SagaForge Character Sheet

SagaForge is a new excel-based computer-assisted character sheet project. It is not a generator, just a tool for players (at the moment) to make help make their characters and print them out.

For a while I've worked on updating SagaSheet, but found that it was getting more and more sluggish. I previously worked a lot with HeroForge (mostly not with the team, though I did produce a few versions of AnimalForge and created MountForge (and a yet as unpublished and probably never will be FamiliarForge).

This is my latest attempt. Eventually, I hope it will be able to function similarly to SagaSheet, though it will never be quite so robust.

Currently, 1.12 has been released. Please report any bugs, feature requests, or comments in the thread.

Supported (mostly) Books:

Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game
Threats of the Galaxy
Starships of the Galaxy (feats/talents)
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Scum and Villainy
The Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide NEW!

SagaForge 1.12 for Excel 2007

SagaForge 1.12 for Excel 97-2003 (Not Supported!!!!)

(Warning: The Excel 97-2003 version has not been tested, and does not have all the functionality of the 2007 version; it is NOT SUPPORTED. If there are bugs due to the conversion process, sorry. I have 2007, and that's the version I'm working from.)


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Things you should know and keep in mind before posting:

• This is technically not a “Character Generator”. There is no random hit point generation, no mention of character generation, just an interactive Excel-based character sheet for your convenience.

• This sheet requires Microsoft Excel. It has been made for use with Excel 2007 in mind. It should mostly work for earlier versions (there will be Excel 2003 and earlier versions after 1.0), but not all. Though I have endeavoured to stay away from VB code, I can’t promise it will work with Mac versions or Open Office programs either. Consider yourself warned.

Excel 2007 Supported
Excel 1997-2003 Unsupported
Excel for Mac Unsupported
Open Office Unsupported

• This is a non-profit project. I work on it in my free time. That means, what you see is the culmination of many, many wasted hours out of love for the game. The alpha alone has taken me over a working week to get working, yet alone future bug fixing and adding additional features. Please respect this fact, and keep it in mind before you post a criticism or complain about something. I estimate I've spent over 40 hours now on the sheet (probably actually a lot more), so please keep this in mind.

• The character sheets are formatted for A4, you know, the ‘international standard’. So please don’t bítch if it doesn’t exactly match your fancy American ‘letter’ paper size. :P

• This is not SagaSheet. It is far less robust, but also a lot lighter, faster and hopefully more bug-free. Thanks goes out to all other SagaSheet contributors, especially Kenad Broki who made the original, since much of the data was ripped from that source.

• I have chosen to make this tool in excel because it is what I know. It is where my particular skill set is usable. I am not a programmer.
Bug Reporting and Feature Requesting
I’d appreciate it if you label your posts so it’s easier for me to track. If you’re making a request, begin the post or paragraph with a “Feature Request:” and bold it if possible. Same goes for bugs. I can’t promise how fast I’ll be able to respond to bugs and feature requests.
And, reserved...

...just in case...
That is fast. Damn.

BUG: Both the number of available Force powers and of already chosen powers starts out as 0. When you select a power, the values change to indicate the actual number of powers you have/get to choose.

BUG: It seems you didn't clean the sheet before uploading it. A bunch of feats are already selected.

FEATURE REQUEST: Saga Sheet's stat block was the most convenient form of output for me. I'd be great if you could implement such a functionality in your project. Having all of a character's stats in one easily copied block is rather handy.
Hello NotLestat,

wow, that was fast. You are realy hard working with your new Saga-Sheet.

Unfortunately, i cant help in proof-reading and bug reporting. I only have excel 2003 and with this, it doesnt work (i have tried it some minutes ago). I hope, you will make it available for older excel versions too. I love the work you have done with Kenads Saga-Sheet in his absence.

I second the statement above about the stat-block. Stat-blocks are real handy for NPC's and i will miss this function. I hope, you can include the stat-blocks back.

Keep up the great work,
BUG: Improved Damage Threshold doesn't seem to affect the damage threshold value on the character sheet.

FEATURE REQ: A box for flat-footed Reflex Defense on the character sheet.
put in my Jedi7 Jedi Knight 1 Imperial Knight 1 and almost all the prestige class talent trees are available except for the Imperial Knights.

If you put in Jedi 7 Imperial Knight 1 no prestige classes are available.

I will add again at least with stat blocks and I can see the errors faster than I can with a character sheet. Nice sheet for character layout though. Would just like to see that stat block feature put in when you get some free time No rush.
SagaForge 0.6 alpha for Excel 2007

SagaForge 0.6 alpha for Excel 97-2003

(Warning: The Excel 97-2003 version has not been tested, and does not have all the functionality of the 2007 version it is NOT SUPPORTED. If there are bugs due to version, sorry.)

