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As part of Magic Online’s 7th Anniversary Celebration, we would like to offer you the opportunity to earn a digital premium foil Incinerate promo card for your Magic Online account by participating in this thread.

Simply post a description of how Magic Online fits into your life or share a brief Magic Online story and include your Magic Online account name in order to be eligible. These promo cards will be awarded in August 2009.

We’d love to learn more about you, so tell us your story and earn this cool promo!
username zombietech69

MTGO has become my go to place for gp and pro tour testing aand thanks to the program i now have a gp top 8

lets go for 15 year celebration
Hi, Magic Online fits perfectly into my life, because:

A) I spend a lot of time at my computer
B) I am addicted to playing this game!

I am mostly a casual player who likes to try out a few release events. I used to really enjoy leagues and I hope they return one day.

Recent Magic Online story? WotC Eric crushed my Stonehewer std vanguard deck with his Serra Cascade / Exalted deck. It was a beating I won't soon forget

My online name is, Enginekid
Magic Online fits perfectly into my life as I can draft whenever I get the urge, whereas, in real life, I have to hope I can make a FNM.

Magic Online was actually key in my learning how to play the game. I had a friend explain the game to me and playeed a few times, but the details of the turn and stack were a little fuzzy. The MO interface cleared that up for me.

I'm tenruck online.

user name: rainin6

MTGO is great because it's a nice way to unwind after work. It allows me to relax and play in MTG in the comfort of my own home - even if it's for quick 2-man Pauper event.

I love also that replays are back - I can check out the cool plays that I've made like playing Stormcaller's Boon into Ardent Plea into Naya Hushblade. Next turn, sacrifice the Boon, enchant Hushblade with Sigil of Nayan Gods and going in for just enough damage to win. That made my evening.

Magic fits into my life by being as long or as short a playing time as I like. If you have kids you know what I mean.
I’m a casual player who dips his toes into release events and drafts every now and again, although I just cannot seem to let that rare pass me by :D

MTGO user name Halo


MTGO Name: hamtastic

How does MTGO fit into my life?
MTG keeps my brain fresh and constantly learning new things. It also mananges to do this while providing me with lots of entertainment as well. Paper Magic doesn't fit into my life, but MTGO fits into my schedule nicely, as I can play whenever I want (downtimes are during my work day so I rarely see them) and can get cards at all hours of the night. It also gives me something to obsessive-compulse over... that's always a welcome thing.
MTGO SVCL - Ask me for help if you're lost or confused!
Mtgo username t26

I moved to a seasonal town and the nearest magic game is over 3 hours away, i like being able to play anytime i want so magic online is perfect for me
While I used to run Magic leagues at lunch for a large actuarial firm - and yeah, we're a bunch of math geeks! - many of the players moved away eventually and interest waned. Finally, with one last person still playing, he ended up retiring to Vegas. Another friend who used to work in the office and had played in our lunch leagues told me about MOL.

Anyway, I soon checked it out although never got to play in an IPA league - sadness.

Other than that, I have played steadily - more or less - since before IPA went off sale (I was able to buy some packs back in the day). While I initially told my wife this would be cheaper than playing paper (I used to buy one box of each set), it really hasn't. It has been a ton of fun though! As this is my only Magic outlet, I play as much as I can!

I miss leagues badly, but in the last several months, the staff has done a wonderful job to keep me coming back and buying more! Christmas 2008 events found me drafting more than I had the previous 6 years or so. Fun stuff! Keep it up MOL team - this game rocks!!!

Although extremely broke right now, I put in an official requisition to the "Finance Committee" (my wife) for $75 to play in some sealed events over the next month - here's hoping!!!:D

Username = Forgiven

Bring on the gaming!!!
I love playing paper Magic, and have played competitively since Tempest block. Until Kamigawa block, however, the phone lines in this rural area were so bad I could not download MTGO. (Estimated time remaining for download - 147 hours, 35 minutes. Really.) Once the phone company upgraded the lines, I started playing online. The best part is the ability to play before and after work, or whenever I have an hour free. The drive to the local stores is 45 minutes each way, which is really only feasible for FNM and stuff like PTQs. The walk to the den and my computer, on the other hand, takes no time at all.

