Help with understanding the 'my rewards' graphs?

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I was looking at the page titled 'my rewards,' and I completely don't understand it. This is in the fields:

Type: Current
Total TokenSet Points: 4
Current TokenSet Points: 4
Total Foil Points:4
Current Foil Points: 4
Membership Card:
Judge Reward:

Now, what particularly worries me is the fact that 'Address' is left blank-is this normal? And, what exactly do the different amounts of points mean? I'm kinda confused, and the page on Wizards' site doesn't explain it very well. :embarrass

Batch: - The Batch Number, I think batch 24 was just sent out, next one will be 25, etc. Just refers to the number of mailings they've had
Address: - The address that they sent your mailing to, the top line is blank because that hasn't been sent yet.
Date: - The date it was sent. Again blank for prizes yet unsent.
Type: Current - The status is either current or sent, if it is a batch they sent you it would say sent, the one your are currently working on says current.
Total TokenSet Points: 4 - How many Token set points you have gotten all time, one for every event you entered since joining the program.
Current TokenSet Points: 4 - How many you have/had for a certain batch, for every 5 that this number is at the cutoff date you get a Token Set.
TokenSet: - How many Token Sets you are owed as of now.
Total Foil Points:4 - Same as Total Token Set Points, only for the foils.
Current Foil Points: 4 - Same as Current Token Set points only for the foils and you get a foil sent to you for every 20 showing instead.
Foil: - Same as Token Set but for the Foils
Membership Card: - If you are going to be sent a plastic Membership card it'll have a 1 in this column
Judge Reward: - If you get Judge rewards they are totaled here.
Ok, so: 

Batch   Address  Date   Type    Total Token   Current Token    TokenSet    Total Foil   Current Foil   Foil                                        Current  Set Points           Set Points                            Points       Points
                                                           64                     34              6              64                44            2  

I should get 6 textless cards and 2 foil cards right? Just wondering I just got my cards yesterday and got 6 textless and 1 foil.

I thought that you got 2 textless cards for every 5 tourneys, it would seem that I should have 6 (2card packs) and 2 foils. based on the Player rewards FAQ.

Not that it bothers me too much I just want to be ale to read my chart. the token subheadings need to be changed to somethingelse more appropriate.
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