The Official MTGO Wishlist Thread


So I went and kinda redid the whole thing.
Afterwards, I discovered there's a size limit to posts.

The whole thing is split up now.
Below you will find links to the posts in which the different categories of suggestions can be found.

If you have a suggestions, please THINK in which of these categories it COULD POSSIBLY fit.
Then CLICK THE LINK and see if it is already there.
If not so, make a post indicating WHICH CATEGORY you want your suggestion listed in.
As some things might fall under two ore more categories, be sure to check them also :-)

Artwork - Avatars - Blocklist - Buddy List - Chat/Messaging - Clan Stuff

Collection - Deckeditor - Drafting - Formats - Gameplay

Help - Documentation - Interface - Leagues - Login

Prizes - Profile - Promos - Replays - Reporting - Security - Startup - Redemption

Tourneys - Trading - Tutorials - Paper Magic - Misc

First compiled by DigitalXaos (
Now maintained by the MTGO Wishlist Maintainer (2weiX of Clan In Grog We Trust on MODO).

Please consider adding the following if people approve...

Pre-Construct Leagues. Preferably similiar to old Arena style, two weeks with just the Pre-con, then two weeks with up to 15 cards added. Heck, I'd even take having to purchase X boosters on the 3rd week and add the cards from there.

"High Stakes" league where Prizes are only top 8. (Yes, I know we go back to release problems with leagues, but if WOTC is actively investigating collusion it might be doable now)

Vanguard Leagues.

Friday Night Magic, with corresponding Prizes.

Perhaps bring back the 6x9 prize cards as an additional League Prize. Make it you have to play all of your counting games to aquire the 6x9 in order to encourage people to not drop in the last week or two so that more people stay the entire league.

Consider adding a "Promo" set(s) where the above FNM and/or 6x9's would be valid for redemption.

That's all the Non-Arguement inducing suggestions I have atm.

Btw, nice work on the list. Couldn't have been easy to do.

Edit- One more.

Newb Mode

Maybe training room only, where AI actively halts at appropriate stops so that new Players can learn the importance of timing steps correctly, like Damage Prevention, or like stopping at the opposing Player's EOT if you have something on the board you could use. Be a tough one to do, but as a learning tool, invalueable.

Edit 2-

With a corresponding text box so the newb knows why it stopped. Like...

(Stops at Damage Dealing step)
"You have a card that prevents damage, if you wish to prevent damage to yourself or one of your creatures, this is the last chance you have to do so. When the next step begins, you can no longer prevent this damage"

(Stops at opposing player's EOT)
"You have a Jayemdae Tome and sufficient Mana to activate it. Often, experienced players will wait until their opponents EOT to activate this ability as it leaves Mana untapped in case you need to counter an opponents move, or simply to bluff the opponent into thinking you *Might* be able to counter him".
  • Ability to replay by Game Number. Perhaps implemented as "/replay XXXXXXXXX". If the game is set to "no watchers", and error should pop-up stating such.
  • Ability to change views. Essentially, the ability to see everyone's hand.
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Updated till here on Feb 9.
Thanks so far!
A better undo function. Make it a parameter when starting games that players can take back a move. Fx. choosing the wrong spell in hand, an effect using the wrong color of mana, misclicking on a the wrong target etc.

Introduce the ability to create rules for games, like if you want to play a prismatic sigleton game with only commons. A (much) longer lidt of fixed rules would be almost as nice, as it would make it easier to find opponents (not all may have build a prismatic singleton common deck).

I want to be able to maximize a window in one click.
Have a way of saving your current trade configuration. I have had to go through my collection with a fine-tooth comb because I may be ahppy to trade cards I know I will never use, even though I have less than 4 of them. If I wanted to show you all my cards, I would lose my current carefully mapped configuration. I want to be able to save it to a file.