Thanks to MTGO, I can play my favorite game pretty much daily, instead of weekly. MTGO has also given me a lot more to write about - I doubt I would be closing in on 500 published articles without it.

I'm "one million words" online.


I write State of the Program, appearing every Friday on

I've played this game forever and now I can keep playing this game, how awesome is that, even if I don't live in an area that really have that many good players. Also, it's cool because there's no other strategic game that is consistently evolving like this - that's what makes it so cool.

My girlfriend used to think that this game was geeky, but now she's kinda drawn in by Magic Online and watching me beat down people as I explain the strategy side to it. She's learning the game slowly. Right now, she enjoys Uril, the Miststalker enchanted with Epic Proportions, I told you she's learning

btw, my username is Raining
Username: Dr_TRex

I've been a trading card nut as long as I could remember, but when I finally started picking up Magic, most of my friends were virtually burnt out of the trading card game phenomenon. Consequently I never really found too many games in real life (I've probably played less than 15 games in real life...). Eventually I discovered Magic Online and before long I convinced my Dad to get me an account. I started playing around Ravnica and haven't looked back, finally buying my own account when I turned 18 and shipping all the cards from my Dad's account onto the new one. (He never really got into Magic unfortunately...)

Magic Online really gave me the chance to play which is by far my favorite game ever, and without it I never really would have had the chance to play. It's given me an intellectual challenge when I didn't really have anything else to do. So yeah, bring on the Magic!
i am a full time student and also work full time, traveling 40+ minutes to magic events wasn't working out so as soon as magic online was released i sold my paper collection and have been playing online since.

username t0226
Username: Penguinator

Why MTGO? Ex Paper player have the desire and disposable cash to start playing and soon became the only game I make time for anymore. Great R&D horrible everything else.

My story is probably like the rest of the 30 somethings out there. Played paper in the 90's then they were shoe boxed.. Along comes a program that promises 24/7 magic with players around the world. Started with ONS block and have endured clamp, CVP, and everything since. I still long for the game of yore with the cards of today.

Look for me making decks that are fun and winnable without being within a lightyear of tourney worthy. That's my version of casual and I have been playing it that way for 6 years between this and an older account.
Username: stainerson

Modo is about to start letting me draft MD5, for which I am grateful. I went to a PTQ last week even though I was already qualified, so I could hang out with friends while playing Magic Online on a netbook's wireless connection. I chose it over 6-man drafts!
Username: desolatevalor

Heading in to law school, I use Magic Online as both a way to keep my mind sharp, and as a tool for connecting with friends. It's often quite difficult to play *any* game when your free time is at an absolute minimum. It's simply easier to log in for a duel or two, when I get a spare half hour here or there.

Also, the foils look nicer in digital form
username: jacobsldr

The biggest thing that MTGO has taught me about my life recently is how few 3 hours uninterrupted blocks of time that I have, lol.

Besides that, I found this game about 6 months ago and it has been a lot of fun. Coming in so late to the game has meant there are SO many cards to go back and look through and they are all new to me!
My name is tempesteye. I'm tempesteye in the client, here on the boards, and at pretty much every other magic related site around. ;)
I'm here since just slightly after MTG:O went gold (sans puppies or blue room).

I love Magic Online. Well, what I mean is, I can live with the client but I love playing Magic. And since I'm married, with two preschoolers, getting to a store to sling cardboard in nigh on impossible for me. So when I found MTG:O it made me a very happy camper.

I just recently sold the very last of my paper collection, which consisted of some Revised through Mirage, and I wasn't one bit sad to see it go.

You know, when I first got online I thought that I'd eventually tire of Magic but I find it gets more enjoyable with each year.
I used to tell myself (and the wife) that I could quit anytime I wanted to. Lately, however, I've come to the realization that I can't. It's absolutely disgusting that Wizards makes such a terrific game.

