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I love this game, but every time I play I see something that can be just a little better.  I thought I'd make a list, in case anyone (Sean?) found it helpful.  I'm dividing it up into three parts, game balance, interface, and dlc.


I. Game Balance.


Game balance is hard.  I don't think it's possible to get it right without seeing how it plays out.  In 2014, the deck that really gave me pause was Enter the Dracomancer.  It was the last deck I went to unlock, and gave me the most trouble.  I spent some time thinking it was just me, I must have built the deck wrong.  Then I went online and found this:


After giving it a read, I still think my build for Enter the Dracomancer needs work, but I'm convinced that's not the decks only problem.  What can be done to fix that?  It's certainly a better game if all of the decks are a reasonable choice for a competitive player, but it's not reasonable to expect the development team to perform sweeping changes rather than focusing on new product.  For that reason, I'd suggest the following rules for a balance patch:


1) No novel cards -- If all cards added have already been used in a Magic:DOTP game, it should be easier for the developers.

2) No removed cards -- Balance patches are much better received if they help the underdog rather than nerfing the top tiers.  Nothing in a balance patch should invalidate anyone's build.

3) Change as little as possible.  This should be something that requires as little effort from the dev team as possible.


Based on those rules, I'd suggest adding a few cards to the weaker decks.  Maybe one card each to the decks identified as "C-Tier" in the article I quoted, and 3 cards for Enter the Dracomancer.  While each deck would no longer get the same number of cards, overall balance could be improved.  For example, Hunter's Strength might get a second Vigor or a second Primeval Bounty -- not a major change, just a little kick to be more competitive.


I know we've never seen a balance patch before, but it seems like something that should be possible if we keep our goals for one reasonable.


II.  Interface

I really like some of the interface changes we've seen between 2013 and 2014.  Attack with all is great, and being able to choose "random deck" is even better.  (Anyone else get used to spinning the decks in 2013 like a roulette wheel?)  However, some things that can use improvement:

1) Attack with all, on PC, can be shortcutted by pressing space bar.  However, this only works 1 on 1.  It would be nice if it also worked against Ramaz and in 2HG.

2) If I'm using random decks, it would be great to have an extra button after the match.  Keep the replay button that gives you the same match again with the same decks, but give us a "new random match" button next to it to re-randomize any decks set on random.

3) Please, please, please can we have a button in the custom game screen that says "AI Uses Revenge Decks" -- this would be totally awesome.

4) Maybe I'm the only clumsy one, but could we get buttons for opposing choices placed a little further apart?  Particularly on the iPad, but I'm fully capable of clicking the wrong one on PC, too. :-)

5) Along the lines of turning on or off "hold priority" in the options menu, could we have a selectable pause or selectable explicit notification if the opponent is declaring no blockers?  The hardest thing to time in the game right now is an action after blockers are delared if none are.


I think you folks have room to make more money each year than you're making now.  Personally, I usually buy the DLC that includes new decks.  I never buy the foil cards (that one baffles me) and while I can see why some would buy the unlocks, I prefer to unlock the cards myself.  Here are some things I would buy:

1) Opposition Pack -- A set of decks only playable by the AI (avoiding balance issues is the goal here) with a rogues gallery from DOTP of yesteryear.  Play against old favorites like Machinations, etc.

2) Card Pack -- toward the end of the games life cycle, after the deck packs, let us buy a pack that adds 5 new cards to each deck.  It would breathe new life into every deck in the game with the new choices.

3) Encounters Pack -- I've enjoyed the encounters over the last couple of years, and I'd pay for more of them.

4) Arch Enemy -- I'd love to see this mode back. :-)  I expect this is the most problematic suggestion, but what the heck. :-)


Thanks for your attention.

If you wouldn't mind formatting it into that, at least the parts that aren't already on it, that'd work out better for everyone.

Wizards: If it isn't game design, we can't do it right. Frankly, we're kind of shaky on the game design sometimes too.

Sure thing.  I didn't stick my thoughts in there first off because I thought some of my ideas were wacky and needed explanation.

Eh, there's no size limit to wishlists. I remember the Heroes of Might and Magic III boards. The wishlist for IV was like six screens long. Heh.

Wizards: If it isn't game design, we can't do it right. Frankly, we're kind of shaky on the game design sometimes too.