Remove the upper limit of 32 objects per trade (affectionately know as the "scam limit")

New Draft format - no entry fee, no prize, just for fun
- 8 players each select 45 cards from their collection in a distribution of 8 cards of each colour and 5 artifacts.
- The 8x45 cards make up the draft pool. These are shuffled into random "boosters" by the system.
- Players draft from these boosters as normal
- Rounds are played as normal
- Everyone takes their own 45 cards away at the end

- Retitle the Anything Goes room to be 'Casual'
- Retitle the Casual Room to be 'Casual - Deck/Card Restrictions Allowed'
This puts the onus on the whiners/quitters to go to the non-standard room to play Casual Magic, instead of putting it on the people who are actually playing the game as intended. As things stand, teh AG room is useless so I play in Casual a lot, yet people concede on me all the time, for the slightest of reasons. This is annoying.

Deck Building
- Save a 'finished' flag with deck files. Once this flag has been set to true, maintain win/loss records (or perhaps a points or "level" system) for the deck within the .dec file (or wherever). If the deck is edited at all, this record is reset to zero.
- Add an auto-matching system that will seek out games for you where the enemy deck has a similar ratio (or "level") to one you are using.
This gives better game quality and reduces the chance of a stale game where one deck is much more powerful than the other.

- Ban Skullclamp from Singleton, it is currently skewing and ruining the format
- Prevent Wishing from collection - it's broken
Replay as Opponent - Ability to replay the game from the Opponent's point of view. Optionally with opponent's permission.

Bring back "My Games" history.
This list is very good and important. Thanks for the maintainers and for WizOs for sticky.

That said, I'll make a couple of non-important suggestions (most of the good ones are already done!):

Formats or Miscellaneous (I'll let the maintainer decide :P):

-Make sure that the custom formats can include game altering rules (e.g. Howling mine always in play for player X, or for all players). As a corollary, enable a player to create custom formats that emulate having Vanguard abilities WITHOUT having the Vanguard cards/avatars (paper players can do this. So should we)

-Revise the Tribal, Singleton and prismatic bans list, namely Tribal (I suggest unbanning Peer Pressure and Unnatural Selection, which are totally harmless in the format compared to many much more powerful cards that are rightly allowed in there). The custom formats should of course let players that so desire play in the formats with card X allowed or card Y disallowed, but as TGV says putting the onus on these players.

-In contrast with a item already in the list (which I seriously disagree with - making 3 CVP cards legal in online ext): Ban 3 CVP cards from ALL sanctionable formats (This now includes Prismatic, Tribal and Singleton, as they made sanctioned events with them). I suggest that this is enforced similarly to the wishes to sideboard rule, on any timed game (even if casual, so you can do tournament practice without problems etc).

EDIT: One thing that I didn't see suggested in the list yet was to make drafts or other events that are about to fire check for disconnected players. Then drop the players that are disconnected instead of starting with them. Make this an option for the player (namely, I might want a sealed tournament to start even if I'm not there, but not for drafts for example)

A comment, I see that people are starting to make duplicate suggestions without checking to see the ones on the list. I'm not sure what should be done about this as we can't force ppl to read, but this is annoying at the very least.


*Make the Auctiuon room Offical, and make it so you may only post numbers in there if your not the neer. Neer should be picked by the previous neer or if no neer the firstone who press a sirtain buttomn. It should be an automated lister.
*A special room for Unspecified traders (2 for 1 rares, 32 unc for 1 etc) and one for specified trades (buying BoP 10, selling Spiritmonger 15 etc)
This idea is good since we would also get all boots in 1 room (for those who complain on them.)

*Make the avatar animation nicer. Its really useless now.
"Make the Auctiuon room Offical, and make it so you may only post numbers in there if your not the neer."

I'm not sure why you'd want this. The ability of the neer to bid before everyone else is the reason most people neer. If you take this way, you might reduce the number of willing neers. Anyways, most neers just use 2nd accounts to 'cheat' on the bidding.
Deck Builder

When you are building a deck for Standard, have it to where all versions of cards legal in standard are visible. Currently if you filter according to Standard, the non-standard block versions of standard legal cards are not visible. Example-Invasion version of Ravenous Rats is not visible when the filter is set to Online Standard even though it's legal due to being included in 8th Edition.