So, Wizards, as long as you keep making it, I'll be damned but, I'm gonna have to keep playing it. :P

Guess what? Chicken butt.

I've been playing magic online on and off pretty much since its inception.
It has done so many things that I can't really dig into the details without writing an enormous response.

I'm really interested in developing expertise
I would label myself as a serious player, I have the goal of being one of the top tier players in the game.

Magic online gives me access to other top tier players, either through pairing me against them in online tournaments or getting a chance to collaborate with them on decks/concepts.
Having a resource which puts you in contact with players that are better than you is huge.

When I started playing online I knew almost nothing about limited, since then I've been able to get accounts into the hall of champions composite,limited, and constructed.

I've been very excited with the direction magic online is going these past few months. Keep up the good work

Justmebaby online

-Nate C
Username: Deckwizard

MTGO is my haven for relaxed alone time. I played a lot of paper magic from Legends to Tempest, but can't really find the time (nor the place), so I resort to the next best thing (or better). Keep up the good work.

Oh, yeah. Please print power and get leagues back up. Then, advertise heavily in public forums. Make us all proud.
I've been playing Magic for around 10 years now and I've just recently begun running the FNMs at our local shop. Therefore the only times I get to play is either on modo, or at real life premier events.

User name: Frank Lepore

Community Manager and Editor of

As part of Magic Online’s 7th Anniversary Celebration, we would like to offer you the opportunity to earn a digital premium foil Incinerate promo card for your Magic Online account by participating in this thread.

Simply post a description of how Magic Online fits into your life or share a brief Magic Online story and include your Magic Online account name in order to be eligible. These promo cards will be awarded in August 2009.

We’d love to learn more about you, so tell us your story and earn this cool promo!

MTGO name: NosferatuStuff

I play magic online because it reminds me of playing back in beta when i was a kid. I always loved making new decks and trying things out, but hated having to get 8 or 12 or 16 of a favorite card just to have multiple decks. As soon as i found out in MTGO you only needed 4 of each and can make decks forever I was hooked! Now i can play with my old friends half way across the country and talk about decks like in old times even though we don't stay near each other anymore. Aside from being mana screwed it's alot of fun!
I love puzzles. When my son taught me to play Magic, I was fascinated by its complexity. That was in the time of Urza's block, and I've been playing ever since. My first paper tournament was Torment prerelease, and my first online account was created during Invasion block.

I played leagues exclusively. When they became unavailable, I almost quit. Then I had the good luck of being chosen for beta testing, and I tried drafting. Now I usually do a draft on Saturday, sometimes on Sunday too. I tried pauper, might play it again if time permits.

MTGO makes it possible for me to continue playing the best game ever, making it possible to fit a few hours of play into a busy work schedule and family life. I like to think it keeps my mind fresh, and helps me relax after a hard day.

Zlehtnoba (also on MTGO)

Go draft, young man, go draft!

I still remember when i first saw someone playing this game. I was at a family party thing and 2 of my cousins were playing. I remember 1 of them had a really cool looking dragon card (I think it was a Vampiric dragon) and i fell in love. Later that day he took me to buy my first deck and taught me how to play. I've been addicted Ever since. I think overall, my favorite pary of the game is looking at the amazing card art. I mean come on! That is some really amazing stuff to look at right there.

MTGO username: plateddragon
Username: Frazthemonkey

I'd played a bunch of different games since I was a kid, mostly wargames and other tabletop-type things, but pretty much gave up whilst I was at university. After uni, I moved to a new city and started building up groups of friends and generally going about my life. I played in a band for a year or two and got talking to our other guitarist about video games. This lead to talking about other games we had played and he mentioned Magic. He'd played a bit in paper years before, but was playing fairly MTGO regularly and recommended I d/l it. 3 years down the line, I'm still playing online, but also at least weekly in paper. I've been to a couple of GPs, top 8'd a limited PTQ and am qualified for my national champs, not to mention the numerous new friends I've made in the meantime. For me, there would be no Magic without MODO. Thank you WotC!

ps. leaguesagainplz, kthxbye.
I originally played back from beta through to weatherlight. I had considered coming back to the game a few times but the time constrainsts of being an adult with resposibilities (read: children) always stopped me.