New in 0.6
Added Stat Block

Stat Block

Bugs Fixed
Cleaned Feats list
Force powers available/known calculation
Improved Damage Threshold not showing on character sheet
Fixed Imperial Knight talents
Now that's some prompt feedback
How does one select a weapon group for the soldier's Weapon Specialization?
Thanks for going through all this to help us.

Bug The default weapon focus shows lightsaber and you can't seem to change it.

Bug The character sheet does not show the proper attack or damage statistics for lightsabers or lightfoils. It does show the proper modifiers on the weapon sheet (at least for the customizations although it shows crystals as invalid to the side of the selections). It looks like to hit includes Str + Dex if you have finesse. And if you have a second (or even numbered slot) weapon it assumes you're using them both at the same time. As for damage it appears to only be calculating base damage + 1/2 level + Str. There is no damage showing for specialization or melee smash or crystal (sigil).

Suggestion Please put the "blank" selection back in. That way if I make a mistake I don't have to erase everything to correct it.

I hope this helps you perfect your sheet I love using it.
BUG: Clone Hero species doesn't receive the bonus trained skill and feat.
The thing to mention here is this is still in alpha. Not everything is functional, including soldier talents and such. Sorry, it may take a while to get around to, but rest assured, it will be in the final.

I'm at work today, so don't know how much will get done.

I will look at the other bugs.
I (and I assume others) can't always distinguish between something that's not implemented yet and something that's buggy, so I just want to state that when I post a bug report I'm not trying to be pushy or anything.

I always feel a little guilty when I see a flood of bug reports after a new version of a sheet comes out. Must be hard on the nerves of the developer

That said, here we go:

BUG: Martial Arts I doesn't change unarmed weapon die.
BUG: Selecting Skill Training doesn't actually give you an additional skill in the relevant sheet.
FEATURE REQ: There doesn't seem a way to enter custom languages, since the drop-down menu throws up an error message when you enter something that's not on the list.
OK, I'm having a stupid morning this moment, but how do I unhide cells on a worksheet?

Reason I ask is that the sheet is about 90% functional on Open Office, and I want to try tracking down some bugs, but some of them are in hidden cells that I can't seem to unhide.
I don't know in open office, but in excel 2007, you first have to select "Show Headings" in the view tab, then select the two columns between which the hidden cells are, right click, and select 'unhide' from the dropdown menu.

On my version, so far I've fixed unarmed die damage, and skill training.

Wow...that was fast again Thank you for the Excel 2003 version. This one worked pretty good for me.

Unfortunately i found some "bugs" (didnt know if this is an issue with Excel 2003 or in your original version)


1) I select 3 levels of jedi master and it counted only 1 force secret (should be 2)

2) Force Pilot didnt work. It didnt replace the normal pilot skill and didnt give the oportunity to select vehicular combat.

3) Spelling error in Language Bocci. I think you ment Bocce here.

4) I am missing the option to craft an armor with mandalorian iron (thats maybe a request to implement it).

5) Didnt know if this is a bug or a request: at the moment there are missing the attack options in your stat block (e.g. two-handed weapon damage, powerful charge attack and damage, melee smash damage and so on)

Feature Request

1) Is it possible to expand the Armor modification space? A tricked out mandalorian armor could hold more modifications as shown in the sheet at the moment.

2) Is it possible to expand the weapon list? A tricket out armor could hold 4 or more weapons alone and then there are the carried weapons too.

3) I didnt see the possibility to mark witch weapons are armor mount at the moment.

Thats it for now ;)

I go back and check some more options.

Keep up the good work. Your new Saga Forge looks good so far.

Best wishes,
I don't know in open office, but in excel 2007, you first have to select "Show Headings" in the view tab, then select the two columns between which the hidden cells are, right click, and select 'unhide' from the dropdown menu.

On my version, so far I've fixed unarmed die damage, and skill training.

Thanks. This should help me track down these random errors I'm getting.
Yeah, many of the mentioned things will be resolved by the beta stage. Again, this is alpha. The reason there's only a few weapons is because I want to get it all working first. Much of the code will be copied and pasted see.

Almost all of the feats and talents do not have any effect as of yet. This will take a long time to implement.
Ooooh, nice. Very nice. You can sit by me.
Ok, no actual downloads yet, but a progress report might be helpful to some of you waiting anxiously.

I've had to rethink the weapons system, and am doing it a different way. It is already mostly implemented, but there's a lot of mess on the sheet at the moment, so you'll have to wait to see 0.7 alpha a while longer (perhaps a day or two, though don't be surprised if it's longer).