I want stats on how many games I have played. What My winning % is! The most damage I have done in one turn. The shortest/longest game in turns. The average number of turns deck X takes to win/lose.

This could go on and on, the general Idea is more statistics. Look at what EQ2 does for their customers as good starting point.

*Make the Auctiuon room Offical, and make it so you may only post numbers in there if your not the neer. Neer should be picked by the previous neer or if no neer the firstone who press a sirtain buttomn. It should be an automated lister.
*A special room for Unspecified traders (2 for 1 rares, 32 unc for 1 etc) and one for specified trades (buying BoP 10, selling Spiritmonger 15 etc)
This idea is good since we would also get all boots in 1 room (for those who complain on them.)

I agree with making the auction room official, but I have always liked the chat that goes on in there. Instead of limiting what a user can say I think color coding and possibly font changing to identify the neer and/or the lister is a better idea. The neer could appear in a color of my choosing and would also be bold or italic. This could be set by a preference in with the other game preferences. Then I could right click on the neer in the chat room list or on a section of the neer's chat in the main chat window and pick "This is the Neer" or something like that. Additionally, if a user enters a number with no other chat then the software could color code it as a bid. Adding similar logic for price checks would be nice too. This would allow for some chatting and general craziness that made things fun back in the day when beeble69 was around. Adding some logic to reprint the neer's last auction every so often, say every 30 lines of chat, would be incredibly nice as well. The neer could type something like /auction then the current lot and the software could implement the logic to reprint it until the neer types /close or /sold.

Just some ideas to get the juices going. Having some functionality in the auction room would very nice. In the old days a lot of us hung out in there for the atmosphere as much as the great deals you could get on lots.
"Make the Auctiuon room Offical, and make it so you may only post numbers in there if your not the neer."

I'm not sure why you'd want this. The ability of the neer to bid before everyone else is the reason most people neer. If you take this way, you might reduce the number of willing neers. Anyways, most neers just use 2nd accounts to 'cheat' on the bidding.

And why cant the neer open a 2nd account with these implements?
The number thing are made to stop all the spamming!

allow you select view only muti color cards. currently u can select view only cards of any one color, what if you want to view only cards that are 2 colors
Updated till here.
The discussion about the "official" auction room I have omitted so far as I see it covered in the request to make rooms IRC like, so that the first to open a room will be operator and will be able to kick ban mute ppl.
I don't know if this sort of thing has been suggested before, but here's what comes to mind when I see the term "Automated Trading".

The ability to mark cards in your collection as being "for sale" for a certain number of tickets. You then submit these sale requests to the server, which maintains them in a queue.

Players can also submit buy requests to the server for cards they want. When the server finds an offer to buy a card that matches the sale price of a card for sale, it automatically performs the trade (even if either or both parties aren't logged in). The buyer and seller are chosen by the server such that they are the people nearest the front of the queue that meet each other's offers.

A card seller might be interested to know how many sellers ahead of them in the queue are selling for the same or lower price. If you are in a hurry to sell, you can effectively jump the queue by setting a low enough price.

A card buyer might be interested to know how many buyers ahead of them in the queue are offering to buy for the same or higher price. If in a hurry to buy, just raise the price.

Also, it might be useful to get an indication that, for a certain price, there is a buyer or seller available immediately. You then have the opportunity of selling that Kokusho right now for 6, or waiting until there's someone who wants to pay 9 or 10.

If it's really easy to use, I think Wizards could even charge a commision - eg, 10 trades for a ticket - with a premium for anything OOP etc.

Of course, this would endorsing the use of tickets as a currency. It would be even better with a MTGO currency that came in denominations less than $1.
I feel all special and stuff! First time I've ever had a suggestion added to a list

One more suggestion.


Force sell at advertised price. Make it an auction if you're selling for Tix, formalize the whole process. Allow Casual Trading through another room. Ban for selling for tix in Casual. But please Force selling at advertised prcies . Too many very bad things can happen to an economy if you permit advertisments without commitments.

Look at it this way, if you walk into a comic shop, and see a BoP one the shelf marked 10$, when you ask about it you aren't going to be told "I already sold it, it's not really there."

