Sealed combos what's your favourite?

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Title says it all, doesn't have to be a true combo, can be card synergy also,

Mine is prized unicorn and indestructibility, they must all block my indestructible creature! (Even if indestructibility is my least favourite rare of all time...)
I really enjoy draw power, + Elixir, that's my personal favorite.

Playing online though, my opponent dropped a Staff od the Sun Magus, and the first thing I thought was the I was playing a noob. Shortly after, he dropped a Thune, and kept a Stave Off open, and his following turn, I also found out that he was also playing Taste of Blood, and my God, was it ever scary! 
Thune is the only thing that makes taste of blood good.

Mine is still spirit mantle on a hexproof or vigilance creature.

You're a lose cannon.



"I played 70 card decks before it was cool to play 70 card decks." -Random M:tG hipster

I'm a fan of Fiend Hunter and Unsummon, myself. It's not as potent as a Fiend Hunter/flicker ability combo, but it's still one of the best ways to exile a creature.
Fiend Hunter or Crumbling Colossus with Jinxed Idol is always nice.  I like Hunt the Weak on deathtouch too in a pinch.
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