat range can be increased by +1, +2, or +3. Mastercraft +1 weapons are common enough to be found for sale in better markets, but +2 or +3 weapons are almost always custom jobs and are rarely found openly for sale.
Purchase DC Modifier: +3 (Mastercraft +1), +5 (Mastercraft +2), +10 (Mastercraft +3).

Flak Loader:
It allows the weapon to use Flak Ammunition, ammo made from scrap metal and easy to find chemicals (DC 15 survival or search check to find materials in a reasonable environment, DC 10 craft [chemical] check to create the ammo with a Flak Kit). However, Flak Ammunition is crude by the best standards, and an attack roll of ‘1’ will cause the weapon to jam, DC 15 repair or craft (mechanical) check and 1d4+1 rounds to clear the jam.
Restrictions: Only to Ranged Weapons with Chemical Propellants (Pistols, SMGs, Heavy Weapons).
Purchase DC Modifier: +1 (Only on Hakubi Customs Locals).

Armor Gadgets

Mastercraft Armor

Some armors are made better than others, and the best of the best are unique works of art. A mastercraft armor, depending on its quality, increases its bonus to Defense by +1, +2, or +3. Mastercraft +1 armors are common enough to be found for sale in better markets, but +2 or +3 armors are almost always custom jobs and are rarely found openly for sale.
Purchase DC Modifier: +3 (Mastercraft +1), +5 (Mastercraft +2), +10 (Mastercraft +3).
Here's some companies of this setting, or at least, some I have thought of so far. They're pretty basic info-wise for now:

-Diggers Technologies, Inc. is a company created by alternate versions of Gina and Brianna Diggers. They specialize in all sorts of cutting-edge adventuring gear (DiggersTech) and weapons (DiggersWeps, its subsidiary). The design of the weapons, however, sometimes just screams 'overkill' even if it's a pea-shooter (of course, this is best to intimidate lesser monsters from messing with ya).
Their 'Hidden Agenda' is to locate technology from secret locations all over Coreline and try to produce them (better them first that some other, more cold-blooded company) and/or keep them under wraps.

-Stingray Industries, Inc. Based in Asgard and formed by an alternate version of Sylia Stingray (2033 OVA series), its main interest is in the creation of anything, from vehicles to robotics (they are the only other company in the setting that sells out 'Boomers') to power armor (but NOT 'Hardsuits'. She'd rather keep those a 'private ace-in-the-sleeve'.
The 'Hidden Agenda' of Sylia is to outfit the Offices for anything that might happen in the future, by going 'pro-active' (she's the founding force behind their Black-Ops groups).

-Salusian Company (SalCo.). Is based in North Carolina (where the Salusians have set their Coreline-bound colony) and provides with all sorts of power armor and weapons. Like DiggersTech, they commit the sin of going overboard with the 'intimidation factor' of their weapons.
Their 'Hidden Agenda' is profit. Pure and simple.

-Mishima Heavy Industies (MHI): Based in Nerima, Japan, they have shown high profits in creating all sorts of advanced combat vehicles for the military, and have obtained the sole contract for orbital laser platforms from the DOD.
Their 'Hidden Agenda' is in the fact that the CEO wants her son back, and is crackpot enough to use experimental military weaponry on a city to do so (but well, it's Nerima...).

-Traxx Industrials: They are the latest company to pop up, and have shown serious promise in the creation of biotechnology.
Their 'Hidden Agenda' is something called 'Project CHAOS', now the main idea behind it is unknown, but so far, it has appeared to be more like the idea from Tyler Durden... using Kaiju for their means.

-Hakubi Customs, Inc. is a small firm created by an alternate Washu Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo OVA series) and located in Asgard. They create super-tech modifications for vehicles and weapons.
The 'Hidden Agenda' lies in that Washu's daughter has been brainwashed by one of her (now former) family, and is quite willing to get on the wagon created by Sylia, providing weapons and gear for the Offices-and their Black Ops teams.

-Genom Corporation: is a conglomerate formed from the two versions of the company (2033 and 2040), and is trying to get back to its former position as super-Megacorp.. by any means necessary. They are the only other company in this setting that produces the 'Boomer'.
Question: You mentioned that there are "alternate copies" of several prominate characters (like the Digger sisters.) So what are the originals doing?
Any chance we'll see DCMs or a Mega-Playboy template? (DNA squared anyone?)
Question: You mentioned that there are "alternate copies" of several prominate characters (like the Diggers sisters.) So what are the originals doing?

Living what they consider to be 'normal lives', that to us would be pretty much considered their 'canon'.

Do understand that they did just that during the 23 hours, and well, for a serious number of them, 'normal' involves stuff that to us ('real' humans) is outright disastrous (and let's not count rather severe on security, personal and property-wise).

BTW, what are DCMs?

And as for templates, well, I'm trying to work on some, but dunno how effective they could be (never seen DNA Squared, but HAVE heard of it-alot).

And, well, I have given my two cents for the Salusians (Post 20, by the end). Any additional ideas or corrections could be most welcome, PsionicNinja (I like NHS as well, so well, I'd like to give the write-up justice-but only have the first two Pocket Mangas, so I seriously am short on material to work them with).
Living what they consider to be 'normal lives', that to us would be pretty much considered their 'canon'.

Do understand that they did just that during the 23 hours, and well, for a serious number of them, 'normal' involves stuff that to us ('real' humans) is outright disastrous (and let's not count rather severe on security, personal and property-wise).

Ah, thanks. I suppose the world must be a pretty wild place with all of these anime characters doing their "normal" thing.

BTW, what are DCMs?

And as for templates, well, I'm trying to work on some, but dunno how effective they could be (never seen DNA Squared, but HAVE heard of it-alot).

DCMs are an artifact unique to the DNA Squared universe. I believe the acronym stands for DNA Control Modules or something similar. Basically, a DCM is a bullet-shaped object injected into the host the same way a bullet is "injected". Once inside, the DCM goes to work alterating the subject's DNA according to its programming. It is primarly used as a tool by DNA "operators" (government employed time-travellers who alter the DNA of certain exceptional people in order to make them ordinary and supposedly "better" history) but the concept of unregistered DCMs in the series implies that other parties use them as well for less "noble" purposes. In game terms, it is a hard and fast way of installing/removing wetware (ala d20 Cyberscape) in a matter of hours or days.
They aren't really used much in the series, only to accidently accelerate the transformation of the main character into the "Mega-Playboy" (think a Charismatic Hero with a ungodly high Charisma bonus as well as feats and talents that give bonuses to seducing the opposite sex and you have the general idea.)