That's what currently is possible. As such, it leaves alot of room for some shady stuff to go on.

Make somekind of buttomn (like press the avatar of the player) to go directly to a platers new life, instead of having to see it tic up/down. Right now it takes 52:06 secounds for the life to change 100. It might not sound so mutch but in a timed game with a lifegainer guy it gets loads of time.
Linkor: "And why cant the neer open a 2nd account with these implements?
The number thing are made to stop all the spamming!"

Aha wait a sec, I was confused with your original suggestion. You wrote:

"Make the Auctiuon room Offical, and make it so you may only post numbers in there if your not the neer."

I read this as saying the Neer cannot type numbers into this room, but everyone else can. Read it again, you'll see why I was confused. I saw this as an attempt to prevent Neers from bidding. What you actually meant was that if you are not the Neer, then the only thing you can type in this room is numbers (i.e. bids).

Ok, now that's sorted out....I completely disagree. I feel the auction room is only successful because of the spam. It's certainly the only reason I go there. I do a lot of buying and especially selling by spamming this room. However, I only every spam between lots, and most Neers are fine with that; in fact they encourage it, as the spam is what keeps the room population quite high. Furthermore, what about 'ret'?

One more wish....add support for Creature Moving to all team multipler formats. Make it a flag you can turn off or whatever, but add it. Please!!
Not sure if this falls into integrate store with software, but here goes.

When joining any event that requires product I don't have. A prompt should come up requiring me to enter my Store password and then POW I get the product without leaving the game.

If this can't be done, then the store should have a one click draft(or any other event that requires product) button. IE you click it an get one pack Mirrodin, one pack Dark Steel, one pack Fifth Dawn, and two tickets.
I'd like some indicators (maybe a color change in something small) to indicate:
When the server is lagging,
If my computer (or service provider) is lagging,
If my opponent's computer is lagging,
and If my opponent is currently typing (ie before they send it, since it's obvious then).

It would be nice to know, when I'm waiting for them to respond to something, if they are just reading the card, or if they are busy typing a rejoiner to my earlier wittisms, or if some part of the chain is just running slow.

Obviously, it would defeat the purpose if it took up too much memory or made things run slower, or was too distracting.

Relately, under my profile, the option to indicate connection speed would be nice.
As far as the official auction room idea goes, I don't see why the neer and the bidding process can't be entirely automated. It would work something like this:

1: Seller selects a card, or a number of cards, from their collection, and clicks "List these cards in auction" or something. It may or may not allow the seller to specify a minimum amount.
2: The cards are automatically added to the list, and the seller receives a message stating how many lots are in the queue.
3: A message is displayed automatically to all users in the auction room.
4: Buyers enter a number of tickets to bid, which cannot be higher than the number they own. An anonymous message is displayed, saying "The high bid is ".
5: After 5 seconds of inactivity, the message "Going once" is displayed. After a further 5 seconds, "Going twice". Another five seconds, the transaction is processed automatically, the message "Sold to " is displayed, and the next lot is auctioned.

The only problems I can see are that people would clog up the list with items like "1 Chimney Imp" or "2 Tickets (Minimum 3)", or that people might use multiple accounts to bid on their own lots. The former problem can be limited by moderation, and the latter could (and probably does) happen anyway in the existing auction room.
To be able to design a trade. Trades involving many cards take forever, and there is to people wasting time. What if one person could design a trade (Kiki, Kuku, kaka + 1 tix for my Lala and these 47 specific uncommons and 4823 commons) and then to let the people join, load the trade and Voila! trade is all set up. Would really work well with auctions.

Trade history. I want to se all my trades in the past (locally saved is ok). Don't you want to remember when you cheated that poor kid and got that money rare Proteous staff for your junk 3 Ravagers...?

Automatic card value inside MTGO
. All trades are logged, so one could theoretically make an enormous database of all trades in a given day and use them to calculate the price for each card. It will demand a lot off CPU time and some clever programming skills, but it's possible. It would be enormously beneficial for new players to use this system as a guideline so they do not get ripped of. It would also be interesting to follow prices of cards over time, just imagine looking at the rares from the moment a set hits the streets to it becomes OOP.
Off course this will never happen since WotC does not get anything out of all the investment in these databases, but one can dream, right?

