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Hey guys,


So I'm struggling a little bit with writing my next adventure. Here is the background of my campaign:


The setting is generic, and set in the woods of an undiscovered area. The players are prisoners of a hobgoblin lord with 200 hobgoblins under his command. He has set them on 2 missions outside of his fortress with the stipulation that he will hunt them down if they don't return in X days. His background is that he rose to the rank of lord by killing a competitor with demonic magic. He regretted this decision, as he knew the bargain would damn him, but his ultimate motivation was that the ascension of his competitor would kill many of his brethren (details of this not established yet). The PC's know something is up, but that is it. They have also been offered the help of a rogue hobgoblin (CN Ranger) who simply wants to cause the Hobgoblin lord trouble, but is never really evil or truly malicious. 


Here are 2 things I want to happen: The Hobgoblin lord's pact comes to fruition, and he must pay for his agreement (though in the process, PC's will see that he acted selflessly), and I want the PC's to escape.



If it's the Specifics of the Deal you are looking for there are a couple options I can think of within rules:

1:A wish that was answered by a demonic power (Something along the lines of, "I wish I could give my soul for the power to protect my people" or some similar Wish) https://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/sg/20050902a

2: Becoming a Warlock  of a vastly higher level than his base class. (D&D 3.0-3.5 Campains Only)

There's a druid, an ettin,

a magical warforge

a sea elf, a sniper,

a shark whose named Cleyeper,

two or-rcs, a teafling

A half-dragon named Kele

four trog-l-o-dy-ytes

and Captain Brownbeard.

(Jig tune compsed by Jim Ackbar "It's a Chain Lightning Trap!!!!!" Hawkings the Sea-Elf Bard)

For the 2 missions, I would try to make the item the PCs are to retrieve explain part of the backstory, such as a written copy of the demonic pact. Alternatively, they could be sent to distant relations of the king asking for support when the pact comes due, and talk to the king's relatives in the process. As for the PDs going free at the end, maybe that's how the king is shown to be selfless, as in the last act of the king is to let the party go its own way. Just some thoughts.


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