And, well, I have given my two cents for the Salusians (Post 20, by the end). Any additional ideas or corrections could be most welcome, PsionicNinja (I like NHS as well, so well, I'd like to give the write-up justice-but only have the first two Pocket Mangas, so I seriously am short on material to work them with).

I think I only have the first four pocket Manga, I don't have them with me in my dorm either. And I know I said I'd offer some help, but college has kept me busy. I might have something on Acmetropolus and a few comments on the Salusian "super-strength" this weekend though.
Two New Companies:
-Kanzaki Heavy Industries (KHI) is a company created in the advent of the Hours, by an alternate version of the Kanzaki family (Sakura Taisen). They produce everything from cars and electrics to aircraft, but they have an exclusivity contract with the JSDF and other world grous (including the Offiices) to produce Koubus and their parts and especialized 'demon-hunting' gear.
Their secret agenda is the support of the Offices' Black-Ops teams by providing their agents with covers and (when applicable) Koubus.

-CRI Pharmaceuticals is a company located in T-1's Shibuya district, a major manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They are also a 'for-hire' intelligence agency.
Their 'Secret Agenda' is to become the foremost intel agency of the world, and keep some kinds of tech under wraps until the world is ready for them.

And the start of the setting weapons. Now, let's start with a couple of the weapons of DiggersTech.

(This one I think is buggy. I based it on the Fusion Packs from 'Exo Squad'.)
Diggers Technologies G-9 Portable Fusion Pack
=Damage: 15d6
=Critical: --
=Damage Type: Energy.
=Burst Radius: 20 ft.
=Reflex DC: 18.
=Range Increment: --
=Size: Medium.
=Weight: 10lb.
=Purchase DC: 25
=Restriction: Military (+3)
The newest brainchild of Gina Diggers, it is the latest in state-of-the-art energy sources. A miniature, short-output nuclear reactor, capable of powering up everything from vehicles to power armors to household appliances, with none of the adverse effects that are common to nuclear-based power systems.
A large pity, then, that it has some extremely obvious warfare applications.
RULES: If not armed, the Fusion Pack functions just like a PL7 Power Backpack (D20F, page 74), with enough output to power vehicles and mecha for short periods of time. Disabling the safeties and enabling the Fusion Pack’s self-destruct system is a full-round action, with a timer that can be set to detonate from 1 to 10 rounds after enabled. A remote detonator can be set, the timer can have a longer countdown (or the timer can be disabled, making the Pack detonate immediately) with a Craft (electronics) check, DC 15 and DC 20, respectively.
Although the Fusion Pack is, technically, a nuclear fusion device, the technology used by Diggers in its creation has reduced the typical effects of this almost to non-existence, and as such there’s virtually no fall-out or EMP to concern about.

=Diggers Technologies Laser Pen.
=Damage: 3d8 (Fire).
=Critical: 20
=Range Increment: 20 Feet.
=Rate Of Fire: S.
=Magazine: 20 int.
=Size: Tiny.
2 lb.
=Purchase DC: 24
=Restriction: Restricted (+2)
Originally designed by Gina Diggers pretty much out of a whim (as befits all Fiction mad scientists), it has since reached a peculiarly significant niche in the adventuring market with the fact that it’s an easy-to-conceal, powerful and diminutive weapon. It has seen large purchases to VIPs (and bodyguards), undercover police officers and intelligence officers. The Laser Pen is sold thru Diggers Weapons, Inc (a DiggersTech division run by Gina’s sister Brianna).
Rules-wise, the Laser Pen requires Personal Firearms Proficiency to use effectively and a highly miniaturized power pack is required to power the weapon (Purchase DC 15). Replacing the power pack requires the Pen to be opened (a full-round action). The design and size of the Laser Pen gives the character a +2 bonus to Bluff and Sleight of Hand rolls to conceal said weapon, and a Bluff roll over the opposing character’s Sense Motive roll allows the character to catch him flat-footed with it (as long as said character hasn’t seen the Pen in action before).
"After much effort, you have all managed to close and lock the door, keeping the fire and smoke out of the room. There is much relief among the people inside, although the guy in the back seems extremely nervous about something.
He seems like he saw a ghost, and is now muttering incoungruencies.
Suddenly, the door starts to glow, becoming hotter and hotter at an incredible speed. The walls are smoking ever-so-slightly from the heat and enything that is bolted to them heats up and/or takes on fire. The door is being banged on right now, making the orange steel to buckle inwards.
You bolt for the back of the room, guns at the ready, expecting anything to come thru. Whatever is the reason, it has to be a serious monster.
The man manages to say one clear pair of words ("He's outside"), before the now white-hot door falls to the ground and sets the rug on fire. Lots of smoke and soot comes into the room, covering whoever is on the doorstep.
The man who walks inside is a teen some 17 years old, wearing what looks like a Chinese warrior's armor, almost completely bald except for a ponytail coming from the top of his head.
His face has been burned around the left eye, and both of them are a slight yellow, filled with hate beyond any human comprehension.
These eyes focus solely on the man behind you (who is now cowering), and then he creates a ball of fire over his hand (setting it on fire as well), before yelling with a voice that has nothing in it but The Rage:

No-one knows what is the one true reason for this to happen-if there IS 'one true reason' at all.
It might be a glitch (accidental or deliberate) on the CLULESS Virus programming, it might be a dark application of the 'Power of the Muse', it might just be a primordial base instinct that the Fictions have that triggers itself when faced with the ultimate evidence that they were-up until the Vanishing-nothing but cartoon characters.

Maybe it's the sign that the Fourth Wall must have never been broken.

Whatever the reason is, what happens when a Fiction and the man who created it(canonically, or for a fanfic or drawing) first encounter each other is the same: pure, uncontrolled desire to harm the Creator-kill him with extreme brutality, even, if the Fiction loses too much of his control.

There's only four known ways for a Fiction to not drop into the Rage:
1) The Fiction's original Author (or the person who portrayed the Fiction) must be dead.
2) The Fiction must have recently appeared into the world, and the Author was in the immediate range of its senses (like, say, it popping out of the Author's computer screen or TV with the Author on the same room). If the Author was beyond the range of the Fiction's senses (like, for example, the Fiction appears just when the Author was going for a glass of water to the kitchen downstairs), the Rage will happen once the Author approaches.
3) The Fiction must be naturally a Fourth-Wall-Breaker (by the way their 'canon' happened, like for example, on some Warner Brothers cartoons or the first 'Excel Saga' episode).
And the fourth is:
4) The Fiction must have already gone thru the Rage.