When i heard from a friend that MTGO existed i signed up pretty much immediately and having been playing regularly online now for a few years.

(Kharlis on MTGO)
Username: Verdana

After T8ing a Gp last year and then doing horribly in Paris before the Pro tour, I decided, looking back, that I wouldn't miss an opportunity to improve my limited (Paris was A/C sealed / AAC draft) should a second shot at something like this presented itself, so I started played MTGO.

What thrills me about it is being able to play 24/7 and always finding drafts that fill within 5 minutes of joining. (at least in popular formats like ACR or XXX)
Mtgo name siewca_wiatru

I play online since 2005 to increase my game skill and obv for fun:P .
I used to play magic up until 6th edition and then quit, then I decided to try MTGO because I remembered how much fun the old Microprose game was, and I got instantly hooked. It's now 2 months later, and I'm back to playing real life Magic as well, I even got my wife in on it.

User name: paradoxman
Name: Nuckaphobia

MTGO has become my source for drafting, anytime, anywhere. i bring my laptop with me to work or when i travel and i can settle in to do a quick 8 man whenever i have 2 or 3 hours free.

mtgo has really helped me improve my game, just based on the fact that i am getting so much experience. when i hit up the local real life drafts now, i can honestly say i've easily done 3x to 10x more drafts than the guys sitting around me.

i look forward to more improvements to the game engine and the return of leagues and other features.
MTGO username: RedMan929

One of my most fond memories of Magic Online is when I ALMOST won a FFA PRE but lost at the last second to a Fireblast! Sac two mountains FTW! Oivey.
Username : Superdax

Oh what to say what to say

I played paper magic since revised... then quit around tempest from lack of people to play with.

I started again in the mirrodin block but then quit at kamigawa because of...... you guesset it.. lack of people to play (i play casual only)

so between my 2 lapses in magic i always went on to get the new sets info and read the articles. I love this game and i had nobody to play.

so one day i just found out magic online. I started when v2.0 was there. There were 2 things that i hated about the software.
1- the cards were not good quality (fixed with v3 with the zoom feature. It now looks better than real cards)

2- Lack of communication. unfortunaly i don't think this will ever change. I just like to hang around with people. eat joke, play games play xbox play more magic etc etc.

but i play mtgo cuz i am married with 2 children a full time job (2 full time job with the kids) a house etc etc..

If i wanna play 2 min.. i just load .. play and quit after the match..

as long as the software gets better and new features are added and good sets i'll be tehre playing and spending
Mtgo has been a great resource for drafting anytime I wish. I started out as a casual player who never really understood how the game worked. After years of playing online, I am much improved and have gained alot of knowledge in various formats. I am able to keep track of my collection without having to carry around thousands of cards.

Mtgo really has so many options and formats to play that I am hard-pressed to find something I don't enjoy playing. Thanks for putting a great game online and here's to hoping it continues to grow and do well.

Username: Buy You a Drank
So I began playing magic around Mirage. It evolved from a large number of friends gathering each week to play very casually, proceeding to a few of us continuing and getting more serious at local tournaments, followed by all my friends leaving the game with me left standing.

Now that progression took many years but a few years ago i turned to MTGO. I quickly found that this provided me an opportunity to continue playing the game I loved and find others to start a game with at any moment of the day (more or less).

MTGO is a small escape from my day to day life, where i can relax and enjoy some friendly gaming.

User ID: Zengipp1
Hi, I'm Javasci. (It also says that in the first line of my sig.)

I play Classic competitively, and have on occasion tried to branch out into Standard. I play for the competitive aspect, but even more for the mental aspect. I'm currently in high school, which is horrible in terms of mental enrichment, so I use MTGO to make up for that deficit. My second-favorite type of game is one which ends up decided by a single play, where the right play is somewhat obscure, but has to be made or you'll lose. My favorite type of game is one where every turn has at least one such play, if not more.

