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So on v3 I could use a deck and put it into trade and it would try and pull cards that were for trade that were in that deck if available.  Is there a way to do this or a way to switch a deck into a wish list?  I have a big pauper wish list that is in the form of a deck because that is what I had in v3.  I tried to use it last night in trades but couldn't figure out how.

I'm going to assume by the silence that I am SOL on this one.

In trade hit the 'search tool' button. Gives you access to some decks to use as wish lists, and also can import a deck as wishlist. Whatever decks it offers look a bit arbitrary to me, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

There is a video on trading. I didn't watch it so I don't know if it answers your question:


They had a bunch of tutorial-like articles up about the new client a week or two ago. i think there was one on trading. I can't find them in their abomination of a web site:

Thank you both.  The "Search Tool" button was what I needed.

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