Rules-wise, the Fiction must roll a Will save (DC 20) to avoid going into full-blown berserker Rage, DC 25 to completely stop the Rage before it even forms.

If they fail the save horribly (natural 1 or failure by 15 or so), they might go for outright murder. But if the fail's in a slight margin (some 3-5 points) or they make it, they retain some (SOME) of their mental faculties, and will only go for 'big hurt' (of course, this concept DOES changes from character to character).
Dude, all I can say about this stuff is...wow! It's some of the coolest D20 material I've seen, Future or otherwise! Great job!

But I do have one suggestion: it's a post-apocalytpic world, right? So why don't we have the Umbrella corporation and T-Virus infected zombies? Just think, you too can have a Pikachu with T-Virus!
Now THAT, I definitely didn't thought about.

But, then, there's always Pittsburgh, which is right now filled with just about every single kind of zombie George Romero had ever thought about. (dunno where would Racoon City be. ANy ideas of where it is-or WAS-?).
i have a good right up for a typcal 80's movie slasher and a write up for dawn of the dead/28 days later style zombies if you want them posted here as useable npcs/critters for the setting
To Wolfen: Yes, please.

And well, here goes. The newest 'Hazard' for this setting:

When they hit, they hit, irregardless of who stands in the way. Case in point, this is a depiction of Continuity Fracture and Omake Shift Instabilities at work.
Needless to say that the Doctor was embarrassed when it ended.


Though rare and never of a permanent duration, these instabilities are nevertheless very disconcerting. The reason behind them was because the CLULESS Virus re-wrote the reality on the immediate surroundings of any infected computers during the Hours in order to accept the Fictions. It was not, however, a delicate job. It was somewhat more akin to hitting the fabric of reality with a sledgehammer and then step back and see what happened, and there’s of course the fact that some infected computers didn’t triggered yet…
The Coreline Humans (especially the Pre-Vanishing ones) are immune to the effects themselves, but the Fictions surrounding them… well, they’re another story.

The following are nothing but a tiny example of the bundle of instabilities that are common. Some others exist, but they are even more rare.
As an additional note, the GM must remember that these instabilities are mostly there for the sake of annoyingness and ‘comedy’.

RULES: Whether deciding to apply a dimensional instability, roll a D10.

1-2: Linguistic Fracture.
3-4: Subtitle Fracture.
5-6: Omake Shift.
7-8: Continuity Fracture.
9-10: BGM Fracture.
The instabilities have a range of (d100) meters from an active CLULESS-infected computer. The effect lasts (d20) minutes, and they immediately end once the time is up, characters leave the area, or the computer is destroyed or shut down. Multiple computers might have enabled instabilities, so the averaged ‘middle’ of the rolled areas of effect will have both effects running, with the longest roll and shortest roll having the stronger effect in their respective areas.

“Well, I think /que necesitamos que/nanita suru yo!”
“Si, pero…/what can we do?/Kare wa totemo tsuyoi da naa…”

+Linguistic Fractures: For reasons unknown, the most common type of dimensional instability affects the linguistic knowledge of those in the area, causing them to speak a different language without even realizing it. English seems to be the most common, though Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese and others have been encountered at times. This normally goes unnoticed unless someone inside tries to speak with someone outside the instability-or worse yet, two instabilities occur simultaneously within earshot of each other.
It’s possible to communicate somewhat normally under these conditions, usually by using pantomime or relying to a broken version of English for a method of communication. This requires an Int roll (DC 15) each turn to remain coherent.

“/Damn! My car’s ruined, and I had 30 payments to go on it…/”
“Uh… Miss? I can read what you’re thinking…”

+Subtitle Fractures: A variation of the linguistic instability, it instead displays subtitles (in possibly a random different language, although they do appear sometimes in the same language as the character’s-like ‘Close Captions’) in a location close to the character (for example, at chest level when he’s talking, but at times by knee or ankle level). This normally is nothing more than a visual annoyance-but sometimes, the subtitles display the character’s thoughts, as if they were on a ‘soliloquy’ moment in a series.

+Omake Shift: Another type of Instability is called an ‘Omake Shift’, whereby a perfectly ordinary group in the area will have a very brief episode of extreme sillyness. On some Fictions, this also makes them change to Super-Deformed (SD) proportions. More often than not, the events of an ‘Omake Shift’ can only be remembered only hazily, and apparently haven’t happened in the normal level of existence.
Rules-wise, whether an Omake Shift happens, all characters obtain a temporal Intelligence/Wisdom Drain of 1d4 (this will never become fatal, resisting roll of DC 15), all attacks become subdual damage (regardless of the kind of weapon) that is immediately healed after the Shift is over, and on some cases (50%), the characters become SD, obtaining a +2 to Charisma (is almost blasphemous to think of an ‘ugly’ SD), and their size becomes Small, regardless of their real size, until the Shift is over.

“Uh, girl… she’s your worst enemy. She wants you dead, you want her to stop annoying you.”
“What are you TALKING about? Me and her come a long time back… no better gadgeteer to be watching my back.”
“And you’re both SUPPOSED to be SCHOOLGIRLS!!!!”

+Continuity Fracture: And this is where things get outright annoying. A Continuity Fracture scrambles time itself for the Fictions in the area, changing the present and the past as it applies to those in it. People are always pretty much the same in terms of looks, personality, and abilities, but the background and current situation are generally completely changed. Some of them might change looks in some way, but this is the more extreme of cases.
Some of the more geeky of Pre-Vanishing Humans have compared this to suddenly switching from a given TV series to its OAV or manga versions.
The GM has the final say on the exact changes to a given Fiction character inside the instability (‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’), and there’s a 10% of the continuity changes becoming permanent on the character.

“Somebody please tell me I just didn’t heard the ‘Jaws’ theme…”
+BGM Fracture: It is called ‘BackGround Music’ precisely because when it’s active, any and all characters inside it can hear the themes and background music as a viewer watching a series would. As all soundtracks, there’s situational music, character themes, music ‘inspired on’ and some other things. This is most definitely an annoyance most of the time, however it makes smart characters very hard to catch by surprise, since they’ll invariably hear the music building up well before an opponent is ready to strike.
RULES: Characters in a BGM Instability can make Listen and Knowledge rolls (DC changes by volume of the actual music, distractions and surrounding noise, GM’s call). Success of the roll can give them the following information:
-Character currently ‘in action’ (by the ‘character theme’);
-Fiction Series currently ‘ruling’ the area (by series theme or situational music);
-Incoming danger (by background music buildup or character theme). This latter can give them a +1 to response rolls during surprise rounds, or can get to negate them altogether.

