Want Star Wars Minis, Have Some MTG


Captain Antilles (possibly pending out)
Nien Nunb (possibly pending out)
Yoda, JM (I have had alot of offers of just Greedo for Yoda, JM. I want something from my sig for this, or Ponda Boba, Evazan, and Greedo)
Boba, YM (possibly pending out)
Leia, RH-- only for a really good trade.

MTG Haves:
Beacon of Tommorows
Beacon of Unrest
All Five Bringers
Clearwater Goblet
All Towers (except Champions)
I will give these away cheap, I would be willing to trade some for Evazan and Ponda Boba. I would also trade some for Greedo and other things in my sig.


Dengar (pending)
4-LOM (pending)
IG-88 (pending)
Evazan (extremely low want)
Ponda Boba (same as Evazan)
I only want Evazan and Ponda Boba in the same trade (don't want to waste my money shipping for two)
See my sig for the rest.

Thanks for looking! :D