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Let me say, I don't want to create a character that looks like its circumventing rules. But, I don't want to take the long way about creating something that I could get everything I wanted for less... If only the FAQ didn't support this twinkery... I'm putting this here, because I want to use it for an LFR character, and I need more input before I figure out which way would get me less grief. Anyways here it is:

Quarterstaff Fighter, should I be a Tempest Fighter, or a Great Weapon Fighter?

My initial thought was Great Weapon fighter, that way I can use dual strike and will be -1 to attack, but able to attack two people. If I use Reaping Strike with Power attack, I'll be at -1 compared to my dual strike, but with the +3 damage on hit. Sounded like a decent plan, with decent tradeoffs, I just need 3 feats (Staff Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defense). Until I put it into the character builder. Hmm, dual strike is getting the +1 bonus to attacks still.

So then there is this, well known FAQ entry:
4. Does a double weapon count as two one-handed weapons or as a two-handed weapon when you pick feats or determine if a Small character can use it?

Double weapons are treated as two-handed weapons for these purposes.

So tempest fighter with this FAQ implies: +1 to all attacks, power attack with double weapon gets two-handed damage bonus, reaping strike with double weapon gets full Strength modifier, extra damage as long as I wear chain or less as well. And I only need one feat (Staff Fighting), since Two-Weapon fighting doesn't matter too much to me at this point. My initial interpretation led me to believe that, power attack with a double weapon didn't give you the two-handed damage and reaping strike would only give me half Str Mod on a miss.

So my question to Player's and GM's is what would be your reaction if this character showed up as a Tempest fighter?


Great Weapon Fighter
  • [Pros]
    • Only foreseeable dispute would be +1 to attack on Dual Strike

  • [Cons]
    • High Feat Cost
    • The worst interpretation of Tempest could still be better then this

Tempest Fighter
  • Pros
    • With FAQ/RAW ruling, it gives better benefits, with fewer feats
    • I would easily surrender to the GM's rulings, but would mean my character would play different depending on GM

  • Cons
    • Some would claim cheese, could end up having to support my character every game
    • Worst foreseeable interpretation (pretty much negates a feat,and less effective at-will):
      • Power Attack is either -2 Atk for +2 dmg (double-weapon) or -3 atk for +1 dmg (two-handed)
      • Reaping Strike is either half Str Mod on miss (double-weapon), or -1 Atk, -2 dmg for Full Str Mod on miss(two-handed)

I have submitted this to customer service as well to get clarification, maybe I'm just reading something wrong

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