"Yes, I know you’re me, and I’m you. Now QUIT IT, man, I’m TRYING to THINK here!!"
+Timeline Collision: At times, the CLULESS virus re-opens the dimensional portals, but for the sake of crazyness, it goes for a different approach: it locks on to a single life form in the immediate area and brings forth multiple dimensional Alternates of him or her. Sometimes, these Alternates are so much alike, they might as well be clones. At times, the changes are so radical, that it’s hard to believe that, deep down, it’s the same subject.
RULES: This Instability brings forth 1d10 Alternates of a character (GM selects at random), which remain for the duration of the Insability, and disappear once it deactivates. The GM has the final call of how radical the changes are in each Alternate, but as a rule of thumb, the Alternates should have the same CL as the selected character.

“’Poke, poke, poke, yawn’, yeah, yeah, yeah….[b] QUIEEETTT!!!”[/b]
A particular trademark of the art of Ben Dunn is his use of onomatopoeias for the most absurd, quiet actions that happen in the panel. They can be small notes (‘quiet’ onomatopoeias) or large words (‘loud’ onomatopoeias) on the panel. A few times over the series people have managed to ‘hear’ these words.
In Coreline, the ‘Dunn-omatopoeia’ is represented, when active, as an unearthly voice that sounds off from nowhere whenever an action happens. It can be quiet or loud, depending on the severity of the action (for example, during a sneak action, it would whisper ‘sneak, sneak, tip-toe, tippy-toe’, or during a transformation, it would say aloud ‘Trrrannsssfoorrrmmm’, during the kicking of a door it would shout ‘KICK!!!’, and so on). Usually, it only locks onto a small number of character actions during its duration, but nevertheless, it can be annoying and even endangering, since it can be heard from a long distance.
RULES: The ‘Dunn-omatopopeia’ will make all actions that the GM deems to be sounded off with said ‘unearthly voice’. Said voice will make the action easy to hear from a distance, and so, a step lower in DC to hear and pinpoint (DC 15 becomes 10, etc). If multiple voices are sounding off loudly at the same time, they are also be hard to hear over and could break concentration.

"A friend of a friend told me that a three-block area of Queens was engulfed in a powerful reality decay field today, causing the deaths of several dozen Fictions and putting some 700 people into comas. That friend of a friend is a physicist, and he's baffled by the size of the event...."
Reality Decay: The breakdown of the barriers between the thousands of realities was not an easy or stress-free process. And sometimes, it's too much even for a robust healthy reality to take. When everything in an area gives way, Fictions and the Vanished are the ones who suffer. Fictions simply disappear (Fortitude DC 35 to drop to -1 hp instead) and the Vanished have their minds Fracked over backwards (Will save DC 30 or take 4d6 Wis damage) . Needless to say, this is not considered a nice thing by any stretch of the imagination.
I had to do some research, and after about three hours it dawned on me to check Wikipedia. This is what I came up with:

The novelizations of the games by S.D. Perry states that its located in Pennsylvania, however they are not officially recognized by Capcom as part of the series' canon. Interestingly, the areas surrounding the city contain a large forest, a lake, and a mountain range, placing it somewhere near modern-day West Virginia or Southern Maryland.

Read the whole thing here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raccoon_City

After reading this I ran up stairs and checked the aforementioned novel, and sure enough they set in in PA. I find this ironic in a creepy way, considering you filled Pittsburgh with zombies
I find this ironic in a creepy way, considering you filled Pittsburgh with zombies

Blame George, who decided to use the city (although not mentioned in-script or movie, but on the commentary track as a setting shot) to base the 'Land of the Dead' movie and Fiddler's Green. For some strange reason (territorial instinct, maybe?), those zombies don't leave the city and the surrounding towns.

And, yup, there's soem 'smart' ones among the mix.

As for Racoon City, it's there... and it's full.... and it's quarantined (but by Umbrella, so it's not exactly a good thing-they use it as a 'bioweapon test ground').
Well, I know it's pretty random, but here's the statistics for a gunblade from Final Fantasy 8, in case anyone wants it.

A gunblade resembles a long sword blade-wise, but its hilt is actually a modified revolver. In most ways, a gunblade functions as a long sword. However, whenever a character makes a successful attack with a gunblade (ie. the attack hits), they may attempt a second attack roll against the same target (assuming the gunblade still has ammo; see below). If this second attack roll is successful, the target is dealt 2d6 points of damage as if from a revolver.

Reloading a gunblade is more cumbersome and time-consuming than a standard revolver, due to its unusual weight and shape. It takes a full-round action to reload a gunblade. A gunblade can fire 6 rounds before it needs reolading, just like a normal revolver.

Despite the fact that a gunblade is essentially a combination of long sword and revolver, feats or other bonuses that normally apply to either of these weapons do NOT apply to a gunblade; the gunblade is a unique weapon, regardless of similarities to others.

It takes the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (gunblade) feat to effectively use a gunblade.
I can see it being made by either Kakubi Customs or McGrady/Slavicksek (firm of weaponsmiths located in Renton, Washington. They created a version of D'Argo's sword and the High Guard Force Lance-which I have statted, as well).
Name: The Slasher (Strong 3/Tough 3, Bogeyman and Maniac templates*)
CR: 8
Type: Medium Human (humanoid [human])
HD: 6d12+6+6
Hp: 78
Mas: 29
Init: +5
Spd: 30 ft.
Defense: 18 (NA +3, Class +4, Dex +1)
Touch: 15
Flat-footed: 17
BAB: +5
Grap: +10
Atk: +10 Slam (1d6+7, x2, bludgeoning), +10 Knife (1d4+7, 19-20/x2, piercing), +10 Machete (1d6+7, 19-20/x2, slashing), +10 Chain Saw (3d6+9, x2, slashing)
AL: Chaos, Evil
Saves: Fort +10, Ref +2, Will +2
AP: 3
Rep: +1
Str: 21 (+5)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: 23 (+6)
Int: 10 (+0)
Wis: 13 (+1)
Cha: 8 (-1)
Occupation: Outcast
Skills: Climb +8, Drive +4, Hide +4, Intimidate +5, Jump +8, Knowledge (Streetwise) +3, Move Silent +4, Survival +4, Swim +8
Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Damage Threshold x2, Toughness x2, Archaic Weapon Proficiency, Improved Initiative, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Chain Saw), Stealthy
Talents: Improved Melee Smash, Remain Conscious, Fire Resistance 6
Special Qualities: Death’s Door (Incapacitated at -10, Dies at -23 hp), Fast Healing 5, Ability Surge (1/day +4 Str and Dex, -2 saves, 6 rounds, afterward is fatigued), Damage Reduction 5/-, Immune (disease, mind-affecting effects, necromantic effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, nonlethal damage)
Possessions: Knife, Machete, Chain Saw, Halloween Mask, Bloodstained Overalls

“Dressed in dark gore stained overalls, wearing a burnt, bloody, dirty Halloween mask that has been stitched and patched back together countless times, he brandishes his weapon and soundless marches forward towards his prey.”

