Why do my locked cards in every deck some times disappear? And other issues...

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This is a bit hard to explain, so please bear with me.


For every deck that I bought, the game locked away 10 cards, and it told me that the only way to unlock them was to play and win matches (presumably online matches, as I've finished the original and expansion campaigns and I've received no notification of unlocked cards).


The strange thing is that, quite oftenly, upon booting up the game, the 10 cards that are locked in every deck are completely vanished. Gone. Nowhere to be seen. When I go to the deck manager, every deck tells me that it has 30/30 unlocked cards. When I select any of these decks to manage, the on-screen information tells me that there are 0 locked cards. But clearly, there must be something wrong here, because other times, I'll see that the decks have 30/40 cards unlocked, and if I go to the deck manager screen,  the information tells me that not only do I have 10 cards locked in every deck, but I can even select these cards and zoom in to view them in full detail.


What's going on? Is this some kind of bug?



Also, here's a more minor complaint: the video settings won't save all the time. I set them to the highest resolution, yet some times, the game starts with a lower resolution. Not all the time, though. How do I fix this?

By the way, this is all on the Magic 2014 Steam version of the game.


One more technical problem with the game: every time I type in the in-game chat, it writes the character of whichever key I pressed twice. So typing "hello" in an online chat writes "hheelllloo". How do I fix this??

Try this.

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Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, this does not address any of my issues. I don't have a problem with having to work to unlock the cards. My problem is that the locked cards some times disappear from the game entirely. Besides, I tried entering the promo codes before. The game tells me that I have to enable an option to allow dynamic updates but that option had been enabled all along, so I think this is yet one additional annoying bug to add to the list.

By the way, guys, one more thing:


When I played the demo version of Magic 2014, the only deck available to me was the mono-green Hunter's Strength, and I recall having Runeclaw Bears as low-cost creatures to cast in the early game. I got quite attached to the deck and it has been my main after purchasing the full game. I just rememberd, however, that I haven't seen a single Runeclaw Bear in the full game, neither in my deck (checked the locked cards whenever they weren't bugging out from the game) nor in an opponent's deck, multiplayer or not.


Are some cards meant only for the demo version or is this yet another bug?

I don't know what to tell you then. Try turning those options on and off in the settings (restarting the game in between) and see if that helps.


Regarding Runeclaw Bear, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 (demo or otherwise) does not have any Runeclaw Bears in it. Garruk's deck, Apex Predators, from Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 has two Runeclaw Bears in it though.


EDIT: Unlocks 31 to 40 are the promo unlocks. If you can't get the codes to work, perhaps this thread can help you.

"People are like sausages: it's what's under the skin that's important... so poke them with a fork periodically."

"Lif is too short."

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