LFR at Village Games in Anoka, MN July 12th

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LFR at Village Games in Anoka, MN July 12th

Thank's to all who attended our June's Living Forgotten Realms Campaign at
Village Games. As part of our commitment to always run each month I wanted to
announce our Next Month's Adventures.

Next month our Living Forgotten Realms Campaign will be running:
AGLA1-1 Lost Temple of the Fey GODs - Level 1-4
EAST1-1 These Hallowed Halls - Level 1-4
CORE1-3 A Sense of Wonder - Level 1-4
CORM1-2 Gangs of Whelon - level 4-7

Don't Forget to Register to Play and Sign up for a Game Table at:

I hope to see you there. I am always looking for Volunteers to help with
DM/Judging as well.

Also if any players want to request any specific adventures for our August
Adventure please let me know!