Is there a complete set list in chronological order?

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I'm looking for a complete set list for MTG since the beginning of time.

I need it in chronological order (I think that's what I need, I need it from oldest to newest) as well as what is the most official abbreviation for each set.

Does this exist?


//I need it because Im putting together a community website about magic, and have a lot of images and don't want to have to store hundreds or thousands of duplicates, I'd rather just store the most recent set of a particular cards image, by having a set list as described above, I would be able to dump all the images into one directory on my computer, starting with the oldest, and as I add new cards to that directory from newer sets, it would simply overwrite the image of the older sets (assuming they are named the same, in which case for all the card images that I have, it appears that is the case.

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Are you looking for a complete list of card images? Or just the names of the cards.

I saved every card image since Visions. The process would require a few hours. By card name, tribals, abilities, lands, creature types, artifacts etc. But if you just want the card images by set you can do it in about 1-2 hours.
No thanks I'm pretty sure I've got all the images in HQ too. I just needed to find a list of the sets, and hopefully have the directory names that I've already got, line up with the known sets.

I guess what I could actually use at this point is a list of all the symbols of the sets so that I know which ones are which, someone has boggled the directory naming o some sets really bad.
Thanks a lot peoples, I think I can now complile my lists to do what I needed.
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