Collection & Binders - Any way to exclude cards in decks?

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As the title suggests, I've got a lot of bulk commons and uncommons I'd like to get rid of.  Finding bots to pick them up isn't a problem.


However, there's a lot of commons and uncommons I use in decks (obviously), and I'd REALLY like to not just throw them into the bulk commons binder for trade.


Is there any way to remove all the cards that are in decks from my "collection view", especially when I'm loading a trade binder?


I know of no way to do it, and suspect that this feature does not exist, but maybe someone else has more info.

Dang.  Was hoping it would.  Maybe a 3rd party program can help?  Are those even legal?  They'd sure be helpful

I know a few players who keep a second account for the purpose of shifting unwanted cards to it. It costs 10$, so it might not be what you want, but it's a way out.


Third party applications for MtGO are not allowed. The only exception are the trading bots.

Go draft, young man, go draft!

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