Looking for new Ideas for Pirate Campaign (Episodic with Rotating DM's)

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The Pirate Campaign My friends and I are running has the Episodic house rule: each session must be relatively separate from each new session. It also has Rotating DM rulings and my turn is coming up next. Would like new ideas. Thanks. 

There's a druid, an ettin,

a magical warforge

a sea elf, a sniper,

a shark whose named Cleyeper,

two or-rcs, a teafling

A half-dragon named Kele

four trog-l-o-dy-ytes

and Captain Brownbeard.

(Jig tune compsed by Jim Ackbar "It's a Chain Lightning Trap!!!!!" Hawkings the Sea-Elf Bard)

How much time is spent on board the Jolly Roger?


well, as I see it, you have some basic session ideas (capture the treasure ship, fight the navy ship, roll around town, use the treasure map) and then some advanced ideas such as find the missing heir, got hired to escort a party to a jungle location, or locate the heirloom that unlocks the world. The real question is can you run an advanced storyline in one session? If not, then stick to basic ideas, given the house rule. If you sit down with the other DMs and agree on an overarching storyline, then you can divide it up into episodes (much like a play or movie) and run each episode somewhat separately, yet get to an overall goal at the end. Good luck.

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