A link between real world money and cards/packs. People sell cards and account on EBay and it gives all sorts of problems. ). A solution could be to let people refund the tix for money. Something like only 100+ tix, 90-95 % value back or perhaps just a transaction fee. WotC have a strict "we do not get involved" policy concerning the secondary market, but this really hurts MTGO (and thereby the pockets of WotC

Game play
F? = Resolve the stack. I played slide in a 2HG a few days ago and had 3 rifts in play. Every time I cycled it took 1+ min to resolve the effects, even though people yielded as much as they could.

Non-casual multiplayer, with rankings or/and prizes. This will help the real casual players, they don't have to play 1:1:1 Emperor against a bunch off ...well, if you play Emperor you know the type I'm talking about.

Deck builder and my collection and trades
Way, way better filter options. I want to search in specific parts of the cards, name, type, rules, creature type, artist, flavor etc. I want to be able to do searches within searches. Magic is almost 11 years now, and still WotC haven't made a proper search function for their own cards.
Afraid to confuse new players, then just make it an "advanced" option.

BTW, I really like Atriums idea about automatic trading, the frustrating 32 card limit in trades (do anybody like it?) and I’m all for the improvement of the buddy list and being able to write comments on a user (just for oneself).

Game play

Multiplayer games, option to "mute" players except in the common chat. Just to stop players starting other chatrooms and making strategies. Everybody should be able to say everything (I have a Wrath etc) - as long as all players can see it.
I am new to the boards, but am a long time casual gamer since the launch of magic online. I have been playing on and off now for what seems to be 4 or 5 years. One of the biggest drawbacks for me, and what i can guess are gamers of my like, is there are not enough stats for us casual gamers. There needs to be some sort of general ranking, some sort win / loss tracking (for decks or individuals) or just something to bring us some sort ranking. The point has been made that maybe the best would abuse this ranking system, well, its casual, who cares if they abuse it. It doesnt have to hold sway over anything that really determines how well and how good a player is....this is casual. Not sanctioned, not anything. Just something for us casual players to rank ourselved with when we sit down and play simple game.

It would make a casual gamer like myself, much more interested in playing and buying more cards or trading for more cards. Just dont have the time anymore for tornements and league's.....

Just my two cents...
...The only problems I can see are that people would clog up the list with items like "1 Chimney Imp" or "2 Tickets (Minimum 3)"

Yupp thats the big problem with have it automated. Other problems with having it automated is that it would maybe become like the Marketplace are right now. Everyone puts in a new lot when the amount of time have elapsed and dont care if it is realistic or not.

Non-casual multiplayer, with rankings or/and prizes. This will help the real casual players, they don't have to play 1:1:1 Emperor against a bunch off ...well, if you play Emperor you know the type I'm talking about.

This is a greate Idea but it probably wont happend before the Multiplayer rulebook have come out. (Timeshifter are still not baned in emp)
Draft Reports (two ideas)

1. Individual Draft Report

Allow a user to view or export a simple text report of his or her draft with the contents of each pack and his or her pick. A possible format could be:

PICK 01 -- Time Stop; Time of Need; Blood Rites; Honden of Cleansing Fire; SCUTTLING DEATH; Desperate Ritual; Floating-Dream Zubera; Kitsune Blademaster; Skaura-Tride Elder; Midnight Convenant; Ronin Houndmaster; Pious Kitsune; Mystic Restraints; Mothrider Samurai; Order of the Sacred Bell

PICK 02 -- Squelch; Kami of Lunacy; STRENGTH OF CEDARS; Moss Kami; Waking Nightmare; Distress; Mystic Restraints; Soratami Rainshaper; Wear Away; Kodama's Reach; Scuttling Death; Burr Grafter; Blessed Breath; Wandering Ones

PICK 03 -- Gale Force; Oni Possession; Ore Gorger; FERAL DECEIVER; Lantern Kami; Sift Through Sands; Ethereal Haze; Unearthly Blizzard; Unnatural Speed; Humble Budoka; Floating-Dream Zubera; Burr Grafter; Soul of Magma


2. Complete Draft Report

One of the causes of the disease that is the recurring "Sharks are bad!" and "Give us sub 1600 queues!" thread is the fact that, aside from getting uncommon responsiveness from other players, it is very difficult for inexperienced drafters to figure out what went wrong and improve.

