do clerics and paladins have ranks?

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Hello I have a cleric in the party I'm DMing and I was wondering do the divine classes use a ranking system like the Catholic church does with bishops, archbishops? Like would a cleric out rank a paladin? Thank you for any help you can offer.

Depends on the church. The more formal a church structure is, the more likely that church is to have a formal ranking system in place. I have never seen an actual breakdown in D&D for this, so you can look at the god who "powers" the cleric and take a guess as to how his/her church would be organized. IMHO, in general a cleric (priest) is going to outrank a paladin (warrior), but i am sure that the opposite case can be made easily.

Would definitely depend on the Church, as in the case of a couple of the Forgotten Realms churches Paladins make up the majority of the ranks (Tyr, Tempus, Helm).

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The old AD&D books are very detailled concerning these things.