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Browsing my Theros collection, I noticed that have only one version of each basic land.  I've got too many of the them for this to be by chance.  Perhaps I missed an announcement about this, but I've searched and cannot find anything about it anywhere.  

I really like some of the art for the lands that I'm not getting, and would like to have them.  Plus, I would expect this to affect redemption, since making complete sets is not possible.


This appears to be affecting both foils and regular versions, although with only 3 foil Theros basic lands my sample size is too small to be certain.


Are others seeing the same thing?

They mentioned it in the announcement here.


WotC_ClaytonKroh wrote:

The next planned update for Magic Online on October 23 will include fixes to these known issues. There will be additional fixes included with the October 23 update as well.

Momir Avatar Life
The Momir Vig card will be fixed so it will once again give +4 life.

Theros Land in Set Redemption
Theros booster packs will have all versions of basic land cards and premium basic land cards so players can build complete Theros sets.

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