A possible aid for this that would benefit both unsuccessful and successful drafters alike would be to allow users to generate a complete draft report once the draft was over. The report would show the contents of each pack and each players' pick. This would allow all players who desired to do so to try to learn from other players' strategies and card evaluations.

The format for this would probably best be the grid format used sometimes in Pro Tour and Grand Prix draft coverage, such as Brian David-Marshall's report of the Top 8 picks at PT Amsterdam last year, found here:

I know that I would love to have one or both of these features added in the next version. Thanks for listening.

Bonus Suggestion

Please either use a serif font, or a sans-serif font that does a better job of distinguishing between capital "I" and lower-case "l." I can't tell you how many times I've put a lot up for auction only for the 'neer to tell the winner to "SEE LOLO."

Freeze Chat to Limit Collusion

During any match with a prize on the line (Draft, League, Special Event, Constructed Tourney, etc.), freeze chat for the players involved to make it more difficult to collude.

Freezing all chatting to and by the player during prize-significant matches is obviously a little Draconian, and somewhat problematic for longer events when a player's buddies may come and go during the course of an event.

I'm still in favor of that solution, though. It eliminates the possibility of someone asking me to concede a match for tickets or someone giving my opponent advice during a league match. And even beyond the pernicious possibilities for chatting, there is the idea that if you are playing a match with someone with some kind of prize on the line, it is discourteous to split time between playing the match and doing something else like chatting with a friend or setting up a trade.

A less Draconian solution would be to freeze chat between the player and all other players in that event. So a league player couldn't chat with anyone else in that league and a drafter couldn't chat with anyone else in that draft.

And just to be clear, I am aware this wouldn't elminate collusion altogther. Determined players could easily work-around this with 3rd-party chat products (or being in the same physical room together, I suppose.) But, like "The Club" and car theft, it would cut down on the ease with which someone could collude or otherwise inappropriately use chat while a prize was on the line.
Yupp thats the big problem with have it automated. Other problems with having it automated is that it would maybe become like the Marketplace are right now. Everyone puts in a new lot when the amount of time have elapsed and dont care if it is realistic or not.

Maybe there could be a "skip" button, and if over 30% of the people in the room click it then the current lot will be skipped (unless someone has placed a bid). Adepts could be able to temporarily or permanently ban people from listing if they're constantly listing silly lots. It would probably be best not to allow users to list lots with a minimum, because people would invariably be setting the minimum as TP prices.
serious gameplay/tournament practise (matches)

In order to discourage the intentional "losing connection" amidst a game or match in the Tournament Practice Room, i think it would be nice to see a simple counter (cumulative) of #nrs "lost connections" in the info profile of a player.
At the moment the only way to distinguish between an intentional loss of connection and an unintentional/accidental one, is to wait for 2-3 minutes until opponent reconnects. If he doesnt reconnect within this time, it is usually an intentional "losing connection" to stall/avoid losing.
For players who want to seriously practise tournament decks in best of 3 matches with sideboarding, this can be frustrating and a "waste of time".

A counter as proposed above would enable to distinguish between serious and non-serious tournament players before starting/joining a match.
This could work as an analogy of the Ebay-ratings, which give you an indication of the reliability of the user/member/player.

1. 0.01 Ticket increments - the ability to trade in one cent increments would be very useful

2. Link between individual each card and all offers to buy and sell that card, sorted by bid and ask price. (cf. the website

3. Ability to make those offers to buy and sell binding and available while users are offline. Suggestions 2 and 3 alone will make the system much more efficient.