Combat: Hack, slash, and walk menacingly. Rinse and repeat. This is your run of the mill 80’s-90’s horror movie slasher flick bad guy that is used to killing oversexed, drug/alcohol addicted teenagers.

* The templates come from the d20 menace manual.
Name: Living Dead (modified viral deathspawn*)
CR: 3
Type: Medium sized Undead
HD: 1d12+3
Hp: 9
Init: +1
Spd: 60 ft.
Defense: 15 (+2 Natural, +1 Dex, +2 Dodge)
Touch: 13
Flat-Footed: 12
BAB: +0
Grap: +1
Atk: +1 Bite (1d6+1, 19-20/x2, piercing), +1 Slam (1d6+1, x2, bludgeoning)
AL: chaos, evil
Saves: Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +5
Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: -
Int: 9 (-1)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 6 (-2)
Skills: Listen +6, Spot +6
Feats: Toughness, Improved Critical (bite), Track
Special Qualities: Cannibalistic Hunger, Scent, Viral Death, Blood Drain, Undead traits

Name: Horde of Living Dead (mob of modified viral deathspawn*)
CR: 8
Type: Gargantuan sized Undead
HD: 30d12+3
Hp: 183
Init: +1
Spd: 50 ft.
Defense: 11 (+2 Natural, +1 Dex, +2 Dodge, -4 Size)
Touch: 9
Flat-Footed: 8
BAB: +15
Grap: +28
Atk: +11 Bite (5d6+1, 19-20/x2, piercing), +11 Slam (5d6+1, x2, bludgeoning)
AL: chaos, evil
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +10, Will +19
Str: 13 (+1)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: -
Int: 9 (-1)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 6 (-2)
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4
Feats: Toughness, Improved Critical (bite), Track
Special Qualities: Cannibalistic Hunger, Scent, Viral Death, Blood Drain, Undead traits, Mob anatomy, Expert Grappler, Trample (DC 26)

“They shuffle and shamble aimlessly, moaning, moving with a limp sort of grace, one of them turns in your direction and lets lose a moan like roar, then they all spring to action and sprint toward you with unnatural speed, the one closest to you is missing his left arm and most of his face.”

Combat: Charge nearest target, grapple and bite, will pursue endlessly for 2d12 hours, in small groups they are uncanny stalkers, in a horde they are legion.

*Uses zombie rules from monster manual, zombie variant rules from libris mortis, and mob rules from dungeon master’s guide 2, the rest is from d20 apocalypse.
(Taken from the Elysium Nebula setting, that took from BESM D20. I just added some of my own).

Vehicle Customizations

Hakubi Customs, or PCs with appropriate Craft (mechanical) skills, will be happy to implement any of the following custom modifications on vehicles. All custom jobs cost 5 + the craft DC of the job in question. The custom jobs take 1d6 days to be completed as a standard, but they can be ‘rushed’ by paying an extra 50% of the cost.
If self-crafted the character must make a Wealth check DC for the half the cost of the custom job for the raw materials and must pass a Craft (mechanical) check at the listed DC. These checks require a full day’s worth of work, If the Check is failed, another attempt might be made another day at no penalty.

Options can be added to different types of vehicles to enhance performance or give them additional capabilities. Unless otherwise noted, each accessory can only be taken once.
Note that Engine Rebuild, Turbocharger, and Big Engine have approximately the same effect in game terms. A superfast vehicle may have all three options assigned, however.

An aerodynamic feature (airdams, spoilers, etc.) that improves traction by increasing the downward force on a wheeled or sea vehicles. Gives a +1 bonus to any Drive Skill check at speeds over 100 mph.
Craft DC: 15

The vehicle is retro-fitted with armored panels, Kevlar inserts, and bullet proof glass on the windows. Each time the armor is assigned, the extra weight reduces top speed by 50 (5) but increases the vehicle’s Hardness by 3.
Craft DC: 17

Big Engine
An upgraded engine, such as a big V8 in a passenger car, or a V12 in a sports car. The engine often differentiates an ordinary passenger car from a luxury model, or a basic sports car from a racer. A big engine adds 50(5) to the top speed of any vehicle.
Craft DC: 19

Body Kit
Almost every vehicle out on the streets has a range of optional body kit upgrades available to it, either from the original manufacturer or a wide range of specialist machine shops. The body kit allows the buyer to truly customize the appearance of his vehicle by adding skirting, shark fins, bat wings, cosmetic spoilers and a paint scheme unique to the owner.
The effects are purely cosmetic and have no practical value but will grant the buyer the ability to choose exactly how the vehicle will look.
Craft DC: 15.

Body Spikes
A series of large metal spikes are welded to the body frame of the vehicle, making any ramming and attempts to get on the vehicle (or, in some extreme cases, eat it) damaging as well.
Whenever anything collides with the vehicle, they receive an additional 1d8 dice of damage, aside from any damages taken from the collision. This damage does not stack with the damage given with a Spiked Ram Plate.
Craft DC: 10.

