iPad DotP 2014 - keeps crashing, even after update 10/12/2013

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Dear Wizards of the Coast,


My "Magic the Gathering, Duel of the Planeswalkers 2014" app used to crash now and then when the game was first released, but it was manageble. After the 2nd deck pack I couldn't even play a single game, as it kept crashing all the time. Now then, after the latest update on 10/12/2013 (which includes the 3rd deck pack), I still get exactly the same old problems and I am unable to play your game properly.


Here is what happens:

- The multiplayer games (1 vs 1 regular) crash (I am returned to the iPad main menu suddenly) either before I start the game, before I finish the game, or at the exact time I finish the game- rendering any leaderboard gains to 0 points.

- Whenever I try to setup a game I get the error message attachment below 9 out of 10 times. If I am not hosting the game, other people get that message, as we try to start the game- but they are not allowed to. (-> An error has occurred. You cannot play a multiplayer match with these opponents at this time. Please try again later.


Because of this, I am not able to play your game online and it really diminishes the value of it. I will not be playing the game until this is fixed and I, unfortunately, cannot recommend anyone else to do so either.


I have an iPad 2, the latest updates (iOS 7), re-started my device several times, have tried deleting+re-installing via the app store and it still doesn't work properly at all!


I'd love to know what the problem is and when you think it will be fixed, so I can return to the game. It's one of my favourite games of all times.. when it works. 







Error message

I'm having a similar issue but I don't even get an error message, it just goes back to the 'host a game' screen like a total idiot application. I bought the game SOLELY so that I could play with my brother (we both have ipads) and the multiplayer works about 1 time out of 400 attempts, seriously. It's actually so infuriating that it still isn't fixed. Can't believe I actually paid for this application and it literally does not work, I've managed 1 online game with my brother since we bought the application last year! 1 and we've tried honestly hundreds of times. It's really really... crap.


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