4. Stock market-like card trading system

5. Official auctions (hopefully not like the current auction system) with ability to set reserve prices and length of auction time (up to days).
Regarding trading, I'd like the criteria I set (such as rares only that I own less than 4 of) to stay set between trades, so I can browse multiple trading room bots and not need to reset it each time.

Regarding the silly movie at start-up, at a minimum we shouldn't be encouraged to go to some 3rd party site to upload the most recent Bink software. If you can't bundle it with MTGO, just cut it.
To further the trading ideas - I would like the ability to save multiple trading lists. This would be very useful for auctions, so I am selling lots and can make each one its own trading list.
Category: Software Distribution

Please make V3 available on CD, I'll gladly pay for the CD and shipping...
Thank you, Erik.

MTGO Wishlist Maintainer
There is only one improvement I would like to see right now, and it would be an easy one too.

--Sell packs of tickets at the store. 25 would be a nice round number for how many tickets to put in a pack.

The reason is because I will probobly never own some of the expensive cards simply because I would have trouble trusting someone in a trade that would involve me giving 32+ for 1 object. The packs could sell for $25 and when you right click them to open, you would get 25 tickets. This alone would help enormously while we wait for a larger trade limit. just my idea for a quick fix.
How about being allowed to view more matches as they are played?
I would like to view the matches my friends are playing.

Ideally we would have player groups with limitless or near limitless capacity (cf clans 20 player limit), and you can join more than one. The groups should be moderated by some subsection of the players (but not just one, like the clans are!).

When you log on you auto join the groups you're in (ties in with the auto join channel suggestion I guess, and with the IRC like commands in private channels).
Namely you could put on "Available for games" tag or other status modifiers that are easily seen (e.g. the name going yellow if you're available, red if you're playing like in the normal playing rooms now).

Either you could be able to elaborate (e.g. "Available for std") or maybe its better to just have different groups for, e.g. serious playtesting std and ext. You get to the group and you want to playtest? Grab a player thats free and go, even if you don't know him. Did he misbehave in any way (e.g. was rude, disconnected on purpose or brought a crap deck when the group is about playtesting serious decks)? Report and one of the admins reviews the situation and decides wether to issue sanctions or not (possibly sanctions you if you shouldn't have reported!) (this ties in with being able to send game reviews to other players, which has been suggested)

As far as I see this is the only way MTGO can evolve on these aspects. Clans don't work for everyone, because you can only be in one and their size is very limiting.

I want to be able to play casual with people I trust not to play serious decks, and I want to be able to play serious with people I trust not to play casual decks, and be able to do something about it if they don't comply with the proper "place". Clans, buddy lists and block lists simply don't cut it if you want to still keep variety of opponents and small wait times for games, and want to avoid micromanagement and minimize lost time. I feel this solution would be able to do that and more.

1. official support for ebay
2. requirement for adepts to be mature adults (over the age of 26) with a player account that has spent at least $1,000
3. official multiplayer tournaments that aren't one time tests.
4. skullclamp banned in singleton
5. support for an adults only section of magic online with less stringent rules
6. support for an age feature to auto-ignore/block people under age 18
7. more multiplayer formats
8. faster multiplayer gameplay [Ie dont make me click OK to every stack effect 5000000 times before it resolves]
9. revised, less stringent coc
10. disbandment of the invisible adept program.
11. staff to stay out of private channels (including auction) unless there is a clear and severe reason for them to be there.
12. disavowment of 'auction' as a public channel.
13. timed feature not associated with sb. wishes get from sb seperated into its own feature.
14. faster turn-around of cards. more beta testing of interactions with older sets. (for that matter, any testing at all). strict regression testing. all the money should be going here. not on stupid vanguards and background music.
15. less graphical improvements. more gameplay improvements.
16. improve the prices to be competitive with the paper world. no one pays MSRP in the paper world.
17. more promo cards. more older cards. better trading system, searching for cards you need. tracking market prices. etc.
Filter fo the games. Like show only Extended and prismatic games. Only show games with seats open. Only Show games I can join. Only show games started by a buddy, Only show Vanguard games etc.
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