I've fixed most of the talents so that they should count mostly right, and am implementing a second sheet to sort out Soldier talents and the like, though at the moment, only Soldier talents are in.

Weapons (well, only weapon 1 is currently functional) now add up weapon focus, weapon specialization, and their greater versions as well.

There is no system for calculating self-made lightsabers; since JATM introduces Ilum or Synthetic crystals that perform the same way, if you have 7 levels, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers) and Force Sensitivity, and select a lightsaber crystal as an accessory on your lightsaber, the bonus will be counted.
I'm really impressed with the layout of this new sheet; I am liking it a lot. I've only fiddled with it a little bit and I'm not creative enough to go bug searching, but here is what i've found. Most of it is placeholder stuff though.

Bug?: The placeholders for the Character specific legacy destinies aren't quite right; you have a couple repeated for their Embraced/Denied destinies and some don't have one or the other. (as well as all of their Bonuses and penalties being the same, but I'm sure that's just a placeholder)

Bug?:Droid Species bonuses/penalties to their stats don't appear; but It seems that that 'droid' species is just a placeholder based on the fact that the tab it has only the 1st degree droid.

Bug:Basic has Basic, Basic (Understand) and Basic (Understand only). Is there a difference between understand and understand only?

As far as program breaking errors; I haven't found anything. All your numbers for species and such seem to add up too.

Feature Request: I'd like to see the droids get their own tab again, but I don't mind waiting for this if you have more important things on your plate.

Feature Request: For a cosmetic complaint: its probably just me, but I have a hard time following and lining up the Force Powers and their 'Uses' columns, especially in the middle. It may just be my bad eyesight though, since they're close together.

Feature Request: By the way you said you were going to be pasting in a lot of the junk; will you also be adding in the descriptions for the Feats and Talents? I always found those little reminders useful.

Feature Request: One last thing; I'd like to see Binary (Understand Only). Maybe thats what one of the Basics was supposed to be?

I'm pretty sure those 'bugs' are just placeholders, so I'm sorry for wasting your time. I look forward to your next alpha build.
I've added Feats and Force Powers/Techniques/Secrets from JATM, and reworked the weapons tab, increased support for talents, etc. Remember, this still is an alpha.

I'm already noticing a great difference in file size between the Excel 2007 and earlier versions.

Yes, there will eventually be support for droids, though probably only custom droids, not particular models.

SagaForge 0.7 alpha for Excel 2007

SagaForge 0.7 alpha for Excel 97-2003
This is awesome. Very cool. This is going to be very useful.

Feature Request Mandolorian added to languages selection.

I'm not sure if the languages were complete as this is only the alpha but that would be a nice addition for some of my players.

Thanks again for your hardwork on this. It's really slick.
I like this. It's very slick
Thanks for the great work on the sheet. I can't wait for the next update.
Awesome work. This is really useful. Far less hassle than with the other document which isn't a generator.

Huh?: Defenses bonus?
What is "Bonus" (+1) in the last row on Armor and Defenses, Reflex/Fortitude/Will?

Feature Request: HP average based on dice
I know you weren't going to do HP rolls, but could you make a HP average like WotC do them? You can add HD/2+conmod for every odd level and HD/2+1+conmod for every even level. The real number is based on ((Max HD - Min HD)/2)+Min HD, for all levels except the first one.

So a human soldier with 10 con should have:
Level 1: 30hp
Level 2: 35hp
Level 3: 41hp
Level 4: 46hp
Level 5: 51hp
Level 6: 57hp

Feature Request: Prestige Class prerequisite
It would be great to be able to see the prestige class requirements somewhere.

Feature Request: Automatically fill in classes
How about letting the document fill in classes itself? Pick Jedi at Level 1, Jedi Knight at Level 8, and you get Level 7 Jedi Level 1 Jedi Knight?

Feature Request: +1 point at ability upgrade
I can boost 2 in one ability at a level upgrade. Some kind of warning might be appropiate. Putting data verification between 0-1 might do the trick.

Feature Request: Size
A size override for beasts and droids might eventually be appropriate. It was when I tried to add size that I gave up my own attempt to build a similar document.

Feature Request: Carrying Capacity
Are you going to add carrying capacity eventually? It's normally one of those not-so-fun-to-calculate-in-your-head scores.

Feature Request: Hold my hand
I will probably let my players use this. It would be nice to eventually type in some guidelines from the Core Rulebook, what they need to do on each page.

Select Feats
Feats are special features that provide a character with new capabilities or improvements. Your character begins play with at least one feat. If you are playing a Human, you get a bonus feat. In addition, your class also gives you several starting feats that you get for free.