Burglar Alarm
If a door, trunk, or window is opened without the proper key, an alarm will sound to alert (and annoy) everyone in the vicinity. Defeating the alarm requires an appropriate Skill check against a DC equal to the Craft (electronic) check used to make the alarm. Marginal failure (failed by 5 or less) means the thief realizes he or she cannot disarm it while a worse failure means will trigger the alarm.
Craft DC (electronic): 10 (minimum)

Citizen’s Band (CB) Radio
With a range of a few miles, truckers favor CBs for exchanging information on road conditions, speed traps, and general gossip. Unlike a personal cell phone, a CB broadcasts to everyone in the area — it is not useful for private communication, but is great for distress calls. A similar option can be taken for taxi dispatcher radios. A CB radio can be installed in any vehicle.
Craft DC (electronic): 10

Consumer Electronics
These electronic gadgets include small TV sets, a vehicular computer, fax machines, etc. A cassette or CD player in a car can be considered a fairly mundane item. Electronics can be added to any vehicle, provided the size seems reasonable.
Craft DC (electronic): 10

Convertible Top
The vehicle with this option has a removable or retractable plastic, fibreglass, or fabric top. Removing the top gives a better view and nice breeze, but also means that the driver and passengers are now “partially exposed,” and are at the mercy of the weather. Exposed occupants are also completely unprotected from overhead attacks and can be attacked (bypassing vehicle Armour/Hit Points) more easily from the side or rear (-4 attack check penalty to ignore the car’s Armor). On the plus side, those occupants can also fire out of the vehicle without any difficulty, and jump in or out more easily. This feature is available for automobiles; recreational speed boats and most offshore racers automatically possess this option.
Craft DC: 10

Door Mount
This option is a post and bracket for mounting a light or heavy machine gun out a van’s or chopper’s open side door.
Craft DC: 10

Ejector Seat
Developed from the same systems as those used in fighter jets, the ejector seat available for civilian drivers is actually used for security, rather than safety. The owner of the vehicle fitted with an ejector seat, which is usually fitted on the diver’s position, can pre-select the speed at which it will operate. Upon recognizing an unauthorized entry to the vehicle, the ejector seat will fire as soon as the vehicle reaches its selected speed, throwing any would-be thief 60 ft. into the air. No parachute is provided for the fall to the ground.
Early models of the ejector seat were notorious for misfiring, often throwing their owners out into the street, though modern versions are almost 100% reliable. Fitting an ejector seat also requires a Craft (electronics) check at the same DC.
Check DC: 15.

Electronic Countermeasures
This advanced defense system enables the vehicle to avoid detection by radar and other sensors. Any attempt to mechanically detect the vehicle (except through the basic senses such as sight or hearing) incurs a -6 penalty.
Craft DC (electronic): 15

Engine Rebuild
A rebuild is major custom upgrade to the engine, rather than just simply increasing its size. In a car, this may involve removing and completely cleaning the existing system (including “hot tanking” the engine block in a chemical bath to remove grime), then adding various modifications (known as “blueprinting”). Other engine “buzz-words” include forged dome pistons, tuneable fuel injection, strengthened rods and bearings, adjustable or hot cam socket, tubular headers, custom intake manifolds, big valves, and a bored-out throttle body. This option adds 50 (5) to the top speed of any vehicle.
Craft DC: 19

Furnishings include a mini-bar, mini-fridge, kitchenette, chemical toilet, bunk bed, etc. For larger furnishings (kitchenette, bunks, etc.) each one added also requires replacing one or two seats, depending on the size. Furnishings can be added to any vehicle that has a 4 or more passenger capacity.
Craft DC: 10

Global Positioning System (GPS)
This option uses satellite systems to provide precise navigational co-ordinators, which prevents the driver from becoming lost. Naturally, it is still possible to miss a turn through human error. A GPS can be added to any vehicle. A GPS can be locked in with a computer in the corresponding GPS frequency (Computer Use roll, DC 20).
Craft DC (electronic): 10

Hidden Cargo Space
This space is often used in vehicles that are designed to smuggle goods across borders or past highway patrols. Up to 10% of the vehicle’s cargo capacity can be considered “hidden” under fake panels and bogus fixtures. Hidden space can be added to any vehicle with cargo capacity.
Craft DC: 12

Improved Brakes
This option includes high quality brakes, drag chutes, or forward facing jets that allow the vehicle to stop faster than normal. Those breaks provide a +2 bonus to Drive Skill checks on any maneuver where sudden, sharp deceleration is important. Improved breaks can be added to any ground-based vehicle.
Craft DC: 13

Improved Shocks
Some wheeled vehicles have high quality or adjustable shock absorbers or springs, which provide an extra +1 bonus to Drive Skill checks in any circumstance where the suspension would be important (such as crossing over obstacles).
Craft DC: 10

Jump Jets
By fitting powerful, short-burn rockets to the underside of a vehicle, a driver can greatly increase the distance the vehicle will clear when it jumps. Used as part of a jump maneuver, a vehicle fitted with jump jets will clear twice the normal distance. In addition, a jump maneuver may be performed at any time without the benefit of a ramp, usually to clear obstacles. A vehicle jumping without a ramp will clear the normal distance in feet equal to twice its current speed in miles per hour, achieving a maximum height of 3d10 ft.
Craft DC: 21.

Fire Response Security System
A black-market ‘upgrade’ from the Burglar Alarm, it is usually picked up by wealthy people who want to be more… ‘proactive’ in their car protection.
Several nozzles are fitted all around the underside of the vehicle, linked to a gas canister containing volatile chemicals that ignite powerfully in contact with air. Simply by hitting a panic button on the dashboard, the driver can cause a hot sheet of flame to erupt around his vehicle, driving back any potential attackers. Any object within 5 ft. of the vehicle will sustain 2d6 points of fire damage. The flames will continue to surround the vehicle for 1d6 rounds. The vehicle itself will be unharmed from these flames, although the paintwork is often singed. The Lethal Response Security System contains enough gas for just one use, after which it must be refilled (Wealth DC 15). Vehicles of Medium size or smaller and bikes may not be fitted with the system.
Craft DC: 18 (Illegal).

Electric Response Security System
Another upgrade from the Burglar Alarm, it is also picked by people who want a ‘proactive’ response. This modification is legal, unlike the other Security System, because it can be set to be non-lethal.
A computer-controlled set of cables and converters are added to the frame, making possible to electrify the vehicle’s frame with the touch of a switch.
Any object touching the vehicle will take 2d6 points of electricity damage (user’s choice: subdual or lethal-can change settings once per use). The charge will keep going for 1d6 rounds. The vehicle itself and anybody inside it will be unharmed from the electric discharge, but the effect can disrupt communications.
The Electric Response Security System is equipped with a high-capacity battery that powers the system for 2 uses, this battery must be either recharged (Wealth DC 5) or replaced (Wealth DC 15). Vehicles of Medium size or smaller and bikes may not be fitted with the system.
Craft DC (electronic): 18.

Gas Response Security System
Another option to the Security System, the Gas Response Security System is a set of chemical canisters and nozzles set under the vehicle’s underside, that can be activated thru a panic button. Once activated, the immediate area around the vehicle (10 feet) is filled with gas. Those who are in the immediate area must then roll as per exposure rules to whatever gas was inside the canisters (the amount in the canisters corresponds to a grenade’s worth).
The gas also gives complete concealment inside the area. The people inside the car could also be exposed, unless the car was modified with an NBC seal.
The canisters are full with enough chemical for one use, after which they must be refilled (Wealth DC 12+, depending on the legality of the chemical) or replaced (Wealth DC 12+, as well).
Craft DC: 18.

