Do you know why I play sealed?

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So I can flip some coins and use this card Molten Birth

Why isn't this on the dragon's deck (Enter the Dracomancer)? It's a fun card and it goes well with the tokens which it really needs for the Devour cards

Gorger Wurm
Predator Dragon
Ogre Battledriver
Hellkite Hatchling

It works so well please wizards

We only have this Dragon Fodder but even the art matches the dragons deck. Or at least can we have it on the expansion?
because it costs to much. i want to ramp on T3, not flipping coins for 2 1/1 tokens
fodder is much better than this card
fodder is much better than this card

What I want is a fun card man, it could be optional. Besides why would blizzard deny players who like flipping coins?