Just completed Hunter's Strength, what next?

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Just got every card for Hunter's Strength. What deck(s) should I focus on next? I don't have a significant preference in play style, just asking what the best or most fun decks are.
I'm new too and I just went with random against random in the custom matches until I had a feel for the different decks and could choose one I wanted to focus on for a while.  I just unlocked my second, Mind Maze last night.

Good luck.
Deadwalker is pretty nice, it can be built as full aggro or more controlish and offers many tricks and decisions to make

CoMD is a fun deck if you like to ramp and to play big creatures

AG is probably the strongest deck but it kinda plays by itself :P (still if you like aggro is a good choice)

ill throw dimir in too as it is a quite peculiar deck compared to others, based on tempo and card advantage, be sure to unlock the promo cards here as the deck is alredy not among the strongest and it starts even weaker :p   

Deadwalkers, Avacyn's Glory, and Mind Maze can be finished fast.

The other 7 decks take much longer and definitely have to be finished vs the computer. 

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