Lights and Siren
Any vehicle can be fitted with a noisy siren and flashing lights. This option can also provide a powerful spot search light. Has the effect of canceling the effects of darkness for 400ft.
Craft DC: 13

Luxury Interior
Leather upholstery, lots of chrome, extra head room, or other items on a vehicle are a sure way to impress someone special. A plethora of luxury options are available for most vehicles.
Craft DC: 9

Manual Transmission
There are two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. An automatic transmission is assumed to be standard issue for cars and hovercars (but not other vehicles), and means that the gear mechanism changes by itself. In a manual transmission, the driver must shift the gears on his or her own, usually with a stick and the clutch pedal. In the case of automobiles, a manual transmission gives an additional -1 penalty to characters who are trying to do something else while they drive, such as shoot a gun. If, however, a vehicle with an automatic transmission and one with a manual transmission are competing in a race, the GM should give any driver who has both the Drive Skill and a manual transmission an extra +1 bonus to reflect the greater speed control the manual transmission provides. Cars and Hovercars can be bought with both transmission types. Converting a car to use another kind of transmission is a DC 15 Repair check.
Craft DC: 15.

NBC Seal
The car is outfitted with a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Seal, that seals off the interior of the cabin. Also, the car’s air conditioning system is outfitted with special scrubbers to prevent damaging elements from entering. While the system prevents the entry of water, it is useless in a vacuum, and if the vehicle is reduced to 25% or less of its normal Hit Points, the seal is damaged.
Craft DC: 20.

Nitrous Oxide Tank
This option adds a nitrous oxide tank and push-button injection system. Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) can be injected into the engine, which releases more free oxygen and improves cylinder pressures and engine temperature. This action allows extra fuel to be burned in a more controlled fashion, resulting in a quick power boost for a short sprint. A single injection adds 100(10) to speed and +2 to Initiative on any round it is used. A tank can be used for up to five rounds before depleting the nitrous oxide bottle. This performance enhancer is available for any vehicle.
Craft DC (chemical): 21

Off-Road Suspension
A raised suspension and special tires allow the vehicle to drive cross-country at two-thirds of the on-road top speed. The extra suspension weight also means -5 mph to road speed. For airplanes, this option corresponds to Rough-Field Landing Gear that lets the aircraft land without a proper runway. Off-road suspension is available for any ground vehicle or light aircraft.
Craft DC: 10

Oxygen Tank
A small oxygen tank is affixed inside a hidden compartment inside the cabin. The oxygen tank is good enough for 30 minutes (with full passenger complement).
Craft DC: 10.

Police-Band Radio
This radio allows the driver to listen to, and communicate on, police and emergency frequencies. If the cops find one of these in a vehicle, they may be a little suspicious, however. This radio is available for any vehicle.
Craft DC (electronic): 12

Pontoons allow a hover vehicle to land in, or take off from, water. The extra air drag reduces the vehicle's top speed by 50 (5). Pontoons are available for any hover vehicle.
Craft DC: 13

Radar Detector
A detector can warn the driver if a police radar trap is within a few miles. Recent models also detect police laser scanners.
Craft DC (electronic): 15

Ram Plate
Though not strictly illegal, the fitting of a ram plate is likely to raise eyebrows for it can sensibly only be used for one thing-protecting a vehicle whenever it is involved in a collision and dealing back as much damage as possible.
A vehicle fitted with a Ram Plate obtains an additional Hardness 15 against collisions from the front. This hardness applies only to collision damage and does not apply to collision damage from directions other then the front. If the vehicle’s hardness is already 15 or greater, the Ram Plate has no effect.
A vehicle cannot have a Ram Plate and a Reinforced or Spiked Ram Plate at the same time.
Craft DC: 15.

Reinforced Ram Plate
The Reinforced Ram Plate is designed fully for battle purposes, and it shows by being even thicker, bigger and meaner than the normal Ram Plate. Vehicles modified with a Reinforced Ram Plate that aren’t police or military-issued are definitely illegal.
A vehicle fitted with a Reinforced Ram Plate obtains an additional Hardness 20 against collisions from the front. The hardness applies only to collision damage and does not apply to collision damage from directions other than the front. If the vehicle’s hardness is already 20 or greater, the Reinforced Ram Plate has no effect. Also, the vehicle is considered to be one size bigger for effects of rolling the damage it deals.
A vehicle cannot have a Reinforced Ram Plate and a Ram Plate or Spiked Ram Plate at the same time. The weight of the Reinforced Ram Plate reduces the total speed of the vehicle by 5 MPH. The Reinforced Ram Plate cannot be fit to vehicles of Medium size or smaller.
Craft DC: 18.

Spiked Ram Plate
The spiked Ram Plate is a normal Ram Plate with large spikes welded to it. The modification is trivially simple, making most users with a normal Ram Plate to make the ‘upgrade’ if required. The Spiked Ram Plate is illegal by street and highway laws, but it is widely used in the Outback by Road Warriors.
A vehicle fitted with a Spiked Ram Plate obtains an additional Hardness 15 against collisions from the front. The hardness applies only to collision damage from the front. As well, when the collision occurs, the dice dealt by the vehicle is increased by 2 dice. This additional damage is Piercing.
A vehicle cannot have a Spiked Ram Plate and a Ram Plate or Reinforced Ram Plate at the same time. A normal Ram Plate can be ‘upgraded’ to a Spiked Ram Plate with a Craft check, DC 5. (The Craft DC given is to make the modification from scratch).
Craft DC: 15.

Retro Jets
By fitting a series of short-burn rockets to the front of the vehicle, the driver can guarantee stopping almost instantly, regardless of the speed he was traveling at. When performing a Hard Brake maneuver (D20M, pg. 159), the Retro Jets allow the vehicle to slow down by three categories instead of just two with a single drive action. After the Retro Jets have been used once, they completely burn out and must be replaced (Wealth DC 18).
Craft DC: 21

Rocket Engine
Favored by speed junkies and the absolutely insane. The vehicle is outfitted with a rocket engine. The engine drastically increases the speed of the vehicle by an additional 100 (10) but the expensive modification incurs a -2 penalty on all Drive Skill checks while the rocket booster is activated.
Craft DC: 21

Rotating License Plate
With a flick of a switch, the license plate can flip to reveal an alternative identity for a vehicle. This illegal modification is available for any automobile or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 15 (Illegal)

Rotating License Plate, Multiple License.
This ‘enhanced’ version of the Rotating License Plate modification can hold up to three alternate licenses, plus the ‘original’ one.
Craft DC: 20 (Illegal).

