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This company has the most inept techs I've ever seen.  I've been to forums created by amateur tech people, and I'm not going to pretend like I know a whole lot about phbb or html but I do know what actually works and what is completely broken.

I mistakenly thought that the basic layout looked promising and that there is no way wizards wouldn't have things running within a week so gave it a chance.  I guess it had just been too long since the last changeover and I've forgotten how mindblowingly unprofessional and inept the people who run this are.

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I've been around for most of the forum updates going back more than 10 years, and I have to say Wizards of the Coast has consistently exceeded my expectations of how much crappier they could make things around here. There was a brief glimmer of hope a few years ago when the site actually started to look and feel like professional web designers were sitting in the same room as the people who developed and maintained this site. Then, with the most recent site changes, I realized that all of those people were replaced by human cadavers from the local medical school.


Look, I know your jobs can't be easy and having people like me hate on you doesn't make it any easier. But this is complete and utter ****. The most depressing thing is realizing that the company that wants me to buy their most recent incarnation of D&D actually paid money for this. Money that they will turn around and charge me for their product.

The Sundering- "Hmmm... That last Realms Shaking Event sure did mess things up... I know!!! Let's have another one to fix it!"

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