Ok, I didn't see this mentioned anywhere. Maybe I just missed it.

When you are creating a Jedi and say yes to the force training feat, the column marked Times shows an error message. If this happens, The Force sheet calculates the number of force talents you get as an error message.

If, however, you enter a number "1" in the Times column, it calculates the amount of force powers you get on The Force sheet correctly.

Incidentally, very good job.

Are you still going to work on sagasheet?
First of all, great work... I didn't think it was possible to make such a comprehensive sheet so small or fast.

Now I'd like to make a 'long-term' feature request... Saga Sheet (and I'm sorry, comparison will always be inevitable) had little pop-ups with mnemonics reminding you what each talent or feat does. It serves as a good aid for creating characters, especially when a new book has just come out and you're not familiar with every little talent yet, or for those times when you're rolling a character outside your 'comfort zone'.

That said, I do understand that forge is still in alpha and such pop-ups would have zero priority =)

Congratulations and good luck with development.
That's a great start NL Thanks for the work you've put into it!
That said, I do understand that forge is still in alpha and such pop-ups would have zero priority =)

Congratulations and good luck with development.

All of those little pop-ups may have been a contributor to the slowness and size of SagaSheet. While they would be nice I wouldn't want SagaForge to turn into what NL is trying to get away from.
Well, it's nice to see a lot of activity here. It's encouraging. Now on to answering a few questions, and making a few statements.

My intention is not to supplant Saga Sheet, and I do hope that Kenad continues (as he has suggested, but in his own good time) to work on it his way. To be perfectly honest, I don't want to take his project away from him, and this way I get to stretch my legs and do things my own way.

I probably will not be working on Saga Sheet anymore. It would take too much time to do both, and though I'm between studies right now, and have a relatively lax work schedule, I don't want to devote that kind of time to this hobby (it already is excessive).

Onto SagaForge...

No to the popups. I want to keep things clean and fast. At least at the moment... It's also a LOT of work to put it back in. There are some hidden cells on the feats page with it still in, but there's also a fuzzy area there when it comes to adding in those kinds of details...

moiraesfate, I can only assume that you are talking about Force Training. It doesn't take a yes because you can select it multiple times, so it takes a numerical value between 1 and 10 instead. It is the same for similar feats, such as Skill Training and Skill Focus.

JemyM, the bonuses are an artefact from the Bonuses tab. Go in there and erase them to get rid of them.

Fixing the HP request might be possible. It does use hp calculation according to Dawn of Defiance campaign standards if you type that in as the campaign.

I have already implemented the +1 max bonus thing you suggested in my master version.

Carrying capacity is already in, on Character Sheet 2, under the list of equipment in brackets. Encumbrance has not yet been calculated in.

Whilst size overrides might be possible, there will be no guidelines, or at least, not as you've suggested. I have to be very careful with something like this sheet to not step on any legal toes. Lucas and Wizards turn a blind eye so long as their toes are not being trodden on. So I have to be cautious with anything that describes character generation.

Droids will come later, and I will be implementing additional languages, such as Manda'lor, and Binary (understand only) as suggested. I might actually add a condition that works so that all languages for wookiees for example, are treated as 'understand only', same with binary for non-droids.

I'm sure there's more to mention, but it's definately bed time for me. I'll do some more work tomorrow, and possibly add the talents and armour from JATM (I have already since added the weapons).
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Looks good so far Ben. Once you go Beta, I'll post the couple of "Bugs" I've seen so far, because I'm guessing you just haven't gotten to fixing that part yet.
Oooo, pop-ups were the best part.

Bug: The Bonus sheet doesn't work yet. I tried to add more Feats. It was a no-go.
Your sheet looks great so far. I would like to request custom races if you can.
Bug: Primitive
I made a gammorean gunslinger and realized that he got Weapon Proficiency (pistols) for free for selecting the soldier class.
Tried this last night. Selected Force Sensitive as a feat but it didn't make UtF a class skill.
Another question

Upgrade slots on armor. When selecting medium Beskar'gam the # of available upgrade slots is 4 is this right? I thought it was only 2.

I know this is still Alpha stage but I was wondering.
I have fixed the Use the Force error. It should now be a class skill if you have the Force Sensitive feat.

Armor has upgrade slots based on the type of armor. The base free slots is determined by type: Light 1, Medium 2, Heavy 3; Power armor has an addtional 2 free slots per type; Beskar'gam and other Mandalorian armour list the bonus free slots in their descriptions in KOTORCG and S&V.

I will work on the primitive problem.
They errata'd the armor slots. Now it's non-powered armor 1 slot, powered armor 2 slots. They didn't get around to changing the armors in KotOR.
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