Sidecars are attached to motorcycles, allowing an extra person to ride. This option reduces the top speed by 100 (10) on a conventional vehicle or 200 (20) on a hover vehicle. A sidecar requires three rounds to attach or detach.
Craft DC: 15

Slick Tires
A wheeled vehicle may be outfitted with flat racing tires (no grooves) for better traction. Slicks give a +1 bonus to any Drive checks on smooth, dry tracks, but unfortunately have a poor grip on wet roads: an additional -2 penalty is assigned to any penalties suffered by a vehicle for the weather conditions. Slicks are available for any ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 10

Smoke Screen/Oil Slick
This option releases smoke behind the vehicle, obscuring view in a cloud about 10 yards in diameter. The screen will last for 1-6 rounds depending on the wind. Alternatively, it could act as an oil slick, which creates a slippery area that hampers the control of any vehicle driving through it. A driver may avoid the oil slick if he or she spots it in time. At GM’s option, a character caught in a smoke screen/oil slick might be required to make a successful Driving Skill check to avoid an accident. A fully charged smoke screen/oil slick is good for three rounds of use, and is available for any automobile or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 13

Special Tires or Puncture-Resistant
Tires may be designed with various special abilities. These include solid puncture-resistant tires that run while flat (halve penalties for losing a tire) or special snow tires (reduce or negate any penalties that the GM may assign for maneuvering on snow or ice). Any ground-based vehicle can be equipped with special tires.
Craft DC: 10

Stretchers and Medical Equipment
This option differentiates ambulances from regular vehicles. Each stretcher replaces two seats for passenger capacity purposes. Medical equipment can be added to any van or utility helicopter.
Craft DC: 7 (for alterations to vehicle - medical equipment bought separately)

These vehicles are carefully stripped down to improve their power to weight ratio. In a car, this might mean removing glass from side windows (replacing them with nets), taking out the headlights, stripping out the doors (the driver will now climb through the window), modifying the seats, and otherwise removing items that are required for regular driving but unnecessary or unsafe for a high-speed race. Stripping a vehicle will add 30(3) to top speed if the vehicle is still “street legal” or 50(5) if enough stuff is removed so that the vehicle no longer meets minimum safety standards. All vehicles, except an ultra-light, can be stripped.
Craft DC: 13

Sun Roof
A sun roof is an open hatch in the top of the vehicle, which can be added to any car or van. Characters who lean out the opening can be attacked, but receive a benefit for partial cover (-4 penalty to the attacker’s check). A sun roof is available for any automobile or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 11

A supercharger is designed to increase an engine’s power. The supercharger uses a belt-and-pulley mechanism linked to an engine’s crankshaft. It functions by forcing extra air and fuel into the engine’s combustion chambers. A supercharger adds 40(4) to top speed and the extra acceleration gives a +2 Initiative bonus.
Craft DC: 19

Tow Winch
A winch allows the vehicle to tow other vehicles of equal or smaller size (similar to pulling a trailer — see Trailer below). A winch is available for any pickup truck or oversized ground vehicle.
Craft DC: 5

This device uses the engine’s exhaust stream to drive an air compressor, which increases the engine’s power output. This extra power adds 50(5) to top speed, but there is no extra initiative bonus, due to “turbo lag” — the delay it takes for the turbocharger to respond.
Craft DC: 19

Weapon Mount - Concealable
Because sometimes it is better to not call the attention of the authorities (but having guns on the vehicle is required), this mod fits the weapons behind concealed hatches and ports from which they spring up when needed. There are two varieties of Concealed Weapon Mount-Light and Heavy.
Noticing a Concealed Weapon Mount requites a Notice roll (DC 20). Concealed weapons may be made ready for firing as part of a drive action on the part of the driver, or a move-equivalent action on part of a crewman. Installing a Concealable Weapon Mount requires both a Craft (Mechanical) and Craft (Electrical) roll at the given DC (the price is only calculated as if one Craft roll was made, though).
The mount only takes one weapon, but can be taken multiple times.
Craft DC: 10 (Light Weapon Mount), 15 (Heavy Weapon Mount).

Weapon Mount - Light
A weapon mount is a bracket or pintle for mounting a light or heavy machine gun on the vehicle’s roof, deck, or the underside of a wing. The mount only takes one weapon, but can be taken multiple times.
Craft DC: 5

Weapon Mount - Heavy
This mount is used for mounting heavy weapons such as rockets. The mount only accepts one weapon, but can be taken multiple times.
Craft DC: 10

A heavy-duty (1-ton) winch.
Craft DC: 10.
And, Wolfen... those stats...


And a new 'Faction'. More of an 'encounter', actually.


The concept of the HE-EMT was created by Costa Rican Red Cross members during the Central American Wars, in lieu of the high hostility of a number of areas, such as the Leon 13 precinct, which had turned from gang territory to Combat Zone. Even though they had wanted to keep attending emergencies on said neighborhood, the extremely high rate of robberies, gang fights (Fiction and Real alike) and assaults made it impossible for a single team to attend even the most simple of calls without serious police backup.
So-like many other people on After-Vanishing Earth-they took manners into their own hands, hiring mercenaries, welding armor and adding weapons to the ambulances, and having their paramedics taking crash courses in weapons handling, combat driving and martial arts.
Soon after that, similar teams appeared all over, like Nerima, Denver and the Asgard Combat Zone.
The HE-EMT teams are organized of 5 members, with the standard configuration being:
-2 paramedics (wearing light vests and sidearms);
-2 "defensive combat experts" (mercenaries with light automatic weapons);
-1 ambulance driver (another paramedic, although he doesn't leaves the ambulance).
The ambulance itself varies from country to country, modified to favor rough handling, combat and speed. These go from 'Mad-Maxed' ambulances (Costa Rica) to surplus troop-transport helicopters and hovervehicles (US, Canada, UK and Japan).
The configuration of personnel also changes from country to country, and it's known that other 'esotheric' kinds of paramedics are part of HE-EMT teams at times, from healer mages (UK and Canada) to medical nins (on Hidden Village territories).
I watched DOOM last night and since it's related to this topic, I just have to ask- has anyone ever statted out the BFG?
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