Born of the Digital Gods [2/24/14 Article]

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This week, Jon Loucks discusses what it takes to bring physical cards to a digital release. For full article, click HERE.


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First of all, what is up with all the articles lately linking to incorrect forum threads? This article linked to a thread from an old Jon Loucks article: The last one I tried going to the link, I just gave up rather than tracking down the right thread to comment.


My comment about the actual associated article, though, is regarding cards like Mindreaver, Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Puresight Merrow, and Oblivion Ring. Some of these don't "care" what cards they exiled in terms of the back-end coding of the game, but they can be very relevant for a player to see what is actually going on. It's very easy for something to happen quickly on the screen and get tucked away somewhere (especially if you have pressed F6 or F8), and the visual cues of the exiled cards being tied to what exiled them are very important to tell what just happened. You don't run into this issue in paper Magic because there is actual physical manipulation of cards going on, but you have to be careful in a digital implementation not to hide things like that from players.

I really enjoy reading this article series! Thanks!

Liked the part about Fickle Fates.  I can imagine the faces of digital R&D when they were handed Whims of the Fates.  

I like these articles. It's exactly the kind of nitty-gritty thinking that appeals to a certain part of me. I spent like a week after one of the previous ones walking around thinking, "Okay, what IS the best place/way to show the storm count?" I don't think there's enough material to make this into a weekly thing, but they're a nice occasional treat.