Kobolds in the Free City?

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Was there some talk a while back about whether the city would let Kobolds into the walls, even if they are mist kingdom kobolds?

Will anyone bat an eyelash if someone has a Ruins of greyhawk Kobold PC?
There are PC kobold mebmers of the Nightwatch.
There are PC Kobold members of the Wizard's Guild .. Respected Members at that.
There is at least one Kobold bard singing for her supper in the Free City. Though she's getting annoyed at how long it takes to get her adventures run! >.<
I have a 13th level Greyhawk Ruins kobold.

Never had any problems, I know a 15th level Greyhawk ruins Kobold as well.

If the most cosmopolitan city in the flanaes doesn't accept the Mist Kingdom Kobolds the card is a bit pointless.
There is a Guild of Wizardry Kobold, Karvix, elected to the Council representing the Foriegn Quarter and the political party, Society for Advancement of Short Persons.
This issue was discussed in a Dispel Confusion from August 28, 2007.

"Q: The background text says that humanoids and monsters are not allowed through the city gates. Does this mean that humans, elves, and so on can’t enter the Free City?

A: No, this is not the intent of the flavor text (in which a bit of 2nd edition language snuck in). It means that no creatures obviously thought of as monsters – orcs, trolls, wyverns, and so on may not enter the city except in truly exceptional circumstances (which would be detailed in an adventure). Several special cases exist: centaurs are not viewed as monsters and can freely enter as for some time now, centaurs have been allowed into Hardby. (Their aid in combating the perfidious Rary has also gained them many admirers in the Free City).

Kobolds, however, receive no special treatment and must either sneak into the Free City or bribe one of the gate guards. To sneak in, a kobold must succeed on an opposed Hide check made against a watchman’s Spot check (+1 modifier, not modified for distance). Success indicates that the kobold has snuck in. Failure indicates that he is spotted and chased off. Alternatively, a kobold can try to disguise himself as a different race to gain entry by making a successful Disguise check opposed by a watchmen’s Spot check (+1). Finally, if all else fails a kobold can bribe his way in by using a Diplomacy check to raise an indifferent watchman’s attitude to friendly (DC 15) and by offering him a 2 gp bribe. If a kobold fails this check, he must offer an additional 2 gp for each level of attitude the watchman has below friendly. (For example, an indifferent watchman requires 4 gp to admit the kobold while an unfriendly watchman requires 6 gp)."

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So we toss a few gold coins at the guards and get on with our lives. Easy enough.
The only problem with that article is for PCs who are mebmers of organizations like the Nightwatch. For example, per that statement above, it is possible to be allowed to use whatever weapon you want inside Greyhawk, and yet still be hassled by the gate guards ...
Well then it's up to your DM to totally not be an idiot and think that the rule would apply to kobolds who are actually members of the city watch.

At the same time though, the mayor of the Greyhawk was a member of the thieves guild, and is best friends with the head of it. Suppose there's always some people willing to give you a hard time....
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