I'm currently trying - mostly successfully - to balance MTGO between schoolwork and everything else. Balancing is, obviously, a lot easier when I can play whenever (as on MTGO) than if only certain times work as is the case in paper.

Fun story:

(All times mentioned are US Eastern time.)

It was Saturday, January 17th, 2009. I had joined the Classic Daily Event that started at 9 AM, and had just dropped after going 1-3, playing Zoo. I was wondering what deck to play for the tournament at 8 PM that day, and one of my clanmates suggested Flash-Hulk. Despite that it hadn't been any good for at least half a year, I said OK, I'll throw together a Flash list.

I put together a Flash list, pretty much from scratch, as there was - and is - no established Flash list. After a test game or two, I decided that what the deck needed was a card-draw spell. (Other than Brainstorm.) Since I couldn't find a good one, I signed up for the tournament with some other deck. (I forget which.)

About 10-20 minutes before the start time, I was looking through a deck editor search for "draw&cards", and saw Ancestral Vision. A spell that can't be played before turn 5 doesn't make much sense in a combo deck that tries to win turn 2-3, but I thought, "I don't have a deck I like, so might as well use the crazy idea if I'm going to lose anyway." So I put three Ancestral Visions in the deck, and changed my deck for the tournament (starting in 10 minutes) to my Flash list.

In round 2 I faced a Standstill-based control deck, and won the match using Ancestral Vision to draw enough Force of Will and Daze to back up my combo/Tarmogoyf backup plan from the sideboard.

I made top 8 in that tournament, as well as the next tournament with that deck, and have top 8ed four other tournaments since then with similar Flash decks, all of which had maindeck Ancestral Vision.
mtg > mtgo
mtgo = fun to mass deck building, further your mtg deck macro/micro.
Brannart1082 on mtgo.

I started to play organised paper play in 2004 even if I started the game in 1997 for three years. Back from Mirrodin.
MTGO changed my game view in fall 2005, 9th - Ravnica; I love to play with people all over the world, with the chance to meet some of the best PROs (especially BEFORE that ratings went down it was easy to recognize them.). I found many ways to improve my skill level, playing with different people and learning good tricks and strategies, even by talking.
Chatting helps also to keep my written English practice on (hope no grammar mistakes here hehe :D ).

I'm really glad I can still play Magic just because is also online, 24/7 (except downtime :D ), basically 'whenever I want and can'. I have actually not much time to go in a shop and spend an entire afternoon or a Friday Night, but have much time to spend in drafts and similar events at home, especially while I study for exams, a game between some chapters or equations of engineering.

I also love to avoid cheaters, game losses by decklists (even if I never never got one), stalling, but I really miss sometimes the sensation to hold cards in hand.

See you after downtime.

I started playing Magic competitvely at a local store. I was really enjoying it and reading strategy articles about it online. During that time, the MTGO beta came out and I really got into Magic even more by playing that. When the server went live and things actually cost money, my play decreased a lot. However my local store had to close and I decided to just move online. I only went to the store to play at FNM and as I got older and went out with friends more, it was much easier for me to be able to log in online and play whenever I want to.

ID: spree4567
I just started playing MTGO, as I got a new job that is out of state, and all the people that I played with normally are far far away. It's a good time killer when you have nothing to do.

ID: Stupid_Trout
MTGO is a way to keep in touch with friends old and new, and unite them in an otherwise logistically unimaginable way. My fondest memories are of endless late-night clan chats throughout the 2.5 era, and thousands of hours spent testing ideas on 'casual' formats with synergies forgotten for a decade or more.

Username: Weta
Hi there,

its my turn now. I just love this game. Magic the Gathering keeps my head working 110% again and again. Online i can play whenever i want. (Except Wednesday evening narf!(DT))

Digital Objects are ready to click and i find cards easy by filtering or search bar. Long story short, i dont have the mess with the cards like i have it now in my room.

I had good times and bad times too, but i realize that the latter decreases with the further development of the system. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Mtgo-Nick: Coexistence
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