Rotating Format Heirloom (100c Singleton) 1.08 Sponsored by The MTGO Bazaar 08/24/13 5.00 PM EST

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Hello everyone! The MTGO Bazaar is sponsoring the weekly Rotating Format Heirloom event. Join /join heirloom for discussion and announcements. Games begin at 4:00 PM EST on Saturday, August 24th.

All players must register for this event at PauperKrew's Gatherling. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Double queuing is not allowed.
Any player caught playing in another PRE while playing in a Heirloom event will be disqualified from the Heirloom event.

Deck Construction:
Decks and sideboards must be legal in the current running format as well as contain only cards legal in the Classic Heirloom format.

The Formats will run for two months and then rotate to the next formats on the list:
July & August - 100c Classic Singleton
September & October - Pre-Modern (only the following sets are legal: ME1 through ME4, 7E, MI through SCG, Timeshifted)
(Other formats will be announced soon)


First Place: 5 Credits from The MTGO Bazaar
Second Place: 2 Credits from The MTGO Bazaar
Third Place: 1 Credit from The MTGO Bazaar
Fourth Place: 1 Credit from The MTGO Bazaar
Door Prize: 1 Credit from The MTGO Bazaar (Players may not receive the door prize twice in one month)

Search the Classifieds for The MTGO Bazaar to redeem credits.

Card Legality:

Rotating Format Heirloom is a format that bases its card legality on the classic format and on the price value found at every month or so.

The legality range is as follows:
Mythic: 0.01 to 1.00
Rare: 0.01 to 0.40
Uncommon: 0.01 to 0.20
Common: 0.01 to 0.10

The list of legal cards is static, and is updated approximately 2 weeks after each set release. Heirloom Legal Card List as of 08/14/13 can be found here: Heirloom Legality List.

Another tool for finding legal cards and checking an entire deck for legality can be found here: Heirloom Legality Checker

Banned Cards:


Sword of the Meek
Zuran Orb

Tournament Structure

It is every player's responsibility to make sure that all their cards are legal in the format. If an illegal card is found in a player's deck, that player must concede that match and replace the card(s) with basic lands. If a player is unable to do this, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

Event will be a number of swiss rounds followed by a cut and single elimination playoff. The number of rounds is determined by the number of players.
8-15: 3 rounds of swiss with a top 4 cut
16-23: 3 rounds of swiss with a top 8 cut
24 or more: 4 rounds of swiss with a top 8 cut

Matches will take place in the Anything Goes room (Getting Serious on Beta) and must be constucted as follows:
30 Minutes (25 minutes on Beta); Watchable; Labeled as "Heirloom Round __"; Best 2 out of 3

Player Conduct

Players are expected to conduct themselves as they would in any other tournament. Repeated abusive language and/or behavior may be cause for disqualification. Hopefully that goes without saying.

For more information about Heirloom you can find the Heirloom website here.

The prizes for the winners of Rotating Format Heirloom 1.09 are now available at my bots. Please see my signature for how to locate the bots on classifieds. The following received credits:

mihahitlor - 5
holica - 2
romellos - 1
totalhate - 1
Edison_88luckyplayer - 1

Best regards,

The MTGO Bazaar

Owner of The MTGO Bazaar bot chain Search "mtgo bazaar" to find an open bot
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